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1525 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 1047 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection

    It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause.

    Important Notes: The number of dead are included in the total number. There are also dozens of reports that are not included in the total number shown in the headline because they are not or may not be vaccine-related.

    The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that “the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.”

    gary dempsey 20 years

    Gary Dempsey, professional soccer player played 500 games over 20 years, with no cardiac arrests.

    In response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening and ramping up after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Many of those die – more than 50%.

    We also note that many posts in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, forums and news stories are being removed. So now we are receiving some messages saying there is no proof of the event or of vaccination status. That is partly because this information is being hidden.

    More people are writing to tell us that in many cases, we didn’t mention a person’s vaccination status. There is a good reason for that. None of the clubs want to reveal this information. None of their sponsors want to reveal it. The players have been told not to reveal it. Most of their relatives will not mention it. None of the media are asking this question. So what should we do? Stop this now? No, we will collect as much information as we can, while it is still available, because eventually, more information will come out, and we will be here to put it together. Will it mean anything? We don’t know. What we do know is that there is a concerted world-wide effort to make this information go away, so that fact alone tells us it must be collected, investigated and saved so other researchers can look at it to see if there are any useful patterns.

    We replaced about a dozen occurrences of the word “shot” with “injection” because translation into other languages is improved, on advice from a reader.

    We really appreciate the athletes named in this list (or their families) who have confirmed what happened to them so the truth can be known. They care about their fellow athletes, even if the clubs, their sponsors, media, politicians and so-called health professionals do not.

    Contained in the list are many professional athletes and high level amateur athletes. It would not be sensible to try to report the death of every person on the planet, so we have selected a category of person who should be fit enough to lead a long and healthy life. This means that provided a person is reasonably fit, healthy and does some athletic activity, rather than an unfit “couch potato,” then they can be included in this list. Needless to say, these are only the persons reported to us by readers or that we discovered during research.

    There are many countries or states with large populations, that have almost no reports in our list. That probably means events are not being reported to us. The true death and injury numbers are likely to be very much higher than we list here.

    Prior Year Data

    The International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, studied documents from international data banks from 1966 to 2004. Those documents indicate 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under 35 years of age, an average of 29 athletes per year, the sports with the highest incidence being soccer and basketball. (NIH Document)

    A study by Maron on sudden death in US athletes, from 1980 to 2006 in thirty-eight sports identified 1,866 deaths of athletes with cardiac disease, with a prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

    2005 to 2006 averaged sixty-six (66) deaths per year, with 82% of those occurring during competition or training.

    Thanks to investigator readers for discovering these reports, and this story in Spanish: Momento Deportivo.

    In 2021 and 2022 so far, cardiac disease has not been mentioned. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy was mentioned twice, but those two reports were listed in the “not vax related” list. “Enlarged heart” was only mentioned three times, but there was no indication this was a long-term or recent issue (possibly due to vaccine injury).

    The above shows that in prior years, there were 66 deaths per year, but there have been 89 reported in January 2022, so far.

    Athlete collapses and deaths chart from 1st January 2021 to 27th November 2022. Good Sciencing.

    Athlete collapses and deaths chart from 1st January 2021 to 27th November 2022. Good Sciencing.

    Growing Report

    This story will grow over time, as new information is added. If you have proof of information that we don’t already have, or if you have a correction, please send it through our contact form, with as much information as possible. Useful information would be the person’s name, age, what happened to them, if they had the COVID vaccine(s), date of event or death, link to any news story.

    Special thanks to readers who have provided corrections, found errors that we missed, or provided new information we didn’t know about. It is now a real team effort and we appreciate it.

    Currently reviewing 16 new reports – all of them died. Nov 21st 2022.

    For the skeptics who believe this is normal, feel free to repeat the following 18 words, after reading each name in this list.

    Repeat This After Reading Each Line

    “The COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine. The COVID vaccine is safe. These injuries and deaths are normal.”

    December 2022 – (Day/Month/Year)

    1. 10/12/2021 England Dead
      Chloe Dawe (22), Rugby Union player in Cornwall developed Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer. Four months later she died at home.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

      November 2022 – (Day/Month/Year)

    2. 23/11/2022 Greece Dead
      Antonis Mandalos (60), key Olympiakos Volos Football player for 18 years and then coach collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    3. 21/11/2022 England Dead
      Gareth Atkinson (43), former Hessle RUFC Rugby Union player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    4. 21/11/2022 Indiana, USA
      Jamal Meeks (Age), Ball State Basketball coach and former player suffered a heart attack due to arterial blood clots which were painful but not critical. The hospital said he “had a clogged artery, which caused a heart attack”. Some weeks after treatment, he was ready to start coaching again.  News Story  News Story2
    5. 21/11/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Jimmy Thomas (52), Littlefield Athletic American Football coach was suddenly taken to hospital “suffering bilateral blood clots in both lungs.”. He died the next day.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    6. 21/11/2022 Portugal Dead
      Mark Doherty (63), Letterkenny Golf Club Golfer was on an annual golf trip to Portugal. He was playing a round when he “got into difficulty on the 8th hole. Despite heroic efforts to save him, he passed away in hospital.”  News Story  News Story2
    7. 20/11/2022 Connecticut, USA
      Chris Dailey (63), North Carolina State women’s Basketball coach collapsed during the match between UConn and NC State. She was taken out on a stretcher and then to hospital.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    8. 19/11/2022 Nigeria Dead
      Seyi Awogbemi Sodiq (18), a Nigerian professional basketball player with the Alba Fehérvár team in Hungary was diagnosed with “a serious illness” six months ago. He had lived in Hungary since he was 13. He returned to his native Nigeria to be treated with natural methods on the advice of his parents. He was working on getting fit for his return to basketball when he had a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    9. 19/11/222 England Dead
      Mark Potter (47), British heavyweight boxer, MMA and cage fighter was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2022. He died ten months later.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    10. 18/11/2022 England Dead
      Francis Joseph (62), former professional footballer who played for Brentford FC, Wimbledon FC and lesser-known clubs, then Finland, Belgium and the USA. He died unexpectedly. Further details awaited.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    11. 18/11/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Dwight Garner (58), University of California i American Football player in the 1980’s died in Florida of prostate cancer.  News Story  News Story2
    12. 17/11/2022 Italy Dead
      Benedetta Quadrozzi (18), Tennis player suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed. She received immediate attention from her coach, was revived thanks to a defibrillator and CPR, and taken to hospital in Rome, but she died four days later.  News Story  News Story2
    13. 17/11/2022 England Dead
      Tom Edwards (29), Selby and Wetherby Rugby Union player and club captain died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    14. 17/11/2022 Italy Dead
      Mouhssine Oussama (16), Arno Laterina Football player. He had a regular certificate of fitness for competitive sport, but complained of sudden dizziness during a training session and was taken to hospital, where he died.  News Story  News Story2
    15. 16/11/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Abdul Rahman Kifli (47), Marathon Runner was found unconscious after the 2022 Kuala Lumpur marathon and was taken to hospital and died 3 days later.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    16. 16/11/2022 France Dead
      Johan Hamel (42), top French football referee suffered a stroke in training and died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    17. 15/11/2022 California, USA
      Alaric Jackson (24), Los Angeles Rams American Football player will miss the rest of the season due to blood clots after COVID injections.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    18. 14/11/2022 South Australia, Australia Dead
      Heather Anderson (28), Adelaide Football Club Australian Rules Football player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    19. 14/11/2022 Canada Dead
      Shera Athwal (Age), international kabaddi player for India, died suddenly in Canada where he lived.  News Story  News Story2
    20. 14/11/2022 New York, USA Dead
      Ben Fike (20), Buffalo Stampede Ice Hockeyplayer died unexpectedly. No details are available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    21. 14/11/2022 USA Dead
      Chuck Carr (55), former New York Mets Baseball player (8 years). He is reported to have died from cancer.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    22. 13/11/2022 Ireland Dead
      Jerry Holland (66), legend of rugby in Munster, Ireland, where “he excelled as a player, coach, team manager and administrator.” He died after “an illness.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    23. 13/11/2022 California, USA Dead
      Jatinder Singh (32), Wrestler who resigned from the police force in India and migrated to California, USA, 7 years ago. He died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    24. 13/11/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Anthony Johnson (38), Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He won his last fightin May 2021 and then retired. His health deteriorated and he died in November 2022 of “organ failure due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer) and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare disorder of the immune system.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    25. 13/11/2022 Taiwan
      Unnamed (Age), Runner #1 became “comatose and paralyzed” during the Tanaka Marathon in Taiwan and was taken to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    26. 13/11/2022 Taiwan
      Unnamed (Age), Runner #2 became “comatose and paralyzed” during the Tanaka Marathon in Taiwan and was taken to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    27. 13/11/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Jamaal Brown (52), former Ohio State Basketball captain suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died at home.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    28. 13/11/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead
      Robbie Lucas (51), Somerset High School American Football coach for 14 years died after a “sudden illness.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    29. 13/11/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead
      Brent Moss (50), professional University of Wisconsin American Football player “led Wisconsin to a Big Ten title in 1993 and a victory over UCLA in the 1994 Rose Bowl”. He died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    30. 13/11/2022 Spain Dead
      Herge Holmen (58), Norwegian Runner collapsed at the finish line of the Malaga half marathon in Spain with “cardiorespiratory arrest” and died before he could be taken to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    31. 12/11/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (27), Runner suffered a cardiac arrest near the end of the Cognac Marathon over a distance of 10km. Emergency services tried to resuscitate her but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    32. 12/11/2022 North Carolina, USA
      Tylin McDowell (16), American Football player appeared fit and healthy after a game but was later found unconscious due to blood clots restricting blood flow to his brain, indicating that he was having a stroke.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    33. 11/11/2022 California, USA Dead
      Unnamed (70), surfer was in the water with others waiting to catch a wave when he suffered a cardiac arrest and was suddenly noticed face-down in the water. He was pulled ashore but could not be revived.  News Story  News Story2
    34. 11/11/2022 France Dead
      Benjamin Prat (45), Cassiop Rugby Union player suffered a cardiac arrest during a match and was taken to hospital, but he died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    35. 10/11/2022 England Dead
      Keith Farmer (35), 4-time British motorcycle champion from Northern Ireland, who was based in England died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    36. 10/11/2022 Ireland Dead
      Andrey Averin (40), Runner and fitness instructor suffered a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    37. 10/11/2022 Alberta, Canada Dead
      Louis Passfield (55), British Cyclist and academic sports scientist working in Alberta, Canada died suddenly in hospital. He recently appeared on the Global Cycling Network (GCN) channel looking fit and healthy.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    38. 09/11/2022 Mississippi, USA Dead
      Geronimo Warner (21), Jackson State University Basketball player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    39. 09/11/2022 Ireland Dead
      Grace Rush (16), Greystones RFC Rugby Union player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    40. 09/11/2022 Alberta, Canada Dead
      Eric Homersham (13), Ice Hockey player collapsed and died during a basketball try-out.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    41. 08/11/2022 Ireland Dead
      Rachel O’Connor (Age), Carlow Camogie player and young mother died “unexpectedly after a sudden illness.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    42. 08/11/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Conor McCaughey (19), Trillick Macartans GAA Gaelic Football player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    43. 08/11/2022 USA Dead
      Adrian Dingle (45), San Diego Chargers professional American Football player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    44. 08/11/2022 Mexico Dead
      Manolo Guevara (32), Mexican bull fighter for 9 years died suddenly of “respiratory arrest.”  News Story  News Story2
    45. 08/11/2022 England Dead
      Fin Bowen (18), Mickleover FC Footballer died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    46. 07/11/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Brady Zalar (19), Basketball player died unexpectedly at home.  News Story  News Story2
    47. 06/11/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Samson Fluck (14), Honesdale Hornets American Football high school player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    48. 06/11/2022 New York, USA
      Daniel Do Nascimento (24), top Brazilian marathon runner was leading the 2022 New York Marathon by a good margin when he started to slow and then collapsed 5 miles from the end.  News Story  News Story2
    49. 06/11/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Gary Wardlow (42), Spa Golf Club Golf pro died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    50. 06/11/2022 Brazil Dead
      Esther Martins (15), Ferroviaria women’s Football u17 player had “a sudden illness” during a training session. She was taken to hospital, but died.  News Story  News Story2
    51. 05/11/2022 France
      Unnamed (60), marathon runner collapsed with a cardiac arrest during the Gruissan Poli Trail marathon in France and was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story
    52. 05/11/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Ryan Plowman (17), high school Football player apparently died of “mononucleosis” (“kissing disease”).  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    53. 05/11/2022 Brazil Dead
      Felipe Albuquerque (19), Galvez Football goalkeeper for the U20 team suffered “a sudden illness while playing football” and died.  News Story  News Story2
    54. 05/11/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Major Parker (44), Florida Gators Basketball player (captain from 1999-2001). He apparently had a “weak heart” and “died of a heart-related issue.”  News Story  News Story2
    55. 03/11/2022 France Dead
      Grégoire Boidoux (19), OMR Marcq Rugby Union player collapsed on the pitch during midweek training due to a cardiac arrest. He died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    56. 01/11/2022 Norway
      Sivert Bakken (24), Biathlon star now suffers from not-so-rare pericarditis since his COVID booster. “His problems began in May shortly after he received his third dose of the covid vaccine” and was unable to train for 5 months. After last season, he was vaccinated against the corona virus for the third time. “Something didn’t work in training, the body felt tired,” he told TV2. He went to see a doctor and stopped training but it got worse and worse with physical discomfort and pressure in his chest.  News Story  News Story2
    57. 01/11/2022 New Zealand Dead
      Sam Finnemore (19), student and competitive snowboarder mysteriously “crashed through a window” in the house he shared with other students. He was found unconscious and unable to be revived.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

      October 2022

    58. 31/10/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      Adam Zimmer (38), former American football team Cincinnati Bengals coach was unexpectedly found Dead at home. His father, Mike Zimmer, encouraged others to get the vaccines.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    59. 29/10/2022 England Dead
      Chris Figgis (18), Canterbury Hockey Club Field Hockey player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    60. 29/10/2022 Hawaii, USA Dead
      Loch Eggers (55), legendary Hawaiian canoe / paddleboarder suffered a cardiac arrest and died whilst hiking. His younger brother died suddenly in April 2022.  News Story  News Story2
    61. 26/10/2022 Montenegro
      Alpha Kaba (26), Budućnost Basketball player collapsed while queuing in a bank and was taken to hospital for treatment. He also collapsed earlier this month during training.  News Story  News Story2
    62. 24/10/2022 Australia Dead
      Cam Shaw (25), British boxing champion on holiday in Australia. He was a strong swimmer but died while snorkeling in the sea.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    63. 23/10/2022 Arkansas, USA Dead
      Victoria Moody (18), senior cheerleader at North Little Rock High School died suddenly due to a pulmonary embolism. Her sister said she “was perfectly healthy” but she was taken to hospital because suddenly she was not feeling well.  News Story  News Story2
    64. 23/10/2022 Caracas, Venezuela
      Carl Herrera (55), former Cocodrilos de Caracas Basketball player and now coach felt discomfort due to blood pressure during a match against Trotamundos. He received treatment from paramedics.  News Story
    65. 23/10/2022 New Zealand Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Ruatoria City Rugby Union player died on the rugby field in a match between Ruatoria City’s 2022 squad and a Ruatoria Centennial XV.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    66. 22/10/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead
      Eric Ortiz (30), Louisville Cardinals Cheerleader and 10-time national champion died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    67. 22/10/2022 Spain
      Unnamed (17), student runner from San Patricio school, suffered a cardiac arrest during the yearly “La Nocturna de Toledo.” He was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story
    68. 21/10/2022 Bosnia & Herzegovina Dead
      Neira Odobasic (33), Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most successful triathlete died suddenly. She recently started her own IT company.  News Story  News Story2
    69. 21/10/2022 Washington, USA Dead
      DiShondra Goree (42), Columbia Basin College Volleyball coach died unexpectedly overnight.  News Story  News Story2
    70. 21/10/2022 Germany
      Philipp Demler (23), SC Westfalia Herne Footballer. On arrival at the match against Hordel, Demler was taken straight to hospital with heart problems.  News Story
    71. 20/10/2022 Germany Dead
      Andreas Frey (43), well-known bodybuilder died in his sleep.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    72. 20/10/2022 New York, USA
      Luis Vega (26), Spanish professional golfer was on holiday in New York. He woke in the night, paralysed from the waist down. In hospital he was diagnosed with spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma (SSEH) – “extremely rare with no known cause”. “We have no idea why it happened, other than really bad luck”. An immediate operation got him slowly moving again.  News Story  News Story2
    73. 20/10/2022 Italy Dead
      Davide Gavazzi (28), Montagna Pistoiese Football goalkeeper collapsed during the pre-game warm-up and died in hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    74. 19/10/2022 Wales Dead
      Ceri Collins (39), Merthyr Town Footballer died. No cause of death announced.  News Story  News Story2
    75. 18/11/2022 Scotland Dead
      Ian Ford (20), Taekwondo champion died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    76. 16/10/2022 Netherlands
      Unnamed (Age), Several unnamed runners in the Amsterdam Marathon are reported to have needed treatment “due to severe unwellness.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    77. 15/10/2022 Belarus
      Dmitry Dolya (42), football referee collapsed during the match between BATE Borisov and Dynamo Brest. He was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    78. 13/10/2022 USA Dead
      Doug Brignole (63) well-known bodybuilder (Mr. America and Mr. Universe) and fitness author as well as prominent supporter of the vaccine died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    79. 13/10/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Todd Woodbridge (51), ten-time Wimbledon tennis doubles champion suffered “a mild heart attack” in his gym in Victoria, Australia. “If it can happen to me, it shows that it can happen to anybody.” Reports indicate that Woodbridge is keen for other tennis players to be vaccinated.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    80. 13/10/2022 Wales
      Nick Williams (38), former professional New Zealand rugby player who retired to Wales and was associated with Cardiff Rugby Union. He had a cardiac arrest in summer of 2022 and is now recovering following hospital treatment.  News Story  News Story2
    81. 12/10/2022 Japan Dead
      Katsuya Kitamura (36), former New Japan Pro Wrestling star who retired in his early 30s died after feeling unwell and being rushed to hospital. Cause of death yet to be revealed.  News Story  News Story2
    82. 12/10/2022 Georgia, USA
      Unnamed (Age), Benedictine Military School American Footballer collapsed from a cardiac arrest during training with the team. He was resuscitated with the help of a defibrillator and taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2
    83. 12/10/2022 Northern Ireland                                                                                                                              Aaron O’Neill (36), St. Mary’s YCFC Football soccer and Gaelic football player died suddenly while out running.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story 4
    84. 10/10/2022 Malta Dead
      Justin Tabone (22), Footballer suffered a cardiac arrest while playing football with friends near home. 15 minutes of CPR failed to resuscitate him.  News Story  News Story2
    85. 10/10/2022 Indiana, USA
      Jalen Thomas (22), Butler Bulldogs Basketball player is out indefinitely due to a blood clot in the lungs.  News Story  News Story2
    86. 10/10/2022 England
      Enock Mwepu (24), Brighton & Hove Albion and Zambian national team footballer can no longer play due to a “hereditary heart condition.”  News Story  News Story2
    87. 09/10/2022 France Dead
      Benjamin Fourquier (29), RO Agde Rugby Union player died suddenly due to a ruptured aneurysm.  News Story  News Story2
    88. 08/10/2022 Michigan, USA
      Mike Hart (36), former Michigan Wolverines American Football player and now coach suffered a seizure and collapsed. He was taken to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    89. 08/10/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Andrew Ruehlicke (21), College Football player and sports management student at York College of Pennsylvania, USA was found unresponsive in his room.  News Story  News Story2
    90. 08/10/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Andrew Johnson (26), Greenville University Volleyball player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    91. 07/10/2022 China Dead
      Ryan Ding (53), Runner and vice-chairman of Huawei, the Chinese telecoms company suffered a cardiac arrest and died within hours of completing the Beijing marathon.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    92. 06/10/2022 Italy Dead
      Gian Piero Ventrone (61), Tottenham Hotspur Football (coach) was diagnosed with leukaemia just days before he died in hospital in Italy, his home country.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    93. 06/10/2022 Belgium Dead
      Brith Roelstraete (42), scuba diver and volunteer fireman suffered a stroke in the water while taking a test for a higher diving diploma. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    94. 06/10/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Sara Lee Weston (30), former professional wrestler died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    95. 05/10/2022 France Dead
      El Bekkai Khaldi (51), FC Born Footballer died suddenly during training.  News Story
    96. 05/10/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead
      Davis Heller (22), North Greenville University Baseball player was found unresponsive at his home.  News Story  News Story2
    97. 04/10/2022 Belgium Dead
      Aldo Dumoulin (50), amateur footballer and triathlete felt pressure on his chest and died 2 hours later. The non-smoker was “very healthy.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    98. 03/10/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Josh Ciocco (38), former Merrimack Warriors Ice Hockey player and then assistant coach died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    99. 02/10/2022 England Dead
      Jules Bevis (56), Boxer suffered a cardiac arrest in the ring while taking part in a series of contests in Norwich, England, with 30 veteran boxers to raise funds to help local four-year-old girl Kayla Buttle, who has cancer.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    100. 02/10/2022 Belgium
      Martin Perin (19), Greenyard Maaseik Volleyball player collapsed with a cardiac arrest during a practice match. He was resuscitated and taken to hospital where he is recovering.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    101. 02/10/2022 Western Australia, Australia
      Ben Aldred (18), a promising English cricketer had not long arrived in Australia on a cricket scholarship suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while strolling a beach. He received fast attention and spent 3 days in a coma in hospital, but is now recovering.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    102. 02/10/2022 England Dead
      Unnamed (36), Runner collapsed 3 miles from the end of the London marathon, in England. He died later in hospital.  News Story  News Story2

      September 2022

    103. 30/09/2022 Pakistan Dead
      Shehzad Rana (36), Islamabad Cricketer, a top-performing fast bowler, picking up 388 First Class wickets in 95 matches. He suffered a massive cardiac arrest at his home and died.  News Story  News Story2
    104. 30/09/2022 Germany Dead
      Unnamed (6), Höchster F-Juniors Footballer collapsed at football training, was taken to hospital and died.  News Story
    105. 30/09/2022 Germany
      Selin Islami (17), Gymnast who took part in 2021 national championships “has been suffering from an autoimmune disease since the corona vaccination” and is now wheelchair-bound.  News Story
    106. 30/09/2022 England
      Page Fuller (27), Horse Race Jockey suffered a mini-stroke and went suddenly blind in one eye, while riding a galloping horse and jumping the first fence. She managed to dismount safely and is now in recovery.  News Story  News Story2
    107. 29/09/2022 Italy Dead
      Ruben Ciarlanti (22), Footballer suddenly collapsed while playing football with friends in a park in northern Italy. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    108. 29/09/2022 Hungary Dead
      Patrik (15), Footballer suddenly collapsed with no prior indication while playing football with friends in Budapest. He died before the ambulance arrived.  News Story  News Story2
    109. 29/09/2022 Portugal Dead
      Jack Pollock (14), Granton Amateur Boxing Club Boxer collapsed and died suddenly while on a family holiday in Portugal.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    110. 29/09/2022 Germany Dead
      Jan Christoph (43), was associated with football club VfB Hemeringen for many years, as a player, coach and in admin. He died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    111. 28/09/2022 England
      Genevieve Florence (24), British actress and former Olympic synchronised Swimmer became severely ill after the Pfizer covid vaccine. She speaks about her situation in the Oracle Films production “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) at 28minutes 47 seconds in the link.  News Story  News Story2
    112. 28/09/2022 Arizona, USA
      JJ Watt (33), Arizona Cardinals American Footballer experienced atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat and had his heart shocked back into rhythm in order to play in a match a few days later.  News Story  News Story2
    113. 28/09/2022 Quanzhou Fujian, China Dead
      Kosi (Age), Nigerian footballer in Quanzhou Fujian, China was playing football with friends when he suddenly collapsed and died.  News Story  News Story2
    114. 28/09/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Kyle Scholze (32), Hespeler Shamrocks Ice Hockey player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    115. 27/09/2022 New Zealand Dead
      Parveen Shankar (41), blind cricketer who played for New Zealand Blindcaps died suddenly overnight in bed. Aside from his blindness, Parveen was not ill and was still regularly playing cricket. News Story
    116. 26/09/2022 Germany Dead
      Jan Manner (40), former Karlsruher SC Footballer who played 115 games for Karlsruher SC died suddenly. No more details available.  News Story  News Story2
    117. 23/09/2022 California, USA Dead
      Zack Estrin (51), Runner and writer-producer of various TV programmes was in good physical health, but suffered a cardiac arrest, collapsed and died while jogging on the beach.  News Story  News Story2
    118. 22/09/2022 Finland
      Santeri Virtanen (23), Tampereen Ilves Ice Hockey and Finnish team player. His career came to an abrupt halt after a series of heart issues from early in 2021.  News Story  News Story2
    119. 22/09/2022 Germany
      Jean-Paul Boetius (28), Hertha BSC professional footballer was diagnosed with testicular cancer, needing an operation in hospital. He will be out of action for a while. Others in the club have the same diagnosis.  News Story  News Story2
    120. 21/09/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Eitan Force (17), American Football player and high school student, captain of the school American football team suffered a “medical emergency” during a match. He was taken to hospital but resuscitated.  News Story  News Story2
    121. 21/09/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Brian Harlamert (51), Coldwater Cavaliers Baseball coach at Coldwater High School died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    122. 21/09/2022 Costa Rica Dead
      Jalen Hill (22), UCLA Bruins Basketball player took a break from playing in early 2021, went to Costa Rica and disappeared. It has now been announced that he has died. No details are available.  News Story  News Story2
    123. 18/09/2022 Maharashtra, India Dead
      Raj Kantilal Patel (32), Runner collapsed and died from a cardiac arrest 200 metres from the finish line of the Satara Hill half marathon in Maharashtra, India.  News Story  News Story2
    124. 18/09/222 Italy
      Francesco Casagrande (53), former professional mountain-biker finished third in a race, but was immediately taken to hospital with heart problems.  News Story
    125. 18/09/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Trey Boddie (39), youth coach for baseball and other sports suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    126. 17/09/2022 Argentina Dead
      Eduardo Benedetti (55), Gym and judo teacher and a surgeon at the National University of Buenos Aires collapsed at a gym doing physical activity. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful.  News Story  News Story2
    127. 17/09/2022 Spain Dead
      Juan Miguel (61), Cuatro Santos Running Club runner in Cartagena collapsed after 3km of a 5km race and could not be resuscitated.  News Story  News Story2
    128. 15/09/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead
      Charles Pyng (Age), Tennis coach and Monona Grove high school teacher collapsed and died suddenly while at a tennis match.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4  News Story5
    129. 14/09/2022 Equatorial Guinea Dead
      Mariano Ondo (23), Cano Sports Footballer collapsed while training with the national team of Equatorial Guinea. He was taken to hospital and died.  News Story  News Story2
    130. 13/09/2022 Indiana, USA Dead
      Treven Ball (10), Spring Valley Schools American Football player keen on many sporting activities. He was delighted to have played a game under lights for the first time, but just a few days after that he died from “a sudden illness.”  News Story  News Story2
    131. 13/09/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Anna Burns (16), cross country skier, and ultimate and cross country runner and high school student collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Died in hospital 2 days later.  News Story  News Story2
    132. 12/09/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Tyler Erickson (17), student and golfer went to the golf course to practice but suffered a cardiac arrest. His parents found him slumped on the floorboard of a golf cart at the sixth hole, just two days before his 18th birthday. Autopsy requested.  News Story  News Story2
    133. 12/09/2022 Italy Dead
      Antonio Salerno (23), Footballer and architecture student collapsed while walking home after his regular 5-a-side football match in Ferrara, Italy. He died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    134. 12/09/2022 Russia Dead
      Konstantin Moruga (48), Harmony amateur ice hockey player in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast region of Russia. He suddenly collapsed during a match for against Kryogen. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    135. 11/09/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Elias Theodorou (34), Mixed Martial Arts fighter died from liver cancer.  News Story  News Story2
    136. 11/09/2022 England Dead
      Jamie Harper (34), Footballer, pub chef, rugby fan, sometime footballer and father to be. While playing in a yearly charity football match, he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died. “He was quite fit and healthy” … he “never complained of any health issue … other than sore feet from working on them all day” his girlfriend said. Autopsy requested.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    137. 11/09/2022 Quebec, Canada
      Robin Claveau (Age), Floor Hockey player suddenly collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of the inaugural match in a school gym. A firefighter teammate was able to resuscitate him.  News Story
    138. 10/09/2022 Florida, USA
      Gabe Higginbottom (17), Bartlett High School cross country runner suffered a cardiac arrest during a race. Hospital doctors performed angioplasty to insert a balloon to open the artery. Later, in a 3-hour surgery, they inserted two stents and found two blood clots.  News Story  News Story2
    139. 10/09/2022 Quebec, Canada Dead
      Carl-Eric Gagné (56), medical doctor and accomplished athlete suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on a 65 mile bicycle ride. He died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    140. 09/09/2022 Maryland, USA
      Greyson Lyons (Age), Winters Mill High School American Football player collapsed with heart issues during a game and was resuscitated. He was medevaced to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. A defibrillator was placed in his heart, which means the end of his football career.  News Story
    141. 09/09/2022 South Africa Dead
      Willie Los’e (55), former NZ Rugby Union player and later commentator who represented New Zealand under-21 and later captained Tonga at the 1995 Rugby World Cup died in South Africa where he was visiting to commentate the Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament.  News Story
    142. 09/09/2022 North Dakota, USA
      Ole Svangstu (17), American Footballer and high school student collapsed with a cardiac arrest during a game. He was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    143. 08/09/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Ali Muhamad (17), Rahway High School American Football player died in his sleep.  News Story
    144. 08/09/2022 England
      Mark Watson (60), cyclist suffered a cardiac arrest while on a regular mid-week cycle ride with friends. He was saved by CPR and later had an operation for a blocked artery.  News Story
    145. 07/09/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (46), Futsal player from Puy-Sainte-Réparade in the south of France played futsal every Wednesday with friends and collapsed due to a cardiac arrest in the middle of the game. Resuscitation attempts failed, and he died.  News Story
    146. 06/09/2022 Mayotte (France) Dead
      Unnamed (19), Runner from Dembéni in Mayotte (a French island off the coast of Mozambique) had just left home for a run then suddenly collapsed during his first strides, suffering a sudden cardiac arrest on the side of the national road between Hamouro and Hajangua. He died.  News Story
    147. 06/09/2022 France
      Virimi Vakatawa (30), Racing 92 Rugby Union player who also played for the French national team suffered “a heart condition,” forcing him to retire from rugby.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    148. 06/09/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Bill Wolfson Lianie (14), Field Hockey player in Malaysia and on a national development programme. He was very healthy, but suddenly collapsed and died from a brain haemorrhage.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    149. 05/09/2022 Spain Dead
      Carlos Torrell (54), professional dressage horse rider, trainer and clinician collapsed unexpectedly due to a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    150. 05/09/2022 Nevada, USA
      Mikael Hakkarainen (24), a Finnish Vegas Golden Knights Ice Hockey player was forced to retire from professional hockey due to “congenital heart disease” despite having no history of heart problems.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    151. 05/09/2022 Hawaii, USA Dead
      Gustavo Penilla (54), Long Beach Masters Swimmer suffered a cardiac arrest in the water during the annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim in Hawaii. He was rescued from the water but died later in hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    152. 04/09/2022 Arkansas, USA Dead
      Clark Yarbrough (21), Ouachita Baptist University American Footballer and business administration (sport management) student. He previously played football at high school in Arkansas. He died suddenly three days after his last match.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    153. 04/09/2022 Columbia Dead
      Jorge Andrei Valencia (34), Runner collapsed on the road due to a cardiac arrest during the Medellin Marathon in Columbia, S. America. He was taken to hospital where he died. “Despite efforts to revive him, nothing could be done.”  News Story
    154. 03/09/2022 Ohio, USA
      Kaden Clymer (Age), high school American Football player in Ohio, USA. His playing career seems to have come to an abrupt end since he was found to have a 6 feet long blood clot in his legs.  News Story   News Story2
    155. 03/09/2022 Italy Dead
      Mauro Brizzi (62), Asd Aris San Polo Football coach died unexpectedly, the “victim of a sudden illness.”  News Story
    156. 03/09/2022 Italy Dead
      Gary McMahon (56), Rugby League player with Leigh Miners Rangers in England. He was on tour in Italy with the England Community Lions Under-19s team when he died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    157. 03/09/2022 Columbia Dead
      Rodrigo de Jesús Villegas (Age), Seisa-Roberto Labrada Footballer in the Platinum Veterans Soccer League for 65 years and older suddenly began to feel bad. He was taken to hospital, but he died due to a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    158. 02/09/2022 Kashmir, India Dead
      Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan (22), youth Cricket player from Pulwama district of Kashmir collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died while playing cricket in Anantnag district of Kashmir. He was rushed to hospital but declared DoA.  News Story  News Story2
    159. 02/09/2022 Spain
      Cristhian Stuani (35), Uruguayan footballer who plays in Spain for Girona disgnosed with benign cardiac arrhythmia and is “resting for a month.”  News Story  News Story2
    160. 01/09/2022 Scotland Dead
      Mike Wilson (46), Triathlete and super-fit doctor suffered a cardiac arrest and died while swimming in a loch in Scotland, while training for a triathlon.  News Story

      August 2022

    161. 31/08/2022 Texas, USA
      Zaidyn Ward (14), high school American football running back collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a game after scoring a touchdown. Lacey Steel, a Monterey trainer resuscitated him. His heart actually stopped twice then he had a seizure and was rushed to the Fort Worth hospital. He is scheduled for open heart surgery.  News Story  News Story2
    162. 30/08/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Eli Palfreyman (20), Ayr Centennials Junior Ice Hockey captain collapsed and died during a pre-season tournament match.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    163. 30/08/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Kooper McCabe (17), high school student American Footballer and wrestler died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    164. 28/08/2022 England Dead
      Ray McGloin (64), Tri-Rivington triathlete died suddenly. He has competed in 7 Ironman events, 20 half Ironman events, as well as ultra-distance swimming, running and cycling events, and started his own triathlon club to coach others.  News Story  News Story2
    165. 28/08/2022 Germany Dead
      Rolf Felber (67), Triathlete collapsed shortly after the start of the swim (1st leg of the event), in an Ironman triathlon in Germany. He was quickly resusciated and taken to hospital, but he died on the way.  News Story  News Story2
    166. 27/08/2022 New Hampshire, USA Dead
      Unnamed (46), Hiker from Quebec, Canada, hiking on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, USA, collapsed as he reached the summit and died despite assistance from medical personnel on the spot.  News Story  News Story2
    167. 27/08/2022 England
      Potchu Calucane (24), a Spanish Hertford Town Football player collapsed during a match against AFC Dunstable. He was resuscitated with CPR and taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2
    168. 26/08/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Kaila Chizer (26), basketball player and gym enthusiast. One evening, after gym, she “was found unresponsive inside her car with no signs of trauma” and pronounced Dead at the scene.  News Story  News Story2
    169. 26/08/2022 New Mexico, USA Dead
      Abraham Romero (17), American Footballer and high school student collapsed during a match. In hospital he was put into a coma. Three weeks later, he died.  News Story  News Story2
    170. 25/08/2022 South Africa Dead
      Phakamile Ntshiza (47), Adventist Athletic Club Runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died around the half-way mark in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Mzameleni Mthembu also died and 72 other runners were holpitalized.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    171. 25/08/2022 South Africa Dead
      Mzameleni Mthembu (43), experienced ultra-marathon runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died 12km from the end of the 90km Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Phakamile Ntshiza also died and 72 other runners were holpitalized. News Story  News Story2
    172. 25/08/2022 Peru Dead
      Bernardino Soncco Hancco (40), Kenamari Football collapsed on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest and died in the “Copa Nuñoa” football tournament.  News Story
    173. 25/08/2022 California, USA Dead
      Carter Stone (15), American Footballer high school student went into hospital for a routine shoulder operation, but he died unexpectedly. Doctors revealed that Carter “had a tumour on his heart likely formed by undiagnosed T-cell leukaemia and the family was not aware of it.”  News Story  News Story2
    174. 25/08/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Kieron Smith (51), Wrestling coach at a high school in Massachusetts for over 20 years died suddenly.  News Story
    175. 23/08/2022 Scotland Dead
      Rab Wardell (37), cyclist who won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships. Just a few days later, he died in his sleep of a “cardiac arrest.”  News Story  News Story2
    176. 23/08/2022 North Carolina, USA
      Grigor Dimitrov (31), Tennis player had been comfortably winning a match in the Winston-Salem Open tennis tournament but suddenly retired after he “experienced dizziness and shortness of breath.”  News Story  News Story2
    177. 23/08/2022 Spain Dead
      Dani Gómez (18), Peñas Huesca Basketball Club Baasketball player died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    178. 22/08/2022 Portugal Dead
      Mário Cunha (31), former C.D. Cerveira Footballer retired in 2020, died of “unknown causes.”  News Story
    179. 22/08/2022 England Dead
      Ben Benn (30), Halifax RUFC Rugby Union (and other clubs) player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    180. 21/08/2022 Argentina
      Manuela Bugueno (30), female amateur Runner and Chilean doctor collapsed with a cardiac arrest close to the finish line of the Buenos Aires half-marathon in Argentina. She received immediate attention and was resuscitated, then transferred to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    181. 20/08/2022 Switzerland Dead
      Unnamed (36), Cyclist collapsed and died whilst competing in the Grand Raid mountain bike race in Valais, Switzerland. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    182. 20/08/2022 Norway Dead
      Audun Heimdal (25), World elite Orienteerer and ski orienteerer died with cancer.  News Story  News Story2
    183. 20/08/2022 New York, USA Dead
      Ria Vannoort (32), skilled Canadian horse rider and trainer, and also a paramedic. She suffered a “sudden medical incident” riding a jet ski on Lake Ontario, New York, and was found floating in the water. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    184. 19/08/2022 California, USA Dead
      Unnamed (19), Hiker was hiking in California with a large group, including his father. He went for a swim on his own in a lake and was found dead. When a helicopter arrived, the young man had already died.  News Story  News Story2
    185. 19/08/2022 Italy Dead
      Filippo Dalla Venezia (18), Mogliano Rugby Rugby Union U19 player was found lifeless at home. News Story
    186. 19/08/2022 Germany
      Malaika Mihambo (28), was Olympic long jump champion in Tokyo 2020. In August 2022, she competed in European Championships in Germany where she won silver, but now suffers from circulatory problems and shortness of breath.  News Story  News Story2
    187. 19/08/2022 Virginia, USA Dead
      Riddick Parker (49), former Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens American Football player died unexpectedly while riding his bicycle.  News Story  News Story2
    188. 19/08/2022 England Dead
      Stewart Bondi (69), very keen runner from Devon, England and a founder of a tough marathon on the South West Coast Path. His nickname was “Rambo.” His body was found by the cliffs on the coast after an apparent fall.  News Story  News Story2
    189. 19/08/2022 Brazil Dead
      Pietra Medeiros (20), Taboao Magnus SP Futsal player died in hospital due to complications from autoimmune hepatitis.  News Story  News Story2
    190. 19/08/2022 Georgia, USA
      Yordan Alvarez (25), Houston Astros Baseballer was playing in Georgia against the Atlanta Braves when he was short of breath. He was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2
    191. 19/08/2021 Indiana, USA Dead
      Devyn Williams (18), Volleyball playing student at Indiana University died unexpectedly. The cause of death “was found to be related to an asthma attack.” Devyn was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine in April 2021.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    192. 18/08/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Luke Knox (22), Florida International University American Football player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    193. 17/08/2022 Germany Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Footballer collapsed and died after taking part in a friendly football match.  News Story  News Story2
    194. 17/08/2022 Missouri, USA
      Davis Dwight (17), Baseballer and high school student collapsed during baseball practice from cardiac arrest. Coaches revived him with CPR.  News Story  News Story2
    195. 17/08/2022 Peru Dead
      Michele Gironella (25), Italian Footballer was on holiday in Peru where he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest while playing in a local football match. He never recovered.  News Story  News Story2
    196. 17/08/2022 England Dead
      Martin Cleaver (43), was lifting weights in the gym with his brother and had a cardiac arrest. His brother and others took turns to apply CPR and he was then taken to hospital by paramedics but he died.  News Story  News Story2
    197. 17/08/2022 Benin Dead
      Jean-Baptiste Togbé (Age), Footballer collapsed during a match and died.  News Story
    198. 16/08/2022 Belgium Dead
      Kevin Revillod (26), Standario FC Onoz Footballer collapsed from a cardiac arrest and died during training despite resuscitation attempts.  News Story  News Story2
    199. 16/08/2022 Austria
      Katrin Beierl (29), very successful bobsleigh pilot who won the overall two-man bobsleigh World Cup rankings in 2020/21 season, the first Austrian ever, suffered a stroke while on holiday and spent time in hospital in Vienna, Austria.  News Story  News Story2
    200. 16/08/2022 Germany
      Tim Nowak (27), decathlete abandoned the 2022 European Championships in Germany due to serious circulatory problems. He was unable to compete in the fifth discipline over 400 meters. “Unfortunately, my competition ends in the hospital. After the high jump I collapsed for unknown reasons. I would have given anything to finish this competition.”  News Story
    201. 15/08/2022 Romania Dead
      Alessia Maria Raiciu (18), Agronomia Bucharest Basketball and national team player died suddenly on her 18th birthday.  News Story
    202. 15/08/2022 Michigan, USA Dead
      Tyler Edwards (27), high school basketball coach died unexpectedly of a suspected cardiac arrest.  News Story
    203. 15/08/2022 Portugal
      Carlos Secretário (52), former Real Madrid and Portuguese national team fotballer suffered a stroke and went to hospital for treatment.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    204. 14/08/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Molly White (Age), St James’ Swifts Footballer died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    205. 14/08/2022 Italy Dead
      Giovanni Malvestio (48), Cyclist suffered a cardiac arrest while cycling, was seen staggering to the ground. Bystanders provided first aid, but he died before an ambulance arrived.  News Story
    206. 14/08/2022 Belgium
      Grégory Genet (39), RC Bergilers amateur footballer suffered a cardiac arrest during a match. The club president, a doctor resuscitated him.  News Story
    207. 13/08/2022 England
      Pablo Martinez (21), Chippenham Town FC Footballer collapsed on the pitch in a match against Chelmsford. His condition was later said to have stabilised. Match abandoned.  News Story  News Story2
    208. 13/08/2022 Virginia, USA Dead
      Efe Obrimah (18), high school graduate and star athlete. His body was found on the ground at a football stadium. No cause of death announced.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    209. 11/08/2022 French Guiana Dead
      Djouby Laura (20), USC de Roura Footballer had a cardiac arrest after a training session and could not be revived.  News Story
    210. 11/08/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Dominic Oscar (19), St Michael’s ABC Boxer died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    211. 10/08/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Avery Gilbert (18), Trinity International University American Football freshman at Trinity International University had only been on campus for 3 days, when was found collapsed and died later in hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    212. 10/08/2022 Brazil Dead
      Maurice Miranda (40), former São Paulo Football player suffered a cardiac arrest at home. He was taken to hospital but died.  News Story  News Story2
    213. 10/08/2022 Maharashtra, India Dead
      Sameer Jivangikar (Age), Runner and real estate agent but also a keen runner collapsed and died due to a sudden cardiac arrest while driving home after a training session.  News Story  News Story2
    214. 10/08/2022 Argentina Dead
      Aleli (9), Pioneras FIF Football goalkeeper for a children’s football team in Argentina. She died suddenly.  News Story
    215. 10/08/2022 North Carolina, USA
      Sam Hartman (22), Wake Forest University Athletics American Footballwe will miss an ‘extended period of time’ due to a “mystery condition.”  News Story  News Story2
    216. 10/08/2022 Germany Dead
      Unnamed (28), Water Skier died while water skiing. “Police believe the cause of death was medical.”  News Story
    217. 10/08/2022 West Bengal, India Dead
      Rittika Das (19), Gym enthusiast and student suffered a cardiac arrest in the gym and died.  News Story  News Story2
    218. 09/08/2022 South Africa
      Rick Hendriks (12), Rugby Union player suffered a cardiac arrest on 9th August 2022, on a rugby field in Pretoria, South Africa. He was airlifted to hospital. Four days later, it was reported that he regained consciousness.  News Story
    219. 09/08/2022 Telangana, India Dead
      Thushar Aamra Bedwa (32), Cricket player and software employee in Hitec City, Telangana, India was playing cricket with friends in the evening when he complained of chest pain and collapsed. He was taken to hospital but he died. Doctors suspect a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    220. 09/08/2022 Virginia, USA Dead
      Caitlyn Gable (20), Bluefield University Rams Softball player died in her sleep.  News Story
    221. 09/08/2022 Belgium Dead
      Claude Gomez (53), former R. E. Virton Footballer in the 1980’s and 1990’s suffered a cardiac arrest on a bike ride with friends, and died.  News Story  News Story2
    222. 09/08/2022 Belgium
      Tim Wellens (31), Lotto Soudal professional cyclist has ended racing activities due to heart problems. “I felt disturbing palpitations. Not only in the race, but also in training and at rest. My cardiologist found this far from reassuring.”  News Story
    223. 08/08/2022 Belgium Dead
      Jurgen Groothaerd (44), KVV Zelzate Football youth coach suffered a cerebral thrombosis and died while cycling to work.  News Story
    224. 07/08/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Marc Marie (52), Hiker was on holiday in Malaysia and hiking with friends in the mountains, when he suddenly collapsed. A rescue team sent to the scene immediately performed CPR but he died. News Story
    225. 07/08/2022 California, USA Dead
      Braden Fahey (12), middle school American Footballer lost consciousness after football practice at Clayton Valley Charter High School in California. Recorded as a “severe medical emergency.” He was rushed to hospital on Friday evening and died on Sunday.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    226. 07/08/2022 California, USA Dead
      Brian Reynolds (50), Swimmer, golfer, and former American football youth team coach trained for months to be ready for a 1½ mile swimming event off the California coast. He was said to be in “great shape” for the swim, but during the event he “suffered an unknown medical incident” and died.  News Story
    227. 07/08/2022 France Dead
      Laura Domecq (21), French AS Monaco women’s footballer died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    228. 07/08/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Jeremiah Bergheger (44), baseball player for various teams before taking up coaching died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    229. 06/08/2022 Chile Dead
      Cristian Cáceres (38), Union Cordillera Football goalkeeper. Suffered a cardiac arrest in the second half of a match and died on the way to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    230. 06/08/2022 Connecticut, USA Dead
      Djemayley Vernet (16), American Football player died unexpectedly after a series of seizures.  News Story
    231. 06/08/2022 Ireland Dead
      Caylum Flynn (13), Carras GAA Gaelic football player and Claremorris AFC player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    232. 06/08/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Owen Cotty (16), high school Frisbee player, scout and student programmer collapsed while playing frisbee with his family. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    233. 05/08/2022 Germany Dead
      Marco Memenga (38), FC Brookmerland Football player scored a goal and then died during the cup match with BW Filsum in Germany.  News Story
    234. 06/08/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Mason Fisher (27), Team Buckeye – Spin Doctors Peloton long-distance cyclist and medical student collapsed and died during the 102-mile Pelotonia bike ride in Ohio, USA, for cancer research. His family says he had a heart-related medical issue at mile 100 of his 102-mile ride.  News Story  News Story2
    235. 05/08/2022 Ireland Dead
      Dillon Quirke (24), Clonoulty Rossmore Hurling player collapsed in a match against Kilruane McDonaghs. He received instant medical attention on the pitch, then transferred by ambulance to hospital where he later died.  News Story  News Story2
    236. 05/08/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead
      Aaron Crawford (18), Knott County Central HS American Football player and wrestler. He had a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    237. 05/08/2022 Italy Dead
      Teun Elbers (19), Dutch SV TOP Footballer was on a family holiday in Italy, collapsed and died while on a walk. His body was found by a passer-by.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    238. 05/08/2022 West Bengal, India Dead
      Narendra Thapa (58), star footballer in the 1980’s in India died in West Bengal from a cardiac arrest in his sleep.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    239. 04/08/2022 New Zealand Dead
      Unnamed school girl (12), Runner “collapsed while running in an Auckland (New Zealand) park. She died in hospital the same evening.  News Story
    240. 03/08/2022 Botswana Dead
      Unnamed girl (15), Mexican Girls Football player collapsed during training and died at the hospital.  News Story
    241. 03/08/2022 France Dead
      Bamba Abdul Kharyme (53), SR Colmar Footballer from Ivory Coast who lived and played in France died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    242. 02/08/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Lars Tate (56), former Georgia Bulldogs American Football, and later for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears. He had very recently been diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly before he was due to begin chemotherapy.  News Story  News Story2
    243. 02/08/2022 Ireland Dead
      Frank O’Dwyer (Age), Cyclist and accident & emergency (A&E) consultant at a hospital in Kilkenny, Ireland. During the Tour de Kilkenny. He had an “incident” during the event and died a few days later.  News Story  News Story2
    244. 02/08/2022 Arizona, USA Dead
      Cesar Vazquez (17), Peoria Centennial High School American Footballer died over night.  News Story  News Story2
    245. 02/08/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Tony Jones (Age), Lubbock Christian University Basketball player died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    246. 02/08/2022 Tenerife, Spain
      Kirian Rodriguez (26), UD Las Palmas Footballer has now been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which will keep him away from football for some time.  News Story  News Story2
    247. 02/08/2022 France
      Lola Gilbert-Jeanselme (18), Biathlete diagnosed with myocarditis sometime in Spring 2022. On 2nd August 2022, it was reported she looks forward to participating in a competition, having recovered.  News Story
    248. 01/08/2022 Germany Dead
      Mario Pirner (48), Esslingen Handball player died unexpectedly.  News Story
    249. 01/08/2022 Latvia Dead
      Andrejs Rubins (43), Crystal Palace professional footballer (and European clubs and the Latvian national team) died unexpectedly in Latvia.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    250. 01/08/2022 Mississippi, USA Dead
      Phillip Laster (17), American Footballer and high school student collapsed while working out with the football team, and died at the local hospital.  News Story

      July 2022

    251. 31/07/2022 Croatia Dead
      Mato Matić (20), HNK Mladost Football goalkeeper for. Played a match on Saturday and died on Sunday. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2
    252. 31/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Giuseppe Fortunato (44), Cyclist and master watchmaker who had a passion for cycling. Died suddenly in his sleep.  News Story  News Story2
    253. 31/07/2022 France Dead
      Anthony Janiec (37), Lion Truck Racing champion collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    254. 31/07/2022 Wyoming, USA Dead
      Jay Collins (41), former Idaho Stampede Basketballer who played for several clubs before moving into coaching. Died suddenly overnight. News Story  News Story2
    255. 31/07/2022 New York, New York Dead
      Param Dhaliwal (23), former West Kelowna Warriors Ice Hockey player was found Dead in a hotel in New York.  News Story  News Story2
    256. 31/07/2022 Wales Dead
      Gareth Lewis (42), Rugby Union coach. He coached Caerphilly Rugby Club and at schools. He also served in various roles at the Welsh Rugby Union. He died “following a short illness.”  News Story
    257. 31/07/2022 Germany Dead
      Sabine Oberdieck (55), Dressage star was a lawyer who rode and trained dressage horses in Germany very successfully. She died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    258. 31/07/2022 France Dead
      Jean-Jacques Vigeant (54), former Cognac Sports Union Rugby Union played died after a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    259. 30/07/2022 Nova Scotia, Canada
      Satchel Tate (12), Hammonds Plains Baseballer was playing in an U-13 baseball tournament for his team Hammonds Plains, in Canada. During the match he suffered a stroke.  News Story  News Story2
    260. 29/07/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead
      Rohan Cosgriff (17), Waubra Football Netball Club Footballer. The student with a keen interest in playing football and looking after race horses died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    261. 28/07/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Candace Nayman (27), Triathleta and medical doctor collapsed during the swim section of a triathlon and died a few days later. She is the fifth doctor in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to die unexpectedly in July 2022.  News Story  News Story2
    262. 28/07/2022 Germany Dead
      Rok Kosir (46), successful judoka in his native Slovenia and in Germany where he took up coaching. He died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    263. 27/07/2022 Iowa, USA Dead
      Lily Ernst (20), UNI Panthers Swimmer and student died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    264. 27/07/2022 Croatia Dead
      Maro Perak (39), Mixed Martial Arts exponent, the “world heavyweight and light heavyweight champion.” He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    265. 24/07/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead
      Derek Gray (20), UW-Whitewater Basketballer and psychology student. collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a training session and died suddenly. Suspected blood clot. No further information available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    266. 23/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Musiu (20), Footballer was playing a football game with friends in his home town of Cagliari, Italy. He collapsed at the end of the game, received immediate attention from spectators and then ambulance staff, but died.  News Story  News Story2
    267. 22/07/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Jerry Ward (46), well-known bodybuilder who also judged contests and ran his own training company.Died unexpectedly in bed after complaining of “rib pain.”  News Story  News Story2
    268. 21/07/2022 Australia Dead
      Justin Crawford (45), Hawthorn Australian Rules Footballer died suddenly. Further details awaited.  News Story
    269. 21/07/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead
      Phil Petty (43), former University of South Carolina American Footballer from 1998-2001. Died after a short illness.  News Story  News Story2
    270. 18/07/2022 France
      Jonathan Castroviejo (35), Ineos Grenadiers Cyclist, one of five to quit the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay said “Castroviejo can’t breathe either.”  News Story
    271. 18/07/2022 France
      Pierre Rolland (35), B&B Hotels p/b KTM Cyclist, one of five to quit the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay said Rolland had “no strength, and then impossible to breathe.”  News Story
    272. 18/07/2022 France
      Oliver Naesen (31), AG2R Citroën Cyclist, one of five out of the Tour de France due to breathing problems. Victor Lafay reported Naesen had “no strength, and then impossible to breathe.”  News Story
    273. 18/07/2022 British Columbia, Canada
      Doug Eyolfson (59), Runner and emergency physician in Manitoba, Canada. Suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest while marathon training in the park while visiting Vancouver. On 20th July 2022 he confirmed on Twitter that he was booked for a heart by-pass operation. In a May 11th 2021 Twitter post he treated his covid vaccination light-heartedly, saying “I think the microchip is faulty. I’m only getting basic cable.” A CBC News article reported about the former MP: “Liberal Eyolfson and New Democrat Chung-Mowat support mandatory vaccines.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    274. 18/07/2022 Germany
      Sebastien Haller (28), Borussia Dortmund professional footballer diagnosed with testicular cancer and needing an operation in hospital. He is one of several announced around the same time.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    275. 17/07/2022 Wales
      Ryan Jones (41), Rugby Union captain of the Wales team. Diagnosed with early-onset dementia aged 41. News Story
    276. 17/07/2022 France
      Alexis Renard (23), Cofidis team Cyclist. Suffered sudden onset of a heart rhythm disorder at the Tour de France. One of five to pull out of the tour. Set to have surgery. “During exercise, I have a heart rate that increases like everyone else,” Renard said. “But when I stop cycling, the intensity is always the same.”  News Story
    277. 16/07/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Paul Hannam (50’s), Runner, medical doctor, Olympic sailor and marathon runner. Was Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at North York General Hospital (NYGH). Collapsed and died unexpectedly while out for a run.  News Story  News Story2
    278. 15/07/2022 France
      Victor Lafay (26), Cofidis Cyclist taking part in the Tour De France. One of five to pull out of the tour. “I’m having a very hard time breathing. I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen, pain everywhere…”  News Story  News Story2
    279. 15/07/2022 Russia Dead
      Aleksandr Kozlov (29), Footballer described as one of the top football talents of a generation. He played for the Russian youth national team and played his first Champions League game at the age of 17. Suffered a blood clot during a training session and died.  News Story
    280. 15/07/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Paul Duncan (35), Denver Broncos American Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest after going for a run in his neighbourhood. He died.  News Story  News Story2
    281. 15/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Anthony Joseph Zeoli (16), Skateboarder & Snowboarder and high school student. Died unexpectedly.  News Story
    282. 15/07/2022 New South Wales, Australia Dead
      Carl Robinson (41), Surfer and realestate agent He suddenly collapsed in the sea during a morning surf. Surfers and paramedics performed CPR but were unable to save him.  News Story
    283. 14/07/2022 Western Australia, Australia Dead
      Unnamed (50’s), Wind Surfer had been wind surfing off the coast of Shoal water, Western Australia. Found Dead in the sea.  News Story  News Story2
    284. 13/07/2022 Mississippi, USA Dead
      Rashard Anderson (45), former Carolina Panthers American Footballer was first-round pick in 2000, played in 27 games with nine starts over two seasons with the team. Died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    285. 13/07/2022 Argentina Dead
      Néstor Flores (37), amateur Footballer and police inspector in the town of Rivadavia. After the match, he went home, had a cardiac arrest, was taken to hospital, but died. His relatives said he had no history of heart conditions, he played sports and did not smoke or drink alcohol. Coincidentally, in a nearby city in Argentina, on the same night, a very similar story played out, (Ernesto Burgoa) with a similar result.  News Story
    286. 13/07/2022 Argentina Dead
      Ernesto Burgoa (35), Footballer and casual labourer who played amateur football in Argentina for a local team. After a match, he went home and felt ill, suffering a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced DOA. Coincidentally, in a nearby city in Argentina, on the same night, a very similar story played out, (Néstor Flores) with a similar result.  News Story
    287. 13/07/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Garrison Markins (20) former High School football and track and field athlete suffered a cardiac arrest.and died.  News Story  News Story2
    288. 12/07/2022 Ireland
      Trevor Melly (44), Na Rossa Gaelic Footballer went to a training session for the first time in a few months. Suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of it. The early arrival of a doctor saved his life and he was taken to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    289. 12/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Mattia Ghiraldi (22), C&B Racing Powerboat Racing. He died suddenly due to “an illness.”  News Story  News Story2
    290. 12/07/2022 Northern Territory, Australia Dead
      Willie Rioli Snr (50), former Hawthorn Australian Rules Football collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    291. 12/07/2022 Spain Dead
      Maribel Ortega (38), Club Hípico de Córdoba Show Jumper, pioneer in show jumping horses. More recently she was a riding teacher. Died suddenly.  News Story
    292. 12/07/2022 Germany
      Marco Richter (22), Hertha BSC professional footballer diagnosed with testicular cancer and needing an operation in hospital. He is one of several announced around the same time.  News Story
    293. 11/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Bryan Norton (24), Baseballer graduated from high school in New Jersey in 2016, where he played varsity baseball and football then studied sports management. Held a role related to Major League Baseball. Died suddenly.  News Story
    294. 10/07/2022 El Salvador Dead
      Kevin Alejandro Amaya (16), Footballer was playing in a local football match when he had a sudden cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful.  News Story
    295. 10/07/2022 Argentina
      David Rodríguez (Age), Football referee was refereeing a football match in Argentina between Ferro and Deportivo Argentino, when he suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital.  News Story
    296. 10/07/2022 Mexico Dead
      Unnamed (60), Footballer in Guanajuato, Mexico, was goalkeeper in an amateur football match. Collapsed on the pitch with a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation failed.  News Story
    297. 10/07/2022 El Salvador Dead
      Unnamed (Age), young Footballer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died while playing a football match in El Volcán canton in San Vicente, El Salvador.  News Story
    298. 09/07/2022 Scotland Dead
      Adam Strachan (35), former Partick Thistle professional footballer played for a few Scottish clubs. He died suddenly.  News Story
    299. 09/07/2022 Finland
      Karoliina Kujanpää (21), a Finnish sprinter. Early in 2022, training was going well until apparently contracting covid. A scan highlighted the after effects of myocarditis.  News Story
    300. 08/07/2022 Louisiana, USA Dead
      Jimmy Williams (43), San Francisco 49ers American Footballer played 80 games over a six-year NFL career. Died from an unknown cause.  News Story  News Story2
    301. 08/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Jesse Boyden (33), Wrestler, one of the best in the USA. Died suddenly.  News Story
    302. 07/07/2022 Sweden
      Robin Söderling (37), Tennis player “takes timeout as captain of the Swedish Davis Cup team in tennis” due to recurring “fatigue syndrome.”  News Story
    303. 06/07/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead
      Summer Jade Nicholls (18), Central Queensland Capras Rugby Union player. Died suddenly.  News Story
    304. 06/07/2022 Quebec, Canada Dead
      Bryan Marchment (53), Ice Hockey player over 17 NHL ice Hockey seasons for nine teams. Died unexpectedly.  News Story
    305. 05/07/2022 Cyprus Dead
      Ben Woods (21), amateur Leigh East Rugby League player was on a family holiday in Cyprus. He was pulled out of the hotel swimming pool, could not be revived and later died.  News Story
    306. 05/07/2022 Mexico
      Oscar Castellanos (54), former Halcones Rojos Veracruz Basketball player, known as “El Diablo,” hospitalized for alleged health complications.  News Story
    307. 04/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Alessia De Nadai (17), Volleyball player finished the school year playing volleyball with friends. Then in June 2022 she felt ill and was taken to hospital for urgent surgery. Despite further intervention, she died from encephalitis – inflammation of the brain.  News Story
    308. 03/07/2022 Alabama, USA Dead
      Awysum Harris (Age), Alabama State University American Footballer. Found Dead in his dorm room at the Montgomery campus.  News Story
    309. 02/07/2022 Andhra Pradesh, India Dead
      Sudhakar Reddy (27), Cyclist, former serviceman, working as a software engineer in Bangalore, married for 3 months. Suffered a cardiac arrest while cycling in Andhra Pradesh, India, he never recovered.  News Story
    310. 02/07/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Justin Lore (31), Baseball player died suddenly at home. “He was an amazing baseball player from childhood and continued to play the sport teaching it to his sons.”  News Story
    311. 02/07/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead
      Mitch Cade Williams (34), former Football player, now physical education (PE) teacher and football coach, played for a local football club then later became their very successful coach. He collapsed and died at home.  News Story
    312. 01/07/2022 England
      Karl Newton (37), Blackburn Rovers Hiker was a scout who worked for various football clubs over the years, on the lookout for talented football players. Died suddenly while hiking in the Lake District of England.  News Story
    313. 01/07/2022 Croatia Dead
      Mario Švigir (48), Futsal (indoor football) player for his native Croatia. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    314. 01/07/2022 California, USA
      Vince Iwuchukwu (17), USC Basketball player suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during an informal team practice. His condition is gradually improving.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    315. 01/07/2022 England Dead
      Gary Pearson (45), former Sheffield United professional footballer, previously played for Darlington and York. He recently became manager of Billingham Town FC. Suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch. After surgery, he was expected to make a full recovery, but he became ill again, collapsed and died.  News Story  News Story2.

      June 2022

    316. 30/06/2022 Germany Dead
      Oliver Häusler (47), former Starbulls Rosenheim Ice Hockey player and then coach. Died unexpectedly.  News Story
    317. 28/06/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Will Phillips (20), North Melbourne Australian Rules Footballer will be out of action for an indefinite period after developing glandular fever, which followed a COVID-19 diagnosis earlier in the season.  News Story
    318. 28/06/2022 Spain Dead
      Eduardo Mena (56), Gym trainer and many celebrities trained with him. However, he died suddenly after an aortic vein (heart) problem. News Story
    319. 28/06/2022 Canada
      Sam Forbes (Age), Baseballer aka ‘Slammin Sammy’ was a healthy and super fit star, who wanted to travel to his baseball games, so he accepted the covid injection. Then he suffered 9 strokes and his daughter’s life came to a crashing standstill, trying to nurse her famous dad back to health.  News Story
    320. 27/06/2022 Spain Dead
      Andrés Burgos (22), Molina Basket Basketballer and Environmental science student suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    321. 26/06/2022 Malta Dead
      Jack Schiavone (52), cyclist and national coach of Malta. He died suddenly of “undisclosed causes.”  News Story
    322. 25/06/2022 Jharkhand, India Dead
      Paplu Dixit (37), Gymnast was a regular gym-goer, but “while lifting weights in the gym, the young man collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest, and died immediately.”  News Story
    323. 25/06/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      William Harding, (27), Basketballer died suddenly and unexpectedly while playing basketball.  News Story  News Story2
    324. 25/06/2022 Italy Dead
      Maicol Orlandi (36), amateur football player died unexpectedly in bed.  News Story
    325. 25/06/2022 Washington, USA Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Cyclist was taking part in the Century Challenge cycle ride, suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    326. 25/06/2022 Guadeloupe (Caribbean) Dead
      Eric Francis (36), Jet Ski world champion. He disappeared during a race in the Caribbean. Was found Dead off the coast of Guadeloupe.  News Story
    327. 23/06/2022 Switzerland Dead
      Alessandro Salzano (48), ex-Pro Patria Footballer died suddenly with a kidney infection.  News Story
    328. 23/06/2022 Hungary
      Anita Alvarez (25), artistic swimmer was competing in the World Aquatics Championships in Hungary. The two-time Olympic swimming champion suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the pool and sank to the bottom of the pool. Her coach, a four-time Olympic sychronized swimming champion jumped into the pool and retrieved her body. Alvarez was resuscitated poolside before being carried away by stretcher.  News Story  News Story2
    329. 23/06/2022 Kentucky, USA
      Gareth Crouth (42), British scuba diving instructor was visiting a friend in the USA, he had a stroke and fell into a swimming pool and nearly drowned. He went to hospital with a fractured spine and unable to breathe properly. He has since had another stroke.  News Story
    330. 22/06/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Tony Siragusa (55), ex-Indianapolis Colts American Footballer for 13 years. He was found unresponsive at home.  News Story  News Story2
    331. 22/06/2022 England Dead
      Valentin Buliga (41), Cyclist was taking part in a 100 mile charity cycling event in England. He suffered a cardiac arrest around the half-way point and never recovered.  News Story
    332. 22/06/2022 Ireland Dead
      Enda Mulvihill (43), Garrycastle GAA Gaelic Footballer from the age of 10. He died after a “short illness.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    333. 22/06/2022 Hungary
      Caeleb Dressel (25), swimmer was taking part in the world swimming championships in Hungary. He pulled out of all remaining events after 5 of the 8 days on unspecified medical grounds.  News Story
    334. 21/06/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Stephanie Sim Shu Ming (19), competitive pistol shooter for Sarawak Sukma Pistol Shooting club, Malaysia. She had a stroke, went into a coma and died.  News Story
    335. 21/06/2022 Maryland, USA Dead
      Jaylon Ferguson (26), Baltimore Ravens Baseballer was unexpectedly found unconscious at home. There were no signs of trauma and foul play was not suspected. He did not recover.  News Story
    336. 20/06/2022 Indiana, USA Dead
      Caleb Swanigan (25), Sacramento Kings Basketball player in the US died unexpectedly.  News Story
    337. 20/06/2022 Germany Dead
      Frank Klemmer (51), Wuppertaler SV Footballer with many German clubs including FC Remscheid, Alemannia Aachen, Fortuna Cologne and finally Wuppertaler SV. Died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
    338. 20/06/2022 Germany
      Jan Raab (19), Triathlete and law student. Since he had the third BioNTech covid vaccination he can “go for a 10-15 minute walk, but afterwards I have to lie down again because I have absolute heart failure. In addition, I also have pain in my hands, I have difficulty breathing and tinnitus.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    339. 19/06/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead
      Chris Fowler (42), Gym owner and former police officer in Echuca, Australia. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    340. 18/06/2022 Philippines Dead
      Rafael D Sakkam (Age), Runner and police cadet suffered a cardiac arrest after a routine afternoon run and died.  News Story
    341. 18/06/2022 California, USA Dead
      Tyler Sanders (18), Water Sports, gymnast and successful actor called the police from home to say he was struggling to breathe. He was at home alone when the police arrived, but he was already dead.  News Story  News Story2
    342. 18/06/2022 England Dead
      John Holubjowsky (58), Cyclist was cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats in England. South-west of England to North-east Scotland. He suffered a fatal cardiac arrest 28 miles (45km) from the finish line.  News Story
    343. 18/06/2022 Germany Dead
      Mamadou Sylla (18), FC Brünninghausen Footballer died suddenly whilst visiting a lake near Cologne. His body was recovered from the water.  News Story
    344. 17/06/2022 Spain Dead
      Damian Casey (29), top class Tyrone GAA Hurling player went to Spain to attend a wedding. He died in a swimming pool “incident”. Awaiting further details …  News Story
    345. 17/06/2022 Ireland Dead
      Eoghan Moloney (Age), St Pats Gaelic Footballer died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    346. 17/06/2022 Ireland
      Bridget Hynes (10), Footballer and gaelic sports player and kayaker. Diagnosed with bone cancer after getting her sore knee checked.  News Story
    347. 16/06/2022 Algeria Dead
      Billel Ben Hamouda (24), USM Alger Footballer in the Algeria national team. He had played in an international match and scored in the 3-0 victory. He was on his way home by car but died in a single-vehicle accident. No other vehicle reported to be involved.  News Story  News Story2
    348. 15/06/2022 Greece Dead
      Georgia Solanaki (22), track and field athlete trained regularly at the University Stadium running track in Komotini, Greece. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the mat after completing some of the classes, and was pronounced dead at hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    349. 15/06/2022 South Africa Dead
      Jessica Matthews (18), Stellenbosch University student in South Africa, passed away while representing Western Province in an under-18 practice hockey match. No further details available.  News Story
    350. 15/06/2022 Argentina Dead
      Fabricio Navarro (21), Atletico Tucuman Footballer died after suffering a cardiac arrest in his sleep.  News Story  News Story2
    351. 14/06/2022 Australia Dead
      Andrew Barry (35), fit and healthy footballer/cyclist and builder. While at home, he suddenly collapsed and died.  News Story
    352. 14/06/2022 Kenya Dead
      Marvel Simiyu (21), student and Trans Nzoia Falcons Footballer (Kenya’s Women’s Premier League). She died suddenly in hospital after complaining of stomach problems.  News Story
    353. 14/06/2022 England
      Bailey Durrant (21), Runner used to run 12.5 miles a day, but in July 2021 he had a cardiac arrest while in his mother’s car. He has had multiple cardiac arrests since then. He now has a monitor fitted inside his chest to send readings to hospital. “The hospital rings up and asks if someone is in the same room as Bailey and could we check on him after the monitor reveals his heart has stopped. Sometimes Bailey does not even know if his heart has stopped”. “It’s feeling like he is just waiting to die”.  News Story
    354. 14/06/2022 Lanzarote, Spain Dead
      Alejandro Candela (18), Nadamás Swimmer died suddenly and unexpectedly in his bed after going to rest after lunch.  News Story
    355. 13/06/2022 South Carolina, USA
      Ben Steele (Age), American footballer with the Citadel Bulldogs. Diagnosed with cancer for which he is receiving treatment.  News Story
    356. 13/06/2022 Italy Dead
      Akeem Omolade (39), former Torino professional footballer previously with various Italian clubs. He died suddenly after complaining of leg pain. He died in the car that was taking him to hospital.  News Story
    357. 13/06/2022 Ecuador Dead
      Franklin Anangono (47), CD Miguel Iturralde Football coach and previously an Ecuadorian international footballer. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    358. 13/06/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Mark Godale (51), top-flight ultrarunner suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    359. 12/06/2022 England Dead
      Unnamed (51), Triathlon competitor required immediate medical attention during the swim portion of the race. He was taken to hospital but died.
  News Story  News Story2
    360. 12/06/2022 Ireland Dead
      Daniel Burke (Age), Runner died unexpectedly while out running.  News Story  News Story2
    361. 12/06/2022 England Dead
      Andy Hey (51), Triathlete was taking part in the Ironman triathlon in Staffordshire, England when he became ill. The on-site medical team attended before transporting him to a nearby hospital where he died.  News Story  News Story2
    362. 11/06/2022 Milwaukee, USA
      Brandon Woodruff (29), professional baseball player for Milwaukee Brewers. He has not played for a few weeks and now he has been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome “that is limiting the blood flow to the index, middle and ring fingers on his right hand and causing numbness.”  News Story
    363. 11/06/2022 New York, New York
      John Sculli (Age), Basketball referee for 40 years was refereeing a match when he suddenly began to wobble and collapsed to the floor. He is now “scheduled to have heart surgery to fix a blockage that caused him to collapse.”  News Story  News Story2
    364. 10/06/2022 Iowa, USA Dead
      Frank Howell (52), 13-year Cedar Rapids Washington girls basketball coach died “of complications from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.”  News Story
    365. 09/06/2022 Croatia Dead
      Robert Fulir (44), famous football player and family man died suddenly. He played the Second Croatian National Football League with Koprivnica, and in the Third Croatian National League in the Youth Sloga from Heresin, he won great successes and titles in the lower leagues. He played for Osvit from Djelekovac, Pannonia from Peteranac, Dodgeball from Legrad. After retiring, he was one of the best players in the futsal KC league, and played several seasons for  News Story
    366. 09/06/2022 England Dead
      Kellum Thomas (13), Footballer collapsed and died after playing football with friends.  News Story
    367. 09/06/2022 Colorado, USA Dead
      Alex Cahoy (32), healthy and experienced hiker, was hiking the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado. Died suddenly and was found in his sleeping bag in his tent at a campsite.  News Story
    368. 08/06/2022 New York, New York Dead
      Unnamed (16), student and basketball player at Bayside High School in New York City collapsed and died during an ‘after-school conditioning’ training session.  News Story
    369. 08/06/2022 Missouri, USA
      AJ Wishne (15), Gymnast and student at Lee’s Summit high school in Kansas City, USA. In May 2022, he suffered a stroke in the gym, requiring brain surgery.  News Story
    370. 08/06/2022 Sweden
      Charlotta Fougberg (36), female runner last competed in the Stockholm marathon in October 2021.
      She reacted strongly to her first covid vaccine, with increased heart rate and night sweats for several weeks so decided to wait until after the Stockholm Marathon, to take the second dose. After the second dose, the problems returned. “My body is very tired. I can’t recover properly and I can’t fully recover. I also had other post-covid symptoms like dizziness and I had crystal disease twice. It was very uncomfortable. I lay in bed and threw up. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without my partner’s help.” She never tested positive for COVID.  News Story
    371. 08/06/2022 Virginia, USA Dead
      Unnamed (Age), student athlete died during “conditioning” at high school in Virginia, USA.  News Story  News Story2
    372. 07/06/2022 Indiana, USA Dead
      Owen Scheele (17), quarterback American footballer at Carroll High school died of cancer.  News Story
    373. 07/06/2022 Italy
      Gabriele Manganiello (27),Viadana Rugby Union player was forced to retire from playing owing to “heart problems.”  News Story

    374. 06/06/2022 Italy Dead
      Pietro Tusiano (26), Atletico Vieste Footballer had been suffering from leukaemia for a few months. Recently his condition worsened and he died.  News Story

    375. 06/06/2022 Wales Dead
      Ade Ajay (30), Hiker and trainee nurse with the rehabilitation team in Doncaster, England was hiking on Mount Snowdon in Wales when he died suddenly.  News Story
    376. 05/06/2022 South Africa Dead
      Simiso Buthelezi (24), boxer collapsed near the end of a match. He was taken to hospital, diagnosed with internal bleeding in the brain and he died two days later.  News Story
    377. 05/06/2022 Telangana, India Dead
      Mendu Srinivas (48), Cricket player and journalist was playing a friendly cricket match with friends. He complained of discomfort after playing 12 overs as opening batsman. “He left the ground for home, where he complained of more pain in the chest, and he was rushed to a local hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead.”  News Story

    378. 05/06/2022 Columbia Dead
      Antonio Velasco (61), Runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died, “known as sudden death,”  while running in the Half Marathon of the Sea in Cartagena, Columbia.  News Story

    379. 05/06/2022 Spain Dead
      Unnamed (Age), off-road motorcyclist died after feeling unwell while touring the Cordal de Peón, in Villaviciosa, Spain.  A helicopter was used to reach him, where his travelling companion was applying CPR. The medical rescue team were unable to revive him.  News Story

    380. 05/06/2022 Missouri, USA Dead
      Doug Whitten (Age), Cyclist and bicycle mechanic died suddenly from a cardiac arrest as reported by his fiancé on Facebook and repeated on a Telegram channel.  News Story  News Story2
    381. 05/06/2022 Kentucky, USA Dead
      Jason Blake Perry (16), American Footballer and Morgan Co. High School student died unexpectedly.  News Story
    382. 04/06/2022 Nevada, USA
      Danielle Kang (29), professional golfer. Diagnosed with a tumour on her spine.  News Story
    383. 04/06/2022 Tamil Nadu, India Dead
      Sri Vishnu (27), Gym member collapsed at the gym after completing a regular workout.  Fellow gym members rushed him to hospital, but doctors declared him DOA.  News Story

    384. 04/06/2022 Nigeria Dead
      Chris Edoghogho (Age), Nigerian Angels amateur footballer collapsed on-field within a few minutes of the match starting and died during a Federation Cup match. He was rushed to hospital but they were unable to save him.  News Story  News Story2
    385. 04/06/2022 Rhode Island, USA Dead
      Hayden Goodrick (38), international competitive sailor from New Zealand was competing in the Midtown Cup, In Newport, Rhode Island, USA. He complained of chest pains between races and became unconscious. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.  News Story
    386. 04/06/2022 Germany
      Unnamed (Age), ESV Lok Seddin Footballer collapsed in the centre circle just before half-time. “He touched his heart and then lay partly motionless”. He was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital.  News Story
    387. 04/06/2022 Nevada, USA Dead
      Nate Miller (34), professional basketball player with various teams in the USA, Israel and South Korea died “after an asthma attack.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    388. 03/06/2022 Brazil
      Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa (39), Santos Footballer also known as “Alex,” began his professional football career with Santos in his native Brazil, but he also played for Chelsea, PSV, PSG and AC Milan. He “suffered a heart attack while playing footvolley and had to undergo a process to unclog his veins.”  News Story
    389. 03/06/2022 Alaska, USA Dead
      Fernando Birman (48), Mountain Climber was scaling Mount Denali (aka Mount McKinley), in Alaska, USA.  He collapsed not far from the summit due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The National Park Service said his cause of death is unknown, but consistent with sudden cardiac arrest.  News Story

    390. 03/06/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Jayda Grant (20), Athlete and university engineering student who spent her spare time at university athletics.  She died suddenly, but cause of death was not announced.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

    391. 03/06/2022 England
      Adam Dodd (29), FC United of Manchester Footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in bed. His girlfriend performed CPR until the ambulance arrived 16 minutes later. A defibrilator was used to restart his heart and he was taken to Blackpool Hospital for 4 days, and placed in an artificial coma. He will be fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. News Story
    392. 02/06/2022 Italy Dead
      Giacomo Gorenszach (25), Pradamano Footballer lived and worked in north eastern Italy and played football for the local club. He died suddenly at home.  News Story
    393. 02/06/2022 Scotland Dead
      Andy MacKintosh (31), captain of the very successful Newtonmore shinty club. Shinty is a Scottish game played with hockey-type sticks. He died suddenly.  News Story
    394. 02/06/2022 Brazil Dead
      Marilina Calazans (37), Americana Handball team player in Brazil collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Her mother said “She was strong, healthy, never had a problem.”  News Story

    395. 02/06/2022 Arizona, USA Dead
      Melanie Goodine (41), Hiker was hiking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.  She was found in distress and attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful.  News Story

    396. 01/06/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Marion Barber (38), former Dallas Cowboys American Footballer was found dead in his apartment. Cause of death unknown.  News Story

      May 2022

    397. 30/05/2022 England Dead
      Craig Farrell (39), former Carlisle United professional footballer in England, with various clubs and also played for England U-16. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    398. 30/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Stefano Russo (34), Runner, was in the “Spartan” race in Italy. The race was 5km with obstacles to overcome on the way. He collapsed after less than 2km. He was taken to hospital but died 2 days later.  News Story
    399. 30/05/2022 Germany Dead
      Paul Poloczek (37), professional bodybuilder died suddenly, hours after competing in a championship.  News Story  News Story2
    400. 30/05/2022 Ontario, Canada
      Connor McGough (26), Calgary Stampeders American Footballer is now suffering from myocarditis after vaccination and unable to play. “Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I am retiring from football. It is very unfortunate but it’s important I take care of myself and get healthy” said McGough.  News Story
    401. 30/05/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Peter Matera (53), Australian Rules Football legend, he had a cardiac arrest while chopping wood at home. He is recovering in hospital.  News Story
    402. 30/05/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Aidan Kaminska (19), Lacrosse & American footballer and student who played lacrosse and American football. He died suddenly at his family home.  News Story
    403. 30/05/2022 New Jersey, USA
      Anthony Grell (5), was playing football in New Jersey, USA when he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest. Fortunately, his mother, an emergency room nurse was watching, and performed CPR. He was taken to a children’s hospital.  News Story
    404. 30/05/2022 Portugal Dead
      Claudia Calcada (29), former Boavista footballer and runner was taking part in a half-marathon in Douro, Portugal on Sunday 30th May, suffered a cardiac arrest and died a few days later.  News Story
    405. 30/05/2022 North Carolina, USA Dead
      Eli Svonovec (11), middle school American Football player was soon to join the sixth grade team at Marvin Ridge Middle School, but he died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    406. 29/05/2022 Missouri, USA Dead
      Justin Hardy (22), basketball player at Washington University, USA. He died from stomach cancer.  News Story
    407. 29/05/2022 New South Wales, Australia
      Bobby Hill (22), Australian Rules Football for Greater Western Sydney. He played in every game so far this AFL season, but is now set for an indefinite period out of action. He is scheduled to have surgery after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.  News Story
    408. 29/05/2022 California, USA Dead
      Jay Goldberg (53), Hiker and medical doctor was hiking on the California coast when he died suddenly. News Story
    409. 28/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Michele Bortignon (51), Rally Driver was taking part in a rally (driving) with his 21-year-old daughter by his side as navigator, when he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest. He managed to stop the car, but died.  News Story
    410. 28/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Gianmarco Verdi (21), Runner and student in Italy, who took part in the world cross country championships collapsed while having dinner with friends. He was taken to hospital, but died.  News Story
    411. 26/05/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Will Smith (24), a talented athlete, studying in the US in March 2020, he apparently “caught covid” and has since been unable to walk.   News Story
    412. 26/05/2022 France Dead
      Oliver Vaux (20), Canoe club captain and third year physics student in Scotland. While on a canoeing trip to France, he died suddenly in his sleep after spending the day out on a river.  News Story
    413. 26/05/2022 Zimbabwe Dead
      Aldiglade Bhamu (34), women’s football for for various clubs and for her home country – Zimbabwe. She collapsed at her family home in Harare on Wednesday and was taken to Parirenyatwa Central Hospital where she died on Thursday.  News Story  News Story2
    414. 26/05/2022 England Dead
      Osahon Osawe (31), Footballer had been training for a triathlon. He was fit and healthy, with no known underlying conditions, yet he suffered a cardiac arrest and died while playing football with friends.  News Story
    415. 25/05/2022 England Dead
      Helena Ashton (48), Gymnast died after a haemorrhage due to a vaccine-induced thrombosis (according to an inquest.) She had “no history of blood clots, never smoked, and was not on medication.” She was “keen on exercise” and “extremely fit.” She received her first AstraZeneca vaccine on 10th May 2022 and died two weeks later.  News Story
    416. 24/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Murtas (31), Volvera Rugby Rugby Union player died suddenly at home.  News Story
    417. 24/05/2022 Sweden
      Lukas Ahlgren (22), Wrestler won his first Swedish Championship wrestling gold at the end of November 2021. One month later, he developed myocarditis and woke up feeling that he was “going to die.”  News Story
    418. 23/05/2022 Indiana, USA Dead
      R’Mon Rowley (15), Runner and school student in first year high school in Indianapolis, USA. Rowley’s family says he was healthy and had no previous health conditions, yet during American football practice he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    419. 23/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Franco Del C Pendant (58), Cyclist, collapsed due to a cardiac arrest while cycling part of a difficult mountain course. He was taken to hospital but could not be resuscitated.  News Story
    420. 23/05/2022 Argentina
      Augusto Roux (35), Runner & Cross-fit enthusiast and lawyer in Argentina who keeps fit by running and high intensity “cross-fit” routines. He got the covid vaccine as he thought it would help protect his mother who is unwell. However, he became unwell and, using his legal training, he obtained the medical records in which a doctor stated that his condition was due to the vaccine. The authorities wanted to keep that secret. The linked articles make interesting reading.  News Story  News Story2
    421. 23/05/2022 Arizona, USA Dead
      David Shaffer (59), Real Salt Lake Football coach, previously a professional football player in Europe and in the US and went on to be a football coach in Japan and back in the USA again. He was program director for the Real Salt Lake club in Mesa, Arizona and while driving home from there, he collapsed and died. “It was very sudden. It was a heart condition. It was not a car accident.”  News Story
    422. 22/05/2022 England
      Harvey Stocker (19), exerciser and cyclist, a fit and healthy teenager who exercised regularly and had no prior health concerns, was rushed to hospital after complaining of chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness, pins and needles to the left side of his body and pain in his neck while at work. The hospital told him and his mother he was having a heart attack and that his heart was inflamed. They transferred him to Royal Papworth specialist heart and lung hospital in Cambridge as an emergency. His troponin levels (a protein present in the bloodstream during a heart attack) were “through the roof” and his heartbeat was “all over the place” and they X-rayed his heart. Diagnosed with Perimyocarditis/Myocarditis. He experienced cough and bad throat infections and the feeling of “constantly being run down” since his second COVID injection.  News Story  News Story2
    423. 22/05/2022 Germany Dead
      Unnamed (20), Runner collapsed due to a cardiac arrest near the end of the half-marathon in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story
    424. 21/05/2022 New York, USA Dead
      David Reichman (32), Runner and EMT doctor ran in the Brooklyn half-marathon. After passing the finish line at 13.1 miles, he collapsed and died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    425. 21/05/2022 Croatia Dead
      Dalibor Radonić (56), HAVK Mladost Water Polo player died suddenly while in the water.  News Story
    426. 20/05/2022 South Australia, Australia Dead
      Jason Januszke (43), Runner and personal trainer who owned a gym and was well-known among the Aussie rules football community. He went out for his regular training run, had a cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived.  News Story  News Story2
    427. 18/05/2022 Netherlands
      Pieter Bos (25), Cambuur Football goalkeeper is now struggling with heart problems, likely ending his career.  News Story
    428. 17/05/2022 England
      Chris Kamara (64), former footballer turned commentator, was advertised as “feeling great” after getting the covid jab in March 2021 and urged others to do likewise. In May 2022, things are different. He is suffering from Apraxia – a condition which affects an area of the brain that controls how we speak.  News Story  News Story2
    429. 17/05/2022 Greece
      Unnamed (16), Panaitolikos Footballer recently had a covid19 injection, and is now being treated for acute myocarditis at the Agios Andreas Hospital in Patras.  News Story
    430. 17/05/2022 Scotland Dead
      Ewan Hitchell (45), Runner was in training for a 100 mile run for charity, so he was quite fit, but before the start date Hitchell died suddenly at home  News Story  News Story2
    431. 17/05/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Rocco Sivolella (15), Wayne Valley High School American Footballer was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – a type of cancer. Four months later he died.  News Story
    432. 16/05/2022 New Hampshire, USA Dead
      Bryan Caruso (42), Baseball coach, formerly player through high school and college, then moved into coaching. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    433. 16/05/2022 Germany Dead
      Musa Yamak (38), Boxer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest coming out for round 3 during a boxing match. He died.  News Story
    434. 16/05/2022 Germany Dead
      Ademola Okulaja (46), captain of the German national basketball team. He died unexpectedly.  News Story
    435. 16/05/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Brennan Johnson (Age), Runner and musician who enjoyed running near home in Georgia, USA. On a run on Sawnee Mountain, he collapsed suddenly and died.  News Story
    436. 15/05/2022 Mexico Dead
      David Gómez Flores (Age), Judo practitioner (judoka) and university student. He was taking part in a university judo tournament and suffered a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital where he died.  News Story
    437. 15/05/2022 Alabama, USA Dead
      Paddy Branagan (30), Graiguecullen GAA, talented hurler who played in Ireland, but while on a business trip to the USA he died suddenly.  News Story
    438. 15/05/2022 Wales Dead
      Mark Davies (49), former Swansea Footballer, featured in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in the early 1990s before moving into non-league and then veterans’ football. He was playing for Llanelli in Wales, against Penybont when he collapsed and died on the pitch.  News Story
    439. 15/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Gianluca Schettino (16), talented and promising football player but collapsed with a cardiac arrest while at home and died.  News Story
    440. 14/05/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead
      Andrew Symonds (46), Cricket player. He died in his own in his car. The car swerved across the road and rolled. No other cars were involved. A TV news image showed tyre marks swerved across the white centre line and into trees on the opposite side. “My partner tried to get (Symonds) out of the car, to put him on to his back. He was unconscious, not responsive and had no pulse. Waylon Townson tried to help Symonds but there was nothing he could do. “He was stuck in there, so I tried to pull him out,” he told Nine News. “(I) started doing CPR and checked his pulse but I didn’t get much response.” Possible cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    441. 14/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Unnamed (60), amateur cyclist, suddenly collapsed and died while out cycling with a friend. Assistance arrived but was unable to revive him.  News Story
    442. 14/05/2022 Finland Dead
      Harri Kumpulainen (Age), Järvenpään Kädenvääntäjät Arm Wrestler “passed away as a result of a sudden illness” in the middle of a competition.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    443. 13/05/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Alex Luzardo (41), Baseballer and police officer who played in a few amateur leagues. He died suddenly at home.  News Story
    444. 13/05/2022 England
      Leonard-Liddle (20), talented footballer who recently returned to England from a football scholarship at a university in the USA. This information is taken from Twitter posts by his mother. After two Moderna vaccines he developed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in his left lung. He was super fit and healthy but now suffers chronic fatigue and brain fog. The only treatment prescribed is rest.   News Story
    445. 12/05/2022 Russia Dead
      Alexey Zelenin (21), Orel State University Basketballer and Physical Culture and Sports student. He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a training session and died.  News Story
    446. 12/05/2022 Italy Dead
      FC (65), cyclist, initials FC was cycling with a group of friends where he lived. He said he had not felt well that morning, but decided to ride anyway. He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during the ride. Help arrived but they were unable to revive him.  News Story
    447. 10/05/2022 England
      Graham Thorpe (52), a top class cricketer who moved into coaching. He developed a sudden illness which might be the result of a cardiac arrest. He is seriously ill in hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    448. 10/05/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Aman Basri Muhd Rohaizi (16), Runner and school student in Malaysia collapsed and died during cross-country training. His schoolmates attempted to resuscitate him then he was taken to hospital. Police classified the case as “sudden death.”  News Story
    449. 09/05/2022 Morocco Dead
      Ernesto Escolano (50), very keen cyclist who took part in many events. He was competing in a multi-day mountain bike event across the desert in Morocco. During day two, Ernesto needed medical treatment and he was transferred to hospital, where he died shortly afterwards.  News Story  News Story2
    450. 09/05/2022 Netherlands Dead
      Jody Lukoki (29), former Ajax professional footballer who started his senior career at Ajax in the Netherlands. He also represented DR Congo on the international stage. He died suddenly. He was involved in a fight the week before, but an autopsy proved the fight was not related to his death, which was due to a cardiac issue (but the actual cause of death was withheld).  News Story  News Story2
    451. 09/05/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Warner Ennes (38), Softballer and led an active life often in construction or landscaping. He died unexpectedly.  News Story
    452. 09/05/2022 Germany
      Timo Baumgartl (26), FC Union professional footballer in Berlin diagnosed with testicular cancer and needing a hospital operation. He is one of several German players announced around the same time.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    453. 08/05/2022 Portugal Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Dutch runner died after completing the Lisbon half marathon in Portugal.  News Story
    454. 08/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Gregorio Pagliucoli (44), former Montevarchi Calcio Footballer and current coach, died suddenly in his sleep.  News Story
    455. 08/05/2022 Portugal Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Triathlete collapsed in the water during the swimming section of the Lisbon Challenge triathlon. He was rescued, but died the next day in hospital.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    456. 07/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Dimitri Roveri (28), Quingentole Football team captain. He collapsed with cardiac arrest in the final minutes of a match against Casalpoglio and died in hospital. He recently announced that he was going to be a dad.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    457. 07/05/2022 England Dead
      Samuel Akwasi (13), FC Cavaliers U-13 Footballer in Nottinghamshire, England. During his last match against WBCY FC Rossoneri he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital within minutes  by ambulance but later died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    458. 04/05/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      Theodore “Teddy” Dowdle (22), Basketballer collapsed and died while playing basketball with his brother.  News Story  News Story2
    459. 01/05/2022 Italy Dead
      Giuseppe Costa (45), a diver who had been in the sea alone off the coast of southern Italy. He succumbed to a sudden illness and died.  News Story
    460. 01/05/2022 Germany
      Botic van de Zandschulp (26), Dutch tennis player who reached the final of the Munich Open, but retired mid-match owing to “chest pains” after calling for the doctor.  News Story

      April 2022

    461. 30/04/2022 England Dead
      Neil Campbell (45), professional footballer played for Barrow and several clubs over many years. He was unexpectedly taken ill and died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    462. 30/04/2022 Norway Dead
      Unnamed (30s), Marathon Runner was participating in the Bergen Marathon in Norway, collapsed shortly after passing the finish line. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.  News Story
    463. 30/04/2022 England Dead
      Richard Hill (24), Rugby Union player excelled in multiple sports. He had been to the annual Ashbourne Rugby Union Football Club and Ashbourne Cricket Club ball where he was presented with the Players’ Player of the Year Award. Before the evening was out, Richard became suddenly unwell. He was pronounced dead while still at the Ashbourne Recreation Ground.  News Story
    464. 30/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Sciarrini (40), Marotta Basket Basketballer had just played a league promotion match against Urbania Basketball. A couple of hours after the match he collapsed and could not be revived by the medics.  News Story  News Story2
    465. 30/04/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Barron Mann (Age), amateur boxer and student, died suddenly 5 days before his college graduation.  News Story
    466. 30/04/2022 Norway Dead
      Ulrik Vabø (33), Runner took part in the Bergen marathon in Norway. He finished the race but at the finish line he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was said to be a healthy and fit young man and never had symptoms of pain or discomfort in his chest or heart.  News Story
    467. 29/04/2022 New York, New York Dead
      Lazar LaPenna (10), Baseballer was playing in the first baseball match of the season. He had just reached first base after making contact with the ball, when he collapsed and went into a seizure. His father said his son suffered from epilepsy.  News Story  News Story2
    468. 29/04/2022 New Brunswick, Canada Dead
      Mary Frances Cronin (23), Footballer and university student in Canada and a keen football player. She died suddenly in hospital of a pulmonary embolism.  News Story
    469. 29/04/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (15), Footballer suffered and apparent cardiac arrest and died during football training in Contrexéville, France. He received treatment but could not be revived.  News Story
    470. 28/04/2022 England
      Zak Hardaker (30), Leeds Rhinos Rugby League player had only just signed for the team. He had a “suspected seizure” while out walking with his young son and needed the help of a paramedic who happened to be nearby. He was taken to hospital, where he underwent tests before being discharged.  News Story
    471. 28/04/2022 Tennessee, USA
      Linton Beck (16), Runner and school student. He was an athlete with no known medical conditions. While in school he suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital and survived.  News Story  News Story2
    472. 28/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Rosario Poli (64), Cyclist lived in northern Italy but was competing in the Tour of Sardinia in the amateur category. He collapsed and died just a few kilometres from the end.  News Story  News Story2
    473. 28/04/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Sam Bruce (24), former Miami Hurricanes American Footballer. Suffered a cardiac arrest while driving his car, which then crashed. “The Broward County Medical Examiner report confirmed the former wide receiver’s death was “natural” and caused by coronary artery disease.”  News Story  News Story2
    474. 27/04/2022 Ireland Dead
      Aoibhe Byrne (14), Magheracloone Ladies Gaelic Footballer, Carrick Cruisers basketball player, and Carrick Rovers AFC football player. She died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
    475. 26/04/2022 Virginia, USA Dead
      Lauren Bernett (20), James Madison University Dukes Softball player. She died suddenly. Cause of death was recorded as “suicide” according to the medical examiner’s office.  News Story  News Story2
    476. 26/04/2022 Mexico Dead
      Toro Bill Jr (35), wrestler collapsed due to a cardiac arrest, just hours after a wrestling match in his native Mexico. He died.  News Story
    477. 26/04/2022 Hawaii, USA Dead
      Hunter Eggers (51), well-known canoe / paddleboarder died unexpectedly during a canoe race in Hawaii.  News Story  News Story2
    478. 25/04/2022 Spain Dead
      Maria Garcia Alonso (43), former Club Atlètic Palafrugell Marathon Runner, one of the most outstanding Catalan athletes, champion of Catalonia. She died suddenly. No more information available.  News Story
    479. 25/04/2022 Tennessee, USA
      Kirk Herbstreit (52), former Ohio State Buckeyes American Footballer and now commentator. He became unwell while covering a game and was assisted by paramedics and then taken to hospital. Disagnosed with a blood clot. He posted a year ago that he had a second vaccine.  News Story  News Story2
    480. 24/04/2022 Denmark Dead
      Matthias Birkkjær Pedersen (19), played handball in Denmark for his club Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and for the national U20 team. He died suddenly.  News Story
    481. 24/04/2022 France
      Esteban Noriega (32), Argentinian rugby union player living and playing in France for Union Rugby Gascon in a match against Marsacq XV in the Aquitaine League. he collapsed in the 70th minute. Two off-duty nurses were able to get a defibrillator from a nearby community hall and performed life-saving CPR using the defibrillator.  News Story  News Story2
    482. 24/04/2022 India Dead
      Rajesh Verma (40), former Mumbai Cricket player and member of the Ranji Trophy-winning squad of 2006-07. He died after a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    483. 24/04/2022 England Dead
      Brazil Walsh (20), “fit and healthy” female black belt Judoka and horse rider who loved sport was out shopping in late April 2022 when she collapsed and went into a coma. She was diagnosed with encephalitis – inflammation of the brain. Several weeks later, on 3rd June, she died.  News Story
    484. 23/04/2022 England Dead
      Mattie Maher (Age), Gaelic Football referee, originally from Ireland but based in London. He was refereeing a Gaelic football match in when he became unwell. He was tended to by emergency services but died en route to hospital.  News Story
    485. 23/04/2022 Italy
      Stefano Tacconi (64), former Juventus Football goalkeeper. He attended an event on Friday and felt fine. On Sunday morning he felt unwell and was rushed to hospital. His condition rapidly deteriorated. It was reported that he might have suffered a brain aneurysm.  News Story  News Story2
    486. 23/04/2022 Bosnia & Herzegovina
      Rifet Kapić (26), Bosnian professional footballer who plays for Sarajevo. In the second half of the match against Tuzla City, Kapić collapsed. An ambulance took him to hospital.  News Story  News Story2
    487. 22/04/2022 Germany Dead
      Jörg Niebes (Age), SV Saar 05 Saarbrücken Footballer collapsed during a match in Köllerbach, and died.  News Story
    488. 22/04/2022 Germany Dead
      Martin Braun (71), football referee in Germany. He collapsed 35 minutes into a match, and died.  News Story
    489. 21/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Erik Volper (41), Runner & Footballer died while running on a treadmill from an “unknown heart issue.”  News Story
    490. 21/04/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Adam Windsor (41), Wrestler originally from England but lived and worked as a professional wrestler and coach in the USA. He died suddenly but was known to be “suffering from heart problems at the time of his death.”  News Story  News Story2
    491. 20/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Stacey Cummings (31), professional bodybuilder. She died suddenly.  News Story
    492. 19/04/2022 England
      Ryan Campbell (50), Australian coach of the Netherlands national cricket team. He is said to be triple-vaxxed but in a critical condition and in a coma after suffering massive cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    493. 19/04/2022 Ireland Dead
      Kate Moran (20), Athenry Camogie player (Camogie is an Irish game played by women. It is a variant of hurling, which is played by men). She collapsed while played in a match against Ardrahan. Emergency services treated her at the scene before she was taken to University Hospital Galway, where she was pronounced dead the next day.  News Story
    494. 18/04/2022 Germany
      Ricky Pinheiro (33), Homburg Footballer was playing in a football match in Germany for FC 08 Homburg, when he collapsed. He was taken to hospital.  News Story
    495. 17/04/2022 Austria
      Milos Jovanovic (33), FC Tribuswinkel Football player suddenly collapsed during a match. The club’s masseur reacted immediately and saved his life.  News Story  News Story2
    496. 17/04/2022 Turkey Dead
      Fatih Mumcu (43), Bodrum Municipality Masters Footballer. In the final match of the Aegean Region Masters Football Federation League, the veteran goalkeeper. collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. He died. News Story
    497. 17/04/2022 Punjab, India Dead
      Pranav Mahajan (40), former Jammu and Kashmir Cricketer who moved on to marathon running and cycling. He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died an hour after finishing the Vaisakhi Marathon in Punjab, India.  News Story  News Story2
    498. 15/04/2022 Missouri, USA Dead
      Brian Wallace (26), former Arkansas Razorbacks American football players. He had a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    499. 15/04/2022 England
      Fran Kirby (28), Chelsea and England women football player suffering from fatigue after vaccination. Has not played since February 2022. Chelsea boss Emma Hayes said there is no “definitive reason” behind the fatigue and that more investigation is needed to reach a firm diagnosis. This latest setback puts her participation at Euro 2022 this summer in doubt.  News Story
    500. 15/04/2022 Japan Dead
      Steve Cumberland (57), former New Zealand Otago Rugby Union spent 14 years in Japan where he coached rugby. He died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    501. 15/04/2022 Philippines Dead
      Eric Suguitan (36), former Meralco Bolts professional basketball player in the Philippines. He died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    502. 15/04/2022 England Dead
      Liam Ratcliffe (29), Leigh Miners Rangers Rugby League player. He died unexpectedly  News Story  News Story2
    503. 14/04/2022 Australia
      Matthew Lloyd (43), former Essendon Football Club Australian Rules Football superstar, linked his recent Bell’s palsy to the COVID vaccinations. He said the instances of people getting the condition had increased since Covid vaccination were administered. ‘Heart issues and Bell’s palsy have gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues.’  News Story
    504. 14/04/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Ed Jasper (49), American Football player for 9 seasons in the NFL. He has died aged 49. No cause of death announced.  News Story
    505. 13/04/2022 Belgium
      Tomas Van Den Spiegel (43), former international basketball player. He was briefly in the Jan Palfijn hospital with blood clots, fluid in the lungs and an enlarged heart. He has now returned home.  News Story
    506. 13/04/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Jeff Klein (42), former Auburn American football player was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    507. 13/04/2022 England Dead
      Dominyka Podziute (21), former Newcastle United women’s football team goalkeeper. She died suddenly.  News Story
    508. 13/04/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead
      Sarah Shulze (21), a track and cross-country star at University of Wisconsin, USA died suddenly. Her family announced that it was a case of “suicide.”  News Story
    509. 12/04/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead
      Cedric McMillan (44), Bodybuilder has been absent from the bodybuilding circuit over the past couple of seasons due to a number of injuries and health complications. He died after a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    510. 12/04/2022 Australian Capital Territory, Australia
      Paige Satchell (24), Sydney FC player was playing in the Australia v New Zealand football match. She was substituted early in the match against Australia with a breathing / heartbeat issue.  News Story  News Story2
    511. 12/04/2022 Spain Dead
      José Carlos Gozalbes (42), Real Murcia Football 11-a-side football coach and former AD Alquerías player died suddenly after being in hospital for a few days. One of his female friends died around February 18th, according to his facebook post, and his March 10th status update that may have given a clue to his hospitalization has been blocked from view. No more information available.  News Story
    512. 12/04/2022 Switzerland
      Thomas Rottmeier (45), ice hockey commentator in Switzerland. During the EVZ v ZSC match, he suffered a “medical emergency,” was treated by paramedics and was then taken to hospital where he is recovering.  News Story  News Story2
    513. 12/04/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (30), kite surfer from Strasbourg, France, drowned in Lacanau. He was rescued but he was already in cardiopulmonary arrest. Rescuers were unable to resuscitate him.  News Story
    514. 11/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Maria Sofia Paparo (27), former professional swimmer and part of the Speedo Master Team. She died suddenly after a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    515. 11/04/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Garrett Burnett (46), former Mighty Ducks of Anaheim NHL ice hockey player. He died unexpectedly.  News Story  News Story2
    516. 11/04/2022 Oregon, USA Dead
      Wayne Cooper (65), former Denver Nuggets Basketballer played 14 seasons in the NBA league, then spent some years coaching. He died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story
    517. 10/04/2022 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Desai Williams (62) Runner on Canada’s 4×100-metre relay that won bronze at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He died. Cause of death not released.  News Story
    518. 10/04/2022 Romania
      Gabriela Ruse (24), tennis player (No. 55 in the world) announced that she suffered from inflammation of the heart as a result of pneumonia and later a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Her vaccination status was not mentioned, but she played in Melbourne Australia and must have been at least double vaccinated.  News Story
    519. 10/04/2022 Portugal Dead
      Kalindi Souza (28), Brazilian Académica footballer who played in Portugal for seven years. Portuguese press reported he died due to a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    520. 10/04/2022 Cuba Dead
      Estela Rodrigue (54), multiple Olympic medal-winning judoka, Cuba’s first judo world champion died “due to conditions associated with the diabetes.”  News Story  News Story2
    521. 07/04/2022 South Australia, Australia
      Ollie Wines (27), Port Adelaide Football Club Australian Rules Footballer and reigning Brownlow Medallist felt nauseous and dizzy during the loss to Melbourne, went to hospital for an overnight stay. Diagnosed with irregular heartbeat. Was discharged after a heart irregularity “resolved itself.” Triple vaccinated. It was reported that the hospital ward where Wines stayed overnight was “full of patients with the same symptoms.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    522. 07/04/2022 Minnesota, USA
      Beau Boehne (16), Detroit Lakes Ice Hockey player was Detroit Lakes boys ice hockey senior captain, but he was unable to finish his final two seasons of high school hockey. He developed myocarditis after his first run-in with COVID-19 in his junior year; he caught COVID again in his senior year, and the risk was too great to continue playing, abruptly ending his high school hockey career. Neither Beau nor his family mentioned being vaccinated in the story.  News Story
    523. 07/04/2022 Switzerland
      René Achterberg (27), SC Zofingen Football goalkeeper suffered a cardiac arrest during the warm-up before the second division home game against FC Grenchen. He was resuscitated.  News Story
    524. 07/04/2022 USA
      Nike (24), Gymnast at the peak of her fitness was vaccinated with Pfizer 18th May 2021 and 24th June 2021.  A month later she was unable to continue her athletic activities due to a long list of side-effects, making it difficult to do simple tasks and to study. Her doctor blamed it on “long covid” despite never having had covid. Symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, body aches, constant pain, constant dizziness, constant exhaustion, unexplained permanent fever, permanently inflamed mucous membranes, multiple infections, no periods, coordination problems, no functioning immune system. After 8 months of persevering with doctors who would not listen or ignored what she told them, she found a holistic doctor and her blood values are getting back to normal and inflammation values are coming down.  News Story
    525. 06/04/2022 Ivory Coast Dead
      Abraham Sié (23), Dakar University basketball player in Senegal, originally from Ivory Coast. Died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    526. 05/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Enrico Della Puppa (57), manager of Junior Basket Leoncino – a basketball team in the Venice region of Italy. He was driving his car when he had a cardiac arrest and the car went off the road and crashed. Enrico already died before the crash occurred.  News Story
    527. 05/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Davide Piglia (44), Cyclist was on his mountain bike with a friend to reconnoitre a course in advance of a race. When they reached the top of a hill, Davide collapsed and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital but he never recovered.  News Story
    528. 04/04/2022 Sweden
      Emil Mattsson (19), AIK Floorball player has been missing matches owing to myocarditis.  News Story
    529. 04/04/2022 Columbia Dead
      Edier Armero (Age), footballer warmed up with his team before the start of the match but during that time he collapsed on the pitch. Symptoms:mt severe pain in his chest. An ambulance arrived but he died.  News Story
    530. 03/04/2022 Spain Dead
      Jorge Salmerón Mezcua (13), CF San José Obrero Footballer in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain, who played football for his local club. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    531. 03/04/2022 Singapore Dead
      Unnamed (57), Football goalkeeper collapsed while playing football (in goal) at the Penampang Sports Complex in Singapore. He suddenly collapsed and fell unconscious after throwing the ball to his teammates. He died later while receiving treatment. The case has been classified as sudden death.  News Story
    532. 03/04/2022 Michigan, USA Dead
      Jayden Hill (19), Wildcat Athletics Track & Field team member at Northern Michigan University. She died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2
    533. 03/04/2022 Italy Dead
      Giovanni Tiberi (49), former Ternana Footballer, was struck by a sudden illness in the bar he had taken over in Ostia after he stopped playing. He died.  News Story
    534. 03/04/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (55), Cyclist was cycling with 3 friends near Deauville in Normandy, France when he became unwell. Despite assistance arriving, they were unable to save him.  News Story
    535. 02/04/2022 Ireland Dead
      Cora O’Grady (51), Hill Walker was walking from Kilbehenny to the top of Galtymore in Limerick, Ireland. On the way, she suddenly became ill. Emergency services were unable to resuscitate her.  News Story
    536. 02/04/2022 Germany
      Unnamed (Age) referee of the U12 football match between Weissenbach and Sollenau in Germany collapsed during the game due to a cardiac arrest. He was revived with the help of a defibrillator. The referee is described as athletic and physically fit.  News Story
    537. 01/04/2022 Ireland Dead
      Red Og Murphy (21), Curry GAA Irish player of Gaelic football who had played for North Melbourne in Australia and then returned to his homeland to play for his local club Curry GAA and county Sligo. Died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    538. 01/04/2022 England Dead
      Hannah Purvis (41), Wymondham Athletics Club (WAC) club runner who started running about 5 years ago and participated in Parkrun, 5k and 10k runs and completed half marathons. She loved being around like-minded individuals. She died unexpectedly.  News Story
    539. 01/04/2022 Italy
      Gianmarco Garofoli (20), Astana Qazaqstan Development Team semi-professional cyclist for the Astana team, told to rest for at least three months owing to myocarditis.  News Story
    540. 01/04/2022 Wales Dead
      Igor Jonczyk (18), Denbigh FC Football goalkeeper. His family moved to Wales from Poland when he was nine years of age. Goalkeeper for Denbigh Town’s development football team and then the reserves. He became unwell from a “heart condition” and died in hospital.  News Story

      March 2022

    541. 31/03/2022 Germany
      Philipp Sander (24), Kiel footballer. Apparently had covid and recovered, but now has myocarditis, and is unable to play.  News Story
    542. 30/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Jannik Sinner (20), Tennis player retired from his tennis match against Cerundolo, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    543. 30/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Paula Badosa Gibert (24), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Jessica Pegula, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    544. 30/03/2022 New York, USA Dead
      Luis Mazo (35), Footballer and director of coaching at DV7 football academy in New York. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    545. 30/03/2022 North Carolina, USA Dead
      Martin Hochertz (53), American football defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins in the National Football League. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    546. 30/03/2022 France
      Unnamed (13), Footballer was playing football in Rennes, France when he had a cardiac arrest. He was unconscious and not breathing. Two general practitioners passing by, applied CPR until the emergency services arrived a few minutes later and the boy was taken to hospital.  News Story
    547. 30/03/2022 Switzerland Dead
      Darco Degrussa (59), Basketballer and Swiss journalist. He had a cardiac arrest whilst playing basketball and died.  News Story
    548. 29/03/2022 England Dead
      Lee Mallinson (51), Reading Swim Club coach. He was vaccinated and encourage others to get the vaccine. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2
    549. 29/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      Jackson Buresh (Age), Servite High School American football player. Died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    550. 29/03/2022 England Dead
      Cameron Milton (18), Rugby Union player and student at Bolton School in England, a keen rugby player who played for the school and Bolton Rugby Club. Died unexpectedly in his sleep.  News Story
    551. 29/03/2022 Germany Dead
      Armin Michels (56), was a JuJitsu martial arts expert in Germany and spent many years coaching. He died suddenly.  News Story
    552. 29/03/2022 Spain Dead
      José Gabriel Jiménez (Age), Runner and sports lover, practiced walking and exercised daily, his health condition was good, his family doesn’t understand why he died of a sudden cardiac arrest.  News Story
    553. 29/03/2022 Belgium
      Tom Van Asbroeck (31), Cyclist will miss the rest of the cycling classic races due to a blood clot in arm. News Story
    554. 28/03/2022 Massachusetts, USA
      Paul Michael Levesque (52), former professional wrestler using the stage name of Hunter Hearst Helmsley or “Triple H”. 15 April 2021 was his second COVID vaccination. Soon after had shortness of breath. Did not have COVID, but had inflamed lungs and “viral pneumonia,” with fluid in his lungs and around his heart.  He will never wrestle again. In September 2021, he had a procedure for heart failure. He now has a defibrillator in his chest.  News Story  News Story2
    555. 28/03/2022 Karnataka, India Dead
      Vinaya Vittal (35), Gym, was working out in a health club in Bengaluru, India, when she collapsed with suspected cardiac arrest. She rushed to hospital where she died.  News Story
    556. 28/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Anhelina Kalinina (25), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Jessica Pegula, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    557. 27/03/2022 England Dead
      Thomas Rankin (26) Redditch United midfield footballer had played there for 3 seasons and had previously played for nearby Bromsgrove Sporting. He died suddenly. Awaiting further details.  News Story
    558. 27/03/2022 Romania
      Ovidiu Hategan (41), international football referee. Shortly after the he finished his daily physical training, he had a cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital, where he underwent immediate surgery.  News Story
    559. 27/03/2022 Germany
      Unnamed (23), FSV Bandelow Football player collapsed during the match with Potzlow. Emergency doctor, ambulance and helicopter were on the scene. Further details awaited.  News Story
    560. 27/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Katerina Siniakova (25), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Daria Saville, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    561. 27/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Victoria Azarenka (32), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Linda Fruhvirtova, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    562. 27/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Claudio Pagotto (55), Cyclist was out cycling with friends in norther Italy, when he was overcome by a “sudden illness” and died.  News Story
    563. 27/03/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (47), Skier collapsed due to a cardiac arrest whilst skiing at Font-Romeu in the French Pyrenees.  News Story
    564. 27/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Gianluca Nirchio (46), collapsed in the jujitsu academy he founded in Italy. Medical help arrived but were unable to prevent his death.  News Story
    565. 27/03/2022 Spain Dead
      Unnamed runner (49), participating in the Nocedo trail run, in Bueu, Spain, died after becoming ill. “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation” was performed but he died.  News Story
    566. 26/03/2022 Romania Dead
      Andrei Drăghici (23), Dinamo Bucharest Waterpolo player in Romania. He felt sudden chest pain during the second quarter. Other players helped him swim to the edge of the pool. Players and medical staff tried to resuscitate him for an hour but didn’t succeed.  News Story
    567. 26/03/2022 Portugal Dead
      Vitor Leitão (56), Football referee in Portugal for over 20 years. He was mid-way through a match when he collapsed on the pitch from a cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived.  News Story
    568. 26/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Fabio Suvieri (56), former footballer and now runner was preparing for the Milan marathon, but with just a week to go, he died suddenly from a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    569. 26/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Elisa Antonacci (16), gymnast died suddenly from a cause said to be leukemia, a type of cancer.  News Story
    570. 26/03/2022 Mexico Dead
      José Gabriel Jiménez (39), businessman and an amateur runner. While running in a marathon event expecting to cover 10,000 metres, fter 1,500 he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    571. 26/03/2022 Mexico Dead
      Jorge Luis Aceves Durán (59), was a doctor and an amateur runner who died from a cardiac arrest part way through a marathon in Veracruz, Mexico.  News Story
    572. 26/03/2022 Ireland Dead
      Emmet Mayon (Age), Footballer and professional soldier in Ireland, who used to play football and to train youngsters. He died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    573. 25/03/2022 England
      Martin Dubravka (33), Newcastle United FC Football goalkeeper. Although he was due to play in international matches for his home country, Slovakia, he was dropped after being diagnosed with angina.  News Story
    574. 25/03/2022 England Dead
      Maddy Lawrence (20), Rugby Union player was a first year student at the University of the West of England and played in their rugby team. In the match against University of Bristol on March 7 2022 she was injured and needed hospital treatment. She died in hospital. Her family say she had contracted an infection and her rugby injury was not life-threatening.  News Story
    575. 25/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Dalma Galfi (23), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Veronika Kudermetova, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    576. 25/03/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      Maggie McMahon (37), Riptide Swim Team Swimming coach in Minnesota, USA. She died suddenly of a “massive stroke.”   News Story
    577. 25/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      Dave Nichol (45), American Football coach at University of Southern California died suddenly. He had “a sudden battle with a number of health issues,” including cancer. No more information available.  News Story  News Story2
    578. 25/03/2022 British Columbia, Canada
      Connor Overson (18), Wenatchee Ice Hockey pleyer was in a match against the Smoke Eaters, when he collapsed on the ice. He was taken to hospital for tests.  News Story
    579. 24/03/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Hayden Crozier (28), Western Bulldogs Australian Rules Football player. At half-time in the match against Carlton, he collapsed, was hooked up to a heart monitor and reportedly given oxygen.  News Story  News Story2
    580. 24/03/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Wayne Mackie (62) American Football and basketball official. Honoured as head linesman for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California. Died unexpectedly in Florida.  News Story
    581. 24/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Jan-Lennard Struff (31), Tennis player retired from his tennis match against P.Martinez Portero, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    582. 24/03/2022 France Dead
      Adrien Guillonnet-Lopez (28), Footballer had just played football with friends on a local pitch near the south coast of France. He then climbed onto his motorbike for the journey home. Adrien did not arrive home. The next morning, a passing cyclist found his body.  News Story
    583. 23/03/2022 Greece Dead
      Christos Fousekis (29), former Panachaiki basketball player until injury and studies drew him away from sport. Suddenly died. “His heart betrayed him.”  News Story
    584. 23/03/2022 Germany Dead
      Unnamed (63), Hang Glidier dies due to a cardiac arrest while paragliding in the Herz Mountains of Germany. The paraglider fell into the forest near Goslar. Further details awaited.  News Story
    585. 23/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Clara Tauson (19), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Shuai Zhang, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    586. 23/03/2022 France
      Mikkel Hansen (34), Paris Saint-Germain handball player will be absent four to six months after having being diagnosed with phlebitis and a pulmonary embolism.  News Story
    587. 23/03/2022 USA Dead
      Yennifer Ramírez (29), Volleyball player was part of the Dominican Republic national women’s volleyball team in the children’s and youth categories. She died of a cardiac arrest at home in the USA, where she had married. No more information available.  News Story
    588. 22/03/2022 Spain Dead
      Freddy Arturo Bueno Ardila (Age), Cyclist went out to cycle a 16km route from Bucaramanga to Pamplona in Spain. Almost at the end he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Other cyclists tried to help him, but he had another cardiac arrest and could not be resuscitated. A little over a month earlier, another cyclist collapsed on the road that crosses the El Rojo bridge that leads to Santísimo in Floridablanca – he fell into the river and died.  News Story
    589. 22/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Samuel Carletti (22), bodybuilder who went to the gym most days. One day he drove home from the gym and was found dead in the car next morning. He is thought to have had a cardiac arrest just as he arrived home.  News Story
    590. 22/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Dorno (26), Atletico San Lorenzo Basketball captain. On March 21st he trained as usual. The next day he was dead, having died in his bed.  News Story  News Story2
    591. 22/03/2022 England Dead
      Barrington Patterson (56), kickboxer and MMA fighter who more recently had been involved with community work amongst young people in Birmingham, England. He died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    592. 22/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Caroline Garcia (28), Tennis player retired from her tennis match against Anna Bondar, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    593. 22/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Maryna Zanevska (28), tennis player retired from her tennis match against Kaia Kanepi, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    594. 22/03/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (42), Kite Surfer suffered a cardiac arrest while kitesurfing along the beach of La Palue in Crozon, Finistère, France. Swimmers brought him back to shore and started resuscitation until paramedics arrived. A helicopter took him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  News Story  News Story2
    595. 22/03/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (57), Swimmer died while in a swimming pool in Moissy-Cramayel, Seine-et-Marne, France. Despite lifeguards being on site, the man could not be resuscitated.  News Story
    596. 21/03/2022 Spain
      Sonny Colbrelli (32), Cyclist finished second in the sprint at the end of the first stage of the Giro di Catalogna. He collapsed immediately after crossing the finish line. He was resuscitated and a helicopter took him to hospital. On 30/10/2022 he announced his retirement from cycling due to cardiac arrhythmia and an internal defibrillator, so is not allowed to compete.  News Story  News Story2
    597. 21/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Holger Rune (18), Tennis player retired from his tennis match against Shintaro Mochizuki, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    598. 21/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Mats Moraing (29), Tennis player retired from tennis match against Ulises Blanch, in the Miami Open. Fourteen other players also retired from the tournament.  News Story
    599. 21/03/2022 Spain Dead
      Tolo Quetglas (62), Mountaineer & Cyclist was in a group of Mallorcan mountaineers who climbed Everest in 2005. As a cyclist, he participated in countless races on the island of Majorca – local, national and international. He died suddenly.  News Story
    600. 21/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Iannetti (51), Swimmer. A doctor who had always been a swimmer and a senior athlete involved in competitions. By law and practice, he must have undergone periodic checks to ascertain his fitness for sport. He died of a sudden illness while training in a swimming pool. Death attributed to myocardiopathy.  News Story
    601. 20/03/2022 Uruguay Dead
      Michel Almanza (22), Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a match between clubs Decano Carolino and Jamaica in Maldonado, Uruguay. He was convulsing on the pitch as other players tried to help him. An ambulance took him to the cardiac ICU, where he suffered another cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    602. 20/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      Trisha Paddock (46), Runner was a participant in the Charity Challenge Half Marathon in Los Angeles. At the finish line she had a cardiac arrest. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.  News Story
    603. 20/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Tiziano Franchini (44), Rugby League player was a key figure in Italian rugby league and in spreading interest in the game across Europe. He died of a suspected cardiac arrest. His twin brother died of a heart issue in 2005. Looking for more information.  News Story
    604. 20/03/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (70), Cyclist suffered a cardiac arrest while on a cycle ride with his club in Louannec, France. Resuscitation attempts failed and he was pronounced dead at the scene.  News Story
    605. 20/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Leonardo Bianchi (66), Football sports manager and linesman. In a local derby match between Juvenilia CR and Tozzona Pedagna he was linesman for the day, and his son was on the pitch playing. At the end of the match, Leonardo collapsed with a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts failed and he died.  News Story
    606. 20/03/2022 Paraguay Dead
      Unnamed (22), footballer collapsed from a cardiac arrest during a match between Jamaica and Decano Carolino in the Fernandina Amateur Soccer League in Paraguay. He was treated by another player, who happened to be a cardiologist. The victim was transferred to a health centre, but died.  News Story
    607. 20/03/2022 Ohio, USA
      Bruce Tronolone (63), Ice Hockey player collapsed due to cardiac arrest while playing in an amateur ice hockey game at Tam-O-Shanter, Ohio, USA. Quick action, CPR and a defibrillator brought Bruce back. He is recovering in hospital. No more information available.  News Story
    608. 20/03/2022 Kentucky, USA
      Dylan Gaskin (Age), Basketball player and school Health and Physical Education teacher suffered a medical emergency and collapsed while playing basketball. Disagnosed with a ruptured brain aneurysm. He was taken to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for treatment.  News Story  News Story2
    609. 21/03/2022 Spain Dead
      Nico Holguín (15), Ponferrada 6.25 Basketball player collapsed while playing in the park. He was initially revived, but died later in hospital.  News Story
    610. 19/03/2022 Scotland Dead
      Jordan Goodwin (18), Mill United Footballer from Hamilton, was swimming in the lake in Mugdock Country Park. Firemen rescued him from the lake but he could not be saved.  News Story  News Story2
    611. 19/03/2022 Ireland Dead
      David Hill (30), Rugby Union player was the head of office for Scottish Tory MSP and Holyrood justice spokesman Jamie Greene and a rugby enthusiast. He was playing for the cross-party Scottish Parliament team in an annual tournament in Ireland, when he died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    612. 19/03/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Vincent Doffont (37), a standout football player, wrestler, track runner and professional firefighter who collapsed in the shower a few hours after a training exercise. He was pronounced dead at the scene. He was a former police officer and U.S. Marine.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    613. 19/03/2022 West Bengal, India Dead
      Debajyoti Ghosh (25), Railway FC central midfield footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest while playing in the final match of a local football tournament in Belpukur, Nadia, West Bengal. He was taken to the local rural hospital and referred to the Nadia district hospital in Krishnagar, where he was declared dead.  News Story
    614. 19/03/2022 England Dead
      Dave Sims (52), former Gloucester Rugby Union player (12 years). Represented England at U21 in 1990 before gaining three senior caps on the 1998 tour of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Died suddenly of a suspected cardiac arrest.  News Story
    615. 19/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Luca Polvara (37), former Polisportiva San Vito Volley player then coach, had a cardiac arrest at home. He was rushed to hospital, but they were unable to save him.  News Story
    616. 19/03/2022 Nigeria Dead
      Elizabeth Johnson (Age), Sunshine Queens FC football goalkeeper in Akure, Nigeria had trained with the rest of the squad earlier that day. She said “she was feeling feverish and dizzy. She died on the way to hospital.  News Story
    617. 19/03/2022 Argentina Dead
      Fernando Parodi (45), Defensores de la Frontera footballer in the veterans league was playing against Villa Nueva when he collapsed. Despite assistance and being rushed to hospital, he died.  News Story
    618. 18/03/2022 Ireland Dead
      Tomás Walsh (43), Cyclist had a very active family who played hockey, but his passion was for cycling. Over the St Patrick’s weekend he suddenly died whilst out cycling. A post-mortem was ordered. He “became unwell, and was treated at the scene by emergency services before being pronounced dead at the scene.”  News Story  News Story2
    619. 18/03/2022 Spain
      Jaume Grau (24), Real Zaragoza footballer with in Spain, underwent an “electrophysiological study and catheter ablation to solve the paroxysmal atrial fibrillation that was detected during the match against Fuenlabrada.”  News Story
    620. 18/03/2022 New Zealand
      Shamilia Connell (29), West Indies women’s cricket player collapsed while playing in the World Cup in New Zealand. She was able to walk to the ambulance and her team-mate, Hayley Matthews, said “we believe she’ll be allright.”  News Story
    621. 18/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Romano Marchesini (59), former amateur racing cyclist, was out on a training ride from home in Italy, when he became unwell and collapsed. Despite the help of emergency services, he died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    622. 18/03/2022 France Dead
      Patrick Massar (67), Table Tennis legend from Liège, France, died on his 67th birthday, having devoted a large part of his life to the sport. No more information available.  News Story
    623. 17/03/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Brian Meeney (46), head American Football coach at St Thomas Aquinas school in New Jersey, USA, collapsed due to a cardiac arrest en route to school and died.  News Story
    624. 17/03/2022 Jamaica Dead
      Karuki Moncrieffe (12), Footballer had a hospital checkup because he was wheezing. He was asthmatic and the hospital gave him something for that. He was discharged in the afternoon after undergoing some heart tests and X-rays. The next day he played football. Sometime later he was found “unresponsive.” On arrival at the hospital he was pronounced dead.  News Story
    625. 17/03/2022 Spain Dead
      José Ramón Suárez Santos (44), Xiria y Camariñas handball player from Spain was found dead at his home in the Canary Islands.  News Story
    626. 17/03/2022 France Dead
      Jean-Luc Ribar (57), former Rennes Football midfielder at clubs Saint-Etienne and Rennes, died suddenly while training with the Greens where he started as a professional (1983-1988).  News Story
    627. 17/03/2022 Oklahoma, USA
      Jose Alas (Age), was a regular runner until he got the covid vaccine in March and April 2021. Now he has a long list of debilitating symptoms and is particularly concerned about caring for his young son.  News Story
    628. 16/03/2022 Germany
      Lean Bergmann (23), Ice Hockey player diagnosed with myocarditis. Will not play for Germany in the Ice Hockey World Cup.  News Story
    629. 15/03/2022 Majorca, Spain Dead
      Cedric Baekeland (28), amateur road racing cyclist from Belgium, went to Majorca to train with his team, but whilst there suffered an overnight cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    630. 15/03/022 Wales Dead
      Elgan Jones (16), Colwyn Bay FC Football under-16 academy goalkeeper. He is reported to have “suddenly passed away.”  News Story
    631. 15/03/2022 South Carolina, USA Dead
      Ellis Barry Ross Jr (20), competitive swimmer and was now at University of South Carolina, USA. His was recovered from the swimming pool. Pool staff Administered CPR at the scene but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Cause of death unknown.  News Story  News Story2
    632. 15/03/2022 Germany
      Delano Burgzorg (23), FSV Mainz 05 football striker diagnosed with “mild heart inflammation (myocarditis) after his bout with the virus.”  News Story
    633. 15/03/2022 Germany Dead
      Frank Hartwig (55), SSV Bredenbek Football was a player then referee and also club chairman at SSV Bredenbek in Germany. He died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
    634. 14/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      DeJon Packer (24), celebrated former SJSU football player and San Jose Police Department officer. He “passed away suddenly.”  News Story
    635. 14/03/2022 Spain
      Juan Lanz (20), El Gancho Footballer lost consciousness in the middle of a match. He was taken to hospital for observation but is said to be “stable and in good condition.”  News Story  News Story2
    636. 13/03/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Dean Wallis (52), former Essendon professional Aussie rules football player, suffered a cardiac arrest and is now recovering in hospital.  News Story
    637. 14/03/2022 Oregon, USA
      StartingDefense12 (Age), Triathlon competitor. He posted a photo of himself in his twitter account with the caption “This was me last summer with a personal best at Ironman Oregon 70.3, 1 month before Vax induced Long Haul. Now I can’t even manage carrying my 3 y/o daughter up the stairs.”   This account has been deleted from twitter, but many others reference it.  News Story
    638. 14/03/2022 Georgia, USA Dead
      Scott Hall (63), former world wrestling champion had a “series of heart attacks” due to blood clots, days after hip replacement surgery.  News Story  News Story2
    639. 13/03/2022 Florida, USA
      Nelly Korda (23), world No 2 woman golfer diagnosed with a blood clot in her arm. She is receiving treatment.  News Story
    640. 13/03/22 Zimbabwe Dead
      Cuthbert Kwangwari (63) KC Soccer Academy coach played football for Gaths Mine and most recently was a coach for KC Soccer Academy in Zimbabwe. He collapsed while conducting a training session and died.  News Story  News Story2
    641. 13/03/2022 Maryland, USA Dead
      Kobe Young (24), Towson Tigers American Football running back at Towson University. He died at home. Awaiting further details.  News Story
    642. 13/03/2022 Germany Dead
      Yavuz Ertürk (34), WBA Asia Championship and WBC Balkan Championship boxer. Won 28 of his 29 professional fights – 22 of them by knockout. Died of “heart failure.”  News Story  News Story2
    643. 13/03/2022 South Carolina, USA
      James Pitts (61), Trash Pandas Ice Hockey player collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the middle of a match. He received immediate attention from his team-mates who resuscitate him.  News Story
    644. 12/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Andreas Palla (32), SV Prato allo Stelvio former semi-professional ice hockey player in Italy, became ill while playing the final of an amateur tournament. He was taken to hospital but died during the night.  News Story
    645. 11/03/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Sha’Niya Clark (18), Volleyball player at Western Hills High School, a member of Mustang Athletics and the volleyball team. She died suddenly aged 18.  News Story  News Story2
    646. 11/03/2022 Utah, USA Dead
      Logan Gagnier (9), Basketball player was a normal, healthy 9-year-old boy from Eagle Mountain, Utah. He loved Oreo cookies, Doritos, Brigham Young University (BYU) football and Utah Jazz basketball. He played football and basketball. He died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. His death was reported on KSL-TV. “KSL-TV is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (“Mormon Church”). The church publicly and vehemently forbids religious exemptions from the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. The Mormon Church also owns nearly $650 million in Johnson & Johnson stock, and $1 billion each of Google, Apple and Microsoft stock.”  News Story
    647. 10/03/2022 California, USA
      Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin) (25), Gymnast model and wife of Justin Bieber suffered a mini stroke caused by a blood clot. Had heart surgery.  News Story  News Story2
    648. 10/03/2022 Dominican Republic Dead
      Odalis Pérez (44), former pitcher in MLB (baseball) in the USA. Died at his home in the Dominican Republic after suffering a cardiac arrest then falling down a flight of stairs.  News Story
    649. 09/03/2022 Mississippi, USA
      Deion Sanders (54), former American Footballer and Baseball player and more recently American Football head coach at Jackson State University, had two toes amputated, following blood clots.  News Story
    650. 09/03/2022 Nigeria Dead
      Justice Christopher (40), Footballer had played football for several clubs and for Nigeria in the World Cup. He retired from football in 2007 and he seemed “full of life and showed no sign of health challenge” the day before his sudden death.  News Story  News Story2
    651. 09/03/2022 Scotland Dead
      John Paul (28), Cyclist represented Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, won the world junior sprint crown in 2011. Died in his sleep. No further details available.  News Story
    652. 09/03/2022 Sweden
      Nina Koppang (20), IK Sävehof Handball player also played for the national team. Forced to pause handball indefinitely. What she thought was poor fitness turned out to be blood clots in the lungs.  News Story
    653. 08/03/2022 Australia
      Stewart McSweyn (25), Runner was unable to finish a 5,000 metres race in Melbourne, Australia 8th March 2022 due to breathing problems and will now be sent for respiratory and cardiac tests.“He’s fine at cruising pace, but when he goes at a really hard pace it’s different.” McSweyn recently had his COVID booster injection and entered the race in suburban Box Hill in an attempt to prove his fitness for the world indoor championships in Belgrade beginning on March 18 2022.  News Story
    654. 07/03/2022 Tennessee, USA Dead
      Eric Robertson (28) Basketballer played basketball at high school and college in the USA, as well as professionally in England. He was most recently a school teacher in Knoxville. He died unexpectedly while playing basketball.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    655. 07/03/2022 Morocco
      Badr Benoun (28) Al Ahly footballer out of action for two months, due to “severe complications from the coronavirus, despite testing negative.”  News Story
    656. 07/03/2022 Colorado, USA
      Louie Traub (41), Snowboarder now suffers from heart inflammation after a moderna vaccination. He gave the following news in a Twitter post … “I’m 41 and on now heart medication thanks to Moderna. I used to be healthy, teach snowboarding and climb Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. Now, it’s hard climbing up a flight of stairs thanks to vaccine side effects”  News Story
    657. 07/03/2022 France Dead
      Bruno Battistuta (60), Rugby Union player in south-west France for a few different teams over the years and became a successful coach. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2
    658. 07/03/2022 Michigan, USA Dead
      Mekbul Timmer (18), high school student and football-playing son of a Republican party activist in Michigan. He died unexpectedly.  News Story
    659. 06/03/2022 France Dead
      Jérôme Garens (39), Saint-Aubin Rugby Union player and coach had just played a match against Mézin. He had a cardiac arrest and died in the locker room.  News Story
    660. 06/03/2022 Mexico Dead
      Gustavo Ramírez (63), Zorros del Atlas football had a cardiac arrest at half-time in a match. Rescue services were unable to resuscitate him and confirmed had died.  News Story
    661. 06/03/2022 England
      Sarah Harmer (Age), Runner led a happy & healthy lifestyle until June 2021, running 3 marathons and 5 half marathons. After the second covid injection in August 2021 she started having seizures and struggled to walk.  News Story  News Story
    662. 05/03/2022 Iowa, USA Dead
      Gabbie Jonas (24) Drake University Softball player. He died unexpectedly at the age of 24. No further details are available.  News Story  News Story2
    663. 04/03/2022 Thailand Dead
      Shane Warne (52), Australian cricket captain spin-bowler and one-day international was found unresponsive in his villa, due to a suspected cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts failed. He was twice vaccinated, and was diagnosed with COVID in August 2021. He was triple vaccinated. That also means he got COVID after being vaccinated at least once. Readers are saying his twitter feed showed that he received a booster on January 14th, but there are now no tweets from that date, so if they did exist, someone must have removed them. The day he died, he commented on the loss of Rod Marsh, former Australian wicketkeeper.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    664. 04/03/2022 Australia
      Cam Bairstow (31), Adelaide 36ers Basketballer. Star player for basketball team Adelaide 36ers, was rushed to hospital mid-match after a heart scare – an irregular heartbeat. After a medical checkup, he was cleared to continue playing.  News Story
    665. 04/03/2022 Ireland Dead
      Paul Shefflin (40), former Ballyhale Shamrocks Hurling player, the younger brother of Shamrocks legend Henry Shefflin. Paul was out running when he suddenly collapsed and died.  News Story  News Story2
    666. 04/03/2022 Cuba Dead
      Ulfrido García (28), Santiago de Cuba baseball pitcher in Cuba although he had also played abroad. He died suddenly from a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    667. 04/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Alessandro Grazioli (26), former Sizzano Footballer gave up playing amateur football to study at university. His career was cut short when he developed acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive form of cancer, and died. This is a possible vaccine side effect.  News Story  News Story2
    668. 04/03/2022 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Dylan Talley (32), former Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball player who later went to play professionally in Germany and the Czech Republic. After a string of family members died he also died. No further details available  News Story  News Story2
    669. 03/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Matteo Pietrosanti (15), Footballer was at football training with his mother looking on, when he suddenly collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Received heart massage for at least twenty minutes, but he died.  News Story
    670. 03/03/2022 Arkansas, USA Dead
      Jesse Boshears (20), Perryville Mustangs American Football player signed up for the University of Central Arkansas. He became ill, had a stroke in hospital and died. School covid vaccination policy:  News Story  News Story2
    671. 02/03/2022 England Dead
      Sam Polledri (24) Rugby Union playing brother of Italy international Jake, collapsed suddenly from a suspected cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    672. 02/03/2022 Belgium
      Tim Declercq (32), road-racing cyclist, faces a battle back to full fitness after missing weeks of training, having been diagnosed with pericarditis.  News Story
    673. 02/03/2022 Italy Dead
      Stefano Rea (66), Tennis player taught tennis for forty years and ran his own tennis school in Grossetto, Italy. Died on the way home from school and was found in his car near his house.  News Story
    674. 02/03/2022 Singapore Dead
      Unnamed (25), Fitness enthusiast and operationally ready national serviceman (NSman) collapsed while participating in a Health Promotion Board (HPB) Quick HIIT session – “a form of metabolic circuit training which features short bursts of high-intensity exercises that builds strength, endurance and aerobic fitness over time.” Efforts to save him using a defibrillator failed and he died.  News Story
    675. 02/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      Sydney Beneventise (22), Azusa Pacific University swimmer was found dead. No further details available.  News Story
    676. 01/03/2022 Miami, Florida, USA Dead
      Diego Barrio (19), Cattolica footballer in Rimini, was found dead at home. Cause of death unknown.  News Story  News Story2
    677. 01/03/2022 France Dead
      James Théodore (22), C’Chartres Rugby rugby union player in France, collapseddue to a cardiac arrest while training.  News Story
    678. 01/03/2022 California, USA Dead
      Katie Myer (22), Stanford Footballer. Goalkeeper and captain for the Stanford women’s football team, was discovered dead in her dorm at Stanford University. No further explanation is given, other than she died “unexpectedly”. “All students coming to campus are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, COVID booster injections are required.”  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

      February 2022

    679. ??/02/2022 Chile Dead
      Juan Pablo Diaz Noemi (44) Freediver spent a lot of time diving in Thailand, but died in his sleep, at home in Chile.  News Story  News Story2
    680. 28/02/2022 Bolivia Dead
      Fredy Antonio García Pérez (54), Zamba footballer, popularly known as “El Vara,” was the eternal coach and driving force of the Zamba football club. Died from a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    681. 27/02/2022 Mexico Dead
      Unnamed (60), softball player hit his last home run, collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest when he reached third base at Francisco Villa Field in Ciudad Madero, Mexico.  News Story
    682. 27/02/2022 Spain
      Pelayo Avanzini (19), Atlético Bembibre footballer was playing a football match when he began to feel ill and sat down on the pitch. He later attended hospital for tests and was diagnosed with myopericarditis, advised to do no activity for the next few months.  News Story
    683. 27/02/2022 Belgium Dead
      Grégory Boulanger (47), Mazy reserve player for Mazy football club, played a friendly match against Moustier. Died during the match. No further details given.  News Story
    684. 27/02/2022 Wisconsin, USA Dead
      Bruce Larson (58), American Football coach at Somerset High School, Wisconsin, USA, led his teams to three state championships. He died suddenly.  News Story
    685. 27/02/2022 France Dead
      Iago Victor dos Santos (26), Brazilian footballer who played for teams in several countries. He was in France looking for a new club. After playing a match, he felt ill and went home where he had a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    686. 26/02/2022 France Dead
      Alain Schmitt (62), Skier was a doctor who went ski touring on his own. He was found after having a cardiac arrest and he died.  News Story
    687. 25/02/2022 Mexico Dead
      Unnamed (16), Footballer was playing football in Morelia, Mexico, when he had a sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed. Paramedics arrived but resuscitation attempts failed. The boy died.  News Story
    688. 25/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Nazareno Petesi (56), Wheelchair Tennis athlete who trained daily. He was playing tennis when he suddenly developed a pain in the chest. An ambulance arrived and he spoke to the doctors. They tried “heart massage, five defibrillation attempts, adrenaline, for an hour and a half, but he died.”  News Story
    689. 25/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Guido Pagani (69), Skier left home to ski the area of Col Margherita. He never returned home. A rescue team found his body. No details are available other than the report that he was “taken ill.”  News Story
    690. 24/02/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead
      Rod Marsh (74), former Australian cricket wicketkeeper collapsed due to a cardiac arrest in Queensland. He was transported to a hospital in Adelaide, where he died on 4th March.  News Story
    691. 24/02/2022 NZ Dead
      Va’aiga Tuigamala (52), Rugby League & Union superstar, who played for Wigan, Samoa, New Zealand and Newcastle Falcons – a signing which saw him transfer for a world record £1million fee. He was known as “Inga the Winger.”  News Story  News Story
    692. 23/02/2022 Belgium Dead
      Jeffrey Klumpkens (32), Lommel SK Footballer and youth trainer at Lommel SK football club in Belgium. He died “abruptly and unexpectedly.” Awaiting further details.  News Story
    693. 23/02/2022 Singapore
      Ya Hui (33), female basketballer had received her “booster” injection. “I knew I shouldn’t engage in strenuous exercise for two weeks after that, so I just played a bit of basketball with my nephew.” “I never expected that I would experience such indescribable pain in my chest two days later.”  News Story
    694. 23/02/2022 Ireland Dead
      Scott Murray MacDonald (27), media fitness coach and nutritionist in Ireland. He died suddenly of a cardiac arrest while at home making dinner.  News Story  News Story2
    695. 22/02/2022 France
      Gael Monfils (35), Tennis player (quarter-finalist at Australian tennis Open) says he will not play in the Davis Cup after suffering health complications since his third Covid-19 booster.  News Story
    696. 22/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Antonio Cuorvo (45), well known in the local amateur football scene but he died suddenly. No further details are available. News Story
    697. 21/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Giuseppe Gallina (19) Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest in a football match. Resuscitation attempts failed and he died.  News Story
    698. 21/02/2022 Honduras
      Percy Castro (26), Arsenal de Cantarranas Footballer collapsed mid-football match at Juan Ramón Brevé stadium against Juticalpa FC, unable to breathe properly. Doctors said it was caused by an “unfortunate” blow (perhaps they mean accidental blow) from an opponent.  News Story
    699. 21/02/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      Tobiloba Taiwo (18), Basketballer collapsed while playing basketball at the Minnesota University Recreation and Wellness Center with friends. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The vaccine is required for all students.  News Story  News Story2
    700. 20/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Mauro Franceschini (39), youth football coach for many years. He died suddenly from a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    701. 20/02/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Stephen Spitzer (56), school football coach. He had started the girls’ team and was looking forward to the new season. He died unexpectedly of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    702. 20/02/2022 England Dead
      Steve Black (64), Newcastle Falcons Rugby & Football coach had coaching and training roles with football and rugby teams in Newcastle, England, as well as international rugby union with New Zealand. He died. Awaiting further details.  News Story  News Story  News Story
    703. 18/02/2022 Poland
      Artur Sobiech (31), Lech Poznań footballer felt ill at the winter training campand left early. Diagnosed with “heart problems” requiring a 2 month break from sport.  News Story
    704. 18/02/2022 Belarus Dead
      Anna Kordelyuk (27), played women’s football in Belarus at club and international level. She collapsed and died. By profession, she was a doctor. “Immunisation remains a key component in the fight against the epidemic,” said Dmitry Pinevich, the Belarusian minister of health. “Medical staff, teachers, and those whose jobs involve contact with large numbers of people will be the first to get vaccinated. Vaccination will be entirely voluntary.”  News Story  News Story
    705. 18/02/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Jed Anderson (28), North Melbourne Australian rules footballer had an adverse reaction to the first vaccination and did not want a second. He was coerced into having the second because AFL players are required to be double vaccinated or not play, and eventually Anderson got the second vaccination. His adverse reaction to the second put him in hospital with pericarditis, so he can’t play at all now.  News Story
    706. 18/02/2022 Sweden
      Jonathan Person (29), SBBK Basketball player is suffering from pericarditis and forced to rest for at least a month. He now wants to see annual heart screening in Swedish basketball. Doctors suspect a link to covid-19.  News Story
    707. 17/02/2022 Argentina Dead
      Mery Cárdenas (Age), female Rio Grande Rugby and Mami Hockey TDF Provincial League player suddenly died. Further details awaited.  News Story
    708. 17/02/2022 Germany Dead
      Detlef Pietsch (59), SV Erlenbach women’s Basketball coach died unexpectedly two days before his 60th birthday.  News Story
    709. 16/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Sergio Satriano (35), Real Battipaglia football player, Italy, passed away suddenly last night.  News Story
    710. 16/02/2022 China
      Irene Cadurisch (30), Swiss biathlete competing in the biathlon relay in the winter olympics collapsed during the race. She was later reported to be recovering in the Olympic village after suffering from ‘circulatory problems.’ Everyone at the Olympics is vaccinated.  News Story
    711. 15/02/2022 Canada Dead
      Kenny Ejim (27), Hamilton Honey Badgers professional basketball player was found lifeless in a hotel. Cause of death has yet to be released.  News Story
    712. 15/02/2022 Spain
      Jasper Cillessen (32), Valencia Football goalkeeper for Spanish football team Valencia, “has undergone surgery to remove an unexplained blood clot from his calf, as the club admit they do not know where it came from.”  News Story
    713. 15/02/2022 Ukraine Dead
      Kevin Gregory (31), former Liatroim Fontenoys GAA Gaelic Footballer was from Ireland but lived in Ukraine with his girlfriend from Tajikistan. He died in Kiev from a sudden cardiac arrest.  News Story
    714. 15/02/2022 Victoria, Australia
      Romain Grenville (Age), Kingston Hawthorn cricketer and batsman collapsed to the ground in front of the umpire after completing a run in the match against Footscray. Further information awaited.  News Story
    715. 14/02/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Football referee collapsed in the middle of the field after 19 minutes of play. Paramedics confirmed his death. A post-mortem classified it as “sudden death.” In Malaysia, 79% of the population is fully vaccinated and 81% have received at least one dose according to government figures.  News Story
    716. 13/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Andrea Pelati (53), motocross rider and Regnano Moto Club director in Italy. On 13th February 2022, he went to the track with his 16 year old son to practice, but collapsed with a sudden cardiac arrest in the car park. All attempts to resuscitate him failed
    717. 13/02/2022 China
      Ingrid Tandrevold (25), Norwegian star biathlete pulled out of the winter olympics after collapsing at the finish line of the women’s biathlon 10km pursuit. Tandrevold does have a history of heart issues, but that did not stop her making the Olympic team. She ultimately finished 14th after skiers continued to pass her, and had to be carried away by members of her coaching team. The next day she said she was feeling better and “I’m not allowed to compete more in these Olympics so I will go home to Norway,”  News Story
    718. 13/02/2022 Spain Dead
      Ángel Rogelio Galán Brioso (41), Corme FC Footballer was in the starting line-up for his clubs’ veteran football team against SD Fisterra Veterans. At half time he felt unwell so stayed in the dressing room where he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. Attempts to resuscitate him failed and paramedics pronounced him dead.  News Story  News Story
    719. 12/02/2022 Italy
      Nicola Basile (39), Avis Capaci Futsal player in Sicily, collapsed to the ground possibly due to an aneurysm during a match and is now in serious condition. He underwent two head surgeries.  News Story
    720. 12/02/2022 New Mexico, USA Dead
      Ishan White (21), former New Mexico State men’s basketball player died. The junior college transfer spent the summer and early fall of 2021 with the New Mexico State program, but never played for them. It is reported that he was “medically disqualified.”  News Story
    721. 12/02/2022 Mexico Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Footballer was playing a football match in Polígono CTM park, Merida, Mexico, collapsed during half-time. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate him and he died.  News Story
    722. 12/02/2022 England
      Judah Chandra (27), Kickboxer went from “kickboxing champion to couch potato.” That is how Judah Chandra describes how his life has changed since having the booster. Five days after the vaccination he was rushed to hospital with chest pains and breathing difficulties. He has since been diagnosed with pericarditis, a swelling and irritation of the thin, saclike tissue surrounding the heart.  News Story
    723. 11/02/2021 Serbia Dead
      Miloš Đorđević (32) played futsal for his country, Serbia. He died suddenly in his sleep “most likely” of a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    724. 10/02/2022 Poland
      Tomasz Galas (22), Tarnovia Tarnów Footballer collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the match between Wisłoka Dębica and Tarnovia Tarnów, in Poland. He crouched down, then collapsed by falling over backwards. After several resuscitation attempts on the pitch, and after a dozen or so minutes an ambulance took him to the hospital where his condition has stabilized.  News Story
    725. 10/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Unnamed (68), cyclist was found unconscious. He was taken to hospital but died.  News Story
    726. 09/02/2022 Poland
      Mateusz Mak (30), Stal Mielec Footballer out for months due to heart inflammation. He said … “Unfortunately, in the coming months I will not be able to help the team on the pitch. After the last match with Górnik Zabrze I felt bad and was hospitalized. After the tests, I was diagnosed with a slight inflammation of the heart muscle. I now have a rest and more research. Take care of yourself and do not underestimate any signs of illness. See you soon.”  News Story
    727. 09/02/202 Poland Dead
      Michał Kapias (22), swimmer from Gliwice died. No further details are available.  News Story
    728. 09/02/2022 England
      Connor Taylor (20) , Stoke City Football team defender withdrew from a match as he didn’t feel well. Symptoms: his heart was racing and beating irregularly. The same thing happened to him in December 2021. He may need heart surgery.  News Story
    729. 09/02/2022 Nevada, USA Dead
      Tim Lane (49), Kickboxer had more than 40 years’ experience in martial arts. He was found dead at the top of a mountain near Las Vegas. Lane was widely considered an incredibly positive influence in the gym but in January revealed via Facebook that he had been suffering mentally behind the scenes. Looking for more information.  News Story
    730. 09/02/2022 California, USA Dead
      Jeremy Giambi (47), played baseball for various teams including the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox until 2003. In 510 career games, the left-handed-hitting Jeremy Giambi batted .263 with 52 home runs. Died suddenly at his parents’ home.  News Story
    731. 08/02/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Cameran Wheatley (17), Senior basketball player collapsed due to a seizure during a basketball game at Chicago Agricultural High School. He was taken to hospital but died.  News Story
    732. 08/02/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      DeVonte Mumphrey (15), Texas high school basketball player collapsed during the second quarter of a game against Mount Enterprise.  News Story  News Story2
    733. 08/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Roberto Callegari (54) Mountain Biking carabiniere died on 8th February 2022, almost certainly of a cardiac arrest while cycling.  News Story
    734. 08/02/2022 Peru Dead
      Johan Montero Villanueva (32) Gym, died very suddenly while performing an exercise routine in the Gym.  News Story
    735. 08/02/2022 Mexico Dead
      Victor “N” (30), Footballer collapsed with a cardiac arrest whilst playing football in the Tres de Junio ​​neighbourhood, Pijijiapan, Mexico.  News Story
    736. 08/02/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
      Harvey McDougle (37), former American Football running back for the University of Toledo, was found dead in his apartment, his family confirmed. No further information available.  News Story
    737. 07/02/2022 Portugal Dead
      Nuno Moreira Faria (40), GCD Silva Escura Futsal goalkeeper, from Maia, Portugal, died after feeling unwell during training.  News Story
    738. 07/02/2022 California, USA Dead
      Fernando Alaniz (49), high school teacher / basketball coach collapsed and died suddenly at school. It was during a prep session and no students were present at the time of the incident. School staff attempted to render aid until medical professionals arrived. He died a short time later.  News Story
    739. 06/02/2022 California, USA Dead
      Kyle Mullen (24), former Yale and Monmouth American football player collapsed and died a few hours after completing the first phase of the Navy SEAL’s selection process. Another candidate was hospitalized following the training. Neither was engaged in active training when they were taken ill.  News Story  News Story2
    740. 06/02/2022 Germany
      Unnamed (AGE), Football players. A district league football match between Dortmund and Schwerter was abandoned, after several players collapsed on the pitch from both sides, in the first half  More details awaited …  News Story
    741. 06/02/2022 Ireland Dead
      Conall McGuinness (19) Glynn Barntown Gaelic footballer, student, Wexford, Ireland, died suddenly on Sunday. He was studying at Queens University, but used to play for GAA club Glynn Barntown.  News Story
    742. 06/02/2022 France
      Maxime Fleury (29), Union Sportive Football collapsed due to a cardiac arrest in the middle of a football match near Bayeux, France. He is now in a coma in hospital.  News Story
    743. 06/02/2022 Argentina Dead
      Dimitri Teslenko, (61), Russian Mountaineer suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest on Mount Aconcagua in Argentina at 6,100 metres above sea level, 10 days into an organized expedition. Members of the group performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but he had no vital signs.  News Story
    744. 05/02/2022 Italy Dead
      Assare Seare (30), Ghanaian Folgore Maiano midfield footballer playing in Italy collapsed with a cardiac arrest on the football pitch, just prior to the game starting. Help arrived but resuscitation attempts failed and he died. Autopsy ordered.  News Story
    745. 05/02/2022 Massachusetts, USA Dead
      Preston Settles (15), basketball player. His parents went to watch their son play in a basketball game when he suddenly collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. People performed CPR until the emergency crew arrived. At the hospital, it was touch and go for a week, but eventually his heartbeat was stabilized, but he is still on life support and they say he has a long road ahead. All the kids in this league are fully vaxed, from dozens of schools, and many have recently been boosted. In some towns, 91% of all 5-11s are jabbed. Sadly, his family announced he died on Monday 28th February.  News Story
    746. 05/02/2022 Germany
      Boubacar Barry (25), Türkgücü Munich right-back for German football team, will not be available for several weeks having been diagnosed with heart muscle inflammation. Two from the same club, on the same day.  News Story
    747. 05/02/2022 Germany
      Mergim Mavraj (35), Türkgücü Munich central defender for German football team will not be available for several weeks having been diagnosed with heart muscle inflammation and impaired lung function.Two from the same club, on the same day.  News Story
    748. 04/02/2022 England UK Dead
      Steve Finney (48), Ullswater United Football coach and former Carlisle United footballer died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story
    749. 04/02/2022 France
      Alix Jounay (18), FC Nantes U-19 Football goalkeeper collapsed during the match against Tours and was taken to hospital.  News Story
    750. 04/02/2022 New Hampshire, USA Dead
      Unnamed (67), Ice Climber from Florida, USA was ice climbing in New Hampshire, USA when he suddenly collapsed. Attempts were made to revive him for an hour but were unsuccessful.  News Story
    751. 03/02/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Ron Frederick (40), American Football. A day after getting his dream coaching job at Southmoreland High School, Ron Frederick died unexpectedly.  News Story
    752. 02/02/2022 Congo Dead
      Kasonga Augustin (Age), US Tshinkunku Footballer. US Tshinkunku announced the unexpected death of its striker Augustin Kasonga, who died on 2nd February 2022 following a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    753. 02/02/2022 Greece Dead
      Alexandros Lampis (22), Ilioupoli FC Footballer. Collapsed with cardiac arrest in the match against Ermionida. Staff did not have a defibrillator and the ambulance took 20 minutes to arrive. Resuscitation failed and he died. News Story  News Story2
    754. 01/02/2022 Australia
      Ingi Doyle (AGE), triathlete, suffered multiple organ failure after 2 doses of Pfizer covid vaccine. “14 days after my second jab all hell broke loose.” It’s a long road to recovery, but at at least she can now walk again. Read the linked stories for more details.  News Story  News Story2
    755. 01/02/2022 England
      Paul Smyth (24), Leyton Orient and Northern Ireland striker sustained a collapsed lung and spent a night in hospital. The manager confirmed “he won’t be with us for a little while.”  News Story

      January 2022

    756. 31/01/2022 Romania Dead
      Valentin Gherebe (43), former hockey player was found dead in his apartment after having a booster vaccine. Mother blames vaccine for killing son. She said “My mother asked you not to get vaccinated for the third dose.” His decomposed body was found on 31st January 2022, nut he had died some days earlier.  News Story
    757. 30/01/2022 Liverpool, UK
      Kieran Prescot (17), Parkdale Sidac Celtic Under 18s footballer collapsed with suspected arrhythmia and cardiac arrest after training. Was resuscitated by staff doing CPR and taken to Whiston hospital, placed in an artificial coma for 24 hours before being brought around.  News Story
    758. 31/01/2022 France
      Unnamed (14), Footballer at Saint-Vincent de Brissac college, near Angers (Maine-et-Loire), had a cardiac arrest on Monday, January 31, 1:30 p.m., on the soccer field. In cardiorespiratory arrest, he was quickly rescued by a nearby volunteer firefighter, assisted by a defibrillator. He was transported to Angers hospital.  News Story
    759. 30/01/2022 Germany
      Keanu Staude (25), 1860 Munich Football midfielder is out for at least a month after a diagnosis of inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). Symptoms: complained of feeling unwell after the match vs. Viktoria Köln on January 30th 2022. In November 2021, 1860 Munich club director Günther Gorenzel boasted about the team’s 100% vaccination rate.  News Story  News Story2
    760. 30/01/2022 France Dead
      David Tong Tjouen (28), Cameroonian karateka, had a brilliant career, with multiple national team medals in juniors and seniors, plus several individual medals. He died suddenly.  News Story
    761. 29/01/2022 Spain
      Rafa Marín (19), Real Madrid Castilla centre-back footballer collapsed with his hand on his chest, fell to the ground with obvious signs of suffocation and chest pain, and retired from the match.  News Story
    762. 29/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Adriano (32), Footballer suffered a cardiac arrest on a football field, was taken to a Health Unit, but had already died. Family said he showed no signs of illness.  News Story
    763. 29/01/2022 Australia
      Jakub Mensik (16), junior Tennis player at the Australian Open. “Worst attack of cramp ever” as he collapsed on court and was taken off in wheelchair.  News Story
    764. 29/01/2022 Colorado, USA Dead
      Ashley Gearhart (37), Bodybuilder died in her sleep according to a statement posted online by her younger sister.  News Story
    765. 29/01/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Sakri Ramli (54), keen cyclist, died in his sleep due to a cardiac arrest. He had “2 doses and a booster”. This was reported to us directly, along with a Facebook post.  News Story
    766. 29/01/2022 Sweden
      Simon Gunnarsson (26), Borås Basketball Basketball player will miss the rest of the season after suffering from heart inflammation. “I got pressure over my chest after a workout last Tuesday and thought it would release but it lasted for half an hour,” Gunnarsson told Radio Sports.  News Story
    767. 28/01/2022 Illinois, USA Dead
      Adam Holder (48), Basketball coach. Long time sports coach at Aquin School, died suddenly of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    768. 28/01/2022 England UK
      Lee Burge (29), Sunderland Footballer ruled out of action for five weeks due to an ‘inflamed heart’. Sunderland team manager, Lee Johnson, suggested the Covid jab could be behind the heart problem.  News Story
    769. 28/01/2022 France Dead
      Guy Laporte (69), former international rugby player suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    770. 28/01/2022 Denmark Dead
      Michel Corbalan (23) Karate, collapsed and died “after a short illness.” He was European champion for U21 in 2018 and number seven at the senior World Cup, while in the same year he was nominated for the Politics Fund of the Year. Michel was a fantastic fighter, excellent athlete and a unique role model.  News Story
    771. 28/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Ivo Santos (39) Futsal, suffered a cardiac arrest after playing futsal. He was taken to hospital but died. He used to play amateur football for various local teams.  News Story
    772. 28/01/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Mohd Sobri (31), football referee, took a fitness test but collapsed due to cardiac arrest and died. Had his “second vaccination in Jun 2021 & received dose 3 a few weeks” before dying. This was reported to us directly, along with a Facebook post.  News Story
    773. 27/01/2022 Dubai, UAE Dead
      Alfie Nunn (35) footballer collapsed suddenly with a cardiac arrest during a football match in Dubai. He had played for several clubs in England but moved to Dubai several years ago.  News Story
    774. 27/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Francesco Michalette (57) local club Cyclist kept himself fit as a regular club cyclist, but while cycling he collapsed and died.  News Story
    775. 27/01/2022 Kansas, USA Dead
      Ted Anderson (53), successful high school Basketball coach over three decades died of a suspected cardiac arrest at home after he coached his team to a win earlier that night.  News Story
    776. 27/01/2022 Dubai Dead
      Viggo Sorensen (17), Danish golfer suffered a severe medical event and cardiac arrest and entered a coma. Doctors said the coma was irreversible and Viggo died on Sunday evening.  News Story  News Story2
    777. 27/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Luciano Tonello (70), Skiier and Entrepreneur Luciano Tonello, collapsed and died after a “sudden illness” on the ski slopes.  News Story
    778. 26/01/2022 France Dead
      Alan Mellouët (26) Étoile Sportive de Pleyber-Christ Footballer suddenly collapsed on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest at the end of training and died despite rapid intervention.
    779. 26/01/2022 Portugal Dead
      José Eduardo Santos (55), Cycling, a Trek Segafredo mechanic collapsed and died during a bike ride. He had worked with the team since 2011, one of those loyal mechanics the riders could rely on to keep their working tool in perfect condition.  News Story
    780. 26/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Daniel Santos (36), Motorcycle Racer was found the next day, on the route between Ubajara (CE) and Luís Correia (PI), next to his motorcycle, which had no damage or accident marks. The cause of death will be investigated in an autopsy, but the first suspicions are of a sudden cardiac illness. The last day of the 2022 Cerapió Rally was cancelled.  News Story
    781. 25/01/2022 Dominican Republic Dead
      Ediobal Agramonte (30), Basketballer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of a basketball game with friends and died.  News Story
    782. 25/01/2022 North Carolina, USA
      Unnamed (AGE), Basketball Player at Allen Jay Preparatory Academy were warming up for practice when a boy suffered a medical emergency. “As a coach, I’ve never experienced in 20 years a medical emergency of this magnitude,” said Scott Van Newkirk, a science teacher and basketball coach at the school. He called 911 and began chest compressions while Athletic Director Montrez Shaw ran to get the AED in the school’s main office. “I had to do CPR. The 911 operator talked me through it, counted with me, kept me calm, made sure I was focused doing it right,” Van Newkirk explained. In less than two minutes, Shaw returned with the device and applied the machine’s pads to the athlete’s chest. They were successful and the boy is recovering.  News Story
    783. 25/01/2022 Ontario, Canada
      Erin Thomson (30), Marathon running school teacher. “All teachers and staff had to be “fully vaccinated” to return to the classroom in the fall. Non-vaxxed teachers required two negative COVID-19 tests every week.” After the vaccination, Erin was diagnosed with myocarditis and a string of other conditions. She could no longer stand on her own two feet without her heart rate and blood pressure increasing to worrisome levels. She was fired from her job in December because she could not and would not receive a second vaccine.  News Story
    784. 25/01/2022 Missouri, USA Dead
      David Green (61), former St. Louis Cardinals Baseball player had two cardiac arrests on the way to hospital and did not survive.  News Story  News Story2
    785. 24/01/2022 Hungary Dead
      Szilveszter Csollany (51), six-time medalist at the European gymnastics championships, Hungary’s “Sportsman of the Year” in 2000 and 2002. Was vaccinated, then hospitalized with COVID-19 since early December and spent several weeks on a ventilator, then died.  News Story  News Story1  News Story2  News Story3
    786. 24/01/2022 Ireland Dead
      Cillian Boyle (Age), Cavan & Cootehill Hurling Hurling player died suddenly.  News Story
    787. 23/01/2022 Oklahoma, USA Dead
      Nathan Rogalski (17), Deer Creek High School baseball pitcher for The Antlers, and Oklahoma State recruit, was sent to OU Medical Center to have a drain put in his head to clear the pressure, but died from a sudden illness. No other details given.  News Story  News Story2
    788. 23/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Carlo Alberto Conte (12), runner was in a cross-country race in the Fiamme Oro of Padua in Vittorio Veneto, in the Treviso area, when he staggered then collapsed with a cardiac arrest. Resuscitated by the race staff and the ambulance doctors on the spot, for half an hour alternated in heart massage, until the heart started beating again. He was taken to Ca’ Foncello hospital in Treviso by helicopter for treatment, but he died. He had regularly passed sports fitness examinations for competition.  News Story  News Story2
    789. 23/01/2022 France Dead
      Unnamed (28), Freediver died while snorkelling around the rocks off Marseille, France. His diving partner raised the alarm but despite the rapid arrival of firefighters and sea rescuers, he could not be revived.  News Story
    790. 23/01/2022 Spain
      Unnamed (31), Basketball was playing in a match between Xerixia Club Baloncesto de Jerez and AB Oliva in the Francisco José Rivera Montero pavilion in Jerez de los Caballeros. He was unwell and passed out after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated and stabilized by a health team at the event and then taken to the ICU of the University Hospital of Badajoz for treatment.  News Story
    791. 23/01/2022 Oman Dead
      Munther Al-Harassi (30), Al-Rustaq club footballer collapsed and died on the field due to a cardiac arrest, a month after Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, died during the warm-up before a match. Munther was the son of the former player Ali bin Saeed bin Masoud Al-Harassi.  News Story
    792. 23/01/2022 Spain Dead
      Josep Maria Pijuan (42), veteran runner taking part in the Llanera Trail mountain race in Spain has died. It occurred after 12 kilometers.  News Story
    793. 23/01/2022 Chile Dead
      Germán Eduardo Clop (30) retired professional football player (retired 2015) died in his sleep. He studied physical education teaching and continued as a physical trainer.  News Story
    794. 22/01/2022 South Africa Dead
      Unnamed male (47), runner collapsed and died while running on the contour path just below Devil’s Peak on Table Mountain. The search and rescue service group suggested he suffered a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Post Mortem ordered.  News Story
    795. 22/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Francesco Paderni (49), Tennis player had a cardiac arrest after returning home from the “Tennis club” where he had played for two hours. When a doctor arrived, it was too late to save him.  News Story
    796. 22/01/2022 Algeria
      Adam Ounas (25), Napoli Footballer can no longer play. A medical examination detected an anomaly in the heart, the coach said, but also “this does not mean that he has a problem”. It means he is not allowed to play football for Algeria and they blocked his return to competition.  News Story
    797. 22/01/2022 Argentina Dead
      Fernando Morales Sequeira (48), Football collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died suddenly on the football field. No further details are available.  News Story
    798. 22/01/2022 France
      Anthony Jullien (23), a member of the AG2R Citroën cycle racing team is not currently available until further notice due to a heart rhythm disorder which requires investigations by a cardiologist.  News Story
    799. 22/01/2022 Brazil  Dead
      David Pucheta Heberle (19), former Grêmio Náutico União Swimmer suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    800. 21/01/2022 Florida, USA Dead
      Bud Jeffries (48), Weightlifter collapsed while doing light training outside the house. His wife attempted resuscitation until the ambulance arrived, but he died. Cause of death is not yet known, suspect pulmonary embolism (blood clot).  News Story
    801. 21/01/2022 New York, USA Dead
      Clark Gillies (67), former New York Islanders Ice Hockey legend and four-time Stanley Cup champion died. He played 14 NHL seasons with the Islanders. No cause of death given.  News Story
    802. 21/01/2022 Argentina Dead
      Cecilia Teri (42), Gym. Went to gym class, was not feeling quite right so she did some lighter exercises. She suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest and died instantly. A coroner stated that the death occurred due to a sudden heart attack.  News Story   News Story2
    803. 21/01/2022 Texas, USA Dead
      Jim Forbes (69), Basketball coach, one of the greatest figures in the history of El Paso sports, died due to “complications from COVID-19.” Texas mandated vaccinations for all students in early August. Andress High School has been holding COVID vaccinations since 22/09/2021.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    804. 21/01/2022 Austria
      Aleksandar B (23), Fitness trainer did not want to be vaccinated, but was coerced into it, so he could work, according to Austrian Prof. Missliwetz, who presented him as a “vaccination victim.” To continue working in sports facilities, he decided to get vaccinated after all. After the first covid19 injection, he constantly suffered from dizziness and nausea. Then he was hospitalized 12 hours after the second injection. The diagnosis: heart muscle inflammation and 48 percent heart failure. “Before that I was fit, everything was great.” He is now not allowed to do any sport for 6 months – a disaster for him as a fitness trainer.  News Story
    805. 20/01/2022 Australia
      Richard Gasquet (35), Tennis player at the Australian Open. Won the first set then lost all games in the second and third. He abandoned the match and dropped out. Symptoms: generally tired and unable to compete, he preferred to stop and not take risks for the rest of his season.  News Story
    806. 20/01/2022 Dominican Republic Dead
      Endy Vladimir Maldonado (27), basketballer suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died while playing basketball. No further details are available.  News Story
    807. 20/01/2022 Spain Dead
      Alberto Torrecilla (Age), Deportivo Avance youth team footballer collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    808. 18/01/2022 France Dead
      Jordan Michallet (29), Rouen Rugby Union player died suddenly. There is a suggestion of suicide. No further details given.  News Story  News Story2
    809. 18/01/2022 Switzerland
      Sarah Atcho (26), professional sprinter now suffering from pericarditis. First symptoms appeared after her Pfizer booster vaccination in December 2021. She said On December 27, I felt a tightness in my chest and I got dizzy when I went up the stairs. After a few more dizzy spells, a cardiologist diagnosed pericarditis. News Story
    810. 18/01/2022 France
      Jade Hamaoui (21), female Montbrison Basketballer. Medical examinations revealed that she now has a heart condition that prevents her playing basketball at club level. Her career has ended.  News Story
    811. 18/01/2022 England Dead
      Jamie Vincent (46), former footballer died suddenly due to cardiac arrest. played with Huddersfield Town, Portsmouth, Walsall, Derby County, Millwall and Yeovil Town, and Swindon Town, where he helped win promotion to League One in 2007. Former Crystal Palace player Grant Watts wrote: “Gutting to hear this morning that one of my old ex-Palace team-mates Jamie Vincent has passed away suddenly with a cardiac arrest. Thinking of his family at this very sad time.”  News Story
    812. 18/01/2022 Argentina Dead
      Patricio Guaita (22), Comunidad Rural Footballer began pre-season training for his club when he began to feel unwell after physical exercises. He was helped by medical personnel, but died a few hours later.  News Story
    813. 18/01/2022 Minnesota, USA Dead
      Katie Novak (31), fitness trainer, died suddenly while taking a nap. Her family suspects heart-related issues. She was “fully vaccinated.”  News Story
    814. 17/01/2022 Melbourne, Australia
      Unnamed (AGE) tennis ballgirl at the Australian Open collapsed on court during a match, with the two players involved racing to her aid. Some people said it was extreme heat, but it appeared to be only 28 degrees.  News Story  News Story2
    815. 17/01/2022 Italy
      Marco Da Graca (21), Juventus striker diagnosed with heart problems after vaccination. Was also positive for covid at the end of the year. Needs heart operation. Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri confirmed on January 11th in a press conference that all players were vaccinated except goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny.  News Story  News Story2
    816. 16/01/2022 Germany
      Unnamed (AGE), Austrian SV Lehen men’s curling player collapsed onto the ice and was resuscitated for a long time, then taken to hospital. No further details given.  News Story
    817. 16/01/2022 Spain Dead
      Unnamed (38), cyclist was found lying on the Rota greenway at Hijuela de María, Spain after a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts failed. He was identified as a nearby resident who played sports.  News Story
    818. 16/01/2022 USA Dead
      Maurice Grooms (50), Strength & PE instructor, teacher and coach at Stewarts Creek High School was found dead of a cardiac arrest near his car in the school’s parking lot.  News Story
    819. 16/01/2022 Greece
      Braian Angola (27), Colombian AEK Athens Basketball player underwent detailed scans after reporting feeling unwell, revealing myocarditis. He is out of the game indefinitely.  News Story
    820. 16/01/2022 Germany Dead
      Kerim Arslan (†29), Cologne footballer collapsed at home from a cardiac arrest hours after training and died. Symptoms: pain in his arm and chest, then collapsed and died.  News Story
    821. 16/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Ruben Michel (29), physical education teacher and personal trainer suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    822. 15/01/2022 Brazil
      Mateus Cavichioli (34), América Mineiro MG footballer. A routine club medical detected a heart problem, but previous medicals showed no problems. Diagnosed with artery obstructed by blood clots. Received his first covid-19 vaccination in September 2021.  News Story   News Story2
    823. 15/01/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Lim Thian Meng (47), badminton player bent down to pick up a shuttlecock, passed it to a friend, and then collapsed on the court. Resuscitation failed and died there.  News Story
    824. 15/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Lucas Dias de Novaes (18), Gym, collapsed suddenly while working out in the gym. He was taken to hospital, but died. News Story
    825. 14/01/2022 Canada Dead
      Sean Rice (49), pair skater died unexpectedly at the age of 49. An autopsy was ordered to ascertain cause of death.  News Story
    826. 14/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Mariana Merlo do Nascimento (27), award-winning Mountain biking cyclist from Espírito Santo felt ill in the afternoon and was referred to the Hospital Sílvio Avidos, where she died around 8 pm. Her body was taken to Victoria, where an autopsy will determine the cause of death.  News Story
    827. 14/01/2022 Canada
      Alphonso Davies (21), Bayern Munich footballer. Canada Soccer says Davies has been ruled out of Canada’s three World Cup qualifiers in January and February 2022. Diagnosis myocarditis confirmed by Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann. In November 2021, Bild revealed Bayern Munich had five unvaccinated players, Davies wasn’t one of them. A December report confirmed all Bayern Munich players were vaccinated.  News Story  News Story2  Received Booster
    828. 14/01/2022 Gabon
      Axel Meye (26), Ittihad Tanger forward Axel Meye have been ruled out for heart lesions.  News Story
    829. 14/01/2022 Gabon
      Mario Lemina (28), Nice (Ex-Southampton) midfielder ruled out for heart lesions.  News Story
    830. 14/01/2022 Gabon
      Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (32), Arsenal striker missed Gabon’s Africa Cup of Nations draw with Ghana after scans revealed heart lesions following a bout of Covid.  News Story
    831. 14/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Jader Cezario de Oliveira (21), footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died during a recreational football match with friends. They said he was healthy as far as they were aware.  News Story
    832. 14/01/2022 Spain
      Rachel Weston (Age), Watersports, was a fit and active young woman until she received the second coronavirus vaccination. She collapsed at work and was rushed to hospital after 6 seizures. She left in a wheelchair, unable to walk unaided.  News Story
    833. 13/01/2022 Sopore, Kashmir Dead
      Mohammad Rashid (28) Fitness / gym, a medical student, collapsed from a cardiac arrest and was taken to Srinagar hospital where he died. This is second such incident in Kashmir valley in the last 24 hours. A Kashmiri girl Batchelor of Medicine student from central Kashmir’s Budgam district collapsed and died of cardiac arrest in Bangladesh.  News Story
    834. 13/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Lucio Meneghetti (53), key member of the Virgilian running group for some years. He had heart problems and passed away at the age of 53. His brother Marco died at the age of 57.  News Story
    835. 13/01/2022 Italy
      Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro (29), Vaccinated Lazio midfielder suffered from severe pneumonia. Breathing capacity reduced to 50%. All Lazio players were vaccinated at the request of the team’s president, Claudio Lotito. Carried out at the end of July in Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno), thanks to an agreement between Lotito and the Veneto Region. Venetian governor Zaia declared: “a duty of hospitality and pleasure,” reported by “La Repubblica”, Pfizer vaccinations took place in the PalaTre Cime gymnasium.  News Story
    836. 13/01/2022 USA
      Greg Kowalewski (47), Ice Hockey player collapsed from a cardiac arrest during a match. A doctor (a fellow player) resuscitated him, assisted by a defibrilator.  News Story
    837. 13/01/2022 Germany Dead
      Nico (14), dancer collapsed and died in Germany, without warning, the day before a dress rehearsal in his parents’ apartment.  News Story
    838. 12/01/2022 Malaysia Dead
      Serbegeth “Shebby” Singh (61) Former Malaysian national footballer died unexpectedly due to a cardiac arrest while cycling. He received his booster injection five days before, on January 7.  News Story
    839. 12/01/2022 France
      Robin Cann (19), UC Briochine National 3 Cyclist started suffering from cardiac arrhythmias that make him feel uncomfortable during exertion. Doctors advised him to have a heart operation. “It’s not a big deal, I hope to be able to start riding quietly this summer before resuming competition next season”  News Story
    840. 12/01/2022 Chile
      Aaron Astudillo (21), Deportes Melipilla Footballer suffered chest pain and cardiac arrest symptoms during a friendly match. He received rapid emergency care and is said to be recovering.  News Story
    841. 12/01/2022 USA Dead
      David Sadowski (58), Motor Racing, winner of the 1990 Daytona 200 and 1990 AMA 600cc Supersport National Champion, died from a cardiac arrest at his home in Austell, Georgia. His girlfriend Janet Godfrey said medical personnel told her they think he suffered a massive heart attack.  News Story
    842. 12/01/2022 Romania Dead
      Mugurel Stancu (52), Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest while playing football with friends. Ambulance arrived quickly, but resuscitation failed and he died.  News Story  News Story2
    843. 11/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Amir Abou Aiana (18) footballer collapsed to the ground with a cardiac arrest on the football pitch. Resuscitation was attempted and an ambulance was called. He died shortly after arriving at hospital.  News Story
    844. 11/01/2022 USA Dead
      Clint Arlis (34), Batavia All-Time great wrestler died, no details released.  News Story
    845. 11/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Pedro Henrique Oliveira da Silva Souza (15), Revelation footballer collapsed following a football tournament, struggling for breath. He received hospital treatment but later on he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    846. 11/01/2022 Tenerife, Canary Islands Dead
      Mateo Hernandez (18), Dimurol Salesianos Tenerife Football goalkeeper died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
    847. 11/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Isaías (17), Flamengo de Piauí Footballer in Teresina told his teammates as they ran that he felt discomfort. He slowed down, then walked to the bench, where he collapsed. Medics tried to resuscitate him, but he died. It was his third time training with the team.  News Story   News Story2
    848. 11/01/2022 Chile
      Luciano Aued (34), Universidad Católica football player in Chile complained of chest pain and will undergo a series of tests. Further details awaited.  News Story
    849. 11/01/2022 Manitoba, Canada Dead
      Vince Fontaine (62), Canadian multi-award-winning First Nations musician and ice hockey player. He died unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    850. 10/01/2022 Croatia Dead
      Filip Turk (22), FC Zaprešić Footballer. Another young Croatian football player died suddenly, he was only 22 years old: ‘Good luck up there, somewhere among the stars. We will meet again … “  News Story  News Story2
    851. 10/01/2022 USA Dead
      Deon Lendore (29), Athlete (sprinter) was driving on a highway when he crossed over the center stripe and side swiped another vehicle. He continued driving, drifted across the center stripe again and crashed head-on with another car. Lendore died at the scene.  News Story  Vaccination Story
    852. 10/01/2022 Dubai
      Nicolas Colsaerts (39) Belgian golfer was found to have swollen ankles, liquid in one of his lungs and blood clots. He posted on Facebook that he was diagnosed with primary membranous nephropathy, or kidney disease. “In fact, my body attacks my kidneys, which causes, among other things, a significant leak of proteins”.  News Story
    853. 09/01/2022 France Dead
      Grégoire Garrouteigt (21), Anglet Olympic Rugby Union player died following a six-month battle with unspecified disease.  News Story
    854. 09/01/2022 Spain Dead
      José Manuel Camano (48), Cyclist. Guardia Civil police officer collapsed and died suddenly just one kilometre from his home. He had been cycling and was found collapsed on the side of the road. The cause of his death has not yet been determined.  News Story
    855. 09/01/2022 Chile Dead
      Renato Bastías (38), Triathlete suffered a cardiac arrest while in the water during the opening of the 2022 Ironman season in Chile (Ironman 70.3 Pucon). He received immediate medical treatment and was taken to a nearby hospital but died.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    856. 09/01/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Jamie Hoye (23), Oxford Sunnyside FC footballer died at home unexpectedly on 9th January 2022. No further details given.  News Story
    857. 09/01/2022 Victoria, Australia Dead
      Harley Balic (25), Australian rules footballer. Former Fremantle and Melbourne midfielder Harley Balic has died, aged 25. The death is not treated as suspicious. Note that in October 2021, it was announced that “All AFL and AFLW players will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-February or they will be barred from playing and training.”  News Story  News Story2
    858. 08/01/2022 Qatar
      Othman Coulibaly (32), Al-Wakrah Sport Club Football player suffered a cardiac arrest during a football match and is receiving medical care.  News Story  Youtube Video
    859. 08/01/2022 Kansas, USA Dead
      Nathan Cunningham (17) American footballer & wrestler collapsed and died suddenly on at his home.  News Story
    860. 07/01/2022 USA
      Steve Stricker (54), Golf – Winning Ryder Cup captain says he’s lucky to be alive after suffering a ‘mystery illness’ that put him in hospital for weeks, twice, and his immune system was down. He was vaccinated. Symptoms: bad cough, sore throat in mid-October then inflammation around the heart. His doctor prescribed amoxicillin – then his throat started to close up, lips, glands, and tongue got puffy. 103-degree temperature. He went to hospital two weeks before Thanksgiving and his liver numbers started getting worse, white blood cell count was high. I was fighting something, but they couldn’t find out what it was. My liver was going downhill. I got jaundice. I was yellow and peeing out Pepsi-colored pee. He tested negative for COVID, but his heart was jumping out of rhythm. He was in and out of the hospital twice. Months later, he can’t do activity, has inflammation around the heart, lost 25 pounds, lost muscle and his skin is saggy. He is still unable to eat solid food 3 months later. Move to mid-October.  News Story
    861. 07/01/2022 Slovakia
      Miroslav Strbak (32), Mixed Martial Arts fighter collapsed with cardiac arrest in training. He had no health risks. He is said to be in a stable condition in hospital.  News Story
    862. 07/01/2022 Switzerland
      Fabienne Schlumpf (31), Swiss marathon record holder and Olympic athlete diagnosed with myocarditis shortly after being vaccinated with the COVID-19 booster injection, by her own admission, no COVID infection. Schlumpf finished 12th in the marathon race at the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo, and is now unable to compete for the foreseeable future.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    863. 07/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Everton Brilhante (39), former São Carlos football player collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died. He played professionally and amateur in São Carlos.  News Story
    864. 07/01/2022 Bangladesh Dead
      Tuku Zamil (50), Distance runner. At the Chattogram City Half Marathon, he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest at the finishing line. He touched the finish line after completing his 21-kilometer run and showed the victory sign, expressing his joy. All of a sudden, he complained of acute chest pain and collapsed on the ground.  News Story
    865. 06/01/2022 Netherlands Dead
      Marcel Reinders (56), GP and club doctor of professional football club Telstar. Collapsed and died unexpectedly while jogging on sand dunes. News Story
    866. 06/01/2022 Uganda Dead
      Herbert Afayo (21), Lugazi Footballer collapsed with a cardiac arrest on the pitch at the Geregere Safi Playground in Lugazi, Buikwe District. He was resuscitated and taken to the local hospital but died before reaching the hospital. A postmortem concluded the cause was cardiac arrest. He suffered a bout of malaria weeks before the match.  News Story
    867. 06/01/2022 Luxembourg Dead
      Mathieu Léonard (44), Jogger / Footballer suffered a stroke while out jogging and died.  News Story
    868. 06/01/2022 Scotland
      Kash Farooq (26), world-ranked former British bantamweight boxing champion, has retired from the ring suddenly at the age of 26 due to “unforeseen circumstances.”  News Story  News Story2
    869. 06/01/2022 Belgium Dead
      Didier Ceulemans (37), FC Marbaisien footballer died suddenly just a month after learning he was sick. The cause was said to be cancer.  News Story
    870. 06/01/2022 Serbia Dead
      Filip Samardzic (34), Former Red Star and Partizan volleyball player died suddenly. Diagnosis pneumonia.  News Story
    871. 05/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Claudio Brighenti (47), Toscolano Maderno Sailing Club champion sailor and coach collapsed with cardiac arrest while conducting a debriefing session. He died in the arms of his brother.  News Story
    872. 05/01/2022 Australia
      Nikoloz Basilashvili (29), Georgian tennis player (No. 22 in the world) began struggling to breathe early in his ATP Cup match in Sydney against Stefanos Tsitsipas, play was cancelled. Basilashivili was serving 4-1 down in the first set when play was suddenly halted. The Georgian tennis star was overheard saying: “Every injection I’m out of breath.” His hand gestures suggested he was feeling tightness in his chest. Australia’s vaccination rules mandate all ATP Cup players to be fully vaccinated.  News Story
    873. 05/01/2022 Northern Ireland Dead
      Oisin Fields (30) Gaelic Footballer collapsed and died while playing football with his friends and his death has sent shockwaves across his local community.  News Story
    874. 05/01/2022 Brazil
      Lucas Santana (18), São Bento football midfielder collapsed on the pitch in the 17th minute of the second half of the Copa São Paulo match against EC São Bernardo at Baetão stadium. Taken to hospital by ambulance. After head and spine tests, Lucas was released by doctors, told to avoid physical activity for 24 hours.  News Story
    875. 05/01/2022 Spain Dead
      Manuel Sánchez (26), Footballer dedicated his time to football and worked at a football school in Spain. He died unexpectedly. No further details available.  News Story
    876. 04/01/2022 Australia Dead
      James Kondilios (23), Ultra-healthy world-class powerlifter, was fully-vaccinated with no underlying health conditions, according to the Department of Health, died suddenly.  News Story
    877. 04/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Vincenzo Di Grande (40), Piacenza Water Polo coach collapsed and died suddenly in Piacenza. Mandatory vaccinations were ordered for water polo players starting January 2022.  News Story  News Story2
    878. 04/01/2022 Uruguay Dead
      Marcelo De León (43) runner suffered a cardiac arrest whilst competing in the San Fernando 10km race. Resuscitated and transferred to hospital but died on Sunday 9th.  News Story
    879. 03/01/2022 Guatemala Dead
      Marcos Menaldo (25), Guatemalan Deportivo Marquense star centre back defender collapsed with a cardiac arrest in training at the Marquesa de la Ensenada Stadium in San Marcos on Monday shortly after complaining of breathing difficulties. He received CPR and was transferred to the Hospital de Especialidades where he died.  News Story2
    880. 02/01/2022 Italy
      Antonio Cassano (39), former Real Madrid Footballer twice vaccinated, was taken to San Martino polyclinic in Genoa for a few days of treatment including Remdesivir antiviral and was sent home to continue treatment.  News Story
    881. 02/01/2022 Italy Dead
      Leonardo Della Nave (46), Enduro motorcyclist from the hamlet of Osteria Nuova, in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli was riding his motorcycle on a path in a wood with friends, when he suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story  News Story2
    882. 02/01/2022 Brazil Dead
      Monique Janaína Piske (32), MMA fighter suffered a cardiac arrest at home in Guaramirim, in the North of Santa Catarina, and was found dead by her parents.  News Story
    883. 02/01/2022 Wyoming, USA Dead
      Beau Thomas (18), Cowboys American Football, former Kentucky Wesleyan College football player and 2021 Wyoming High School graduate. Cause of death not given. The school athletic director said “So many other schools have reached out which is very much appreciated in support, unfortunately because many of them have gone through the exact same things that we’re going through today.”  News Story
    884. 02/01/2022 Puerto Rico Dead
      Miguel “Monchy” Torres (42), basketball coach and part of the Puerto Rico National Youth Men’s Program. Died suddenly.  News Story
    885. 01/01/2022 England
      Agy Lena (38), Athletic competitor took part in many different sporting activities but after the COVID vaccine has very little energy to do simple activities. She blames the vaccine for destroying her life. First Dose of Pfizer 18 May, 1021 Lot #E4109. “This vaccine was supposed to protect me. It’s done the opposite…”  News Story  News Story2
    886. 01/01/2022 Ireland Dead
      Niall Sammon (AGE), Caltra GAA Gaelic footballer died. Possibly soon after a booster vaccine. “Niall played football from an early age with Caltra and was a member of successful under-age League, Championship and Minor winning teams, captaining Caltra to a Minor B Championship in 2014.” The club advertised walk-in COVID 19 vaccine and booster clinics at the Ballybrit Racecourse, Ballybrit, Galway throughout the year, notably December and January. News Story

      December 2021

    887. 31/12/2021 Sweden Dead
      Erik Karlsson (23), elite Högby IF team runner collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the final kilometre of the Sylvesterloppet race in Kalmar, Sweden. Taken to hospital by ambulance but died on Tuesday 4th January after they tried to wake him from a coma.  News Story  News Story2
    888. 31/12/2021 Russia Dead
      Vadim Khamuttskikh (52), Volleyball three-time Olympic medallist, died new year’s eve. His Beijing teammate, Maxim Mikhailov spoke of unexpected and shocking news after recently seeing a healthy and happy-looking Khamuttskikh. News Story
    889. 31/12/2021 Germany
      Lanny Gare (43), Selber Wölfe Ice Hockey player suffered a stroke a few hours after the match against Lausitzer Füchse.  News Story
    890. 31/12/2021 Germany
      Jonas Dobler (30), Skier qualified for the 2022 winter olympics by racing in Oberstdorf, but in the middle of the competition he reported a “high pulse.” He then prematurely ended the mass start race. At the olympics, he pulled out of one race before the start.  News Story
    891. 30/12/2021 New Mexico, USA
      Derek Martinez (18), St. Michael’s High School multi-sports star athlete, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September. His college baseball ambitions ended.  News Story
    892. 30/12/2021 Senegal Dead
      Alioune Badara Wade (28), Dakar University Club Football striker with Senegalese second division club Dakar University Club. He collapsed during training with cardiac arrest and could not be revived.  News Story
    893. 30/12/2021 Split, Croatia Dead
      Robert Boljat (50), Workers’ Football Club youth football coach and fitness trainer of many years standing, collapsed with cardiac arrest while playing football with friends.  News Story
    894. ??/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Michał Krowiak, (24) Ekoball Stal Sanok footballer died suddenly in December 2021. No explanation of the circumstances or date given. Funeral 4th January 2022.  News Story
    895. 29/12/2021 Australia
      Matty John (Age unknown), Bodybuilder suffered stabbing heart pain two days after Pfizer vaccine, diagnosed with pericarditis. At least 79,000 Australians suffered severe adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines.  News Story  News Story2
    896. 29/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Domenico De Siano (25), Basketballer and Forio Basket masseur, died yesterday after a month in the La Schiana Hospital in Pozzuoli, due to suffering a cerebral ischemia due to blood clots in the brain. The young man had a great passion for sport and was an athlete.  News Story
    897. 29/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Michele Lo Conte (29), Footballer died in bed from a cardiac arrest. Vaccinated with his second COVID vaccine dose in July 2021 and prepared for a booster.  News Story
    898. 29/12/2021 Iraq Dead
      Ahmed Daham (56), Al-Masafi Football coach collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest while giving a technical conference to the players of the Al-Masafi club, which he currently coaches.  News Story
    899. 28/12/21 Naples, Italy Dead
      Hugo Maradona (52), former professional footballer and coach collapsed suddenly with a cardiac arrest in Naples. Resuscitation attempts by 118 Emergency Medical Services failed and he died, a year after his brother Diego. Hugo hosted a training camp with Qormi FC for U9 to U15 in Malta a few weeks earlier in December. Hugo’s vaccination status is unknown, but considering that he traveled to Malta at a time the island was more than 83% vaccinated, it is likely he was vaccinated before travlling there.  News Story
    900. 28/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Michal Gurajdowski (40), WL League Football Referee and parkrunner died suddenly and unexpectedly. No cause of death given. He was involved in games played by the Lech Faith Association for nearly 10 years as well as in other tournaments.  News Story
    901. 27/12/2021 USA Dead
      Daniel ‘Crunch’ Broussard (53), Flag Football, Basketball, and Softball player and American Football referee served as an official for more than 30 years, died Monday at the age of 53 after showing signs of a stroke. A friend noticed his mouth was crooked, while they were talking, and called the ambulance.  News Story
    902. 27/12/2021 Scotland, UK Dead
      Bryce Murray (21), Footballer / Bodybuilder suddenly died at the age of 21. The circumstances are not available.  News Story
    903. 27/12/2021 Canada
      Gawain Harding (54), American Football coach’s heart stopped beating several times during the night of December 26-27 2021. “They had to use the defibrillator four times on me…. Each time, I came back alive and left.” Stents were inserted by doctors to keep open two arteries that were blocked.  News Story
    904. 26/12/2021 Illinois ,USA Dead
      Zachary Icenogle (19), basketballer and volleyball player at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI, and previously a Plainfield Central High graduate. The vaccinated freshman died in his sleep – cause of death withheld. First responders attended, but he could not be revived. Carthage College required vaccinations for all students, faculty, and staff.  News Story College Mandate
    905. 26/12/2021 Philippines Dead
      Lawrence Chongson (57), Former University of the East Red Warriors Basketball coach, passed away this Sunday, following a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    906. 25/12/2021 India Dead
      Thottiyanda Somanna (23), Thottiyanda Family Hockey player collapsed with a cardiac arrest during a hockey match in Kodagu. He was taken to hospital, but died on the way.  News Story
    907. 25/12/2021 Algeria Dead
      Soufiane Lokar (30), Mouloudia Saida footballer collapsed with cardiac arrest during a match. Medical staff tried to resuscitate him but he died. Vaccinations in Algeria began in January 2021. He was married only one week.  News Story
    908. 25/12/2021 France Dead
      Gillen Lusson (26), former captain of SCO Angers Handball died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story
    909. 25/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Filippo Allorio (15), Downhill Skier. The hypothesis so far, is that he had a cardiac arrest, falling off the skiable track, hitting violently against a pile of ice. Autopsy ordered. Covid “vaccination” statistics are in the url link.  News Story  News Story2
    910. 25/12/2021 Ireland Dead
      Sarah Mullen (23), Oblate Basketball Club Basketball and Irish Camogie player, for various clubs. She died suddenly in hospital. “She was born on Christmas Day and passed on Christmas Day.”  News Story  News Story2
    911. 24/12/2021 Australia Dead
      Terry Morrison (70), ex-Rugby Union. Morrison was a former All Black winger and New Zealand national 200m sprint champion, making him one of the fastest All Black players in history. He suffered a cardiac arrest whilst surfing on Christmas Eve and could not be resuscitated. News Story
    912. 24/12/2021 Belgrade, Serbia Dead
      Nemanja Mirosavljević (25), former Grafičar player – and youth coach since summer 2021 – had a cardiac arrest. He died after 7 days in a coma. News Story
    913. 24/12/2021 France Dead
      Jérémie Bilhac (28), ES Cœur Hérault Footballer. No details are available of the demise of Jérémie Bilhac but at his funeral the world of football was widely represented – young people with whom he trained or shared his passion, clubs, the president of the Hérault Football District and, of course, members of the ES Cœur d’Hérault, of which his father Jacques, is president.  News Story
    914. 24/12/2021 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Melody Bauroth-Sherman (17), track and field, cross country. The High school student died suddenly. No further details are available.  News Story
    915. 22/12/2021 UK Dead
      Ian Matos (32), Olympic diving star was vaccinated 4 August 2021 (posted his own picture on Instagram with the caption “Moment of pure joy!” In October, he was hospitalized with a throat infection. He spent two months in hospital and he died after a sudden deterioration in his health when the infection spread to his lungs and stomach.  News Story  News Story2
    916. 22/12/21 Egypt Dead
      Ahmed Amin (24), Rabat & Anwar footballer. After taking part in team training, Ahmed went to the locker room where he collapsed with a sudden cardiac arrest. The club medical team tried to save him and took him to the nearest hospital. As they arrived at the hospital, the doctors said the player had already passed away.  News Story
    917. 22/12/2021 Turin Dead
      Adrien Sandjo (18), U19 Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regional team footballer collapsed on the pitch with a cardiac arrest, declared brain dead after six hours of observation in Molinette hospital. His organs were removed for donation, as decided by the family. News Story  News Story2
    918. 22/12/2021 Oman Dead
      Mukhaled Al-Raqadi (29), Muscat FC football player collapsed with cardiac arrest during the warm-up for a match. He was taken to hospital but they were unable to save him. News Story
    919. 22/12/2021 Singapore Dead
      Poh Lip Meng (52), Singapore national pisol shooter collapsed during a jog. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead.  News Story
    920. 22/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Marcin Bukowski (40), former Bronia Radom professional footballer in Poland. He died at the age of 40. No further details available.  News Story
    921. 22/12/2021 North Carolina, USA Dead
      Michael James Penzel (64), Wrestler, US Army paratrooper and then WWF wrestler, fighting under the name ‘Corporal Kirchner.’ He collapsed due to a cardiac arrest at his home. His wide tried to resuscitte him, but he died. He was a professional wrestler for over 20 years with World Wrestling Federation (WWF), New Japan (where he was known as Super Leatherface) and Frontier Marshal Arts and Wrestling (FMW).  News Story  News Story2
    922. 22/12/2021 Germany
      Alina Reh (24), one of Germany’s top distance runners, received a COVID vaccine booster and soon after was diagnosed with myocarditis. Prior to the booster, she was in excellent condition, achieving third place at the European Cross Country Championships after an impressive race to catch up. She was previously considered a medal candidate for the 2022 European Outdoor Championships in Germany.  News Story
    923. 21/12/2021 Croatia Dead
      Marin Čačić (23), NK Nehaj Footballer suddenly collapsed with cardiac arrest during training. He was rushed to a hospital where heart failure was diagnosed. He was in a coma but died after two days in hospital.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3dead
    924. 21/12/2021 France
      Kévin Gourdon (31), La Rochelle Rugby Union player retired from playing rugby after the discovery of a heart problem. “This is brutal and sad news, but my health is a priority”  News Story
    925. 21/12/2021 Netherlands Dead
      Kawa Leauma (32), Ordizia Rugby League player died from head injuries after falling from the terrace of a shopping centre in Amsterdam. Possible floor collapse, waiting for more details.  News Story
    926. 21/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Żora (Heorhiy) Korolyov (34), outstanding dancer died suddenly. Official cause of death inflammation of the heart muscle.  News Story  News Story2
    927. 21/12/2021 Pakistan
      Abid Ali (34), Central Punjab Cricketer, Pakistan opening batsman suffered from chest pain midway through a match and was taken to hospital and said to be in a stable condition. Diagnosed as Acute Coronary Syndrome, a term used to describe a range of conditions associated with sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart, one of which is a heart-attack.  News Story
    928. 21/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Miroslav Copjak (58), Piast Cieszyn Football coach died suddenly at the age of 58. No further details are available.  News Story
    929. 20/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Michal Rokicki (37), 200 and 400metre swimmer who represented Poland in the Olympics, died suddenly from a cause yet to be announced  News Story
    930. 20/12/2021 Nebraska, US Dead
      Kimera Bartee (49), Detroit Tigers former player and current first base coach suddenly collapsed and died while visiting his father in Omaha, Nebraska. The club manager said they had 100% player participation in the COVID vaccine. In spring 2021, the club had incentives for staff and fans to get the vaccine. The club manager said “the faster we get vaccinated, the safer we are and the more likely we are to be able to play continuously throughout our schedule.” On 6th September, reliever Joe Jimenez and bench coach George Lombard tested positive for the virus and had symptoms, even though both were vaccinated and the manager was surprised! What was he told about the vaccinations and what did he tell his team about the risks?  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4  News Story5
    931. 20/12/2021 Spain
      Jamie Doyle (18), Northern Ireland boxer is fighting for his life in Spain after collapsing due to a blood clot on the brain, while on holiday. He underwent two surgeries to help relieve the swelling. He is expected to remain in an induced coma for 4-6 weeks due to the severity of his condition.  News Story
    932. 19/12/2021 Donegal, Ireland
      Unnamed Setanta (U21) Hurling payer collapsed on the pitch. The Donegal county U21 hurling final was abandoned at half time. News Story
    933. 19/12/2021 Spain
      Oscar Cabrera (26), Cantbasket Basketball player during a match, Oscar took the ball but collapsed face-first before he could make a pass. He can be seen twitching in the video. He was transferred to hospital.  News Story  Video
    934. 19/12/2021 Netherlands Dead
      Suliman Abdeselam Mohamed (35), Moroccan Mixed Martial Arts fighter based in the Netherlands, died suddenly at the age of 35. The cause of his premature death not given.  News Story
    935. 19/12/2021 Croatia Dead
      Goran Sobin (58), Legendary former Yugoslav basketball player suffered a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    936. 19/12/2021 Ohio, USA Dead
      Curtis Schwinnen (21), Basketball team captain and American football player died “suddenly and unexpectedly of an unknown illness.” He was studying business at university. He is from the same town as Brady Zalar, who died young in November 2022.  News Story
    937. 18/12/2021 Florida, US Dead
      Jordan Young (27), Iowan mixed martial arts rising star, 6 foot 4 heavyweight with American Top Team MMA died, his boxing coach Derik Santos announced Saturday.  News Story
    938. 18/12/2021 Caen, France Dead
      Damien Zemmouri (37), JS Fleury boxer died suddenly as a result of a “ruptured aneurysm.” A club manager said “I saw him four days before, and he was in great shape”  News Story
    939. 18/12/2021 Philippines
      Joseph Uichico (59), Bataan Risers Basketball coach suffered a cardiac arrest following a workout. After an emergency angioplasty on Saturday evening he is now in stable condition.  News Story  News Story2
    940. 18/12/2021 Spain
      Lucas Ocampos (27), Sevilla and Argentina national team striker collapsed with severe chest pain and respiratory problems in added time in Sevilla-Atletico Madrid game. Carried from the field on a stretcher.  News Story
    941. 18/12/2021 Missouri, USA Dead
      Lauren Michele Way (37), Raymore-Peculiar School District coach for softball, basketball, soccer and track, and physical education teacher died unexpectedly.  News Story
    942. 17/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Karol “Seta” Setniewski (14), Znicz Pruszków footballer, team captain, best in school, complained of a headache the day after a football match, so he was taken to the hospital. Surgery was unable to reduce the swelling of the brain and he did not wake up from the coma. Karol is one of two Znicz Pruszków footballers who died this year.  News Story
    943. 17/12/2021 Zirl, Austria Dead
      Leo Forstenlechner (12), Gunners Ice Hockey player had a “respiratory arrest” at home and then spent a few days in hospital and died. Facebook (snapshot taken)
    944. 17/12/21 Los Angeles USA
      Donald Parham (24) Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) tight end player collapsed in mid-air while taking a flying touchdown catch. He had received two Covid-19 vaccines and a booster. His arms were shaking as he was wheeled off. It appears clear that his left arm locked up before his helmet hit the ground – that seems to be why he didn’t handle the recovery well. The Chargers report he suffered a concussion, but the video tells a different story, a fraction of a second before his helmet touched down and his head suddenly threw back. The key to seeing this is to watch the action from the sideline, one frame at a time.  News Story
    945. 17/12/2021 England
      Abu Ogogo (32), Southend United Football midfielder diagnosed with pericarditis -inflammation around the heart muscle. Head coach Kevin Maher said “Abs initially had a dead leg and he got another knock on that, but since then he’s reported a few problems with his chest. He went for a check-up at hospital last week and he’s out for a period now, probably about a month or so.” The report also mentions that “A dead leg could also be the result of a widely reported adverse reaction from the vaccine where a blood clot impairs blood flow to a major limb.”  News Story
    946. 17/12/2021 British Columbia, Canada Dead
      Unnamed (25) Ice Hockey goaltender suffered a cardiac arrest on the ice in a match at the city-run Richmond Ice Centre. Resuscitation attempts including with a defibrilator failed and he died.  News Story
    947. 17/12/2021 Iran Dead
      Ali Arabzada (20), Afghan futsal player who played for Afghanistan’s national team for several years. He lived in Iran, but died unexpectedly. No further details available.  News Story
    948. 16/12/2021 Spain Dead
      Izan Edward (7), Beniopa Sports Union footballer suffered a blackout a few minutes after finishing a training session at the Roís de Corella football field. Coaching staff tried to ressuscitate the boy with a defibrillator. An ambulance took him to hospital where he died. Spain has been rushing to vaccinate children 5-11.  News Story  Child Vaccination
    949. 16/12/2021 Spain Dead
      Dani Chabrera (29), Lokomotiv Tashkent football goalkeeping coach in Uzbekistan. He returned to Spain but became ill and died. News Story
    950. 16/12/2021 Murcia, Spain
      José Javier Ros (aka Monas) (22), UCAM Murcia footballer withdrew from the rest of the season after being diagnosed with pericarditis.  News Story News Story2
    951. 16/12/2021 New Zealand Dead
      Taniela Moa (36), Section Paloise, former Tonga international rugby union player, who played mostly in New Zealand and France, died suddenly. No cause of death  News Story
    952. 16/12/2021 Rhode Island, USA Dead
      Meaghan McGonagle (41), Cranston High School East boys and girls Volleyball coach and business teacher. Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins said “This is a young woman, 41 years old, in good health, that had the early vaccinations” but she “had been hospitalized for about a week prior to her death.”  News Story  News Story2
    953. 16/12/2021 Colorado, USA
      Miles Juneau (31), professional Mountain Bike Racer diagnosed with pericarditis. “2 days after the 2nd dose, I experienced heart pain at the onset of exercise that left me sitting on the ground holding my chest.”  News Story
    954. 15/12/2021 Russia Dead
      Alexander Frolov (63), Sarmations Ice Hockey player was on the sidelines during a match in the Russian amateur Night Hockey League (NHL) when he suddenly fell ill and collapsed. Died on the way to intensive care unit, with an apparent heart problem.  News Story
    955. 14/12/2021 Zinswiller, Alsace, France Dead
      Aurélie Hans (21), female football goalkeeper (since she was 12) suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died Tuesday, December 14. Daughter of Laurent Hans, player and then manager of various clubs in Northern Alsace.  News Story
    956. 14/12/2021 Miami, Florida, USA Dead
      Andres Melendez (20), Cleveland Guardians minor league Baseball player died unexpectedly – no further details available  News Story
    957. 14/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Gabriele Marletta (17), Gymnast and athlete felt ill whilst running during an Exercise Science class. His teacher had given him heart massage, then two doctors used a defibrillator. Gabriele was taken to hospital and put into intensive care, where he stayed for 6 weeks. Everyone hoped he would make it. but on 31/01/2022 Gabriele’s heart stopped beating. His father said “Gabriele has always played sports and underwent regular electrocardiograms, he has never had heart problems.”  News Story
    958. 13/12/2021 England
      Maxwell Harrison (21), International ballroom dancer developed pericarditis (inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart muscle) five days after his second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and was hospitalized. Top cardiologists said his heart condition was a result of the Pfizer vaccination.  News Story  News Story2
    959. 12/12/2021 Reims, France
      An unnamed footballer (34), playing for Olympique FC de Reims suffered a cardiac arrest mid-match. He was resuscitated on the pitch and then taken to hospital by ambulance.  News Story
    960. 12/12/2021 Australia Dead
      Kane van Diermen (35), Sydney Convicts RUFC Rugby Union. Circumstances of death not announced  News Story
    961. 12/12/21 France
      Martin Terrier (24), Rennes striker was substituted after chest pains in game against Nice.  News Story
    962. 12/12/21 Italy
      Piotr Zielinski (27), Napoli midfielder went to the sideline, 19 minutes into the game against Empoli, struggled to breathe, pointing to his neck and chest. Whole team received booster 18-19 December.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
    963. 12/12/2021 Águias do Moradal-Pedrógão, Portugal
      Edgar Marques (20), Pedrógão de São Pedro football player collapsed halfway through the second half of a match. Transported to the Amato Lusitano Hospital in Castelo Branco.  News Story  News Story2
    964. 12/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Stefano Forgione (42), U.S. Balconevisi former amateur footballer, was struck by a sudden illness and died.  News Story
    965. 12/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Andrea Navoni (48), Vespa Basket Basketballer was struck down by a sudden illness and could not be saved. No further details given.  News Story
    966. 12/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Marco Bozza (43), Jogger loved to run every day, but collapsed from a cardiac arrest while running and died on Sunday.  News Story
    967. 12/12/2021 Australia Dead
      Daniel Ferguson (33), Irish former Donaghadee FC player. After 10 years in Australia, Ferguson was to return to his home town, Donaghadee, in Northern Ireland, so must have been vaccinated to fly, but just days before his return, he died. No details given.  News Story
    968. 12/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Maurizio Ruozi (51), cyclist and amateur sportsman was running a marathon, but suddenly collapsed with a cardiac arrest after 28 kilometres. He was taken to hospital, but died.  News Story
    969. 12/12/2021 France
      Jonathan Coussautie (Age), Olympique FC de Reims Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated.  News Story
    970. 11/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Roberto Valastro (42), runner, a Siderno police officer was jogging on the beach in Locri when he collapsed and died of a cerebral aneurysm, the second death in the ranks of the Calabria State Police within a few days.  News Story
    971. 11/12/2021 Brisbane, Australia Dead
      Sulamai Aukuso Lavea (48), NZ origin Rugby League player died of a cardiac arrest at the second level of the Springwood Stairs of Death during training  News Story  Stairs
    972. 11/12/2021 California, PA, USA Dead
      Branson King (23), California University of Pennsylvania Ice Hockey player died suddenly. No cause of death  News Story
    973. 11/12/21 Norwich, England
      Victor Lindelof (27), Manchester United defender went down clutching his chest and pointing to his heart, complained of chest pain and racing pulse. His wife confirmed (many times) they were both vaccinated.  News Story
    974. 11/12/2021 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Lauren Anderson (41), elite softball pitcher, one of the greatest softball players in New Jersey history, died. No cause of death given.  News Story
    975. 10/12/21 Serbia
      Ricardo Gomes (29) Cape Verde native footballer playing for Serbian club FK Partizan collapsed during training , 45 days after his COVID vaccination. Coach Stanojevic said “The situation is serious.” Gomes, the coach, Bojan Ostojic, and Quincy Menig were vaccinated on the same day.  News Story
    976. 09/12/21 USA Dead
      Matt Scherer (38), former Oregon Ducks pro runner died, no cause of death so far  News Story
    977. 08/12/2021 Panama Dead
      Franciskao El Diex (32), Footballer and musician preparing to present new material after a break from music. He was playing football with friends when he had a cardiac arrest. Franciskao was transferred to hospital but he was pronounced dead.  News Story
    978. 07/12/21 Croatia Dead
      Pavel Karpf (52), former Swiss football goalkeeper for FC Luzern was on his sailing boat in Croatia on Tuesday when he suddenly collapsed and died three days later in hospital.  News Story
    979. 07/12/21 Melbourne, Australia
      Jake Lever (25), Melbourne Demons star player (AFL) appeared weak as he dropped to the ground during his first training session in pre-season. He had 20 minutes of medical attention.  News Story
    980. 07/12/2021 Illinois, USA Dead
      Jacob Look (17), Brimfield High School Basketball suffered a cardiac arrest n his parents’ hot tub and was found unconscious. Taken to hospital in a critical condition. All efforts to save him were in vain. An autopsy revealed the cause of death was cardiac arrest followed by drowning.  News Story
    981. 07/12/2021 Panama Dead
      Francisco D’Meza (AGE), Footballer and urban music singer suddenly collapsed and died while playing football.  News Story
    982. 07/12/2021 Tennessee, USA
      Mackenzie Dyson (21), star softball player. After receiving her second dose of covid vaccine, she had a very scary adverse reaction and lost control of her left leg. She then started having terrible migraines, dizziness, nausea, speech issues and extreme confusion. She then lost her ability to stand up because her leg was shaking uncontrollably and would give out on her. After countless visits to the doctor and multiple tests, doctors concluded this was a reaction to the vaccine. A month later she still cannot walk properly.  News Story  News Story2
    983. 06/12/21 France Dead
      Xavier Ziani (49), French professional volleyball player and coach at Charenton-le-Pont died with a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    984. 06/12/21 Tamworth, England Dead
      Rob Woodward (36), Stonydelph Juliors FC U10 coach/manager. Double vaccinated. “It is with great sadness that the club announces that Rob Woodward our U10 Cougars manager passed away suddenly yesterday.”  Club Facebook
    985. 05/12/21 Birmingham, Alabama, USA Dead
      John Wolfe (20), 3-time state tennis champion in high school (Briarwood High School, Alabama) died. News Story
    986. 05/12/21 Tehran, Iran Dead
      Navid Khosh Hava (30), former Iran U23 football team defender died of cardiac arrest  News Story
    987. 05/12/21 Italy Dead
      Fabio Pedretti (24), from Gardone Valtrompia, collapsed and died while running the Uno di Monticelli, a night trail running event on the hills of Franciacorta in Monticelli Brusati. In the final km of the 20 km race he collapsed and could not be resuscitated.  News Story
    988. 05/12/2021 Brazil Dead
      Diego Correia (31), amateur runner was running 10K in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo and suffered severe chest pain that radiated to the upper limbs when he was near the Barão de Paranapiacaba do Samu base, on Avenida Ana Costa. He went to seek help from the unit and was treated in an advanced life support ambulance, where an electrocardiogram was performed. Was resuscitated after being treated for cardiorespiratory arrest and then sent to hospital. At the hospital, after three hours of treatment, he progressed to a aquicardia, followed by cardiorespiratory arrest. Minutes before starting the race, Correia used his social networks to celebrate participating in the event. Rules of the event recommend a rigorous prior medical evaluation and the performance of exercise testing for all participants.  News Story
    989. 05/12/2021 Spain Dead
      Carlos Daniel Monteverde (58), Runner (and Professor) collapsed with sudden cardiac arrest while running in the the Córdoba marathon’s 10,000 metres race. Not far from the start he collapsed and received medical assistance, but half an hour later he was dead. The weather was moderately cool. Although he had a history of high blood pressure and was on medication, he was an amateur rugby player and presented a physical fitness test and medical certificate, a mandatory requirement for all runners.  News Story  News Story2
    990. 05/12/2021 Brazil Dead
      Diego Silvestre (31), Runner was taking part in a 10km race in Brazil. During the race he had a cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital. He died despite hours of treatment.  News Story
    991. 04/12/2021 Carlisle, England
      Bobby Dixon (n/a), Carlisle City footballer collapsed in the early stages of a Cumberland County League game against Gosforth and was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for tests  News Story
    992. 04/12/21 Beverwijk, North Holland Dead
      Wouter Betjes (14), student hockey player collapsed walking to the dugout after a catch-up game Bloemendaal JC3 against Overbos JC1. Club doctor tried to resuscitate him at the ground, continuing in the ambulance and at hospital in Amsterdam but they were not successful and he died.  News Story
    993. 04/12/21 USA
      CJ McCollum(30), Portland Trailblazers basketball Guard diagnosed with pneumothorax (collapsed lung), that can be caused by injury or disease. He may never play again. McCollum finished near the top of HoopsHype’s shooting guard rankings on August 31.  News Story
    994. 04/12/2021 Italy Dead
      Roberto Tusi (38), Risorta San Martino Football coach of the local team, Risorta San Martino was on his way home after a match when he felt ill and collapsed due to a cardiac arrest in his car. He was taken to hospital, but died.  News Story
    995. 04/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Dawid Akuła (21), Football and Academy of Physical Education student in Wrocław, Poland, studying physiotherapy. He collapsed and died playing a football match. Like fellow student, Joanna Krudys, who died the same day, Akuła was double vaccinated in order to study. This was confirmed by Dawid Akula’s parents in a message to Good Sciencing. We send our condolences for the loss of their son and thank them for confirming this, in the hope it will help save the lives of others..  News Story
    996. 04/12/2021 Poland Dead
      Joanna Krudys (21), Academy of Physical Education student in Wrocław, Poland, studying occupational therapy died the same day as fellow student Dawid Akuła and had to be vaccinated in order to study. Her family confirmed that she was vaccinated, as did Akula’s parents, in a message to Good Sciencing.  News Story
    997. 03/12/2021 Brazil Dead
      Vinicius Freitas (20) Macaé Esporte FC footballer. Miniguinho, as he was known at the club, defended Macaé in recent seasons, in the U-20 category and was the victim of a cardiac event  News Story
    998. 03/12/21 England
      Mark Simpson (AGE), Knaresborough Town West Riding County FA striker collapsed and had heart palpitations in the dressing room at half time. He felt better after sitting out the rest of the game, but when he went to drive home, it started happening again.  News Story
    999. 03/12/21 Germany
      Ugur Tezel (24), FC Carl Zeiss Jena player collapsed during their game against Berliner AK and was replaced. Same game as Kwabenaboye Schulz collapsed.  News Story
    1000. 03/12/21 Germany
      Kwabenaboye Schulz (23), FC Carl Zeiss Jena player collapsed after the final whistle in their game against Berliner AK, the same game as Ugur Tezel. They had 4 games in 11 days after quarantine. Team appears to be blaming it on Coronavirua, not the vax.  News Story
    1001. 03/12/21 Adelaide, Australia
      An unnamed Adelaide Crows football player went to hospital diagnosed with pericarditis (heart inflammation) two weeks after his first Pfizer. Percarditis destroys heart cells. The Adelaide Crows inexplicably did not release his name, citing “privacy” but it will soon be obvious because he will be out for at least 3 months.  News Story
    1002. 03/12/2021 Germany Dead
      Marcel Pielage (39), SC Grevener Bezirksliga football coach suffered a stroke. No further details are available.  News Story
    1003. 03/12/2021 Egypt Dead
      Adham Al-Selehdar (53), Al-Majd Al-Iskandari Football coach suffered a cardiac arrest after a late goal by his team. He effusively celebrated in the 93rd minute, but collapsed on the pitch. Resuscitation attempts on the field and immediate transfer to a hospital were not enough and he died before reaching the hospital.  News Story
    1004. 03/12/2021 Italy
      Ismaël Bennacer (24), AC Milan football player lost his balance, felt dizzy and was unable to walk normally. He received treatment and missed training. In February 2022, it was reported he is available to play again.  News Story  News Story2
    1005. 02/12/2021 Austria Dead
      Florian Hueter (33), Swarco Raiders Tirol American Footballer died. No cause of death given. Hueter began his football career in Carinthia with the Carinthian Black Lions and switched to the Tyrolean Swarco Raiders in 2007.  News Story
    1006. 02/12/21 Egypt Dead
      Adham El-Selhadar (53), Egyptian football manager collapsed and died on the sideline of a match after his team scored a winning goal.  News Story
    1007. 02/12/21 Italy Dead
      Romina De Angelis (43), female volleyball player who collapsed while playing padel (a racquet sport like tennis) with friends. Suspected aneurism. News Story
    1008. 01/12/21 Melbourne Australia
      Ben Madgen (36), South East Melbourne Phoenix basketballer in hospital with pericarditis after 2nd Pfizer. Tweet
    1009. 01/12/21 Belgium Dead
      Keanu Breurs (19) KVK Svelta Melsele U23 football player and youth coach died suddenly Wednesday morning. Cause of death not given  News Story
    1010. 01/12/21 Russia Dead
      Arina Biktimirova (19), taekwondo champion died suddenly at home. Won a gold medal, as champion at the European Taekwon-Do ITF Championships in Crete, in November. Her coach said “We also fail to understand what may have happened to her health. Arina had no chronic diseases. Before each competition, the athletes are not only checked, but they do thorough examinations and analysis and Arina, when she was checked before going to the European championship, was completely healthy. And what happened is also a shock for us.”  News Story  News Story2
    1011. 01/12/21 USA Dead
      CJ Hunter (52), died of unspecified causes.  News Story
    1012. 01/12/21 Scotland Dead
      Siobhan Cattigan (26), female Scotland rugby international who won 19 caps for Scotland, died. Cause of death not given.  News Story

      November 2021

    1013. 30/11/21 North Carolina, USA Dead
      Fatimah Shabazz (22), a key N.C. A&T volleyball player, died of complications from an aneurism. Was Cincinnati Northwest HS 2016 co-conference player of the year. Earned a degree in pre-physical therapy.  News Story
    1014. 30/11/2021 California, USA Dead
      Stan Kwan (54), American Football coach spent 30 years coaching, retired from San Francisco 49ers in 2020. De died in his sleep. Friend and former colleague Nick Ferguson shared with Twitter that Kwan “passed in his sleep due to a heart attack at age 54.”  News Story
    1015. 30/11/2021 Montenegro Dead
      Mirko Vlahović (48), Montenegrin former kickboxer and winner of medals at world and European championships, died at the 48th World Championships in Belgrade.  News Story
    1016. 30/11/2021 England Dead
      Andrew Parker (43), Football Referee took up refereeing at a very early age and held a lifelong passion for football. He was a keen supporter of Stevenage FC and Tottenham Hotspur. He had not been unwell, but suddenly died in his sleep.
    1017. 29/11/2021 Oklahoma, USA
      Connor Doyle (17), Mustang High School student baseballer collapsed from a cardiac arrest during a morning workout, resuscitated by coaches and first responders. News Story
    1018. 29/11/2021 New Jersey, USA Dead
      Darvin Henderson (31), former Ewing High school American football player, then coach and generous philanthropist died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2
    1019. 29/11/2021 Pakistan Dead
      Umair Siddiqui (45), Squash player suffered a cardiac arrest and died in the rest period whist practicing on court.  News Story
    1020. 29/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Daniele Sansone (35), former Calerno Calcio Football player and coach was very healthy, but he was found lifeless in bed.  News Story  News Story2
    1021. 29/11/2022 Italy Dead
      Giada Furlanut (14), female Volleyball player collapsed at school and was taken to hospital. She died on 4th December 2021. “The mother informed that the Giada was vaccinated … the second dose was taken in August.”  News Story
    1022. 28/11/21 Russia Dead
      Valentin Rodionov (16), Russian Dynamo Moscow ice hockey player collapsed on the sideline after colliding with a protective board at the side of the ice, but died a week later. The head coach said “he passed [a medical examination]. He was an absolutely healthy, strong guy, cheerful, full of strength and energy.”  News Story
    1023. 28/11/2021 Zimbabwe Dead
      Ronald Mudimu (33), Triangle United Football goal keeper and vice-captain of his team earned national caps at junior level, in U17 and U20 teams, suffered a stroke, was bed-ridden for a month and died in hospital. News Story
    1024. 28/11/2021 Belgium
      Arnaud Marlier (24), Mazy Footballer collapsed due to a cardiac arrest at the end of the match and could not breathe. Has since recovered.  News Story
    1025. 28/11/2021 Belgium
      Romain Colson (Age) AS Hermalle Football player collapsed during a match. At the end of January 2022, Romain was given the green light to restart training. No more information available yet.  News Story  News Story2
    1026. 28/11/2021 Germany
      Maik Wiggershaus (28), FC Wetter Football Captain collapsed during the match. He was taken to hospital and into intensive care. Waiting for updates.  News Story
    1027. 28/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Krzysztof Pańka (23), Ekoserwis Damy Rady Inowrocław beach handball player, where he won the Polish championship last year, and the Polish Cup in 2021. Also played for the Polish national beach handball team. He died. No further details available.  News Story
    1028. 27/11/21 Prague, Czech Republic Dead
      Daire Ni Heldhin (29), Dundalk Young Ireland GAA female Gaelic footballer became unwell during a city break with pals in Czech Republic. Taken to hospital and died that morning  News Story
    1029. 26/11/21 Mali Dead
      Guimbala Tounkara (34), AS Police and former midfielder for Djoliba and USC Kita, died after a cardiac arrest, shortly after an AS Police training session. He went home, and then to a friend’s shop, but collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died before reaching hospital.  News Story
    1030. 26/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Artur Walczak (46), Mixed Martial Arts fighter was hospitalized after a contest in Poland called “slapfighting”, in which opponents slap with the open hand. After one of the blows, “Waluś” fell to the floor. He was taken to hospital and was in a coma for over a month. The cause of death was “multi-organ failure resulting from irreversible damage to the central nervous system.”  News Story  News Story2
    1031. 24/11/21 Victoria, Australia
      Paul Dimattina (47), Former Western Bulldogs (Australian Rules Football) midfielder in intensive care after adverse reaction to Pfizer Covid booster. And now he has COVID symptoms.  News Story
    1032. 24/11/21 Philippines
      Roider Cabrera (30), Filipino professional basketball star (Terrafirma team) collapsed with cardiac arrest in the locker room after a tournament at Ynares Sports Arena, Pasig City (twin victories over Meralco and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel). Update: angioplasty 02/12/21 a day after cardiologist found a heart blockage. Remains unconscious, but has finger movements and trying to open his eyes.  News Story  News Story2
    1033. 24/11/21 USA
      Charlie Wyke (28), Wigan striker collapsed in training the day after his 1st Pfizer. This story says he did not have a COVID vaccine, but that contradicts what he said. Sadly, he may have wiped his twitter account clean, which is where we think he admitted getting it (it may have been Fleck – still under investigation).   News Story
    1034. 24/11/21 UK Dead
      Leon Taylor (36), Darlaston Town footballer suffered from “an illness” and died the next day. News Story
    1035. 24/11/21 Spain
      Adama Traore (26), Sherrif Tiraspol winger collapsed on the pitch clutching his chest in game with Real Madrid  News Story
    1036. 24/11/21 Italy Dead
      Unnamed cyclist (15) collapsed and died in his father’s arms  News Story
    1037. 24/11/2021 England Dead
      Ethan Bradley (28), Cyclist was a cycle courier in England. He died suddenly at his home. It is reported that he bumped his head in a cycling accident two weeks before his death, but his mother said “He hit his head but everything repaired OK. He had a sore shoulder for a while and then his flatmate came home and found him Dead on the bedroom floor. That is all we know.”  News Story  News Story2
    1038. 23/11/21 Japan Dead
      Riuler de Oliveira Faustino (23), Brazilian footballer (J.FC Miyazaki, Shonan Bellmare), cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1039. 23/11/21 UK
      John Fleck, (30), Sheffield United star footballer collapsed during the game with Reading, transported to hospital, released   News Story
    1040. 23/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Christian Sportolloni (41), Asd Cogliatese Calcio Football coach died suddenly from a cardiac arrest whilst driving his car. The car skidded and then hit the one coming in the opposite direction. The impact would not have been particularly violent, but Sportolloni was found by rescuers in cardiac arrest. Ambulance, medical car and helicopter arrived quickly and transferred him to hospital but he died.  News Story
    1041. 22/11/21 USA
      Duggar Baucom (61), Citadel Basketball Coach collapsed on sideline vs. Duke. Transported to hospital.  News Story
    1042. 22/11/2021 France Dead
      René Richard (66), former CO Cléon Football player and president devoted almost half of his life to CO Cléon Football. He died suddenly of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1043. 22/11/2021 Texas, USA Dead
      Doug Jones (64), played baseball pitcher for several teams. Died “of complications from COVID-19.”  News Story
    1044. 21/11/2021 Germany
      Lukas Greb (34), SV Mardorf footballer suddenly collapsed with ventricular fibrilation at half-time during a match with SV Schönstadt. Resuscitated by a nurse who happened to be there, followed by an ambulance with a defibrillator. He was in hospital for two and a half weeks, the first three days in an artificial coma. Doctors did many tests but found nothing. You are healthy. Have a healthy heart, a doctor told him. Still in rehab weeks later, there was no sign of a cause.  News Story
    1045. 21/11/21 France Dead
      Bruno Macedo (22), FC Nueil-les-Aubiers reserve team player collapsed and died suddenly Sunday morning at his home.  News Story
    1046. 21/11/2021 France Dead
      Oscar Kuau Suta (37), Saint-Gilles Rugby player. “He was vaccinated, had his Health Pass, but his condition deteriorated rapidly, he had been in a coma for 11 days, on artificial respiration.” Oscar finally died in hospital on 21st November 2021.  News Story
    1047. 21/11/2021 Mauritius Dead
      France Jonas (56), international footballer for Mauritius, suffered a stroke and died.  News Story
    1048. 21/11/2021 Brazil Dead
      Rafael Alentejano (18), Farense Footballer and marketing student was found lifeless at home, a victim of sudden death.  News Story
    1049. 20/11/2021 USA Dead
      Aaron Vasquez (14), Basketballer finished practicing with his travel league team at Grant Elementary School, in Dumont NJ, and stayed to play ball with his younger brother, but suddenly collapsed. A coach (hospital medic) began CPR. Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps took Aaron to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.  News Story  News Story2
    1050. 20/11/21 NSW, Australia
      Stephanie Gard (), Equestrian Athlete pericarditis, unable to feel her legs from the knees down, and unable to walk a few days after Pfizer COVID Vaccine News Story
    1051. 20/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Stefano Marconi (55), Fratta Todina karate instructor, collapsed and died suddenly whilst training.  News Story
    1052. 20/11/2021 Bolivia Dead
      Marlon Herrera (47), played professional football for various clubs and the Bolivian national side. He had played the first half in a local match when he suddenly collapsed. He was taken to a doctor who diagnosed a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story
    1053. 19/11/21 USA
      Cooper Teare (22), world class runner, collapsed during the 2021 NCAA Cross-Country Championships while competing for the University of Oregon. Covid booster two weeks earlier. He complained about problems with his heart and doctors worked to bring down his heart rate.  News Story
    1054. 19/11/2021 France
      Mathilde (16), Gymnast ‘can no longer walk’ after being vaccinated against Covid-19 so she could continue doing gymnastics. “My spine burns me constantly,” said Mathilde, adding that the doctors told her the cure could take two months or two years.  News Story
    1055. 18/11/21  Dead
      Héctor Vilellas Soro (27), Aragonese athlete suffered cardiac arrest while contesting the Behobia-San Sebastian. He was immediately evacuated to the hospital in the capital of Gipuzkoa, where he died.  News Story
    1056. 18/11/21 NY USA  Dead
      Carmyne Paschall Payton (15), a sophomore basketball player at Copiague High School, Long Island, New York, was running laps when he suddenly collapsed and did not get back up. First Responders tried to resuscitate him, but failed. Carmyne’s father, Arthur Payton, told NBC New York that his son had “no prior health issues,” sharing: “He made the first cut for the boys basketball team. This was the second day of tryouts.”  News Story  News Story
    1057. 18/11/21 Finland Dead
      Kim Suominen (52), player and coach at Turku Ball Club, passed away unexpectedly.  News Story
    1058. 18/11/2021 France Dead
      Ouladzislau Chastakou (24), expert Swimmer had a sudden cardiac arrest and drowned in France, during a scheduled and supervised military training activity. Despite the intervention of the medical team present on the spot and the rescue services, he could not be resuscitated.  News Story
    1059. 18/11/2021 Russia Dead
      Denis Kovba (42), Samara professional footballer from Belarus who played for various clubs plus the Belorus national team. He is reported to be a victim of “covid-19.”  News Story
    1060. 17/11/2021 Serbia Dead
      Aleksandar Krsić (30), FK Radnicki football player from Ratkov collapsed with a cardiac arrest during training He died in the ambulance en route to Novi Sad Clinical Centre.  News Story
    1061. 17/11/21 Italy Dead
      Michele De Vecchi (25), mountain runner was jogging with a friend in the Prosecco hills collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died on the trail. News Story
    1062. 17/11/21 Panama Dead
      Adonis Villanueva (27), Panamanian Club Deportivo del Este midfielder may have hit his head in a game. (2 different stories) Later, after arriving at home, collapsed with a stroke. He died in hospital several days later on November 23. He woke up shortly before he died and a doctor asked him to move his hand, which he did. News Story  News Story2
    1063. 17/11/21
      Sarah Gigante (21), Olympic road cyclist and reigning Australian time trial champion had a severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine, severe chest pains in July after the Tokyo Olympics and repeated hospitalizations in August, in Girona, Spain. Diagnosed with myopericarditis  News Story  News Story2
    1064. 17/11/2021 Queensland, Australia Dead
      Caitlin Gotze (23), walked 20km per day with the horses that she looked after. Her employer mandated the vaccine. After the first vaccination, her health went downhill, and even more after the second covid19 injection, and she died.  News Story
    1065. 15/11/21
      Julio Lugo (45) Dominican former Boston Red Sox shortstop died of a cardiac arrest in his sleep. No Vax status discovered yet. (Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Boston Red Sox), World Series champion (2007)  News Story  News Story2
    1066. 15/11/2021 France Dead
      Pascal Joly (62), Jockey collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the middle of a trotting race.  News Story
    1067. 15/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Marcin Pater (46), former Wisła Krakó Football player died suddenly. Looking for more information.  News Story
    1068. 15/11/2021 Ivory Coast Dead
      Doukouré Karamoko (28), Mouna FC footballer in Ivory Coast, collapsed suddenly due to a cardiac arrest in his first training session with his new club.  News Story
    1069. 15/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Zbigniew Korszun (48), former Lechia Zielona Góra professional footballer, died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    1070. 14/11/2021 France Dead
      Julie Le Galliard (31), French boxing champion in 2015. Suffered from an immune-suppressive blood disease after full vaccination. Media reported her death was a result of coronavirus.  News Story
    1071. 14/11/21 Athens, Greece Dead
      Stevan Jelovac (32), Serbian basketballer, playing for AEK Athens, collapsed during individual practice. In hospital was diagnosed with a stroke and died on December 5th.  News Story
    1072. 14/11/21 Australia
      Michelle Goszko (44), Aussie cricket great, in ICU after stroke at 44. She is fully vaccinated. News Story
    1073. 13/11/2021 Basel Switzerland
      Ömer Türkes (Age), FC Basel football U-14 coach collapsed with cardiac arrest on the sidelines of a match against Zurich and was resuscitated. The club confirmed was stable on Saturday evening. News Story
    1074. 13/11/21 Uruguay
      Sabrina Soravilla (25), Uruguayan Nacional player diagnosed with a career-ending heart condition 7 months after receiving her first Sinovax COVID vaccine News Story
    1075. 13/11/21 Connecticut, USA Dead
      Jarosław Pacoń (49), Polish footballer (Stal Stalowa Wola) last played for Olympia Stamford SC, in Stamford, Connecticut. He started his football career in Stal Gorzyce in the early 90s, played for Stal Stalowa Wola in 1993-96 and moved to the USA, where he lived for 20 years before he died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1076. 13/11/21 Bulgaria Dead
      Ivo Georgiev, 49, Bulgarian footballer (Debrecen, Korabostroitel, national team), heart failure.  News Story
    1077. 13/11/21, Denmark
      Luther Singh (24) FC Copenhagen footballer hospitalized with a ‘mysterious illness’  News Story
    1078. 13/11/2021 France
      Kenny Liveze (19) Judoka suffered a stroke and was taken to hospital for treatment. The young judoka from Guadeloupe, has already been European and World Cadet Champion in 2019 and bronze medalist at the European Juniors 2020. He is gradually resuming training.  News Story
    1079. 13/11/2021 Quebec, Canada Dead
      Jean-Arthur Tremblay (63), Canadian long distance runner runner suddenly collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died. He was a Raid team captain and an active member of the Ukatak Raid, between Charlevoix and Saguenay in five days, a 400-kilometre event combining mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dog sledding.  News Story
    1080. 13/11/2021 Ireland Dead
      Zane Timpson (26), top skateboarder who worked with Bones Wheels team. He died unexpectedly. No further details available.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1081. 12/11/21 USA  Dead
      Dejmi Dumervil-Jean (22), former (2018) Louisville football player died  News Story
    1082. 12/11/2021 France Dead
      Jean-Yves Artu (61), former jockey collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest. There were no warning signs.  News Story
    1083. 11/11/21 Paraguay Dead
      Jony López (16), Sol del Este Club football player suddenly collapsed due to a cardiac arrest, in a training break, while drinking water. He was taken to a care center, but they could not resuscitate him. The Sol del Este Club is at Km 12 of Ciudad del Este (Eastern City), Paraguay. Vaccinations started in February 2021, but vaccination rates are low due to lack of supplies.   News Story
    1084. 11/11/21, Germany  Dead
      Jörg Heinle (40) former striker and coach of Spvgg Detter-Weißenbach (Bavaria), an anesthesia nurse at the Franz von Prümmer-Klinik Bad Brückenau and family man died suddenly  News Story
    1085. 10/11/21
      Murphy Jensen (53), Grand Slam Champion recovering after sudden cardiac arrest while playing tennis at a pro-celebrity charity event in Colorado. Hit his head in the collapse and has fractures at the base of his skull.  News Story
    1086. 10/11/2021 Brazil Dead
      Julio César Oliveira (49), martial arts master suffered a stroke due to an aneurysm and died after 15 days in hospital.  News Story
    1087. 10/11/2021 Minnesota, USA
      Dakota Dozier (30), Minnesota Vikings, American Football player. He was vaccinated, but was then hospitalized “because of COVID.”  News Story
    1088. 09/11/2021 New York, USA
      Keaton Parks (24), New York City FC, MLS player had surgery to remove a blood clot from his leg  News Story
    1089. 08/11/21 Houston, TX USA Dead
      Willis Forko (37), Liberian-American former footballer (Real Salt Lake, Bodø/Glimt, national team) died suddenly.  News Story  Obituary
    1090. 08/11/21, USA Dead
      Pedro Feliciano (45) New York Mets Pitcher died of a cardiac arrest in his sleep. No Vax status discovered yet.  News Story
    1091. 08/11/21, Paraguay Dead
      Nelson Solano (21), March 1 F.C footballer from the Cándida Achucarro neighborhood of San Antonio, collapsed due to a cardiac arrest after the end of the match after playing all the first half and part of the second with no symptoms or strange behavior. Solano, son of the coach, watched the rest of the game from the bench and then entered the field to celebrate the victory with his teammates, when he collapsed on the grass. He was transferred in a patrol car to a hospital but he died. He was playing in a tournament of the Football Union of the Interior. Vaccinations started in February 2021, but vaccination rates are low due to lack of supplies.  News Story
    1092. 08/11/21 UK Dead
      Tom Greenway (38), Champion jockey died News Story
    1093. 08/11/21 USA  Dead
      Kim ‘Alarm’ Kyeong-Bo (20), a rising star in the Overwatch League playing flex support for the Philadelphia Fusion, died.  News Story
    1094. 08/11/21 Houston, TX, USA  Dead
      Jamarcus Hall (16) Houston High School football player died on the same day the Hilltoppers football team was scheduled to play at Senatobia in the first round of the Class 4A playoffs News Story
    1095. 08/11/2021 Germany Dead
      Ludwig Schmidt (56),TSV Lauf Footballer and Tennis player was involved in football all his life, but collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and died in Germany whilst playing tennis.  News Story
    1096. 08/11/2021 New Brunswick, Canada Dead
      Sohrab Lutchmedial (52), Ice Hockey coach and cardiologist who told the non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral.” Two weeks after a third mRNA injection, he died.  News Story  News Story2
    1097. 08/11/2021 Sweden
      Aksel Örn Ekblom (31), Bandy player (similar to ice hockey … but with a ball). He has been banned from training since receiving the vaccine as he now has heart problems.  News Story
    1098. 07/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Jajov Adenan (30), Macedonian footballer and lumberjack. Relatives said he experienced fatigue and nausea after the 2nd Pfizer vaccine. After playing soccer with friends, he felt sick, lost consciousness, and collapsed on a bench, between the first and second half, 3 days after the vaccine. Resuscitation failed. He was previously listed in “no information” due to his name being spelled “Jiob Adnan” from a Hebrew translation.  News Story
    1099. 07/11/21 Utah, USA
      Eric Turner (41), fitness model and bodybuilder suffered a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. His second COVID vaccine was in mid-may, according to his own posts. Like Doctor Lutchmedial, he said nasty things about people who preferred Ivermectin over experimental vaccines. News Story  Thank you Heidi
    1100. 07/11/21 Russia  Dead
      Aliya Khambikova, 21, Female Russian volleyball player. Died of unstated illness (not COVID) News Story
    1101. 07/11/21 Norcross High School, Georgia, USA Dead
      Isaiah Banks, 16, Norcross High School football player died at home of a medical condition unrelated to football.   News Story
    1102. 07/11/21, Germany
      Unnamed football player collapsed in Landesliga Staffel 2 NRW FC Arpe/Wormbach against BSV Menden (NRW) without opposing influence.  News Story
    1103. 07/11/21, Germany
      Unnamed Referee collapsed in 20th minute of a women’s game in Thüringen.  News Story
    1104. 07/11/21, Germany
      Unnamed vaccinated football player suffered a stroke during a district cup match, with one-side paralysis, transported to hospital by ambulance.  News Story
    1105. 07/11/2021 Denmark
      Benjamin Rud Jensen (25), Vordingborg Footballer collapsed on the field at the end of the FC Nakskov and Vordingborg IF match. Resuscitated and then taken to Nykøbing Falster hospital for further observation. Symptoms: chest pain, bad headaches and dizziness.  News Story
    1106. 06/11/2021 Galicia, Spain
      Ezequiel Martínez Canosa (20), Fisterra footballer collapsed during a match. He said heart problems run in the family, and that more tests were needed to know what really happened. Vaccination status unknown. News Story
    1107. 06/11/21 Primorsky Territory, Russia Dead
      Victor Plakhuta (35), Powerlifter. Victor’s sister said he was generally fit and healthy. Cause of death given as bilateral pneumonia, but according to friends, Victor died two weeks after coronavirus vaccination.  News Story
    1108. 06/11/21 Brazil  Dead
      Luíz Antônio dos Santos, 57, Brazilian Olympic long-distance runner (1996), cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1109. 06/11/21, Scotland
      Jamie Hamilton (19) Hamilton Accies defender left the field with chest pains.  News Story
    1110. 06/11/2021 Dead
      Shawn Rhoden (46), Mr. Olympia 2018 bodybuilder, dead from cardiac arrest News Story
    1111. 05/11/2022 Belarus Dead
      Alyaksandr Fedarovich (48), former BATE Borisov Belarusian professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. No details of his death are available.  News Story
    1112. 05/11/2021 Argentina Dead
      Carlos Mario Brummich (60+), Yeti Gutiérrez basketballer collapsed during a tournament match and the hospital was unable to save him. News Story
    1113. 05/11/21 Belarusia Dead
      Konstantin Wajgin (or Vaygin or Vaigin), 57, Belarusian biathlete and coach. News report only refers to death, not cause.  News Story
    1114. 05/11/21 Italy
      Daouda Peeters (22), Belgian footballer, Juventus midfielder. Diagnosed with neuropathy, sensory disorders and motor difficulties.  News Story
    1115. 05/11/21 Spain
      Caroline Graham Hansen (26), FC Barcelona women’s footballer from Norway. Complained of a rapid heartbeat and chest pains during a game and was replaced. Diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. After more than a month out, she returned to playing.  News Story
    1116. 05/11/21, USA Dead
      Dusan Pasek (36), @bratislavaCAPS CEO, 2 days after Boris Sádecký. We suspected all along that Pasek may have killed himself because he convinced his while team to get vaccinated, and the vaccine killed his friend and star player, Boris Sádecký.  News Story
    1117. 04/11/2021 Provo, Utah, US
      Richard Harward (26), Brigham Young Cougars basketball player (#42) will miss the rest of the season due to a “cardiovascular issue.” Harward was vaccinated 2 weeks prior.  News Story
    1118. 04/11/2021 France
      Gabriel (16) Basketballer from Haute-Garonne, France suffered severe chest pains at school, 2 days after his first dose of COVID vaccine on September 11 2021. He was told “it would pass.” “Two days later, still in high school, it started again. He said it was like his heart was being crushed. He was told to breathe, that it didn’t matter.” His health improved but, forty-eight hours later, he was in pain at home. He was bent and grabbed his chest. He has a cardiac arrest. Two days later, it happened ahain and was diagnosed with myocarditis. As he is very athletic, his basketball club required a health pass and he was banned from sport for a month. He was advised not to have more vaccinations. He is unable to leave France, even though he was to travel for sport.  News Story
    1119. 04/11/2021 Pennsylvania, USA
      Dick Dodds (62), longtime ice hockey coach, suffered a cardiac arrest while teaching a class for adults. He started to feel ill and left the ice to go into his office alone, but collapsed. He has since started cardiac rehabilitation, which entails performing some exercises while his heart is being monitored.  News Story
    1120. 04/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Adrianna Piller (42), Polish biathlete who won medals at the world championships. She died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1121. 03/11/21, USA Dead
      Jordan Tucker (late 20s) former Longridge Town FC Captain died suddenly.
    1122. 03/11/21, Austria Dead
      Boris Sádecký (24), vaccinated Slovakian @bratislavaCAPS ice hockey star died after collapsing on the ice during a match in Dornbirn, Austria. As of September 25, over 80 percent of the league’s players had received COVID injections.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1123. 03/11/2021 Latvia Dead
      Ingus Eiduks (61), Latvian skier and coach died. His daughter said her father was double vaccinated. He coached his children to be multiple Latvian champions.  News Story  News Story2
    1124. 02/11/2021 Poland Dead
      Robert Marcyś (44), former Żak Kielce jodoka, died while training with a group of judo veterans at the club. No further details given.  News Story
    1125. 02/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Andrea Cursio (42), former professional Pordenone footballer collapsed and died in the office where he worked. He had always been involved with football and continued coaching after his playing career ended.  News Story  News Story2
    1126. 02/11/2021 New York, USA Dead
      Christina Carpenito (28), former high school volleyball player, died suddenly at her home in Westchester, New York state.  News Story
    1127. 01/11/21, Wales  Dead
      Logan Luker (17), rugby player Youth Captain at Penygraig RFC died suddenly News Story
    1128. 01/11/2021 Montana, USA Dead
      Jedd Hoffman (15), Park City High School wide receiver and linebacker, collapsed with seizure-like actions. An assistant coach administered CPR and used a defibrillator. Hoffman was rushed to hospital at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, where he died a week later.  News Story
    1129. 01/11/21, Sogndal, Norway
      Emil Palsson (28), Icelandic midfielder playing for Sogndal (Norwegian club), collapsed due to cardiac arrest during their game against Stjordals-Blink in the 12th minute, resuscitated, then flown to Haukeland Hospital for further examination and treatment.  News Story
    1130. 01/11/21, Italy Dead
      Vittoria Campo Italian soccer player collapsed with cardiac arrest, died in hospital. Her brother Alessandro (25) died 1/9/2021.  News Story
    1131. ??/11/2021 Switzerland
      Lara Gut-Behrami (30), Swiss World Cup alpine ski racer had extreme difficulty breathing and suffered repeated seizures for several weeks since the vaccine in October. She only trained five times in November 2021. On 30 November she still had difficulty breathing. On 11 December, she won a race, but on 17th, a positive COVID PCR test will keep her out for four races.  News Story  News Story2

      October 2021

    1132. ??/10/21, Tennesee, USA
      Shelby Grace Allen (17), Dyer County Bowling Team member in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis, after developing Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  News Story
    1133. 31/10/2021 France
      Unnamed (42), Ourville-en-Caux footballer collapsed with cardiac arrest in the locker room after a match between Ourville-en-Caux and Yvetot. Resuscitated and airlifted to Rouen CHU hospital.  News Story
    1134. 31/10/2021 Minnesota, USA
      Unnamed (Age?) female Ice Hockey player, a high school senior student in Blaine, collapsed with cardiac arrest on the ice during a hockey match at the Super Rink. Resuscitated by a college student EMT on her second day in the job. Taken to Coon Rapids Mercy Hospital, released the next day.  News Story
    1135. 31/10/2021 Poland Dead
      Krystian Kozek (17), MKS Wisłok Strzyżów football goalkeeper and manager. “Today the whole Wisłok mourned. We lost a member of our soccer family. With great regret, we announce the tragic death of our Friend, Manager, Goalkeeper and the always smiling good man.” No details of the circumstances were available Krystian is one of three young Polish footballers who died this year. News Story
    1136. 31/10/21, Spain
      Sergio Aguero (33), Argentinian Barcelona star striker suffered chest pains and collapsed in match, now being treated for heart problems. Also known as Kun Agüero)  December 15 update – Sergio Aguero announced he was forced to retire by a “heart condition.”  News Story
    1137. 31/10/2021 Argentina Dead
      Jorge Casas (56) lifelong marathon runner participated in an event in Capilla del Monte collapsed and died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1138. 30/10/21, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Blake Barklage (17), a tennis player at La Salle High School in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. Collapsed and died with a sudden cardiac arrest, after his team’s victory in the PCL. La Salle Covid Policy: Vaccines encouraged, Magnus confirmation, No quarantine or contact tracing for vaccinated students, Unvaccinated strongly encouraged to wear a mask, No unvaccinated students may travel beyond local events (Maximum 2.0 hr radius), includes student athletes. Note: Blake’s name was misspelled Barkley in a news story.  News Story
    1139. 30/10/21 Tunisia Dead
      Doudou Faye (35), Senegalese basketball player suffered cardiac arrest. The Tunisian basketball championship paid tribute to one of its eminent members. News Story
    1140. 30/10/21, Germany
      Benedikt Kirsch, captain of SpVgg Bayreuth (Bavaria) collapsed on the pitch. Julian Pietsch from VfB Schloß Holte 2 resuscitated him.  News Story
    1141. 30/10/2021 New York, USA
      Monika Simkova (23), former University at Buffalo Volleyball player was perfectly healthy only days before being taken to hospital, where doctors realized an aggressive bacterial infection had taken over and her body turned septic. “They amputated both her legs … above the knees. They were beyond saving.”  News Story
      29/10/2021 India Dead
      Puneeth Rajkumar (46), Fitness and Powerstar actor had always been a strong advocate of health and fitness, regarded highly for his physique and fitness ethic. He encouraged others to get the covid vaccine and shared a photo of himself being injected. He was taken to the doctor, complaining of intense fatigue after visiting the gym. He was then rushed to hospital, where he later died.  News Story  News Story2
    1142. 28/10/21, Balochistan Dead
      Mohammad Islam (30), Raziq football player collapsed mid game, pronounced dead at hospital  News Story
    1143. 28/10/21, New Jersey USA, (New Zealand rugby player), (28)
      Tevita Bryce (28) Montclair Norsemen rugby player collapsed during game from 2 heart attacks and a stroke caused by a blood clot, heart stopped for 28 minutes  News Story  News Story
    1144. 28/10/21, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Jayson Kidd (12) collapsed during basketball practice at school and later died.  News Story
    1145. 28/10/21, Germany Dead
      Levent Selim (48), Hertha BSC co-trainer,  died suddenly and unexpectedly while on vacation.  Club URL  News Story  Twitter
    1146. 28/10/21, Germany
      Unnamed football player suffered cardiac arrest (NRW) Dersum. Rescusitated by Josef Stefens and Jürgen Koop  News Story
    1147. 27/10/2021 North Carolina, USA Dead
      Calvin T. Rockward III (38), physical fitness. A highly-trained special forces operative suffered “a sudden unexpected medical event during training” and died during a physical fitness training exercise at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.  News Story
    1148. 27/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Mirco Adani (53), expert cyclist over many years of mountain biking in Italy. His body was found after suffering a cardiac arrest while out cycling.  News Story
    1149. 26/10/21 Derbyshire, England Dead
      Jack Gallagher (20’s), Gresley Rovers footballer (United Counties Premier League North). Clubs across the area paid tribute to the young footballer. No cause of death.  News Story
    1150. 25/10/2021 Liège, Belgium Dead
      Michaël Englebert (37), Ortho footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in the locker room after playing a match. He was resuscitated, but died the next day in hospital. News Story
    1151. 25/10/21
      Halil Elitok (25), SG Gahmen midfielder collapsed on pitch due to cardiac arrest  News Story
    1152. 24/10/21 USA Dead
      Carl Madsen (71), NFL official died in his car, stalled in a lane on I-65, after working the Kansas City-Tennessee game  News Story
    1153. 24/10/21, Germany
      Elly Böttcher (17) from Rostocker FC collapsed in away game in Hohen Neuendorf of the women’s Regionalliga Nordost without opposing influence   News Story
    1154. 24/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Mario Mingarelli (69), school PE teacher, footballer and coach of many football teams. On his last day, having been to two football matches, he returned to home, where he began to experience symptoms of illness and was rushed to hospital, where he died.  News Story
    1155. 24/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Bruno Taffarel (56) was hiking in the Italian Alps when he collapsed on an uphill stretch. Immediate resuscitation attempts failed and he died. News Story
    1156. 24/10/2021 South Korea Dead
      Something Min (33), Fitness trainer died 3 days after his 2nd Moderna vaccine. His sister said that her young brother was in good health, with no underlying disease and who used to exercise every day due to the nature of his work.  News Story
    1157. 24/10/2021 France Dead
      Unnamed (43), Montgasconnaise Sports Union Football goalkeeper collapsed at half-time in the locker room. Resuscitation attempts for more than an hour failed and he died.  News Story
    1158. 23/10/2021 Spain Dead
      José Sáenz Guerrero (53), runner from the Cantabrian municipality of Santoña. Was participating in the Bilbao half-marathon race but collapsed, suffering three cardiac arrests and died just after the run ended.  News Story
    1159. 23/10/2021 Italy
      Francesco Ossato (20), Skateboarder arrived at the skate park to skate with friends. He collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest before doing anything strenuous. He was taken to hospital. Further details awaited.  News Story
    1160. 23/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Remigio Bova (30), Serie C basketball referee, who worked as an instrumental nurse in Rome, Italy. He died unexpectedly in his sleep.  News Story
    1161. 22/10/2021 California, USA Dead
      Marco Benitez (13), football player suddenly collapsed while playing football at school. He was transported to hospital but later died. His mother said he was a healthy teenager. The coroner’s medical report, said he had an undetected heart condition.  News Story
    1162. 22/10/2021 California, USA Dead
      Marco Benitez (13), Footballer and middle school student collapsed while playing football at school. He was transported to the hospital where he later died. His mother said “Benitez was a healthy teenager.”  News Story  News Story2
    1163. 21/10/21, UK
      Nathan Baker, Bristol city footballer, collapsed during the game. 2 fans were also treated for medical emergencies.  News Story
    1164. 21/10/21, NSW Central Coast, Australia
      Cienna Knowles (19) Australian equestrian star hospitalized due to blood clots. vomiting, fever, wet in sweat, heart palpitations, headache, sore muscles & joints like hell, blurry vision after Pfizer vaccine. News Story and instagram
    1165. 20/10/21, Germany  Dead
      Hans-Günter Kinnen (65), Weiler-Volkhoven tournament coordinator, youth manager, former player  News Story
    1166. 20/10/21, Italy  Dead
      Ronald Biglione (26), Argentine Deportivo Club Independencia football player hospitalized with blood clots (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) after 2nd vaccine. Died 5 Nov News Story
    1167. 19/10/2021 Murcia, Spain
      Antonio López (32), Real Murcia football defender had cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that can lead to heart failure, forced him to retire from playing football. He will have an implanted defibrillator. News Story
    1168. 19/10/21
      Megan Roth (34), Marathoner, running trainer and sub-elite runner. Suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed During the Boston Marathon. Onlookers performed CPR on her and saved her life. News Story
    1169. 18/10/2021 Mexico
      Ronaldo Cisneros (24), Chivas footballer announced that his medical examination found a heart problem. News Story
    1170. 18/10/21 New Zealand Dead
      Sean Wainui (25), Star NZ rugby player, died in a solo car crash into a tree, a week after getting vaccinated  News Story
    1171. 18/10/21 USA Dead
      Lexi Riggles (16), a Hanover College senior and 2018 Danville High School graduate who played basketball for the Panthers and Warriors, died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1172. 18/10/2021 France
      Ansou Sen (27), Pluvigner football club defender suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed in the middle of the Brittany Cup match. He was airlifted to hospital.  News Story
    1173. 18/10/2021 Texas, USA
      Alvino Santana (56), Kickboxer was instructing a class when he went into sudden cardiac arrest in the gym. A defibrillator and CPR were used to resuscitate him and he is recovering.  News Story
    1174. 17/10/2021 USA Dead
      Brian Gassaway (49), former UFC MMA fighter. No cause of death.  News Story
    1175. 17/10/21 Brazil Dead
      Adans João Santos Alencar (38), former Brazilian footballer for Bruski FC, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in Blumenau in the Santa Catarina Championship.  News Story
    1176. 17/10/21, France Dead
      Badr Laksour (41), AS Rasteau midfield soccer player collapsed in the 43rd minute, at the Saint-Ruf stadium in Avignon. He held his chest and collapsed due to cardiac arrest. Players of the opposing team and a nurse tried to resuscitate him but he died.  News Story. News Story
    1177. 17/10/21 Italy Dead
      Haitem Jabeur Fathallah (32), Tunisian basketball player for Italian team Fortutido Messina collapsed with a cardiac arrest in a match against Reggio Calabria. Resuscitation started on the floor, with several doctors attending. Died in hospital.  News Story
    1178. 17/10/2021 Michegan, USA
      Tommy Kornieck (26), Marathon Runner collapsed with a sudden cardiac arrest during the Detroit Marathon. He received treatment on the spot and was taken to hospital. Implanted with a cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).  News Story
    1179. 17/10/2021 Ohio, USA Dead
      Braden Markus (15), American Football student at Olentangy High School in Ohio, USA also played other sports. He died suddenly. No further details available.  News Story
    1180. 16/10/21 Padua, Italy Dead
      Dr. Filippo Morando (37), soccer player in Padua, Italy. Collapsed with severe chest pain during a run. Resuscitated by others present, went to the hospital but was discharged. Died 5 days later.  News Story
    1181. 16/10/21, France Dead
      Christophe Ramassamy (54) AH player and former referee collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest during a match.  News Story
    1182. 15/10/21, Gold Coast, Australia, 14 years old
      Ava Azzopardi (14), female soccer player collapsed on the pitch kept in an artificial coma in hospital. Later recovered.  News Story
    1183. 15/10/2021 Alberta, Canada Dead
      Brandon Isaac (24), Lakeland Rustlers Basketball player died suddenly.  News Story  News Story2
    1184. 14/10/21, Germany Dead
      Heinz Steinbach (76), referee collapsed and died during a game Kreisliga B match between SC Daisbach and FSV Taunusstein in Aarbergen (Hesse)  News Story   News Story2
    1185. 14/10/21, Italy
      Unnamed AH footballer (53) suffered a cardiac arrest while training.
    1186. 14/10/21, Italy
      Gianni Moscon (27), multiple cycling champion, to undergo an operation because of severe cardiac arrhythmia.  News Story
    1187. 14/10/21 UK Dead
      David Jenkins (31), Olympic silver medalist diver and British diving coach unexpectedly died. News Story
    1188. 13/10/21, Brazil
      Fellipe de Jesus Moreira (18) professional footballer suffered a double heart attack. Released from hospital 3rd November.  News Story
    1189. 13/10/21, Mexico Dead
      Hector Manuel Mendoza (16) died of a cardiac arrest while training.  News Story
    1190. 13/10/2021 India Dead
      Kaizzad Capadia (49), fitness expert, vaccinated director of a fitness education company and celebrity trainer in India collapsed with a sudden illness and by the time he arrived at hospital, he was already dead. A rapid antigen test was done. “The test was positive for Covid-19 and the cause of death on the certificate was listed as due to coronavirus disease”. According to his relatives, Capadia had taken his first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.  News Story  News Story2
    1191. 13/10/2021 France Dead
      Andréa Lombard (21), national gendarmerie rugby union team player suffered a stroke and was placed in an artificial coma. Died five days later.  News Story  News Story2
    1192. 12/10/2021 Spain
      Ferran Duran (27), Maià footballer collapsed on the pitch then suffered multiple heart attacks before arriving at the hospital. An automatic defibrillator was implanted in his heart.  News Story  News Story2
    1193. 12/10/21, Macedonia Dead
      Julija Portjanko (38), Ukrainian-born Macedonian handball player (Kometal Gjorče Petrov, Arvor 29, Macedonia national team). surprise death, in car with her husband, returning from Greece. News Story
    1194. 12/10/21 Germany Dead
      Lukas Bommer (25), goalkeeper of HC TuRa Bergkamen, died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
    1195. 12/10/21 Scotland, UK
      Ewan Fraser (30), Glasgow field hockey player collapsed with cardiac arrest, during a match News Story
    1196. 11/10/2021 Russia Dead
      Igor Nikulin (61), Hammer thrower is the third Soviet Olympic hammer medallist to die in less than two months. This follows the deaths in September of double gold medallist Yuriy Sedykh and two-time bronze medallist Jüri Tamm. Vaccinated twice.  News Story
    1197. 11/10/21 Norway
      Daniel Aakervik (17), one of Norway’s greatest cross-country skiing talents suspended his season after a severe reaction to COVID vaccination. News Story
    1198. 11/10/21, Germany
      Marcel Herder, Guest coach,  collapsed on the edge of field Mühlwiese (Saxony) Resuscitated  News Story
    1199. 11/10/2021 North Macedonia Dead
      Julia Nikolic (38), Handball player for various clubs and 57 international matches for North Macedonia, died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1200. 10/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Alessandro Cabrio (59), Gaglianico 74 sports association Runner. He had covered about 17km of the planned circuit, only 4km from the end, when he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. News Story
    1201. 10/10/21 Dead
      Simone Bedodi (40), Italian baseball player and coach of the Park Ranger baseball team. Died In his sleep.  News Story
    1202. 10/10/2021, Germany
      Unnamed female Fortuna Freudenberg player collapsed in the final minute of the match against Wacker Mecklenbeck in the Women’s Westphalia League. She collapsed without any opposing influence.  News Story
    1203. 10/10/21, Italy Dead
      Unnamed (59) long-distance runner from Biella collapsed with cardiac arrest during the second Su-Per Veglio Trail race. Resuscitation with defibrilator failed and he died there.
    1204. 10/10/21, France
      Unnamed Saint-James player (40) collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the change room, after warming up before the game with Avranches. Saved with defibrilator by a firefighter-medic on the opposing team.  News Story
    1205. 10/10/21, Italy
      Pompeo Tretola (18), soccer player suddenly faints on the field, is revived by his teammate.  News Story
    1206. 10/10/2021 Sri Lanka Dead
      Gayan Shanaka (33), Sri Lanka Army Rugby Union frontline player in the Sri Lanka Army rugby team. Collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest during training and died.  News Story
    1207. 10/10/2021 France
      Christophe Da Silva (Age), Saint Avé, Footballer was playing football with 35 minutes left in the match when he collapsed. The on-site defibrillator did not work, but fellow players managed to resuscitate him.  News Story
    1208. 09/10/21, England
      Ryan Bowman (29) Shrewsbury professional striker was treated with a defibrillator after half an hour of play with extreme heart problems.  News Story
    1209. 09/10/21, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Dead
      Alberto Olguin, PGA golf caddy for Manuel Torres collapsed on the course during PGA Tour Latinoamerica event due to a cardiac arrest. It was the second PGA caddy death (19 June).  News Story
    1210. 09/10/2021 Germany
      Patrick Schaaf (32), SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz Footballer. After playing on October 9th 2021, Patrick Schaaf had stabbing pains in his lungs when he inhaled. Diagnosis: pneumonia and pericarditis. Schaaf had apparently ignored an earlier infection. The result: three months sports ban. In late January 2022, he had the green light to start training again.  News Story
    1211. 09/10/2021 Italy Dead
      Riccardo Firrarello (29), Football player from the Vercelli area of Italy, played for various local football teams died suddenly.  News Story
    1212. 09/10/2021 Ecuador
      Joao Paredes (25), Mushuc Runa Footballer, a new player for the club, but “unofficially it is said that Paredes did not pass the medical tests … he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia and fibrosis, for which he was recommended to retire.” On March 9th 2022, he is reported training with the reserves team.  News Story
    1213. 08/10/21 Dead
      Dean Chiazari (31), canoe rower. Died of a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1214. 08/10/21, France Dead
      Benoit Sabard (49), SC Massay player suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during the game. This is the third death of the year at SC Massay, after that of Jean-Philippe Roux (73?), former president of the club and deputy mayor of the town, and that of Franck Martin, former player and former vice-president.  News Story
    1215. 08/10/2021 Zimbabwe Dead
      Dean Chiazzari (31), Canoer had been to the Fish River Canoe Marathon in Zimbabwe. At some point, he had a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story  News Story2
    1216. 07/10/2021 Japan
      Kota Ibushi (39), Wrestler cancelled his participation in contests (July 2021) due to vaccine side-effects. Six months later, December 2021, he is still being monitored to determine when he can return to the ring.  News Story  News Story2
    1217. 07/10/21, Italy
      Unnamed athlete from Colverde (17) collapsed with cardiac arrest while training.
    1218. 07/10/2021 France Dead
      Gaëtan Binet (27) Jogger collapsed due to a cardiac arrest whilst jogging. He was training to be a dog handler.  News Story
    1219. 07/10/2021 France
      Mickaël De Oliveira (31), Footballer developed pericarditis shortly after receiving the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine. Mickaël said that he had only taken vaccine because of the recent introduction of the health pass: “I play soccer and I do improv theater – to continue – I needed the pass. Likewise, to have a normal social life. I would’ve never taken the vaccine if it wasn’t for the health pass.”  News Story
    1220. 06/10/21, Germany Dead
      Bern Bauer (61), Trainer DJK Concordia Ludwigshafen (Rheinland-Pfalz)  News Story
    1221. 06/10/21
      Florian Dagoury: World’s Top Static Breath-Hold Freediver diagnosed with Myocarditis and Pericarditis 40 days after second Pfizer vaccine – Instagram  News Story
    1222. 06/10/21 Dead
      George Peterson (37) AKA “Da Bull” Bodybuilder won the Classic Physique competition at 2019 Arnold Classic, died days before competing in a top bodybuilding competition. Suspected brain hemorrhage after receiving two doses of covid vaccine which was an Orlando Olympics requirement. Also reported: sudden cardiac dysrhythmia due to hypertensive cardiovascular disease.  News Story
    1223. 06/10/2021 Ohio, USA
      Elias Abou Nassif (44), Gymnast was working out in the gym when he collapsed from a cardiac arrest. Three doctors, also working out at the gym, performed CPR on him for seven minutes and then used the gym’s automated external defibrillator (AED) on him to bring back a heartbeat.  News Story
    1224. 04/10/21, Germany Dead
      Alexander Siegfried (42) from VfB Moschendorf unexpectedly collapsed and died.  News Story
    1225. 04/10/21 Dead
      Hayden Holman (22), Sugar City, Idaho marathon runner. Collapsed during St. George Marathon in Utah. Initially revived. Died in the hospital.  News Story
    1226. 04/10/2021 France Dead
      Evan surname unknown (17), gymnast attended the Autun military high school, but collapsed suddenly during a gym session.  News Story
    1227. 04/10/2021 Poland Dead
      Małgorzata Gembicka (36), Swimmer was for many years the leading swimmer in Poland, but she died suddenly aged only 36. No further details are available.  News Story
    1228. 03/10/21 Dead
      Niels de Wolff (27), Belgian White Star Sombeke football club player, collapsed with cardiac arrest after a game with Warbrook team. Revived with CPR and defibrillator. Died in hospital three days later.  News Story
    1229. 03/10/21, Germany
      Timucin Sen (Hesse) Football player collapsed on pitch 10 Minutes before the end of the game. Resuscitated  News Story
    1230. 03/10/21, Austria Dead
      Ernst Scherr (64) ex-goalkeeper coach and talent scout unexpectedly died.
    1231. 03/10/21 Canada
      Josh Archibald (28), Edmonton Oilers hockey forward  out indefinitely due to myocarditis News Story
    1232. 03/10/2021 Italy
      Öner Calik (35), Turkish origin football referee suffered a “medical emergency” during a match between VfB Waltrop II and Vinnum II, in the 20th minute. Symptoms: headaches and tingling in the arm. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and the match was called off. No other information available.  News Story
    1233. 02/10/2021 Argentina Dead
      Jorge “Acero” Cali (49), former kickboxing world champion and boxing promoter, suffered a cardiac arrest at a hotel in La Pampa and died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1234. 02/10/2021 USA
      Trey Potts (20), Minnesota NCAAF sophomore running back in a game with Purdue, was taken to nearby hospital. He remained in two Indiana hospitals for a total of six nights, and missed the rest of the 2021 season. The team would not release details, other than it was a severe upper body injury, but there were no signs on the field that he had been hurt. Upper body could indicate a cardiac arrest. On 22 December, Potts predicted he would make a full recovery, but still did not disclose what happened, except that it was a very serious and scary injury.   News Story
    1235. 02/10/21 France
      Martin Lefèvre (16), Agneaux FC Football player collapsed during a Gambardella Cup match against FC Saint-Lô Manche, shortly before the half-hour mark. He attends Curie-Corot high school in Saint-Lô. His father said that his son has no heart problems, it was an inflammation of an artery in the brain, like a stroke … The club president said “He was paralyzed all over the right side, had lost his speech but remained conscious.” He remained in hospital for four days and transferred to the Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents (CMPR), in Flers (Orne)  News Story
    1236. 02/10/21 Holland
      Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (23),  Dutch, reigning European champion Cyclo-cross rider out of action due to ‘disturbed blood count’ News Story
    1237. 02/10/21 Dead
      Jake Kazmarek (28) bodybuilder, Moderna vaccines 31st August & 28th September 2021 Died four days after vaccine  News Story
    1238. 02/10/21 USA Dead
      Major Wingate (37), American basketball player and former Tennessee basketball captain (Springfield Armor, Shanxi Zhongyu, Tofas Bursa) died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1239. 02/10/2021 Argentina Dead
      Nicolás Martínez (65), football player from the Veterans League collapsed due to a sudden cardiac arrest and fell heavily to the ground while playing a match.  News Story
    1240. 01/10/2021 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
      Todd Richards (54), Nashville Predators Ice Hockey assistant coach, had a heart attack or cardiac arrest  News Story
    1241. 01/10/21, Germany Dead
      Bruno Stein (15) goalkeeper from FC An der Fahner Höhe in Gräfentonna, Thuringia, died.  News Story
    1242. 01/10/21 Canada  Dead
      Jacob Downey (18), Peterborough Petes hockey player in 2019-2020 season, passed away suddenly after medical emergency. Queens University requires all students be vaccinated. Jacob’s father says he doesn’t believe it had anything to do with his son’s death News Story

      September 2021

    1243. 30/09/21, Germany
      Unnamed (17) footballer collapsed during the A 2 regional league game between SV Hoßkirch and TSV Sigmaringendorf. He suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated.  News Story
    1244. 30/09/21 Kostroma, Russia Dead
      Anna Kruglova (27), Russian national Taekwondo champion and a medallist in both European and World Taekwondo championships. No official cause of death, but it is reported that she suffered a heart attack then died, two days after covid-19 vaccine  News Story
    1245. 30/09/2021 England
      Rhema Lord-Mears (26), female Sheffield United Women’s Football defender was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lower leg and therefore unavailable for some time.  News Story
    1246. 29/09/21, Germany Dead
      Dietmar Gladow (74), Team leader from Thalheim (Bitterfeld) suffered a fatal cardiac arrest before the game  News Story
    1247. 28/09/2021 USA Dead
      Antonio Elijah Hicks (16), American football at Citrus High School, Inverness, Florida collapsed with cardiac arrest while practicing with the school football team. He was rushed to Citrus Memorial Hospital, next door to the school, but later died.  News Story
    1248. 28/09/21, USA Dead
      Unnamed twice vaccinated teenager (16) collapsed while playing soccer and died a little later.
    1249. 28/09/21, Italy Dead
      Antonello Campus (53), football coach for a Sardinia youth team collapsed and died in Sicily during practice with team. Resuscitation attempts failed.  News Story
    1250. 28/09/21, Germany
      Hoher Hagen (17), JSG soccer player collapsed during game and was revived in Hannoversch Munden  News Story
    1251. 28/09/2021 England Dead
      Jorja Halliday (15), female school student Kickboxer developed flu-like symptoms the weekend before she died. Her symptoms worsened, so she was admitted to hospital. Her heart rate was “double what it should have been.” Hospital staff tried to put Jorja on a ventilator so her body could recover, but her mother said her heart rate didn’t stabilise and “couldn’t take the strain.” Ms Halliday confirmed her daughter had no underlying health conditions.  News Story
    1252. 27/09/21, Italy
      Unnamed rider (20) suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of a tournament.
    1253. 27/09/21, Germany Dead
      Mr. Steidel, referee, suffered cardiac arrest in a game of Lauber SV (Bayern). Game abandoned.  News Story
    1254. 27/09/21, Venezuela Dead
      Guillermo Arias (31), Camaguán FC, Guárico state in a game with La Villa FC. He collapsed and died on the field. News Story
    1255. 27/09/2021 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Sean Hartman (17), Ice Hockey player died with cardiac arrest two weeks after getting a covid19 injection – so he could play hockey. Symptoms: suffered multiple health problems immediately after the jab, including myocarditis.  News Story
    1256. 27/09/2021 Belgium Dead
      Maïssa (Age), female Gymnast and high school student at Virgo Plus school in Vilvoorde collapsed with a suspected cardiac arrest just a short time into a gym class. She died a few hours later.   News Story
    1257. 26/09/2021 USA Dead
      George Hall (60), Ironman Triathlon athlete from Martinez, was swimming in the Savannah River in the 1.2-mile first leg of the race when he had a cardiac arrest. Augusta Fire & EMA tweeted later in the day that a water rescue member on a personal watercraft assisted in pulling Hall out of the water and began performing life saving measures. Hall was sent to Augusta University Medical Center and pronounced dead there at 8:41am.  News Story
    1258. 26/09/2021 Italy
      Unnamed (20), female Show Jumper had just finished the exhibition at the European equestrian center equestrian center of Masotti when she collapsed with a cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated for half an hour by the doctor and a defibrillator and taken to Pistoia hospital. She had two doses of the COVID vaccine.  News Story
    1259. 26/09/21, Germany Dead
      Benny Taft (33) football player and coach of SVU Unterferrieden (Bavaria) suffered cardiac arrest in an away game on 26th September. Was resuscitated, called the team to thank them for their fast action saving his life, but died on Sunday 27th  News Story
    1260. 25/09/2021 Greece
      George Vagiannidis (20), Panathinaikos footballer was paralyzed after receiving J&J COVID-19 vaccine, doctors have no answers.  News Story
    1261. 25/09/21 Mexico Dead
      Leticia Rico Gonzalez (51), vaccinated triathlete. Collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest during Cozumel triathlon competition in Quintana Roo. Resuscitation attempts unsuccessful, pronounced dead at hospital.  News Story
    1262. 25/09/2021 California, USA Dead
      Estefania Arroyo (18) Water Polo team player and college student died suddenly. In December 2021, Santa Barbara County Coroner’s office said the investigation into the cause of death of Arroyo remained pending and refused comment. The college implemented a “vaccine” mandate … “Students and employees on campus must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing.”  News Story  News Story2
    1263. 24/09/2021 Philippines Dead
      Jerome Yenson (24), Baseballer, on national baseball team that won the gold in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. He also led Adamson University to a UAAP baseball crown in 2018. He was found dead with no further details released.  News Story
    1264. 23/09/2021 India
      Sharad Kumar (29), Tokyo Paralympics bronze medal-winning high jumper, was diagnosed with heart inflammation.  News Story
    1265. 22/09/2021 Estonia Dead
      Jüri Tamm (64), Hammer thrower. Born in Parnu in 1957, when Estonia formed part of the Soviet Union, Tamm took up athletics in 1972. By the late 1970s he was among the top 20 in the world. Two of his Soviet-era hammer-throwing friends died within a period of two months. Vaccinated twice.  News Story
    1266. 22/09/2021 Israel Dead
      Arik Alfasi (49), Basketball coach, former Israeli national team assistant coach was twice vaccinated, then caught COVID – his condition worsened, was placed on life support and died. He had no co-morbidities and did not smoke.
    1267. 22/09/21, Germany
      Nicky Dalibor (36), (Saxony-Anhalt) collapsed and was resuscitated on the pitch  News Story
    1268. 22/09/21, Wisconsin USA
      Tom Felton (34), collapses during golf game  News Story
    1269. 21/09/21
      Antoine Méchin (31), French triathlete suffered pulmonary embolism following Moderna vaccine  News Story
    1270. 21/09/21, Germany
      Helen Edwards, At the women’s World Cup qualifier between Germany and Serbia in Chemnitz, the English linesman suffered heart problems and was carried off the pitch  News Story
    1271. 21/09/21, Augsburg
      Unnamed assistant referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg game in Emersacker, collapses with heart problems  News Story
    1272. 20/09/2021 Poland Dead
      Krzysztof Steliga (32), former MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ Ice Hockey player and former basketball player died in his sleep. No further information is available.  News Story
    1273. 19/09/2021 Serbia Dead
      D.J. (16), Footballer collapsed 30 seconds before the end of a match between the cadets of FK 011 and Rad Barajevo football clubs. fell to his knees, the coach a few meters away asked if he was okay, told him to leave the pitch. D.J. started to get up, took two steps and fell onto the grass. His pulse returned briefly during resuscitation but he died.  News Story
    1274. 19/09/21, Germany Dead
      Dirk Splisteser volleyball trainer from SG Traktor Divitz collapses dead on the sidelines within one hour News Story
    1275. 19/09/21, France
      Unnamed FC Nantes soccer player (19) suffered cardiac arrest during training
    1276. 18/09/21, Canada Dead
      Francis Perron (25), University of Ottawa Gee-Gees defensive linebacker died suddenly after a game in Toronto. The University of Ottawa earlier launched its mandatory vaccination policy, “anyone who intends on coming to campus for any reason must be vaccinated.”  News Story
    1277. 18/09/21, Germany
      Kingsley Coman (25) from FC Bayern Munich had a heart operation after an arrhythmia.  News Story
    1278. 17/09/2021 Visakhapatnam, India Dead
      Murtaza Lodhgar (aka Murtu bhai) (45), Mizoram Colts Cricketer. On an after-dinner walk he suddenly felt enormous chest pain and fell on the road  News Story
    1279. 17/09/21
      John Stokes (21), NCAA Tennessee State University golfer had myocarditis four days after his second Pfizer dose. Spoke out against vaccine mandates News Story
    1280. 16/09/2021 Greece
      Giannis Nakos (33), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Greek martial art champion. He said My life was ruined after the Pfizer vaccine. Serious problems began seven days after the first vaccine. In the gym, he suddenly lost control of his legs, shaking all over, had bradycardia and a tendency to faint. He immediately contacted his cardiologist, who first asked him if he had been vaccinated. His condition does not allow him to play sports, nor to continue his life smoothly.  News Story
    1281. 16/09/2021 Austria
      Raul Marte (19), SC Austria Lustenau midfield footballer diagnosed with pericarditis, forced to take a break of several months, will not play for SC Austria Lustenau this calendar year.  News Story
    1282. 16/09/21
      Imogen Allen (24), female equestrian, champion show jumper may never ride again. Hospitalized with a  severe reaction to Moderna Covid vaccine with two massive blood clots on her lungs two weeks after her first vaccination. News Story
    1283. 16/09/21, India Dead
      Avi Barot (29), Saurashtra cricketer suffered cardiac arrest, died – News Story
    1284. 15/09/2021 Pennsylvania, USA
      Rick Henrick (66), Golfer and “active 66-year-old US trucking company sales director.” “Henrick started the day with a workout and a swim, then headed to the golf course for the tournament.”  He was not feeling well on the course, but persevered until eventually he collapsed.  He had a heart attack.  CPR was administered at the golf course and he was taken to hospital for treatment.  News Story

    1285. 14/09/2021 Russia Dead
      Yuriy Sedykh (66), Hammer thrower. The Russian track and field federation said Sedykh died early Tuesday after a heart attack. Vaccinated twice.  Story
    1286. 14/09/21, USA Dead
      Parys Haralson (37) former star player at Justice at Madison Central, then Tennessee and in the NFL died suddenly and unexpectedly at home in Jan Jose, California. News Story
    1287. 14/09/2021 Wales Dead
      Paul Jones (49), Rugby Union player and former Wales B rugby union international, died suddenly. Paul also played in the second row for Llanelli, Newport, Caerphilly and Leeds.  News Story
    1288. 13/09/2021 France Dead
      Gilles Jakiela (54), Team Bousies Cycling semi-professional and manager died suddenly of a cardiac arrest. News Story
    1289. 13/09/2021 Minesota, US Dead
      Mike Elhard (39), Marathon runner went out training for the Chicago marathon but failed to return home. He collapsed and died a half mile east of his home, not long after going out.  News Story  News Story2  Hennepin Medical Examiner
    1290. 13/09/2021 Waseca, Minnesota, USA
      Brad Wendland (48), Waseca Bluejays high school football team head coach had a cardiac arrest on the sideline of Friday’s game against St. Peter  News Story
    1291. 13/09/21, Germany
      Anil Usta, Turkish national playing for Vfb Schwelm (Ennepetal) collapsed on field with heart problems  News Story
    1292. 13/09/2021 Louisiana, USA Dead
      Kevione Tronasha Faulk (19), American Football coach and student staff member at Louisiana State University (LSU), collapsed and died suddenly. One link explains that whilst students can opt out of LSU’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate, the same option is not available to staff.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1293. 13/09/2021 France Dead
      Unnamed (Age), Motocross competitor in the Vire motocross championship suffered a cardiac arrest and died the next day.  News Story
    1294. 13/09/2021 Ukraine Dead
      Vladimir Salo (19), Table Tennis player and student died just six hours after receiving the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine. He got his injection around 14:30 pm and was playing table tennis with friends shortly afterwards. In the evening, his condition suddenly worsened and he began to convulse. Doctors were called and performed CPR for about an hour but it wasn’t enough to save him. He died at 20:30 pm.  News Story
    1295. 12/09/2021 Vienna, Austria Dead
      Unnamed (40), Runner (half-marathon) collapsed during the 38th Vienna City Marathon half marathon. Taken to the general hospital, died there Sunday afternoon.  News Story
    1296. 12/09/21, France
      Dimitri Liénard (33), FC Strasbourg midfielder collapsed during game against Lyon. Symptoms: saw stars, was dizzy.   News Story  News Story2
    1297. 12/09/2021 Alabama, USA Dead
      Tyler Burkes Threadgill (36), was a star athlete at high school and played American football. He died “after battling COVID-19.”  News Story  News Story2
    1298. 11/09/21, Netherlands Dead
      Sebastiaan Bos (19), Laren ice hockey player passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story
    1299. 11/09/21, Denmark
      Abou Ali (22) collapsed with cardiac arrest during a game in Denmark News Story
    1300. 11/09/21, Italy Dead
      Andrea Astolfi (45), sporting director of Calcio Orsago (Italy) suffered a cardiac arrest after returning from training and died with no previous illness
    1301. 11/09/21, France Dead
      Frédéric Lartillot (49) Ain / France: suffered cardiac arrest in the locker room after a friendly match  News Story
    1302. 10/09/21, Germany
      Lucas Surek (24) from BFC Chemie Leipzig collapsed from myocarditis.  News Story
    1303. 09/09/21, Italy Dead
      Christian Blandini (20), a University of Catania volleyball “rising star” died of a sudden cardiac arrest. A university statement described the industrial engineering student’s “sudden death.” Catania requires students to have a Covid-19 “Green Pass” showing vaccination.  News Story
    1304. 09/09/21, Germany
      Unnamed player from Birati Club Münster suffered cardiac arrest in a regional league game against FC Nordkirchen II Eriksen. Game canceled  News Story
    1305. 08/09/2021 USA
      Oscar De La Hoya (48), boxer scheduled to fight in Las Vegas but withdrew after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Said he is getting better after three days of hospital treatment. Despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted Covid and am not going to be able to fight next weekend, he said in a hospital video on Twitter in which he still had breathing difficulties.  News Story
    1306. 07/09/21, Great Britain Dead
      Dylan Rich (17) soccer player collapsed on the field and died of a double heart attack during a game in England.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1307. 07/09/2021 Italy
      Emilio Marinaro (19), AC Mantova Football goalkeeper can no longer play due to a cardiac issue No more information available.  News Story
    1308. 07/09/2021 Pennsylvania, USA
      Tyler Stevens (30), Runner, was a high school cross country and track runner then moved on to senior racing. Over the summer he ran 500 miles by running almost every day. Then he was diagnosed with Pericarditis.  News Story
    1309. 06/09/21 Germany
      Paul Zipser (27), Bayern Munich basketball forward complained of dizziness near the end of the German League semifinal series against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. Neurological exam revealed a brain haemorrhage. Emergency surgery was successful. Source reported he had J&J vaccine.  News Story
    1310. 06/09/21 Austria
      Unnamed Austrian ASV Baden player collapsed on the field in the 8th minute of the game against SC Berndorf, and was resuscitated. Suspected cardiac arrest.  News Story  News Story2
    1311. 05/09/21 PA, USA Dead
      Jalen Leavey, 19, former Philadelphia High School football player. Collapsed and died unexpectedly after a college game. News report says death due to natural causes, from a previous medical condition.  News Story
    1312. 05/09/21
      Florian Ploner (22), handball player for SC Ferlach collapsed during game.  Symptoms pointed to a cardiac arrest or stroke.  News Story
    1313. 05/09/21, Germany
      Unnamed Referee collapsed during game. SC Neuburgweier – FV Ettlingenweier II (Baden-Württemberg)  News Story
    1314. 04/09/21, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK  (29), Dead
      Dave Hyde (29) Henley Football Club Rugby player collapsed and died after match, suffering two cardiac arrests  News Story
    1315. 04/09/21 Dead
      Jens De Smet (27), footballer collapsed on field, died of cardiac arrest News Story
    1316. 04/09/2021, France
      Diego Ferchaud (16) from ASPTT Caen suffered a cardiac arrest in Saint-Lô  News Story
    1317. 03/09/2021 Italy
      Pietro (13), Janus Nova football player collapsed with cardiac arrest in the middle of training at the Viale dello Sport facility in Saccolongo (Padua). Resuscitated with a defibrillator.  News Story
    1318. 03/09/21 Columbia SC, USA Dead
      David Patten (47), three-time Super Bowl champion with Patriots, died while riding his motorcycle – he suddenly “went left of center” and struck on an oncoming Chevrolet sedan.  News Story
    1319. 02/09/21, Tokyo Paralympics
      Belgian wheelchair tennis player Joachim Gerard (32) collapsed with heart problems at Tokyo Olympics.  News Story
    1320. 02/09/21, Belgium
      Greg Luyssen (22), Professional Cyclist ends cycling career after heart failure News Story  “I was in the chasing group during the Kortemark Race when I suddenly became unwell,” he says. “I felt a huge pressure in my chest and it was so bad that I had to leave the race. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with heart failure. I already had fever a number of times for no apparent reason after my second Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, but I had never thought about the relationship. Further tests have shown that my heart muscle is affected and that my body now reacts poorly to intensive activity.”
    1321. 01/09/2021 France
      Désirée Bakabadio (25), female USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin Basketball captain has heart inflammation and will be unavailable for the rest of the season. The team reports several “medical glitches.”  News Story  News Story2
    1322. 01/09/2021 France Dead
      Gérard Lambert (66), high-level basketball player and French youth teams physiotherapist, collapsed suddenly from a cardiac arrest and died. He was also a skier.  News Story
    1323. 01/09/21
      Greg Van Avermaet (36) former Olympic road champ quits Cycling World Cup after COVID vaccine News Story  News Story2
    1324. 01/09/21 Australia Dead
      Cameron Dale(29), Australian sailor, died after suffering a ‘catastrophic’ stroke. He was youngest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe. News Story

      August 2021

    1325. 31/08/2021 Poland Dead
      Bogdan Kłosowicz (Age) Sanovia Lesko youth team football coach. He died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1326. 29/08/21, Germany  (unknown age)
      Unnamed Germany C-League Dillenburg a player from Hirzenhain collapsed, game cancelled News Story
    1327. 29/08/21, USA Dead
      Donadrian Robinson (Donnie) (17), Columbia High school footballer died  News Story
    1328. 25/08/2021 USA
      Luke Willson (31), Seahawks American Football tight end retired a day after signing with Seahawks. “This off-season I … spent numerous days in the hospital with a severe pericardial effusion.”  News Story
    1329. 25/08/21 France Dead
      Unnamed (35) Czech ultramarathon runner died during a warm-up event ahead of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc after a fatal fall on a high-altitude mountain path. He fell during the night after setting off with more than 1,000 other runners from the Italian ski resort of Courmayeur on Tuesday afternoon along the 145-kilometre course of the TDS race to Chamonix in France. The most common cause of death in mountain races is cardiac arrest, according to a study, but this was the first death in an Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc event since their start in 2003. A Sanitary Pass was mandatory after July for participants requiring one of: proof of full vaccination, a recent negative COVID-19 test or a certificate of COVID-19 recovery. No bib without a Sanitary Pass.  News Story  News Story2
    1330. 25/08/21 New York, USA
      Vinny Curry (33), New York Jets defensive end will miss entire 2021 season. Diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in July and removal of his spleen, Twitter post. Planned to return mid-September but developed blood clots and started blood thinners – no physical contact for 3-6 months. News Story
    1331. 25/08/2021 Poland Dead
      Dawid Słowakiewicz (37), former ice hockey striker of Podhale Nowy Targ, TKH Toruń, Naprzodu Janów and KH Sanok in Poland. Hed died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1332. 25/08/2021 West Virginia, USA Dead
      Nevaeh Summers (15), Cheerleader passed a sports physical and had begun cheerleading practice a few weeks earlier without any problems. She was found unresponsive sleeping at a friend’s home. Nevaeh died after an 18-day battle in the hospital with a “heart infection.”  News Story
    1333. 24/08/21, USA Dead
      Jack Alkhatib (18), Columbia High school footballer collapsed on the field and died  News Story
    1334. 24/08/21, Luxembourg
      José dos Reis (29) collapsed on the field and was resuscitated  News Story
    1335. 24/08/2021 Brazil
      Harlei Patente (33), Footballer had always been healthy and played football often. After taking the Pfizer vaccine he immediately started going downhill. Two months later he could not feel his left leg. He did not lose the leg completely but had a lot of muscle from his leg. He has no movement in his left foot.  News Story
    1336. 24/08/2021 Poland Dead
      Tomasz Hajduk (32), Orzeł Milcza footballer. He had been struggling with heart problems recently, was hospitalized and in a coma and died.  News Story
    1337. 24/08/2021 Poland Dead
      Gniewomir Herbst (19), MKS Koyama, Polish kickboxing champion but he died unexpectedly.  News Story
    1338. 22/08/21 Slovenia Dead
      Aidan Sharanovich (45) former Primorja striker also played in Slovenian league for Primoria. Suffered a severe cardiac arrest, resuscitated, died several days later.  News Story
    1339. 22/08/21, Venezuela Dead
      Alexaida Guedez (30), Venezuelan National Marathon Champion collapsed and died in a 5k race  News Story
    1340. 22/08/21, Italy
      Francesca Marcon (38), Italian volleyball player suffered pericarditis after 2nd Pfizer vaccine. shortness of breath and chest pains News Story
    1341. 22/08/21, UK
      Pedro Obiang (29), ex-West Ham star suffered myocarditis 10 days post-vaccine News Story
    1342. 22/08/21
      Fabrice N’Sakala (31), Besiktas defender collapsed on pitch during game News Story
    1343. 22/08/2021 Belgium
      Christophe Grzegorzewski (49), footballer suffered a cardiac arrest during the warm-up for a football match. By February 2022, it was reported he had recovered, but has not restarted playing yet.  News Story
    1344. 22/08/2021 Poland Dead
      Kacper Zabrzycki (18), Kamienna Brody Football died unexpectedly. No further details available other than a discussion in which it was alleged he had a vaccination on 13 August.  News Story
    1345. 22/08/2021 Bosnia and Herzegovina Dead
      Edin Saranović (45), ex-Pogoń Szczecin professional football player and manager suffered a sudden cardiac arrest then died after several days in a coma.  News Story
    1346. 21/08/2021 Denmark
      Ahmed Daghim (20), Kolding IF Footballer collapsed during his warm-up for a match in Frederiksberg. He was taken to Bispebjerg Hospital.  News Story
    1347. 21/08/21 Neath Port Talbot, Wales Dead
      Alex Evans (31), Cwmllynfell RFC Rugby Union player felt unwell during the game and left the field, later collapsing. resuscitation attempts with defibrillator failed, and he died at the scene.  News Story
    1348. 20/08/21 Dead
      Orlando Gallucci (49), Personal trainer, bodybuilder and athlete died of cardiac arrest after the 2021 NPC Worldwide European Championships News Story
    1349. 19/08/2021 Texas, USA
      Patrick Reed (31), vaccinated professional golfer was hospitalized for double pneumonia. He was very concerned for his future. By September 2021, he said he was “getting stronger every day” after playing his first full round of golf in a month. Reed said he was vaccinated but did not disclose when or how many times.  News Story
    1350. 18/08/2021 Kenya Dead
      Yvonne Jelagat Morwa (27), Volare Sports Running Club. Just a few days after Kenya lost youth Olympic champion Gilbert Soet Kwemoi, Morwa also died after a short illness.  News Story
    1351. 18/08/21, Belgium
      Jente van Genechten (25), footballer collapsed on field due to cardiac arrest  News Story
    1352. 18/08/21, Belgium
      Yarno Van Herck (vaccinated) suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond.  Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race.  Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond.  News Story
    1353. 18/08/21, Belgium
      Xander Verhagen (vaccinated) from Geel had problems at training.  Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race.  Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond.  News Story
    1354. 18/08/21, Belgium
      Joppe Erpels (vaccinated) from Arendonk ended up in intensive care after a race.  Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race.  Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond.  News Story
    1355. 17/08/2021 Brazil Dead
      Leandro Siqueira (34), amateur football player since childhood suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while training and died.  News Story
    1356. 16/08/21, Germany (62)
      Manfred Lehner (62) SV Niederpöring (Bayern) goalkeeping coach suffered cardiac arrest after training  News Story
    1357. 16/08/21, France  (24)
      Samuel Kalu (24) Bordeaux pro footballer suffered cardiac arrest during a game  News Story
    1358. 16/08/2021 France Dead
      Unnamed (47), male swimmer was swimming in the sea at Hyeres, France when he suffered a cardiac arrest and died. (A woman died the same day due to a cardiac arrest on the same stretch of coast).  News Story
    1359. 16/08/2021 France Dead
      Unnamed (42), female Swimmer was swimming in the sea at Hyeres, France when she suffered a cardiac arrest and died. (A man died due to a cardiac arrest the same day on the same stretch of coast).  News Story
    1360. 15/08/21 Italy Dead
      Marco Tampwo (19), Atletico Fioghi footballer from Rome, died of a cardiac arrest. News Story
    1361. 15/08/21,
      Jeremy Chardy (34), Veteran French tennis player, Former World No. 25, suspended his season after “Violent, near paralyzing pain” after Covid-19 vaccine in mid-August. “I regret having the vaccine.”  News Story  News Story2
    1362. 15/08/21, Spain Dead
      Alena Hatvani-Kosinová (46), Czech female bodybuilder died after being rushed to hospital in Alicante, Spain. News Story
    1363. 14/08/21, Kenya Dead
      Gilbert Soet Kwemoi (23), Kenyan Olympic Champion (China) collapsed in his home (after a short illness) and claimed he had a headache. He died on the way to Mount Elgon Hospital.  News Story
    1364. 14/08/21, USA Dead
      Dimitri McKee (17) Lee High School Football player passed out and died after practice, News stories attributed his death to heatstroke  News Story
    1365. 13/08/21 Tennessee USA Dead
      Azorean Tatum (16), high school football player suddenly collapsed at school, August 13, phoned his mother, had difficulty breathing, unable to stand up or walk on his own. Paramedics took him to Baptist Children’s Hospital. After 2 days, receiving no tests other than COVID test, he was released. He did not improve and on August 20 was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, where he passed away on Saturday, August 21. News Story
    1366. 13/08/21, UK, Dead
      Roy Butler (23), Irish footballer Waterford FC died with massive brain bleed four days after J&J vaccine. He suffered severe headaches and general malaise within one hour. By Saturday August 14, he was vomiting and having convulsions. His mother confirmed on facebook Roy only took the vaccine to go to Greece with friends. The tweet that reported this has been removed (we should have taken a snapshot!)  News Story
    1367. 13/08/21, France Dead
      Franck Berrier (37) former French professional footballer collapsed of a cardiac arrest while playing tennis. He retired in 2019 due to heart problems.  News Story
    1368. 12/08/21, New Zealand Dead
      Lee Moses (29) Palmerston North Marist football player died during training session  News Story
    1369. 10/08/21 Australia
      Chris Cairns (51), New Zealand cricketer suffered a massive heart attack and a ruptured aorta. He underwent heart surgery and was taken to a Sydney hospital for further vascular surgery. Six months later, 05/02/2022 it is reported he now has bowel cancer as well.  News Story  News Story2
    1370. 10/08/2021 South Australia, Australia
      Tom Rockliff (31), Port Adelaide Australian Rules Footballer developed deep vein thrombosis. Then a series of blood clots on his lungs were discovered. Decided to retire after being told he could die if he is hit while still battling blood clots.  News Story
    1371. 10/08/2021 Sweden
      Jörgen Wallström (56), Gymnast went from “well-trained to pericarditis and myocarditis” after a second vaccine, which meant months off work due to being incapacitated.  News Story
    1372. 08/08/21, Georgia, USA Dead
      Quandarius Wilburn (19), Football player collapsed during a Panthers conditioning practice and later died. He appeared to be in very good physical condition when he reported to his first college preseason camp.  News Story News Story2
    1373. 08/08/21 Dead
      John Meadows (49) Bodybuilder AKA ‘Mountain Dog’ died of ‘blood clot’ News Story
    1374. 07/08/21 England Dead
      Elexis Brown (13), golf prodigy aged 13 died as she slept just hours after her parents found her sleepwalking. She was about to go to Ireland to play World Amateur Championship on the Sunday that she died.  News Story
    1375. 07/08/21, Belgium
      Rune Coghe (18), Belgian  KFC Eendracht Hooglede footballer suffered cardiac arrest on pitch News Story
    1376. 06/08/21, Germany
      Unnamed SpVgg. Oelde II District league player collapsed on field revived by his opponent, Julian Pietsch from VfB Schloß Holte 2.  News Story
    1377. 04/08/21, Kansas, USA Dead
      Tirrell Williams (19) Fort Scott freshman lineman died after collapsing with a stroke on field during practice  News Story  News Story2
    1378. 04/08/2021 Tennessee, USA Dead
      Bobby Eaton (62), legendary professional wrestler “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton died in his sleep, the National Wrestling Alliance announced Thursday. He was 62. The cause is unclear but he had been hospitalized a month earlier after a fall. He died only one month after his wife died.  News Story  News Story2
    1379. 04/08/2021 Ontario, Canada Dead
      Unnamed male (14), Basketball player collapsed while playing basketball with friends in Halton, Ontario, Canada. Life-saving measures were attempted, but proved unsuccessful. He was transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No further details are available.  News Story
    1380. 02/08/21, Detroit USA Dead
      Stephen Sylvester (15), Detroit Central Catholic High School football and track athlete collapsed during conditioning practice and died 5 days later.  News Story
    1381. 01/08/2021 Thailand Dead
      Abel Wasan (25), Basketball player, had the AstraZeneca covid vaccine on 31st July 2021. He suffered a high fever and shortness of breath immediately after being injected. He went to his room to rest. The next day he died suddenly of “acute heart failure.”  News Story

      July 2021

    1382. 31/07/21 USA Dead
      Sofia Graham (27) bodybuilder prepared to compete at 2021 NPC North Americans and NPC USA’s. Died of cardiac arrest in her sleep  News Story
    1383. 31/07/21 USA
      Daniel Brito (23), the Phillies minor-league infielder had been hospitalized since collapsing on the field with a stroke. News Story
    1384. 31/07/2021 South Korea Dead
      Lee Seul-hee (31), swimmer died four days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on 29 July 2021. South Korean health authorities confirmed a causal relationship between her sudden death and the vaccine. She was vaccinated at the Suncheon University Vaccination Center. She suffered chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath soon afterwards. Her symptoms gradually worsened until the 31st when she collapsed. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died on August 1st. The family confirmed her death and vaccination status.  News Story
    1385. 29/07/2021 Italy
      Riccardo Ladinetti (20), Cagliari Footballer diagnosed with cardiac irregularities requiring more tests. Suspended from professional activity including training for at least three months.  News Story
    1386. 28/07/21, Georgia, USA Dead
      Joshua Ivory (15) Football player collapsed and died during game. Coroner’s report said cardiac dysrhythmia triggered sudden cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1387. 28/07/21, Germany Dead
      Jascha Zey (16) U19 player of Eisbachtaler Sportfreunde (Rhineland-Palatinate) died suddenly and unexpectedly in hospital  News Story
    1388. 27/07/21 Iowa USA
      Leah Taylor (22) Iowa doctoral student and fitness promoter / bodybuilder hospitalized with myocarditis after her coerced Pfizer vaccination. The second Pfizer injection was likely between July 27 and August 22, based on context clues from her now-deleted Instagram account. After doctors told her to keep her heart rate down for six months, she wrote “I was diagnosed with myocarditis as a result of getting the COVID vaccine.” On 31st August she wrote, “I understand the fear and danger on both sides. Clearly. I mean look what the vaccine has done to my previously healthy, 22-year-old heart. I was extremely hesitant and scared to get the vaccine. My doctoral program pushed for all students to get it, and vaccination mandates for healthcare workers came out in my area. That is why I had to get the vaccine.”
    1389. 26/07/21 Netherlands Dead
      Whitnee Abriska (19), female handball professional passes away after cardiac arrest while on vacation. News Story
    1390. 25/07/21 Charles City, Iowa USA
      Carly Stevenson Wartburg College shot put and discus athlete collapsed and was rushed to hospital with blood clots in her lungs and heart. She had trouble speaking and breathing and then her heart stopped. She was resuscitated three times. She lost her balance, head control, hand and arm movements, and communication skills. News Story
    1391. 25/07/2021 Italy Dead
      Christian Bottan (17) footballer collapsed and died whilst playing football. Resuscitation attempts failed. It was reported that he did have a heart condition but it did not prevent him playing football. He was recently vaccinated.  News Story
    1392. 24/07/2021, Little Rock, Arkansas Dead
      Devon DuHart (16) football player mysteriously died of a seizure in his sleep. He was not well after a recent practice.  News Story
    1393. 24/07/21, Germany
      Unnamed   (unknown age) football player of TuS Hoberge-Uerentrup Bielefeld (NRW) collapsed on the pitch with cardiac arrest   News Story
    1394. 23/07/2021 Russia Dead
      Nikolai Chudaikin (36), Motorsport drifting driver. RDS Asia reported his death, on his birthday, was due to a well-known disease, that is, coronavirus.  News Story
    1395. 23/07/21, Germany Dead
      Tim B. (27) SV Hamberge football player from (Schleswig-Holstein) collapsed after returning from a football tournament and died   News Story
    1396. 22/07/21 Fethiye, Turkey Dead
      Michael Mitchell (65), former Mr. Universe bodybuilder and Bravehart actor died six days after a Pfizer booster on July 16th, having received 2 doses of Sinovac. The first experimental Sinovac Coronavac “inactivated virus” injection was February 22, and the second March 20. News Story with screenshots
    1397. 22/07/21 New York Dead
      Braeden Westgate (15), suddenly collapsed with cardiac arrest on soccer field while playing soccer with the children at a local summer camp, 4 days after his 2nd Pfizer injection. (he was working as a camp monitor) Died the next day. VAERS ID 1498080.  News Story  News Story2
    1398. 21/07/21, USA
      Kjeld Nuis (31) Two time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record holder speed skater developed pericarditis after Pfizer vaccine News Story
    1399. 21/07/2021 Brazil Dead
      Brian Saes (15), Cyclist was out cycling with friends when he collapsed with a cardiac arrest. Died before reaching hospital.  News Story
    1400. 19/07/21 Dubai
      Santo Giuliano (33) Italian professional dancer said he suffered cardiac arrest 4 days after 1st Pfizer vaccine on 15 July News Story
    1401. 19/07/21 UK Dead
      Maqsood Anwar (44), British cricket athlete from Wales. Had a cardiac arrest and died. Paramedics tried to revive him for 45 minutes, unsuccessfully.  News Story
    1402. 19/07/2021 Germany Dead
      Tim Braun (27), SV Hamberge Football was playing in a football tournament and at the end of the semi-final he felt unwell, but still made his own way home. He decided to have an hour’s sleep, but he never woke up.  News Story
    1403. 18/07/21 Portugal Dead
      Marilio Costa Leite (48), Portuguese professional long-distance runner. Died two days after receiving a Pfizer COVID vaccine. His body was found in a ravine.  News Story
    1404. 18/07/2021 France Dead
      Sébastien Houtteville (47), ES Torigni Cycling sports director. Around 1 p.m., during the pre-race meeting, he went into cardiac arrest after feeling unwell. A team from Smur attempted to resuscitate him, but he died.  News Story
    1405. 15/07/21 Dead
      Arthur Zucolini (29), former basketballer. Died of cardiac arrest while sleeping. News Story
    1406. 14/07/21 Italy Dead
      Davide Bristot (18), volleyball player died 27 days after first Pfizer vaccine on 17 June. On 10 July, debilitating headaches started, and on 13 July he vomited twice while out with friends. The local hospital started an IV drip but released him an hour later. The next morning, his mother found him dead at the foot of his bed. Some media misspelled his name Bistrot.  News Story  News Story2
    1407. 13/07/21 California USA Dead
      Nathan Esparza (16), Castaic High School football player collapsed and died after a cardiac arrest at home 13 July. Reports on Twitter say he recently had a COVID vaccine.  News Story  News Story2
    1408. 13/07/2021, Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Andrew Roseman, Junior High School Baseball Pitcher died unexpectedly,  News Story
    1409. 13/07/21 Dubai Dead
      Sebastian Eubank (29), boxer, son of famous boxer, Chris Eubank, died of cardiac arrest, his wife said.  News Story  News Story2
    1410. 13/07/21, Philadelphia PA, USA Dead
      Ivan Hicks (16) Footballer died during scrimmage. Coroner found an enlarged heart and scarring, but no myocarditis or inflammation. Verdict cardiovascular disease. Tested positive for COVID.
    1411. 12/07/21 Egypt Dead
      Imad Bayoumi, footballer from Egypt. Collapsed and died during a friendly match in Egypt, a tribute to his friend Ayman Handal who died earlier.  News Story
    1412. 12/07/21 Jaroslaw, Poland Dead
      Vladimir Dorozhkin, 38 years old, coach and athlete. Died the same day as he got the COVID vaccine. “Vaccinated just after noon, died at midnight. Cardiomyopathy.  News Story
    1413. 11/07/2021 Russia Dead
      Ivan Kurenbin (36), Drift racer died in a car crash. Crash cause unknown, but police report states that the driver squeezed the accelerator pedal all the way and then something happened that prevented the car from stopping.  News Story
    1414. 11/07/2021 Russia Dead
      Tatiana Igushina (31) Motorcycle racer died in a car crash with Ivan Kurenbin. Crash cause unknown, but police report states that the driver squeezed the accelerator pedal all the way and then something happened that prevented the car from stopping.  News Story
    1415. 10/07/2021 Malaga, Spain Dead
      Juan Manuel Núñez Martín (17) , CAB Estepona Basketball collapsed and died.
    1416. 10/07/21 New Zealand Dead
      Mike Salase (39), Northland rugby league player died while playing a game. CPR attempts failed News Story
    1417. 09/07/21 Czech Republic Dead
      Clare Lipscombe (43), British Golfer collapsed with a cardiac arrest, taken to hospital where she died. Despite being treated at world-class hospital facilities in Brno, complications brought on by the heart attack were too severe.  News Story
    1418. 08/07/2021 Turkey
      Khouma Babacar (28), Senegalese Alanyaspor Football striker who plays in Turkey, collapsed in training and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. Was found to have had a “heart spasm.”  News Story
    1419. 08/07/21, Toronto, Canada  Dead
      Jenn Gouveia (31), Toronto mother, collapsed and died suddenly  on Sunday while out for a run in High Park News Story
    1420. 06/07/21, Japan Dead
      Yusuke Kinoshita (27) Baseball player collapsed during practice. Died 03/08/2021, five weeks after COVID-19 vaccination
    1421. 06/07/2021 France Dead
      Dimitri Ilongo (30) C’Chartres Cyclisme Cyclist died suddenly on Wednesday July 6th 2021, two days after his birthday and two weeks after winning his first race of the season. No further details given.  News Story
    1422. 06/07/2021 USA
      Liam Berlinigieri (17) Soccer player had to get the vaccine in order to attend school and to play. Vaccinated June 15th. “Now the has a heart condition, he missed his prom and can’t do “all the things he loves to do, including playing soccer in the fall and surfing.”  News Story
    1423. 05/07/2022 England
      Emma Raducanu (18), British wildcard tennis player retired from her Wimbledon fourth-round match after suffering breathing difficulties and called on a trainer. She left the court to receive further treatment, but it was soon announced she would not be returning.  News Story
    1424. 04/07/21 Nagoya, Japan
      Ryōsuke Hirata (33), Japanese baseball player. Diagnosed with “atypical angina”
    1425. 03/07/21 Antigua, West Indies
      Chedean Nation (35) collapsed on field with teammate Chinelle Henry. Only a few days prior, the club boasted on Twitter that it was “Vaccinated and ready to face Pakistan Women!” News Story
    1426. 03/07/21 Antigua, West Indies
      Chinelle Henry (26) collapsed on field with teammate Chedean Nation. Only a few days prior, the club boasted on Twitter that it was “Vaccinated and ready to face Pakistan Women!” News Story
    1427. 02/07/21 France Dead
      Lise Vidal (43), former windsurfer who participated in the Sydney Olympics died after a brain hemorrhage. She is also a French Olympics coach.  News Story
    1428. 01/07/2021 Ireland Dead
      Catherine Keane (31), Gymnast and fit and healthy advertising executive in Dublin, Ireland, who went to the gym most days. She died suddenly in her sleep.  News Story  News Story2

      June 2021

    1429. 29/06/2021 England
      Gary Neville (46), former Manchester United and England footballer attended the England v Germany Euro 2020 match and he says he collapsed and “had a fit on the floor” after England scored a goal. He had a vaccine less than 2 weeks earlier.  News Story
    1430. 28/06/21, (estimate) USA
      Kyle Warner: Professional mountain biker suffered from pericarditis after Pfizer vaccine, possible end of career (29) News Story
    1431. 28/06/2021, Las Vegas, Nevada Dead
      Chino Yelum Cajetan Nsofor (13) Football player collapsed and died during practice  News Story
    1432. 27/06/21, Singapore
      Unnamed teenager (16) suffered cardiac arrest after weightlifting session 6 days after first Covid-19 injection. He was in critical condition in hospital.  News Story
    1433. 26/06/21 Corsico, Milano, Italy
      Alexandre Joao Kisonga (37), professional basketballer, Congo-Angolese origin lived in Italy since age 4, had Astrazeneca viral vector vaccine 6th April 2021, suffered exhaustion and slight pain during inoculation. On June 22 for his second vaccination, Astrazeneca was banned. The doctor asked him to choose Moderna or Pfizer (mRNA vaccines) – how could he possibly know the consequences? The doctor recommended Moderna and he agreed. Four days later, he felt exhaustion, tiredness and pain in the neck on the morning of a training session. After training, headaches began and his body temperature rose excessively. Headache continued for several days and his temperature rose again. On medical advice, he took Tachipirina to lower fever. A week later, he was no better and tried a COVID swab which returned a negative result. A week later, symptoms continued and he went to the hospital in Milan, diagnosed with tachycardia. Doctors did not want to talk about the vaccines but eventually diagnosed acute perimyocarditis. Six months later, he still cannot play. UPDATE: Jo says he will undergo a stress test January 11 2022, to see if he can return to play basketball. He expects to have a scar on his heart for life and will take 2 tablets a day for the next year. It may affect his physical activity.
    1434. 26/06/21 Russia Dead
      Maxim Dubrovolski, 17, collapsed and lost consciousness during a Football League game. Moscow. Died before the ambulance arrived on the scene.  News Story
    1435. 25/06/21, USA
      Ethan Jovani Trejo (16), soccer player, collapsed on the field during training  News Story  News Story2
    1436. 23/06/2021 Georgia, USA Dead
      Michael Myles James (23), American Football attended the U.S. Naval Academy died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1437. 21/01/2022 USA
      Debbie Rice (31), world and national champion inline skater, a prime athlete. Against her better intuition and judgement, decided to get the Johnson and Johnson injection. She immediately became sick and a couple weeks later had a mini-stroke. Her body and life have not been the same since she was injected. Symptoms: within 1 hour, felt faint, teeth felt numb, then cheeks numb, then arms tingling, headaches, eyeballs hurt, blurred vision, double vision, the skin on her arms felt extremely hot, like a bad sunburn. Then felt dizzy, chest pain, shortness of breath. One day, she started feeling weird, with tingling in her teeth, arms, legs, couldn’t talk or walk, lay down on the floor, She documented everything in video, but we don’t know where that documentation is.  News Story
    1438. 23/06/2021 Blairgowrie, Scotland
      Hamish Bell (20), Blairgowrie RFC Rugby Union player and Aberdeen University student, suffered a cardiac arrest during a training session. After 25 minutes of CPR using a defibrillator, he was taken to hospital for treatment  News Story  News Story2
    1439. 23/06/21 France
      Christophe Lemaitre, French sprinter. Retired from French Championships and Tokyo Olympics. A coach said he failed a physical, after negative reactions to coronavirus vaccine.  News Story
    1440. 21/06/21 Hungary Dead
      Victor Marcel Hegedus (18), Hungarian soccer player. Collapsed and died during a training warm-up.  News Story
    1441. 20/06/2021 Brazil Dead
      Waldir Lucas Pereira (39), former professional football forward collapsed due to a cardiac arrest and spent four days in hospital. News report attributed his death to COVID, but there is no autopsy report yet.  News Story
    1442. 20/06/2021 California, USA Dead
      Aidan Price (19), Cyclist – and frisbee thrower, class of 2024, died suddenly in Berkeley, California after vaccination. His college made covid “vaccination” mandatory.  News Story  News Story2
    1443. 19/06/21 Colombia Dead
      Jose Edgar Preciado, Colombian caddie suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at his hotel after the second round of the Holcim Colombia Classic in Bucaramanga, Colombia.  News Story
    1444. 18/06/21 Honduras Dead
      Robert Lima (49), former Olympia footballer from Uruguay, Honduras. Collapsed and died of cardiac arrest while playing soccer with friends.  News Story
    1445. 17/06/21 France
      Frédéric Loth (40), Salouël RC team in France, suffered cardiac arrest after a football training session in Salouel. Resuscitated by CPR and defibrillator.  News Story
    1446. 17/06/2021 Maryland, USA
      Heston Kjerstad (23), Baltimore Orioles Baseballer signed to play for the Orioles. In June 2021, when he still had not actually played a professional game, it was announced that Kjerstad experienced “reoccurring heart inflammation” due to myocarditis.  News Story
    1447. 16/06/2021 Italy Dead
      Lorenzo Scorteccia (24) Campitello football club goalkeeper, collapsed suddenly due to a cardiac arrest, ten days after his Pfizer vaccine. Resuscitation attempts failed and he died. His father Andrea said ” He was the portrait of health and he led a health-conscious life. I believe there are few of them (vaccine victims) at his age. No smoking, no alcohol and never in the disco.”  News Story  News Story2
    1448. 14/06/21, Indonesia  Dead
      Marquis Kido (36), Indonesian Olympic gold medalist in double Badminton, died of cardiac arrest during game. News Story
    1449. 12/06/2021 Belarus Dead
      Igor Zhelezovski (57), Six-time world speed skating champion The Bear of Minsk died. It was reported he contracted Covid-19. No further details available.  News Story
    1450. 12/06/21 Maryland USA Dead
      Sang Ho Baek (20), George Mason University baseball pitcher died after bloodclots following a vaccination and “Tommy John” elbow surgery 8 June. His father said “our family is devastated and we want answers to why our healthy son would die so suddenly after routine surgery.”  News Story  News Story2
    1451. 12/06/21 Italy Dead
      Chloe Giani Gavazzi (12), Italian youth tennis player, member of Golarsa Academy in Milan. Died suddenly. Found dead In her bed by her mother.  News Story
    1452. 9/06/21, Ontario Canada  Dead
      Kamila Label-Farrel (19), University Basketball star died unexpectedly – while on a morning jog she collapsed while stretching  News Story
    1453. 07/06/21 Virginia USA Dead
      Joshua Johnson (16), standout football player for William Monroe High School in Stanardsville, Virginia died suddenly while fishing with his father. News Story
    1454. 07/06/21, Germany,  Dead
      Michael Schneider (38), Table tennis professional from Germany,  died suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story
    1455. 05/06/21 Russia Dead
      Maxim Ishkeldin (30), world field hockey champion, Russian national team midfielder, died suddenly in Novosibirsk, as a result of a clotting event.  News Story
    1456. 04/06/21 Italy Dead
      Giuseppe Perrino, 29, from Fujimarino, Italy. Collapsed and died during a tribute game for his dead brother, Rocco. Paramedics at the scene tried to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. Thank you Joanna.  News Story
    1457. 03/06/2021 Macedonia Dead
      Marko Bozinovski (20), RK Butel Handball player and Macedonian youth representative collapsed and died due to a heart condition, the Macedonian Handball Federation said. No cause of death given, but speculated that it is a heart problem. His death is only 6 days after Nikola Danilovski.  News Story
    1458. 02/06/2021 Kazakhstan Dead
      Stanislav Lunin (28), FC Kairat professional footballer in Kazakhstan. It was announced that the player had died. No further information available.  News Story  News Story2
    1459. 01/06/21, Denmark
      Christian Eriksen(29), star Inter Milan footballer collapsed with cardiac arrest on the pitch 12 days after receiving a Pfizer vaccine on May 31st. Revived with defibrilator. Team doctor confirmed the team was vaccinated on May 18th – this may have meant all had received at least one covid19 injection, because another report mentions May 31st. In February 2022, BBC reports Eriksen will play for Brentford, a smaller Premier League team in West London on February 26th.  Followup Analysis  News Story  News Story2  Forum

      May 2021

    1460. 31/05/21 Bristol, England Dead
      Adam Bounds (41), football player died 31/05/21 of a severe brain-bleed in Derriford Hospital 11 days after AstraZeneca vaccine  News Story
    1461. 30/05/21 (exact date unknown, but prior to 01/06/21, when Christian Eriksen collapsed)
      Marvin Schumann, a Gifhorn amateur player revived after cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1462. 29/05/21 Macedonia Dead
      Nikola Danilovski (24), Metalurg Skopje handball goalkeeper died, suspected drowning in Lake Ohrid after possible cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1463. 28/05/2021 Seattle, USA
      Stefan Frei (36), Seattle Sounders goalkeeper. Seattle Sounders announced in April the team is “fully vaccinated.” In May, it was reported that blood clots in his knee could keep him out for 3-6 months.  News Story  News Story2
    1464. 27/05/2021 Sweden
      Oscar Pettersson (21), Akropolis IF Footballer developed a very high fever earlier in the month. Spent 4 days in hospital. Diagnosed with heart muscle inflammation. Advised not to play Football for at least 6 months.  News Story
    1465. 25/05/2021 Sweden
      Viktor Larsson (31), Mountain Biker prepared to take part in the World Cup in mountain bike orienteering but was diagnosed with myocarditis.  News Story
    1466. 18/05/2021 Switzerland
      Michaël Perrier (32), Stade Lausanne Ouchy football player. During a team outing, the Swiss footballer suddenly suffered a serious cardiac arrest. It was after his first dose (23/04/2021) of the Moderna vaccine. He received 5 shocks of a defibrillator, then stayed 3 days in an artificial coma. A defibrillator was implanted to prevent a future cardiac arrest, and stayed 2.5 weeks in hospital. After 5 months rest, some arrythmia and light inflammation was still present, so he was unable to return to high level football.  News Story
    1467. 14/05/21, Malaysia  Dead
      Haziq Kamaruddin (27), Olympian archer died of coronary artery disease. Died 10 days after Pfizer injections on 13th April and 4th May 2021  News Story
    1468. 11/05/2021 Russia Dead
      Vladislav Yegin (32), Russian ice hockey defenceman with Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. Reported to be complications related to the coronavirus, vaccination status unknown.  News Story
    1469. 11/05/21 Germany
      Miroslav Klose, 42, former Germany striker and assistant coach at Bayern Munich. Suffering from blood clots in his leg. Had to stop coaching. Apparently ll clear by September after medication and special socks.  News Story
    1470. 10/05/2021 Chile Dead
      Cristopher Mansilla (30), Cyclist died after he had been hospitalised and put into a coma owing to “worsening pulmonary thrombosis” (blood clot).  News Story
    1471. 10/05/21, Nottinghamshire, England  Dead
      Josh Downie, (24), cricketer  died after cardiac arrest at practice . His mother Helen said he had no known health problems. “It’s just completely out of the blue,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real at the moment. News Story
    1472. 09/05/21 Shropshire, England
      Simon Walker (42) British soccer coach developed massive blood clots and permanent heart damage after his first AstraZeneca vaccination on 2nd May. Hospitalized with a resting heart rate of 188 on May 9th.  News Story  News Story2
    1473. 08/05/21 Travis County TX
      Coach Pete (45), athletics coach collapsed 6 days after second Pfizer vaccine with a stroke. Was vaccinated 11/04/21 and 02/05/21  Video
    1474. 07/05/2021 USA
      Greyson Follmer (19), Ohio State University elite athlete first dose of Pfizer April 16, with minor side effects. Second Pfizer May 7th developed severe heart complications (myocarditis) within a very short time. Doctors say he could take years to recover. “My son feels like he’s having a heart attack 24/7,” his mother said. “He now has high blood pressure, severe chest pains, back pain, elevated kidney levels, hypothyroidism, inflamed lymph nodes in different areas of his body, and he can’t work or exercise.” He feels like he’s dying and has to sleep all the time. Follmer said no one told her about reporting her son’s adverse reaction to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). “If I hadn’t put it on Facebook and someone hadn’t told me to put it in VAERS, I would have never known to do it.” VAERS (ID1395886)  News Story
    1475. 7/05/21 USA
      Everest Romney (17), a healthy 6’9″ high school sophomore hospitalized after experiencing severe migraines and swelling in his neck post-vaccination. Within 24 hours of getting the vaccine, Everest began experiencing an “exorbitant amount” of pain and swelling in his neck that originated on the same side he received the vaccine. Everest’s dad experienced a similar reaction following a Moderna injection. An x-ray revealed he had over 100 blood clots in his lungs. News Story  Mother’s interview Video
    1476. ??/05/21 Georgia USA
      Shawn Kuhn (21), sports science major and personal trainer diagnosed with COVID-19 in December 2020, suffered minor symptoms and recovered within days. Received his second Pfizer vaccination in May 2021 and was diagnosed with pneumonia in late August 2021. After losing blood for weeks (with no medical explanation) he died on October 11th at 2:59 am.  News Story
    1477. 02/05/2021 Arkansas, USA
      Isaiah Harris (18), American Footballer started chest pain within 48 hours of the second Pfizer dose and was taken to hospital, where he had a cardiac arrest and one of his lungs filled with fluid. He said he received his first dose of Pfizer on April 8 and second dose on April 30 2021.  News Story  News Story2
    1478. 01/05/21,  USA
      Sage Canaday (35), ultra marathon runner had pneumonia and blood clots. Sage ran the Canyons 100k Ultra Marathon in California (April 24), flew back to Colorado (26th?) Then had the 2nd Pfizer vaccine and soon started having breathing problems and was in bed at least from May 1 to after May 6 when he said he had pneumonia. Went into hospital May 30 or 31, diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism, blood clots. Sage was previously listed as died, due to mixed up reports that a) he was the Czech runner who collapsed and died on the Mont Blanc marathon and b) that he started having breathing problems after a flight. We apologize for the errors and are pleased he is still alive.
    1479. 01/05/21 Florida, USA Dead
      Nickolas Lawrinas (17), Footballer died suddenly and unexpectedly, cause given by media, unclear.

      April 2021

    1480. 30/04/2021 Brazil Dead
      Ícaro da Silva (24) , Ação SAFC Footballer was in the evaluation period at the Brazilian football club. He died suddenly after a cardiac arrest.  News Story
    1481. 30/04/2021 Pennsylvania, USA
      Caleb Daniels (21) Villanova Wildcats Basketball player. He missed 5 months of play after he developed myocarditis.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1482. 28/04/21, Atlanta, USA
      Brandon Goodwin (26), NBA player suffered blood clots shortly after COVID-19 vaccine, Possible end of career, still sidelined 7 months later.  News Story
    1483. 27/04/21 Minnesota, USA
      Marco Rossi (19), Minnesota Wild Ice Hockey player has myocarditis. Team is reported to have been “fully vaccinated”  News Story  News Story2
    1484. 27/04/2021 Spain Dead
      Santxo Lamberto (30), CD Gares semi-professional footballer in Navarra, Spain. He collapsed during a training session due to a cardiac arrest and died.  News Story
    1485. 24/04/21 Texas USA Dead
      Ernesto Ramirez Jr: 16-Year-Old Boy collapsed while playing basketball, and died with a double-size enlarged heart 5 days after his first Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine on 19 April.  News Story
    1486. 24/04/21 Dead
      Luis Ojeda (20), Argentine football player died unexpectedly  News Story
    1487. 22/04/21 Australia
      Craig Jones (29) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion black belt is unable to train or fight after a COVID injection  Story
    1488. 18/04/21 Jamaica Dead
      Tremaine Stewart (Tan Tan) (32), Jamaican footballer with FC Dunbeholden. Collapsed and died during the kickaround before a match.  News Story
    1489. 13/04/2021 Minnesota, USA
      Suzanna Newell (AGE), Triathlete received her second Pfizer covid vaccination on 13th April 2021. That marked the start of Suzanna’s health issues. Prior to the covid19 injections, she was a very health-conscious, fit triathlete with no pre-existing conditions. She described the horror of waking up just days after the second Pfizer injection with a swollen lump on her neck, extreme fatigue, excruciating pain in her leg which now prevents her from walking, terrible chest pain, blindness and vision problems in her right eye. Her body is tortured with continuous, debilitating pain ever since she got the second dose. News Story
    1490. 13/04/2021 Poland Dead
      Grzegorz Olech (37), MKS Radymno Footballer, former president, coach and player, died suddenly just 3 days after being “vaccinated on Saturday, April 10, 2021 with the Astra Zeneca vaccine”  News Story  News Story2
    1491. 12/04/21 Dead
      Dejan Oršuš (24), Croation NK Otok player, collapsed from a heart attack and later died in the Čakovec County Hospital.  News Story
    1492. 11/04/2021 Morocco Dead
      Reda Saki (21), Étoile jeunesse sportive de Casablanca amateur footballer. He collapsed during a match and was taken to hospital but declared dead shortly after arrival.  News Story
    1493. 10/04/21 Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
      Dave Mears (58), British former martial arts champion ( Taekwondo and Muay Thai) and current martial arts teacher had his left leg amputated after an infection caused by AstraZeneca vaccination 4 March  News Story
    1494. 09/04/21 Maine, USA Dead
      Red Gendron (63), University of Maine Ice Hockey Coach died after a cardiac arrest while playing golf. His university colleague said he seemed fine earlier, when the team met to receive academic awards. Red was fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  News Story
    1495. 9/04/21 USA
      Bert Smith (56) NCAA men’s basketball Referee collapsed due to a blood clot in his lung during a tournament  News Story
    1496. 06/04/21, Callalen, Corpus Cristi Dead
      Moira Claire Arney (15) McAllen High School female Soccer player collapsed and died during practice  News Story

      March 2021

    1497. 31/03/21 Norway
      Filip Ingebrigtsen (28) Norwegian runner had a tough 2021 after a reaction to the corona vaccine. Ingebrigtsen got the second vaccine dose just after the Olympics in Tokyo. His goal was “getting back to normal” but on October 17, he finished 10th in a race his brother won. News Story
    1498. 31/03/21 USA
      Brett Smith, an NCAA college basketball referee, collapsed during a game. Hospitalized with a blood clot.
    1499. 30/03/21, USA
      Alex Stalock (34), NHL Oilers goalie out for the season or more due to heart condition. Positive COVID Test in November 2020, diagnosed myocarditis in March 2021  News Story – The Athletic  News Story2
    1500. 30/03/21, Ghana
      Charles Bulu Ghanaian referee collapsed during AFCON Match  News Story   Video
    1501. 29/03/21 India Dead
      Devaraj Anchan (33) a State-level volleyball player collapsed, clutching his chest, while playing in a tournament and died on the way to hospital in Udupi.  News Story
    1502. 27/03/21 Stewarton, Scotland Dead
      Laura Henderson (42), cardiac arrest while running, Died days later in hospital.  News Story
    1503. 23/03/21
      Moussa Dembélé (25), Atlético Madrid striker collapsed in training and received medical attention.  News Story
    1504. 22/03/21, Sacramento California, USA Dead
      Emmanual Antwi (18) a Kennedy High footballer (Canadian) collapsed on the field in Sacramento. On-field CPR attempts failed and he died
    1505. 20/03/21 Dead
      Andy Haman (54) Pro bodybuilder and actor Andy Haman has died of Pulmonary embolism News Story
    1506. 19/03/21 Charleston SC, USA Dead
      Joe Bradshaw, 19, a football player at Charleston Southern University. Collapsed with cardiac arrest – shallow breathing
    1507. 19/03/21, Milton Keynes, UK
      Raymond van Barneveld, darts player collapsed and received paramedic attention during PDC Championship  News Story
    1508. 18/03/2021 Poland
      Mieczysław Pasierbski (Age) Polish former weightlifting champion, got his first Pfizer vaccine on March 18, was unable to urinate for several days and developed a serious fever. Went to hospital by ambulance where his his right leg turned black and was amputated above the knee due to venous thrombosis (blood clot). Doctors later confirmed the amputation was a result of the Pfizer vaccination, but his case was not recorded by the Polish Health Department as they denied that his health problems were a result of vaccination. A link lists many people who had limbs amputated after the vaccine.  News Story  News Story2
    1509. 13/03/2021 New Hampshire, USA Dead
      Marvin Hagler (66), Boxer was rushed to hospital with chest pains and trouble breathing before dying four hours later according to his son, James. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, his former opponent and long-time friend posted on Instagram that Hagler was “in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine.”  News Story   News Story2
    1510. 11/03/21 Christchurch New Zealand
      David Wakefield, (27) New Zealand cricketer. Collapsed during training with cardiac arrest. Brought back to life with defibrillator, hospitalized three weeks in intensive care, required extensive rehabilitation before he could walk and talk. Diagnosed with myocarditis.  News Story
    1511. 08/03/21 Egypt Dead
      Abdel-Rahman Atef (23). Al-Rowad Club football player collapsed and died during his team’s Al game in the city of Sharqiya. Swallowed his tongue and resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful (no trained staff).   News Story
    1512. 03/03/21, Wallkill Central School, New York, USA (17), Dead
      Miguel Antonio Lugo (17) high school football player collapsed and died during football practice.

      February 2021

    1513. ??/02/2020 Norway
      Sander Haugrud (24), Norwegian kickboxing champion in 2019. Two weeks after his second COVID vaccine, stabbing chest pain started, after no previous history of heart problems or any health issues. Diagnosed with pericarditis. Physician at the hospital confirmed it was due to the vaccine. Sander Haugrud: “A couple of weeks after the second dose, I got a sting in my chest that turned out to be heart bag inflammation. I was on surveillance for three days. I have competed nationally and internationally in kickboxing, since the age of 10 to now. But it’s a full stop at training and I don’t know if I can ever train like I did. Now I’m mostly in prison. This might have been avoided, if I had a corona instead, I guess I’d be well by now. It is scary to know that no one mentions anything, I had to dig myself to find information, then I found that there were many cases like mine. At the hospital, doctors had a hard time believing the inflammation was due to the vaccine, but in the end the superior admitted it and said to report it to the Drug Enforcement Administration.”  Videointerview in norwegian: News Story  News Story2
    1514. ??/02/2021 Sweden
      Andreas Quist Svensson (21), Eskilsminne IF U21 Football forward player joined Eskils around 28th January 2021, but never played a single game before suffering from myocarditis/pericarditis and was not allowed to touch a ball or train for two months, but this turned into 7 months. He was reported to start training again in August 2021 and played for the first time on 25th September 2021. Need dates of injury and vaccination.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    1515. 22/02/21 Queensland, Australia Dead
      Dale Best (34), Maroochydore Swans Rugby League player collapsed during a match. Sports trainers performed CPR then paramedics attempted to stabilise the player. He was taken to hospital, where he later died.  News Story
    1516. 22/02/21 Portugal Dead
      Alfredo Quintana (32), a Cuban handball goalie in Portugal. Collapsed after going into cardiac arrest during practice. Died four days later.  News Story
    1517. 21/02/21 Croatia Dead
      Zlatko Saracevich, (59) (former Yugoslavia handball player and world handball champion), won Gold with Croatia at Atlanta Olympics, and recent handball coach. His team just won in a derby against RK Lokomotiva 32:29, and he collapsed with a cardiac arrest just after he gave a media statement. Resuscitation failed.   News Story
    1518. 06/02/21 Philippines Dead
      Clement Lucchu (25), Cameroonian basketball player. Played in Manila, Philippines. Suffered a heart attack and died.  News Story

      January 2021

    1519. 30/01/21, France
      Garissone Innocent (20), Caen Team football goalkeeper collapsed and blacked out in a game against Chambly. Tachycardia attack, unable to speak or breathe. News Story  News Story2
    1520. 30/01/21 Indianapolis USA Dead
      Wayne Radford (64), NBA star and former Indianapolis team star, died at his home in Indianapolis. News Story
    1521. 22/01/21 USA  Dead
      Hank Aaron (86), former Pro Baseballer received his COVID vaccine on January 5th, 2021 to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine and encourage other black Americans to do the same.  Died two weeks later in his sleep – listed as natural causes. News Story
    1522. 22/01/2021 Poland Dead
      Kamil Pulczyński (28), former Speedway rider had a cardiac arrest during the night and was found dead. Since 2017, he had led an active lifestyle, and was involved in ice hockey, among other sports.  News Story
    1523. 12/01/21 Denmark
      Lukas Olesen (20), Slagelse B&I Footballer from Bornholm had a sudden cardiac arrest during training. He was in a coma. He recovered and received an internal defibrillator. He was playing as goalkeeper in August when his heart stopped after kicking the ball up the field, but the defibrillator resuscitated him and he recovered, but the match was abandoned.  News Story  News Story2
    1524. 09/01/21 USA
      Jordan Glenn, Wisconsin basketball player. Collapsed in a break at the start of the half. CPR with a defibrillator, transferred to hospital by Ambulance. Update: In April, had open heart surgery and now has a defibrillator inserted near his abdomen.  News Story
    1525. 03/01/21 Portugal  Dead
      Alex Apolinario (24), Brazilian Alverca FC soccer player collapsed on pitch with cardiac arrest during match. Died four days later  News Story

    NOTE: No reports below this point are included in the counts in the Headline

    NOTE: No reports below this point are included in the Vaccine counts in the headline because of insufficient documentation or other causes are more likely.

    No documentation found yet

    Investigations in progress. No news media documentation found in this section so far. Some names may be spelled incorrectly. Dates may be wrong. We found correct details for more than 10 like this so far. Now we are adding them to this area of the list, but not counting them in the headline total, until documentation is found. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. 18/01/21 Turkey
      Ibrahim Khalil (49), a Turkey national athletics team coach. Died of a heart seizure.
    2. 22/08/21 Dead
      Milos Georgeevic, 31, died in his sleep, apparently from a heart condition.
    3. 13/10/21 Italy, Dead
      Ricky Pirrallo (29), soccer player from Cigliano, Italy. Died suddenly. This may refer to Rocco Perrino, possibly a translation error, as the original reference to this may have been in Hebrew.
    4. 10/11/21 Brescia, Italy
      Armano Ferrari (51), soccer coach in Brescia, Italy, died suddenly. No information found, even using different names. Possibly incorrectly reported.
    5. ??/11/21
      Andrea Corcio (42), Italian football coach. Died suddenly
    6. 15/11/21, USA
      Jason Plummer (52), Australian Olympic swimmer (1988). No cause given (seems suspicious)  News Story

    May Or May Not Be Vax Related

    There is insufficient information to decide if any of these collapses or deaths are related to COVID vaccinations. More investigation is needed. Any help would be appreciated because keeping with the ongoing investigations isn’t easy. These are listed here because they appear in some lists as vax-caused, but we believe there is either currently insufficient information to decide or other explanations seem to overrule vax-caused, such as cancer.

    Some of these people should be in the main list. We hope that eventually, their friends and relatives will provide us with more information about vaccination status, or what happened to them in the days weeks or months before they died.

    1. 17/09/2022 Costa Rica Dead
      Kalani David (24), Hawaiian surf and skate prodigy, collapsed and died of a “massive seizure” while surfing in Costa Rica. He had a congenital heart condition  Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome which had caused him seizure problems over many years.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    2. 22/07/2022 USA Dead
      Dwight Smith (58), former Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs Baseball player (8 seasons), died of “congestive heart failure.”  News Story
    3. 16/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Ricky Bibey (40), professional Rugby League player for Wigan Warriors, St Helens, Leigh and Wakefield Trinity. He died in a hotel room in Italy aged 40. Police suspect a seizure or heart attack. Items in the room suggest a sex game went wrong. It was later reported he suffered from mental issues and was viciously beating his long-time girlfriend when he suffered a “heart attack.” Forensic officers searched the hotel room, requested a post mortem examination and toxicology reports.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    4. 15/04/2022 Quebec, Canada Dead
      Mike Bossy (65), Canadian former New York Islanders Ice Hockey player who became “one of the NHL’s all-time greatest goal scorers” died of lung cancer.  News Story  News Story2
    5. 10/04/2022 Pennsylvania, USA Dead
      Gary Brown (52), former NFL New York Giants American Football player and then coach died of “liver and kidney failure after beating cancer twice.”  News Story  News Story2
    6. 08/01/2022 Kansas, USA Dead
      Matt Miller (49), former Kansas State Wildcats American Football and baseball player who later became the Wildcats’ coach. He died of cancer.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3
    7. 08/01/2021 Portugal Dead
      Paulo Diamantino (35), Mirandela Basquetebol Clube Basketballere. Suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while preparing for the second part of the match against Juventude Pacense. Resuscitation attempts over the next hour were unsuccessful.  News Story  News Story2
    8. 25/01/21 USA
      Jack Draper (19), Tennis player collapsed during a game against Kazakhstan’s Mikhail Kukushkin at Miami Open first set on a hot humid day. Possibly heat-humidity-related, but it was only the first set and only 80 degrees.  News Story
    9. 30/01/21 Indianapolis, USA  Dead
      Wayne Radford, 64, an NBA star and former Indianapolis team star, died at his home in Indianapolis. Possibly of cancer  News Story
    10. 04/04/21 Russia Dead
      Nikita Sidorov (18), youth team footballer for the Professional Football League (PFL). Died 5 minutes after coming onto the pitch as substitute, during a game at Torpedo Stadium. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. A doctor said he had a cerebral aneurism and internal bleeding. News reports talked about an autopsy and investigation, but no further information has been discovered.  News Story
    11. 18/04/21 USA Dead
      Antron Pippen (33), basketball player for Texas A&M and later World Basketball Association’s Heat Upstate team. Died unexpectedly, with no known health problem, accident or other causes of death. His father Scottie said Antron had chronic asthma, but would not reveal cause of death.  News Story
    12. 30/04/2021 India Dead
      Jagdish Lad (34), bodybuilder died in a hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, having been on oxygen support in his final four days, possibly from lack of available treatment.  News Story
    13. 12/08/21, USA  (16), Dead
      Drake Geiger (16), 6′ 3″ 400-pound Nebraska Football player collapsed and died during a practice break, after only playing for 10 minutes. His father, Scott Hoffman said they were recently in Las Vegas, where it was hotter and he had no problems there. The autopsy apparently said his death was due to “hyperthermia, enlarged heart and heart problems,” but he had passed a physical exam a week before training. Sadly, there is no information on vax status, but it would be pertinent. Too many autopsies are hidden or contain scant information, as though they want to protect Big Pharma. All we want is the truth.  News Story
    14. 12/08/21, NZ  (24), Dead 
      Olivia Podmore (24) NZ Olympic Cyclist died suddenly and mysteriously in her room, Coroner investigating cause (possible suicide). A friend said, “I was the last person to see her alive. If you had seen her in the last 72 hours, you wouldn’t have thought this could happen.”  News Story
    15. 12/08/21, USA  (27), Dead
      Cameron Burell, Sprinter died mysteriously, ruled suicide by self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Was he vaxxed and if so, did he know his career was over?  News Story
    16. 19/08/21 Dead
      Phil Hernon (55), Bodybuilder died after ‘sudden recent decline,’ possibly dialysis related  News Story
    17. 23/08/21, USA  Dead
      Jimmy Hayes (31), former Bruins player unexpectedly died. He had Cocaine and Fentanyl in his system. How much was not disclosed. The state of his heart was not disclosed.  News Story
    18. 04/09/21 Lagos, Nigeria
      Kelechi Okafor (21), footballer died after apparently landing on his head after heading a ball while playing the day before he was to leave for Azerbaijan to advance his career. His relatives asked the police to close their investigation.  News Story
    19. 06/09/21 Bergamo, Italy
      Unnamed football player (16), in Bergamo, Italy suffered cardiac arrest at Villa d’Almè sports center. He was resuscitated and moved to ICU at Bergamo “Papa Giovanni XXIII” hospital. He had a similar problem a year prior.  News Story
    20. 08/09/21 Kokomo, Indiana, USA Dead
      Curtis Robert Pettigrew (49), known as Bobby or Big Bob, former Wildkats star, shot put champion and Kokomo High School assistant coach for 15 years and Howard County Sports Hall of Famer died in a car accident. No information discovered about the accident or if it was caused by cardiac arrest.  News Story
    21. 17/09/21 Kazakhstan Dead
      Albert Linder, 25, weightlifter from Kazakhstan. Death by suicide according to his brother, not helped by heartless trainer.  Brother Story
    22. 07/10/21 France Dead
      Unnamed cyclist (60+) went into cardiac arrest in Saint-Jean-de-Belleville, Savoie, between Le Villard and Les Deux Nants. Alerted by hikers, rescuers from CRS Alpes de Modane and firefighters intervened around 12:30 p.m. but could not resuscitate him.  News Story
    23. 12/10/21 Baltimore, USA, Dead
      Elisha Gorham (17), baltimore football player. Collapsed during a game. Suspected brain injury.  News Story
    24. 21/10/21, USA  Dead
      Jake Ehlinger (20), University of Texas linebacker found dead – ruled as accidental xanax/fentanyl overdose  News Story
    25. 21/10/21 USA Dead
      Ivan Douglas (41) won a national championship with the Buckeyes. Career cut short by blood clots that started around 2003. Apparently he contracted COVID in September 2021 and sent to hospital October 21 and died on the 24th. Vax status unknown.  News Story  News Story2
    26. 30/10/21 USA Dead
      Jason Aguilar (16), a sophomore accounting major and track athlete, died. He was found unresponsive in his room. This entry needs to be investigated, because the suicide may refer to a different man with the same name. Coles County Coroner Ed Schniers said cause of death unknown at the time but after autopsy gave a suicide verdict, according to some websites, but a coroner’s report is not available. News Story
    27. 04/11/21 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Dead
      Amela Fetahović (35), Female Bosnian footballer (Sarajevo, Spartak Subotica, national team). Died in a car accident (did she have a cardiac arrest while driving?)  News Story
    28. 08/11/21 USA
      Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall (46), bodybuilder announced that he suffered a heart attack due to a clogged artery, in a video from his hospital bed. He had swelling in his legs and ankles for years, which he ignored. The event happened two days after Shawn Rhoden died.  News Story
    29. 08/11/2021 Paraguay Dead
      Dario Herrera (34) National champion indoor soccer player and champion of the Copa Libertadores de Futsal FIFA with Cerro Porteño in 2016. Diagnosed with multi-organ failure after endocarditis. He may have had previous heart problems.  News Story  News Story2
    30. 08/11/2021 England
      Mark Hobbs (46), Martial Arts fighter suffered a cardiac arrest while training and turned blue. His sparring partner and students used CPR for 20 minutes before medics arrived to restart his heart with a defibrilator. Doctors said he had blocked arteries and he had a quadruple bypass  News Story
    31. 09/11/21 Blagoveshchensk, Russia Dead
      Pyotr Shatokhin (54), aikido (coach). Pyotr had been involved with skiing and judo before taking up aikido and then coaching aikido. He was said to have covid-19 and relatives tried to find a donor with antibodies, unfortunately to no avail.  News Story
    32. 20/11/2021 Italy Dead
      Luciano De Lorenzo (15), cyclist fell off his bike whilst training in Gron Sospirolo. His final words before he fell were ‘I don’t see anything, it’s all black!’ His father Michele took him to the San Martino hospital in Belluno where he died Saturday afternoon. An autopsy was ordered. His father says he was not vaccinated.  News Story
    33. 21/11/21 Parcé-sur-Sarthe, France
      Unnamed female (50+), table tennis player collapsed with a cardiac arrest during a match. Saved by her opponents (volunteer firefighters) and a defibrillator.  News Story
    34. 25/11/21 Spain
      Pedro Acosta (17), Moto 3 World Champion collapsed while speaking at a podium after a race. Recovered a short time later, collapse may have been due to exhaustion and nerves. Twitter video
    35. 06/12/21 Lancaster, UK
      Cliff Trickett (age unknown), long-time referee died suddenly, cause of death unknown.
    36. 06/12/21 UK Dead
      Marvin Morgan (38), former Aldershot Town, Shrewsbury Town, Plymouth Argyle and Hartlepool United player and fashion brand designer. In 2018, he was diagnosed with a cavernoma, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels usually in the brain or spinal cord, that cause seizures, strokes and possibly premature death. Vax status unknown. Died while on business travel in Europe.  News Story
    37. 06/12/21 Anderson, Ohio, USA Dead
      Brock Vogel (15), high school senior on wrestling and football teams at Anderson High School, died Monday. No cause of death. Moved from the main list because of a reader report saying “no way” was he vaccinated” – but two other students at his school died in the same week, and two students at a British school died in the same week, so we place this report here, uncounted in the main list while we investigate.   News Story  News Story2
    38. 07/12/21 USA Dead
      Glenn Foster (31), former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman died on in Alabama after a high speed police chase and crash into a tree. He was bipolar. An autopsy is expected.  News Story
    39. 08/12/21 Roswell, Georgia, USA Dead
      Demaryius Thomas (33), Former NFL Denver Broncos Wide Receiver died alone at home, from a seizure or cardiac arrest in the shower. He had apparently been having seizures for a year. By the time police arrived rigor mortis had set in.  News Story  News Story2
    40. 08/12/21 Mexico Dead
      Alfredo ‘Chango’ Moreno (41), former América forward died after a short battle with cancer. There are conflicting reports of cancer in the pancreas and gall bladder. One story said he was in hospital November 30 for a gall bladder operation when intestinal cancer was discovered and a call went out to relatives for blood and platelets.
    41. 09/12/21 Brazil
      Pele (81), former soccer star was vaccinated March 2021, then diagnosed with colon cancer September 2021 and was admitted to hospital again December 2021. He had prostate surgery in 2015.  News Story
    42. 17/12/21 Spain Dead
      Unnamed (7) UD Beniopa junior team football player collapsed in training. Defibrillator and cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres were used and an ambulance took him to Gandia hospital but resuscitation failed and he died. Unknown vaccination status. News Story
    43. 22/12/2021 Georgia, USA Dead
      Robbie Roper (18), Roswell HS American Football star quarterback was admitted to a local hospital after suffering a serious shoulder injury. While undergoing shoulder surgery, he developed complications and died, possibly due to anaesthesia mismatch. News Story
    44. 31/12/2022 Sydney, Australia
      Frank Pritchard (38) former Rugby League international suffered a collapsed lung and breathing difficulties among other health issues and is fighting for his life in Sydney hospital. Media says he has COVID, and may suffer from asthma, no information about vax status.   News Story
    45. 11/01/2022 USA Dead
      Jean Ramirez (28), Tampa Bay Rays Baseball, The Rays did not announce Ramirez’s cause of death. Neander called it an unexpected and difficult loss. The club encouraged everyone, including spectators to be vaccinated. 2 days later, the Medical Examiner reported his death was suicide, but no reason given.  News Story  Vaccination Story2  Suicide Story
    46. 28/01/2022 Spain Dead
      Saúl Boza Gil (11), CD San ​​Roque and Juventud UVA football player died. No more details available. News Story  News Story2
    47. 12/02/2022 Australia
      Romain Grenville (31) Kingston Hawthorn batsman (cricket) collapsed to the ground in front of the umpire after completing a run in the match against Footscray.  News Story
    48. 16/07/2022 Italy Dead
      Ricky Bibey (40), professional Rugby League player for Wigan Warriors, St Helens, Leigh and Wakefield Trinity. He died in a hotel room in Italy aged 40. Police suspect a seizure or heart attack. Items in the room suggest a sex game went wrong. Forensic officers searched the hotel room, requested a post mortem examination and toxicology reports.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

    Not Vax Related

    These collapses or deaths are most likely unrelated to COVID vaccinations.

    11/08/2022 Queensland, Australia Dead
    Paul Green (49), former Cronulla Sharks Rugby League player and coach. It appears he committed suicide, but nobody knows why.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

    03/05/2015 England Dead
    Danny Jones (29), Keighley Cougars Rugby League half back and Welsh International collapsed with a cardiac arrest four minutes into a match. Treated by the match doctor and paramedics before being taken to the Royal Free Hospital where he died.  News Story

    14/09/18 Poland Dead
    Mateusz Jacak (14), Znicz Pruszków footballer, left the house in the morning to go to school. He did not arrive for lessons, and his mother found him unconscious in front of the apartment. He had a stroke and after 12 days in hospital, he died 16 September. Mateusz is one of two Znicz Pruszków footballers who died in 2018.  News Story

    19/08/19 UK Dead
    Archie Bruce (20), English rugby league player. Found dead in hotel room the morning after his pro rugby league debut.  News Story

    14/01/2020 Australia
    Dalila Jakupovic (28), Tennis player was forced to retire from her match at the 2020 Australian Open after having dropped to the ground due to bushfire smoke and very poor air quality. Many other players had breathing problems too. “I was really scared that I would collapse. That’s why I went onto the floor because I couldn’t walk anymore. I don’t have asthma and never had breathing problems. I actually like heat. The physio came again and I thought it would be better. But the points were a bit longer and I just couldn’t breathe anymore and I just fell on the floor.”  News Story

    15/03/20 Malaga, Spain Dead
    Francisco Garcia (21), Atletico Portada Alta Football youth team coach was rushed to a local hospital with severe COVID-19 symptoms. He died in the hospital. Doctors said he could have survived had he not been suffering from leukaemia. COVID-19 vaccinations in Spain started on 27 December 2020.  News Story

    25/11/2020 Argentina Dead
    Diego Maradona (60), football legend died of a heart attack two weeks after being released from a hospital in Buenos Aires following brain surgery. A long battle with drug addiction caused heart, weight and breathing problems.  News Story

    09/12/20 France
    Dimitri Linard, 33, Strasbourg FC footballer, collapsed during a game with Lyon. He has played at least 10 matches in 2021, after his collapse. It seems highly unlikely his 2020 collapse was related to vaccine.

    11/11/20 Pennsylvania, USA
    Journey Brown (21), Penn State star running back diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It can cause shortness of breath, chest pain or heart electrical system problems, life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) or sudden death.  News Story

    012/12/20 Florida, USA
    Keyontae Johnson (21), University of Florida basketball star. Hospitalized after collapsing face first four minutes into the game against Florida State. Released from hospital. Unlikely to be vaccine-related because it was December 2020, a time when he was unlikely to have been able to get the vaccine.  News Story

    4/02/21 Colombia
    Andres Felipe Roman (25), FALSE POSITIVE. Diagnosed with congenital hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in club testing, before playing. Later testing proved that his heart was strong and he resumed playing. He did not collapse.

    15/02/21 USA Dead
    Vincent Terrell Jackson (January 14, 1983 – February 15, 2021 died in a hotel room. Autopsy revealed CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy), due to multiple head hits over his career, covered up by alcoholism.  News Story

    16/03/21 Moscow, Russia
    Timur Faizutdinov (19), was playing for Dynamo St. Petersburg junior team in a playoff game against Loko Yaroslavl when he was hit in the head by a puck. He collapsed and then died in hospital.  News Story

    15/04/21 Preston, Australia
    Goce “Colakot” Gruevski (47), former Macedonia national team and Preston Lions goalkeeper and current goalkeeper coach. No cause of death given.  Facebook

    06/05/21 Oregon USA
    Maggie Williams (15), Oregon high school track star collapsed due to lack of oxygen during the 800-meter event because a ridiculous state mandate forced her to wear a mask while running and she could not breathe properly.

    14/05/2022 Tennessee, USA Dead
    David West (57), former Philadelphia Phillies Baseball player died of brain cancer.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3

    31/05/2022 Australia
    Gabriel McKenna-Lieschke (29), keen gym-goer. After a hospital operation on his arm an infection took hold. He developed “necrotising fasciitis, which has been dubbed the flesh-eating bug.” The result was that his arm had to be amputated at the elbow.  News Story

    07/08/2021 Queensland, Australia
    Jess Allen (21), Frenchville Pioneers women’s Rugby Union, and “Oz Tag and Touch Footy” player. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the sideline at a men’s rugby match on August 7th. She spent five days in hospital in a coma. It was reported she had a known heart condition, but it did not previously cause her a problem.  News Story

    16/10/2021 England
    Joe Plant (Age) Walker finished his 100 mile charity walk, despite cardiac arrest minutes from finish line. Half a mile from the end, his heart stopped beating but an internal defibrillator delivered 2 electric shocks to save his life. He’s raising money for the British Heart Foundation, who fund research into treatments for heart conditions. Vaccination status unknown currently.  News Story

    27/10/21, Austria, 26 years old
    Raphael Dwamena (26) Ghanaian forward. Fell down (possibly due to his defibrilator kicking in) with severe heart problems before the ÖFB Cup match between Linz Weiß-Blau FC and Hartberg TSV. Had a known heart condition since 2017. Aug 2017: failed Brighton medical after detection of heart condition. Oct 2019: Doctors recommend retirement Jan 2020: Continued playing with implanted cardioverter-defibrillator. Oct 2020: Heart issues detected before match. Oct 2021: Fell in cup game. “I received an electric shock from the defibrillator. It hurts and knocks you off your feet. But I didn’t collapse,” 4 December 2021: Club terminated contract.  News Story

    03/12/21 Lancaster, UK
    Kortney Hause (26), Aston Villa footballer crashed his Lamborghini into a school fence after losing control of the vehicle on a wet road. He was dazed but uninjured and nobody was hurt. He had a record of speeding and being late.

    19/12/2021 Pogradec, Albania Dead
    Spartak Elmazi (34) Pogradec midfield football player. Apparently was fighting an unspecified illness for three years before his death. Cause of death unstated.
    “He suffered from a serious illness and for three years was fighting for his life.”  News Story

    25/12/21 Argentina Dead
    Diego Armando Montiel (25) former Atlético Rafaela midfielder (retired) died of meningitis. Did not play in the past two years.  News Story

    03/01/2022 Ivory Coast Dead
    Oussou Konan (32), Al-Bukiryah FC Football player was allegedly poisoned while on holiday in his homeland.  News Story

    19/01/2022 Scotland, UK Dead
    Devin Gordon (13), Bathgate Juniors U-14 footballer died. No other details given initially. UPDATE: Devin was hit by a train and he was on the tracks. News Story

    12/01/2022 Ohio, USA Dead
    Jude Michael Little (15), Unioto High School basketballer (Chillicothe Ohio) died due to Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, according to his parents. They said he was not vaccinated.  News Story

    23/01/2022 Spain
    Jesus Sánchez López aka Chechu (29), Egabrense footballer collapsed during a football match after a collision with the goalkeeper. Chechu was unconscious and had breathing problems so was transferred to hospital. Recovered after time in hospital.

    22/03/2022 USA
    Rafael Nadal (36), Majorcan fully vaccinated star Australian Open champion tennis player is out for at least 6-8 weeks after his defeat by Taylor Fritz in Indian Wells, due to pain and breathing problems, reported as a rib stress crack. After a match, Nadal told reporters, “When I try to breathe, it’s painful … It feels like needles.” Nadal had previously mocked Djokovic for not being vaccinated.  News Story

    21/05/2022 Tasmania, Australia
    Tobi Mcinnes (Age), Burnie Dockers Football Club Australian Rules Footballer suffered a cardiac arrest during an off-the ball fight with an opposing player, Penguin, who slapped him in the face twice. He was taken to Launceston General Hospital. On Sunday evening, he was conscious and stable but was undergoing tests to determine his condition.  News Story  News Story2

    Players Talk

    Sidelined Athletes with “Illness” Not Included in This Report

    Many sports teams now have multiple sidelined players. There are dozens of them. The teams and Big Media are hiding this, thinking nobody will notice. These damaged players will not be shown in this report if they are reported only as “illness” but they would be worth tracking, because it is not normal to have so many. Their immune systems are likely to have been compromised by “something,” so they will be open to many things they would normally have been able to shrug off. We leave it to others to track these – we have our hands full handling the investigations for this list, going back in time trying to find new information that wasn’t available before, and making minor corrections as they are discovered. It will all come out eventually.

    List of Injuries

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of injuries reported. Most were cardiac arrest.

    • Cardiac Arrest
    • Blood Clots or Thrombosis
    • Stroke
    • Irregular Heartbeat
    • Arrhythmia
    • Neuropathy
    • Death

    Military Death Increases

    Thomas Renz, an American lawyer says that the U.S. military’s DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) database shows that in the first 10 months of 2021, that “All cause morbidity” increased 11 times (1100%) against the previous year. Renz has information from DoD whistleblowers. The DoD is reportedly actively deleting data from the database, possibly to cover up the genocide that has been perpetrated on military personnel.

    He also said they expect the numbers for 2022 to be up by 5000% – i.e. 50 times the previous year.

    Good Sciencing Reports

    Our ongoing updates to the chart in this post clearly show the growth of adverse events on sports people.

    One person said we were hiding things because we’re only showing “the barest” of 2022. Sorry about that, but we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future. The only things we expect are that a) some people will continue to be “surprised” about the number of athlete deaths over the coming months, and b) although it is February, injuries and deaths that happened in prior months will be continue to be discovered in the future.

    We know that we do not have all of the cardiac arrest reports and we don’t have all of the deaths. The sports clubs are still hiding the cases where players did not die and did not make it into the news. We suspect that many players that “suffered from a mystery illness” were told to go home, rest and suffer in silence.

    Dates of First Vaccinations

    The dates of first “available” vaccinations vary all over the world, in different states and different cities. We have a small collection of data in a separate story and we know there were trials in the months before official rollouts, so just because a country started its rollout on a particular date, that doesn’t mean some people didn’t receive their vaccinations in the weeks and months earlier. If we get definitive proof that someone was not vaccinated, we amend the record. Officials and the media are now doing a great job of hiding all the useful information. They are also calling vaccinated people unvaxed if it hasn’t been more than two weeks after their vaccination, and if they are due for their booster and they don’t get it, they are labeled unvaxed. (i.e. the government and media are telling lies – it is a clever scheme, but it is still a lie.)

    For example, Australia’s first human trials of a candidate COVID-19 vaccine was the Novavax NVX-CoV2373 in Melbourne by 26 May 2020. There is no documentation showing who took part in the trials The Therapeutic Goods Administration approved the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine on 25 January, the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine on 16 February, and Janssen vaccine on 25 June. Phase-1a started on 21 February 2021 and phase-1b of the roll-out began on 22 March.

    The Philippines began phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials in early November 2020. Phase 3 is the point at which thousands of people are vaccinated, prior to consideration for approval for rollout, and people were being vaccinated in the previous months.

    Clubs Hide Vaccination Information Now

    Here is a demonstration of how sports clubs do not want the injuries of deaths of their players to be associated with the COVID vaccines. It tells the story of why they will not report which of their players has been vaccinated and when. Sunderland FC manager Lee Johnson suggested that the COVID vaccines may have caused the heart issues for his goalkeeper, Lee Burge. The club then sacked the manager.

    Form your own conclusions as to why the club would sack the manager who cares about his players.

    Definite Proof of Vaccination

    The so-called fact-checkers are trying to say that because we don’t always have definitive proof of vaccination, then 100% of the data we’re collecting is worthless. Well, good news, fact-checkers, you are not only wrong, you are idiots.

    While historically there have been a relatively small number of athlete deaths each year that weren’t from old age or cancer, there has never been anything like what is happening since the COVID vaccination trials started. And they know it, but they don’t care. We will continue to gather as much information as possible about every person who dies. These are real people, not just numbers.

    As we said elsewhere, we’re collecting data. Other people can use this data and add to it, if they can, to research whatever they want. We won’t de distracted from that, even if families, clubs, governments and the media hide information from us. We don’t want to hurt families, but families can’t hide real data because that could harm other people.

    According to governments, 90-95% of populations all over the world are now vaccinated, so the fact-checkers have a problem. If that is true, then just about everyone is vaccinated. If it isn’t true, then governments are lying, possibly for the purpose of coercing those who don’t want their vaccinations, for various reasons. We will publish as much data as we can find, and from time to time, we and readers will discover information that wasn’t found earlier, and it will be added.

    Hate Mail And Death Threats

    As well as receiving new cases and updates from alert readers, we are also receiving hate mail and death threats/wishes. Haters need to get a life. The sports people suffering these adverse reaction and deaths didn’t ask for this. Neither did the tens of thousands of other people. They all thought they were doing the right thing. Many were coerced into getting the vaccinations. When one of these adverse events happens to you or one of your kids or relatives, you’ll be glad we’re collecting all this data. If you are one of the haters who thinks vaccination is the way out of this nightmare, read the story about three young women whose lives have been destroyed by the vaccine.

    We’re not going to stop what we’re doing. April 2022 update: The hate mail and death threats stopped – the overwhelming data is now widespread and it is too late to stop it getting out.

    Interesting Notes

    Several readers sent a video about Australian Cricketer Shane Warne. The man in the video is Blair Cottrell – he is NOT Shane Warne’s son. We cannot yet verify the claim that Shane Warne complained of chest pain previously, or that he planned to get medical help in Indonesia. We note a small number of deaths later marked as “suicide” but no explanation – we are constantly looking to update reports, but a declaration of suicide with no other reason provides nothing useful. We’re still looking.

    Where Are The Fact-Checkers?

    Readers are writing to us asking for comparisons from previous years. Some say without that, these results mean nothing. That’s not true because if we had seen this in previous years, it would be well known and others would have documented it. We are starting to work on this – it is a lot of work.

    Where are the fact-checkers? Where is the mainstream media? Some have piles of money from Bill Gates. Why are they not proving us wrong by all piling on and showing the documented Athlete deaths from 2019, 2018, 2017 and the previous decade?

    They are nowhere to be found because this number of athlete deaths is abnormal and they know it. They have money from people who don’t want journalists poking around. So that’s why they don’t try to thoroughly Fact-Check these reports or show previous year numbers.

    Follow this link to see Gates Foundation handouts to some media that could do it. For example, NPR in the USA received $24 million.

    The Gates Foundation also funded many investigative journalism centers, with around $38 million. Could that be why journalistic curiosity suddenly stopped being a thing?

    A few weak attempts at “debunking” this data have started to come out, but they cherry-pick a small number of the entries.

    Thanks to Many Contributors

    Many people are contributing to this, some indirectly by reporting to Telegram groups and other websites. There are many duplicates and in some cases, people report things we’ve had for months, but every report helps because sometimes there is a small piece of information we didn’t have before, such as a date, an autopsy report, a name spelling, or a report from months ago that never made it into a news story. That was the case with Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall. Helpful websites include DVDbeaver, The COVID Blog.

    Update Notes

    Currently reviewing a report with 95 dropped out of a cycling race, deaths unknown. Also the Tour de France races had many dropouts.

    ** Passed 1000 deaths (1014) with 1485+ reports on 14th November 2022.


    • Update 2022 1-3rd December: Ian Ford, Sivert Bakken, Fin Bowen, Mark Doherty.
    • Update 2022 1-27th November: Jan Christoph, Bill Wolfson Lianie, Aaron O’Neill, Several unnamed Amsterdam Marathon runners, Philipp Demler, Cam Shaw, Alpha Kaba, Sam Finnemore, Grégoire Boidoux, Unnamed (60) Gruissan Poli Trail marathon runner, Samson Fluck, Daniel Do Nascimento, Curtis Schwinnen, Hunter Eggers, Efe Obrimah, Grégory Genet, Carlos Secretário, Jean-Baptiste Togbé, Mark Watson, Chris Figgis, Loch Eggers, Gary Wardlow, Brady Zalar, Rachel O’Connor, Conor McCaughey, Adrian Dingle, Geronimo Warner, Grace Rush, Keith Farmer, Unnamed (70) California surfer, Unnamed (27) French runner, Anthony Johnson, Jatinder Singh, two Unnamed Taiwan Runners, Jerry Holland, Francis Joseph, Abdul Rahman Kifli, Johan Hamel, Alaric Jackson, Heather Anderson, Shera Athwal, Ben Fike, Jamaal Brown, Robbie Lucas, Brent Moss, Benjamin Prat, Andrey Averin, Eric Homersham, Manolo Guevara, Esther Martins, Ryan Plowman, Ben Aldred, Page Fuller, Major Parker, Felipe Albuquerque, Louis Passfield, Tylin McDowell, Herge Holmen, Chuck Carr, Mouhssine Oussama, Tom Edwards, Benedetta Quadrozzi, Dwight Garner, Mark Potter, Seyi Awogbemi Sodiq, Chris Dailey, Jimmy Thomas, Jamal Meeks, Gareth Atkinson, Antonis Mandalos.
    • Update 2022 1-31st October: Unnamed 36-year-old English Runner, Martin Perin, Jules Bevis, Josh Ciocco, Aldo Dumoulin, Davis Heller, El Bekkai Khaldi, Sara Lee Weston, Brith Roelstraete, Gian Piero Ventrone, Ryan Ding, Andrew Ruehlicke, Mike Hart, Enock Mwepu, Jalen Thomas, Jalen Thomas, Justin Tabone, Katsuya Kitamura, Todd Woodbridge, Doug Brignole, Brandon Isaac, Marco Benitez, Estela Rodrigue, Pranav Mahajan, Timo Baumgartl, Harri Kumpulainen, Nate Miller, Jan Raab, Vince Iwuchukwu, Karoliina Kujanpää, Marco Richter, Sebastien Haller, Jean-Jacques Vigeant, Adam Zimmer, Carl Herrera, Unnamed Ruatoria City Rugby Union player, Eric Ortiz, Unnamed Spanish San Patricio school student runner, Neira Odobasic, DiShondra Goree, Andreas Frey, Luis Vega, Davide Gavazzi, Ceri Collins, Dmitry Dolya, Nick Williams, Unnamed Benedictine Military School Footballer, Benjamin Fourquier, Andrew Johnson, Selin Islami, Kyle Scholze, Jan Manner, Carl-Eric Gagné, Martin Cleaver, Rachel Weston.
    • Update 2022 1-30th September: Michael Myles James, Iago Victor dos Santos, Nina Koppang, James Pitts, Dalibor Radonić, Unnamed Virginia student athlete, Maro Perak, Rok Kosir, Rohan Cosgriff, Satchel Tate, Gareth Lewis, Sabine Oberdieck, Mario Pirner, Tony Jones, Teun Elbers, Cristian Cáceres, Djemayley Vernet, Braden Fahey, Jurgen Groothaerd, Thushar Aamra Bedwa, Caitlyn Gable, Avery Gilbert, Maurice Miranda, Sameer Jivangikar, Aleli, Sam Hartman, Unnamed Water Skier, Djouby Laura, Dominic Oscar, Pablo Martinez, Rick Hendriks, Molly White, Alessia Maria Raiciu, Tyler Edwards, Kevin Revillod, Katrin Beierl, Tim Nowak, Davis Dwight, Michele Gironella, Unnamed German Footballer, Clark Yarbrough, Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan, Mike Wilson, Kooper McCabe, Eli Palfreyman, Rolf Felber, Ray McGloin, Unnamed Canadian Hiker, Carter Stone, Bernardino Soncco Hancco, Mzameleni Mthembu, Phakamile Ntshiza, Dani Gómez, Rab Wardell, Grigor Dimitrov, Ben Benn, Mário Cunha, Manuela Bugueno, Audun Heimdal, Unnamed Swiss Cyclist, Devyn Williams, Yordan Alvarez, Pietra Medeiros, Stewart Bondi, Riddick Parker, Malaika Mihambo, Unnamed California Hiker, Filippo Dalla Venezia, Luke Knox, Tyler Erickson, Elias Theodorou, Jamie Harper, Gabe Higginbottom, Greyson Lyons, Willie Los’e, Ali Muhamad, Giovanni Malvestio, Claude Gomez, Unnamed French Futsal player, Unnamed Mozambique Runner, Virimi Vakatawa, Carlos Torrell, Jorge Andrei Valencia, Kaden Clymer, Mauro Brizzi, Gary McMahon, Rodrigo de Jesús Villegas, Cristhian Stuani, Treven Ball, Zaidyn Ward, Kieron Smith, Tim Wellens, Brian Reynolds, Laura Domecq, Gary Neville, Eli Svonovec, David Green, Unnamed Portuguese Triathlete, Scott Hall, Shehzad Rana, Unnamed 6-year-old Höchster boy, Ruben Ciarlanti, Patrik 15-year-old footballer, Jack Pollock, Genevieve Florence, JJ Watt, Kosi Nigerian, Parveen Shankar, Zack Estrin, Santeri Virtanen, Jean-Paul Boetius, Eitan Force, Brian Harlamert, Jalen Hill, Raj Kantilal Patel, Francesco Casagrande, Trey Boddie, Eduardo Benedetti, Juan Miguel, Charles Pyng, Mariano Ondo, Anna Burns, Antonio Salerno, Konstantin Moruga, Robin Claveau, Ole Svangstu, Mikael Hakkarainen, Gustavo Penilla, Potchu Calucane, Kaila Chizer, Abraham Romero, Ria Vannoort, Rittika Das, Jeremiah Bergheger, Caylum Flynn, Owen Cotty, Mason Fisher, Narendra Thapa, Bamba Abdul Kharyme, Kirian Rodriguez, Lola Gilbert-Jeanselme, Andrejs Rubins.
    • Update 2022 1-31st August: Unnamed Brookmerland player named as Marco Memenga, Jay Collins, Param Dhaliwal, Andrea Musiu, Cesar Vazquez, Frank O’Dwyer, Unnamed female Mexican Footballer, Aaron Crawford, Dillon Quirke,Mason Fisher, Marc Marie
    • Update 2022 1-30th July: Justin Lore, Sudhakar Reddy, Awysum Harris, Alessia De Nadai, Oscar Castellanos, Ben Woods, Bryan Marchment, Summer Jade Nicholls, Robin Söderling, Jesse Boyden, Adam Strachan, Mitch Cade Williams, Karl Newton, Oliver Häusler, Sam Forbes, Eric Francis, Frank Klemmer, Mamadou Sylla, Kellum Thomas, Alex Cahoy, Sarah Mullen, Ethan Bradley, Aleksandr Kozlov, Trevor Melly, Mattia Ghiraldi, Kevin Alejandro Amaya, Andrés Burgos, Ryan Jones, Paul Hannam, Unnamed Wind Surfer, Rashard Anderson, Néstor Flores, Ernesto Burgoa, Willie Rioli Snr, Maribel Ortega, Bryan Norton, David Rodríguez, Unnamed Mexican Footballer, Unnamed El Salvadoran Footballer, Ulrik Vabø, Miloš Đorđević, Ricky Bibey, Justin Crawford, Alexis Renard, Victor Lafay, Paul Duncan, Garrison Markins, Jerry Ward, Phil Petty, Anthony Joseph Zeoli, Sam BruceMato Matić, Giuseppe Fortunato, Anthony Janiec, Candace Nayman, Lily Ernst, Derek Gray, Jonathan Castroviejo, Pierre Rolland, Oliver Naesen, Doug Eyolfson, Carl Robinson, Alejandro Candela.
    • Update 2022 12-30th June: Unnamed Triathlete (51), Ben Steele, Simiso Buthelezi, Owen Scheele, Patrick Keefe, Jay Goldberg, Nike, Sarah Harmer, Gabriele Manganiello, Pietro Tusiano, Mendu Srinivas, Antonio Velasco, Unnamed off-road motorcyclist, Sri Vishnu, Chris Edoghogho, Vince Fontaine, Theodore “Teddy” Dowdle, Jason Blake Perry, Doug Whitten, Hayden Goodrick, Unnamed ESV Lok Seddin Footballer, Adam Dodd, Claudia Calcada, Anthony Grell, Oliver Vaux, Helena Ashton, Brazil Walsh, Hailey Bieber, Paplu Dixit, Alessandro Salzano, Anita Alvarez, Gareth Crouth, Enda Mulvihill, Valentin Buliga, Tony Siragusa, Caeleb Dressel, Stephanie Sim Shu Ming, Jaylon Ferguson, Caleb Swanigan, Rafael D Sakkam, Chris Fowler, Tyler Sanders, Damian Casey, Eoghan Moloney, Billel Ben Hamouda, Fabricio Navarro, Jessica Matthews, Georgia Solanaki, Bailey Durrant, Marvel Simiyu, Andrew Barry, Akeem Omolade, Franklin Anangono, Mark Godale, Daniel Burke, John Sculli, Brandon Woodruff, Frank Howell, Unnamed (16) student and basketball player, AJ Wishne, Ade Ajay.
    • Update 2022 3rd June: Marion Barber, Aidan Kaminska, Will Smith, Franco Del C Pendant, Augusto Roux, Ewan Hitchell, Unnamed (60), cyclist, Alex Luzardo, FC, Rosario Poli, Adam Windsor, Danielle Kang, Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa, Giacomo Gorenszach, Andy MacKintosh, Bobby Hill, David Shaffer.
    • Update 2022 30th May: Lukas Ahlgren, R’Mon Rowley, Harvey Stocker, David Reichman, 15 Runners, Pieter Bos, Unnamed (16) Panaitolikos Footballer, Bryan Caruso, Musa Yamak, Mark Davies, Aman Basri Muhd Rohaizi, Warner Ennes, Heston Kjerstad, Peter Matera, Craig Farrell, Connor McGough, Stefano Russo, Paul Poloczek, Justin Hardy, Michele Bortignon, Gianmarco Verdi, Andrea Murtas, Unnamed (20) Runner, Jason Januszke, Ademola Okulaja, Brennan Johnson, Gianluca Schettino, Alexey Zelenin, Linton Beck, Catherine Keane.
    • Update 2022 17th May: Pedro Castillo, Chris Kamara, Andrew Symonds, Dimitri Roveri, Samuel Akwasi, David Gómez Flores, Paddy Branagan, Barron Mann, Mary Frances Cronin, Unnamed (15) Footballer, Jose Alas, Unnamed (67) Ice Climber, Cillian Boyle, Denis Kovba.
    • Update 2022 10th May: Graham Thorpe, Ernesto Escolano, Jody Lukoki, Unnamed (Age) Dutch runner, Gregorio Pagliucoli, Dimitri Roveri, Samuel Akwasi, Giuseppe Costa, Botic van de Zandschulp, Andrea Sciarrini, Richard Hill, Toro Bill Jr, Fatih Mumcu, Wayne Cooper, Davide Piglia, Edier Armero, Unnamed (55) Cyclist, Giovanni Tiberi, Gianmarco Garofoli, Rafael Alentejano, Alix Jounay, Nico Holguín, Fabio Suvieri, Elisa Antonacci, Darco Degrussa, Unnamed (13) Rennes Footballer, Tom Van Asbroeck, José Gabriel Jiménez, Unnamed runner (49), Gianluca Nirchio, Jorge Luis Aceves Durán, José Gabriel Jiménez.
    • Update 2022 4th May: Jonathan Coussautie, Connor Overson, Unnamed (47) Skier, Claudio Pagotto, Sarah Shulze, Zak Hardaker, Lazar LaPenna, Unnamed (30s) Marathon Runner, Neil Campbell, Lauren Bernett, Kirk Herbstreit, Maria Garcia Alonso, Oscar Pettersson, Tyler Burkes Threadgill, Unnamed (30) kite surfer, Erik Volper, Martin Braun, Jörg Niebes, Rifet Kapić, Stefano Tacconi, Mattie Maher, Rajesh Verma, Esteban Noriega, Matthias Birkkjær Pedersen.
    • Update 2022 26th April: Beau Boehne, Judah Chandra, Erin Thomson, Dakota Dozier, Aksel Örn Ekblom, Tyler Stevens, Nevaeh Summers, Henrik Lundqvist, Liam Berlinigieri, Caleb Daniels
    • Update 2022 21 Apr: Jorge Salmerón Mezcua, Cora O’Grady, Red Og Murphy, Igor Jonczyk, Philipp Sander, Jannik Sinner, Lee Mallinson, Jackson Buresh, Ovidiu Hategan, Unnamed (23), Unnamed (63), Jan-Lennard Struff, Maddy Lawrence, Vitor Leitão, Barrington Patterson, Unnamed (25), Sydney Beneventise, Paul Shefflin, Ulfrido García, Alessandro Grazioli, Tiziano Franchini Holger Rune, Mats Moraing, Remigio Bova, Christina Carpenito, Sohrab Lutchmedial, Sohrab Lutchmedial, Diego Silvestre, Franciskao El Diex, Ali Arabzada, Michael James Penzel, Harvey McDougle, Tim Lane, Jeremy Giambi Romain Grenville Detlef Pietsch, Scott Murray MacDonald, Unnamed (Age) referee, Paula Badosa Gibert, Anhelina Kalinina, Katerina Siniakova, Victoria Azarenka, Dalma Galfi, Clara Tauson, Maryna Zanevska, Caroline Garcia, Bruno Battistuta, Gustavo Ramírez, Dylan Talley, Krzysztof Pańka, Artur Walczak, Caitlin Gotze, Caroline Graham Hansen, Patrick Reed, Unnamed male (14). Ollie Wines, Abraham Sié, Enrico Della Puppa, Jayden Hill, Unnamed goalkeeper, Tom Rockliff, Rhema Lord-Mears, Braden Markus, Zane Timpson, Agy Lena, Jesse Boshears, Mekbul Timmer, @StartingDefense12, Frank Hartwig, Shamilia Connell, Adrien Guillonnet-Lopez, Maggie McMahon, Cameron Milton, Martin Hochertz, Luis Mazo, Mikkel Hansen, Romano Marchesini, Shamilia Connell, Tolo Quetglas, Leonardo Bianchi, Fernando Parodi, ,Elizabeth Johnson, Luca Polvara, Bruce Larson, Jean-Luc Ribar, José Ramón Suárez Santos, Patrick Massar, Yennifer Ramírez, Bruce Tronolone, Andrea Iannetti, Dave Nichol, Dylan Gaskin, Tomas Van Den Spiegel, Cedric McMillan, Maria Sofia Paparo, Desai Williams. Unnamed Austrian ASV Baden player moved from no documentation into the main list after discovery of two news items. Paige Satchell, Matthew Lloyd, José Carlos Gozalbes, Hannah Purvis, Jed Anderson. Updated the chart.
    • Update 2022 17 Mar-9 Apr: Thomas Rankin, Karuki Moncrieffe, Sharad Kumar, Jeffrey Klumpkens, Ya Hui, Stephen Spitzer, Steve Black, Marlon Herrera, Anna Kordelyuk, Ángel Rogelio Galán Brioso, Kevin Gregory. The unnamed boy who collapsed playing soccer in New York on 22nd July now named as Braeden Westgate, Freddy Arturo Bueno Ardila, Jordan Goodwin, David Hill, Michel Almanza, Sonny Colbrelli, Jordan Goodwin, Vincent Doffont, Elgan Jones, Brian Meeney, Tomás Walsh, Debajyoti Ghosh, Ellis Barry Ross Jr, DeJon Packer, Stefano Rea, Sha’Niya Clark, Kobe Young, Hayden Crozier, Samuel Carletti, Andrea Dorno, Trisha Paddock, Sander Haugrud, Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H), Doug Jones, Odalis Pérez, Yavuz Ertürk, Juan Lanz, Delano Burgzorg, Lean Bergmann, Jaume Grau, Dave Sims, Christos Fousekis, Wayne Mackie, Martin Dubravka, Andrei Drăghici, Vinaya Vittal, Stanislav Lunin, Ícaro da Silva, Santxo Lamberto, Reda Saki.
    • Update 2022 10 Feb-20 Mar: Lorenzo Scorteccia, Christian Bottan, Andrea Cursio, Ingus Eiduks, Dick Dodds, Gabriel Ludwig Schmidt, Julio César Oliveira, Jean-Yves Artu, Nathan Cunningham, Ingrid Tandrevold, Ángel Brioso, Unnamed referee, Irene Cadurisch, Sergio Satriano, Updated chart. Artur Sobiech, Ishan White. Added Ashley Gearhart age. Dean Chiazzari, Riccardo Firrarello, Gayan Shanaka, Julia Nikolic, Andréa Lombard, Kaizzad Capadia, Tommy Kornieck, Alvino Santana, Ansou Sen, Marco Benitez, Francesco Ossato, Unnamed, Something Min, Bruno Taffarel, Mario Mingarelli, Mirco Adani, Calvin T. Rockward III. Harlei Patente, Edin Saranović, Kacper Zabrzycki, Leandro Siqueira, Abel Wasan, Isaiah Harris. Grzegorz Olech, Gniewomir Herbst, Tomasz Hajduk, Mugurel Stancu, Mauro Franceschini, Antonio Cuorvo, Katie Myer, Sakri Ramli, Mohd Sobri Jonas Dobler, Marcin Bukowski, Zbigniew Korszun, Adrianna Piller, ,Puneeth Rajkumar Krzysztof Steliga, Małgorzata Gembicka, Bogdan Kłosowicz, Dawid Słowakiewicz. Żora (Heorhiy) Korolyov name spelling change. Preston Settles died 23 days after his collapse. Rod Marsh, Shane Warne. Matteo Pietrosanti, Sam Polledri, Joao Paredes, Juan Pablo Diaz Noemi, Boubacar Barry, Mergim Mavraj, Jasper Cillessen, Tobiloba Taiwo, Diego Barrio, Tim Declercq, Sam Polledri, Joe Plant, Romain Grenville, Unnamed Footballer, Deion Sanders, Christophe Da Silva, Cam Bairstow, Gabbie Jonas, Eric Robertson, Justice Christopher, Stewart McSweyn. Updated the chart to March 11th. Dean Wallis, Andreas Palla, John Paul, Jérôme Garens, Manuel Sánchez.
    • Update 2022 3 Feb-10 Feb: Record Update: Devin Gordon moved to Not Vax Related – he was hit by a train.  Added Valentin Gherebe, Ivo Santos, Aleksandar B, Romain Colson, Patrick Schaaf, Unnamed (AGE), Basketball Player, Gabriele Marletta, Christian Sportolloni, Oscar Kuau Suta, Kenny Liveze, Sébastien Houtteville. Updated the chart today and added February 22 heading. Moved Jude Michael Little to “Not Vax Related” – he was not vaccinated and suffered from something unrelated to COVID. Chris Cairns update – he now has a new ailment that he did not have before – bowel cancer. Assare Seare, Steve Finney, Lee Seul-hee, Christophe Grzegorzewski, Katie Novak, Saúl Boza Gil, Ron Frederick. Kamil Pulczyński moved to 22/01/2021 from 22/01/2022. Unnamed (16), Basketballer, Kyle Mullen, multiple Unnamed (AGE), Football players, Keanu Staude, Ashley Gearhart, Giada Furlanut, Maik Wiggershaus, Mateusz Mak, Nuno Moreira Faria, Conall McGuinness, Tomasz Galas, Michał Kapias, Cameran Wheatley, DeVonte Mumphrey, José Eduardo Santos, Daniel Santos, Anthony Jullien, Melody Bauroth-Sherman, David Tong Tjouen, Roberto Callegari, Fernando Alaniz, Johan Montero Villanueva, Preston Settles, René Richard. Chart Update 10 Feb. Andrea Pelati, Jean-Arthur Tremblay, Ismaël Bennacer, Nico, Luciano Aued, Tuku Zamil, Connor Taylor, Victor “N” , Dimitri Teslenko, Maxime Fleury, Nicola Basile, Pascal Joly, Marcin Pater, Doukouré Karamoko, Ouladzislau Chastakou, Mathilde, Stefano Marconi, France Jonas, Suzanna Newell
    • Update 2022 24 Jan-4 Feb: Nathan Rogalski, Daniel Ferguson, Diego Correia, Carlos Daniel Monteverde. Working on 6 new reports. Unnamed triathlete was Renato Bastías, date changed from 13/01 to 09/01. Jesus Sánchez López aka Chechu, Szilveszter Csollany, Unnamed runner (12), Unnamed runner (47), Endy Vladimir Maldonado, Kash Farooq, Marcelo De León, Bobby Eaton, Dimitri Ilongo. Unnamed boy (12) was Carlo Alberto Conte. Unnamed (28) Freediver, Unnamed (31) Basketballer, Munther Al-Harassi, Francesco Paderni, Adam Ounas, Bud Jeffries, Clark Gillies, Cecilia Teri, Jim Forbes, Alberto Torrecilla, Aidan Price, Kamil Pulczyński, Marcel Pielage, Alan Mellouët, Didier Ceulemans, Jamie Hoye, Harley Balic, Nicolas Colsaerts, Josep Maria Pijuan, Francesco Michalette, Alfie Nunn. Chart update, higher resolution. Kieran Prescot, Kevione Tronasha Faulk, Francisco D’Meza, Abu Ogogo, Lauren Michele Way, Lucas Ocampos, Joseph Uichico, Jader Cezario de Oliveira, Ted Anderson, Guy Laporte, Lee Burge, Adam Holder, Mieczysław Pasierbski, Arnaud Marlier, Ronald Mudimu, Darvin Henderson, Stan Kwan, Mirko Vlahović, Goran Sobin, Filip Samardzic, Öner Calik, Fernando Morales Sequeira, Germán Eduardo Clop, Ediobal Agramonte, Luciano Tonello, Viggo Sorensen, Michel Corbalan Jakub Mensik, Adriano, Unnamed (14) Footballer, Daniele Sansone, Andrew Parker, Mackenzie Dyson, ,Miguel “Monchy” Torres, Everton Brilhante, Lucas Dias de Novaes, ,Ruben Michel, Patricio Guaita.
    • Update 2022 15 Jan-23 Jan: Chart Update. Hugo Maradona, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mario Lemina, Axel Meye, Alphonso Davies, Nikolai Chudaikin, Jorge “Acero” Cali, Marcel Reinders, Deon Lendore, Pedro Henrique Oliveira da Silva Souza, Serbegeth “Shebby” Singh, Mariana Merlo, Braian Angola, Jagdish Lad, Cristopher Mansilla, Vladislav Yegin, Igor Zhelezovski, Paul Zipser, Frédéric Loth, Waldir Lucas Pereira, Ivan Kurenbin, Tatiana Igushina, Riccardo Ladinetti, Raul Marte, Giannis Nakos, George Vagiannidis, Ronaldo Cisneros, José Sáenz Guerrero, Unnamed Ourville-en-Caux footballer, Julie Le Galliard, Grégoire Garrouteigt, Clint Arlis, Jude Michael Little, Lucio Meneghetti, Lim Thian Meng, Mateus Cavichioli, Unnamed tennis ballgirl, Marco Da Graca, Sarah Atcho, Filip Turk, Unnamed SV Lehen ice hockey player, Unnamed cyclist, Maurice Grooms, Jade Hamaoui, Jamie Vincent. Dalila Jakupovic (2020 air quality). Amir Abou Aiana, David Sadowski, Mohammad Rashid, Sean Rice, Matheus Cavichioli, Jordan Michallet, Khouma Babacar, Sean Hartman, Robert Marcyś, Michał Krowiak, Suliman Abdeselam Mohamed, Jérémie Bilhac, Gillen Lusson, Lawrence Chongson, Bryce Murray, Michele Lo Conte, Ahmed Daham. Niall Sammon, Beau Thomas, Mathieu Léonard, José Manuel Camano, Greg Kowalewski, Kerim Arslan, Richard Gasquet, Debbie Rice, Devin Gordon, Stefano Forgione, Andrea Navoni, Marco Bozza, Jacob Look, Lauren Anderson.
    • Update 2022 4 Jan-15 Jan: Chart Update. Yvonne Jelagat Morwa, Vadim Khamuttskikh. Wrong date for Francisco Garcia – moved to not vax related. Unnamed Aragonese runner was Héctor Vilellas Soro. Danny Jones death was 2015. Added Claudio Brighenti, Leonardo Della Nave, Monique Janaína Piske, Alioune Badara Wade, Domenico De Siano, Michal Gurajdowski, Daniel ‘Crunch’ Broussard, Zachary Icenogle, Thottiyanda Somanna, Izan Edward, Roberto Valastro, Aaron Vasquez, Luciano De Lorenzo, Antonio Elijah Hicks, Terry Morrison, Isaías, Benjamin Rud Jensen, Lukas Olesen, Ahmed Daghim, Elexis Brown, Clare Lipscombe, Miroslav Strbak, Jean Ramirez.
    • Update 25 Dec – 3 Jan: Chart Update. Removed two duplicate entries – Fortuna Freudenberg player was shown twice with dates 2 months apart – Haitem Jabeur Fathallah had 2 entries due to one using his middle name, from a Hebrew translation. Corrected Blake Barklage date to 30th October. Added Jordan Young, Sulamai Aukuso Lavea, Unnamed Czech ultramarathon runner. Added Danny Jones, Marko Bozinovski, Juan Manuel Núñez Martín, Mike Elhard, Alessandro Cabrio, Florian Hueter, Vinicius Freitas, Nikola Danilovski. Moved Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall to “may or may not be” vax related. Added Vincent Terrell Jackson, Robbie Roper, Robert Boljat. Thanks to a reader, unnamed referee on 14/10/21 was Heinz Steinbach. Thanks to a reader, unnamed player on 17/10/21 was Badr Laksour. Added Igor Nikulin, Yuriy Sedykh, Jüri Tamm, Greyson Follmer, Luke Willson, Pietro, Unnamed Runner, Unnamed female Show Jumper, Gilles Jakiela, George Hall, Unnamed female Ice Hockey player. Unnamed soccer player now named Pietro.
    • Update 25 Dec – 28 Dec: Added Alexandre Joao Kisonga, Ahmed Amin, Nemanja Mirosavljević, UPDATE:  Marin Čačić died after 2 days in a coma. Andres Felipe Roman moved from “may or may not be” to “not” to preserve the false positive record. Santo Giuliana moved from September to July, added vaccine status. Name correction Jiob Adnan to Jajov Adenan, and added to main list. Chart Update.
    • Update 19 Dec – 22 Dec: Added Stefan Frei, Meaghan McGonagle, Alexander Frolov, Donald Parham, Michael Mitchell, Azorean Tatum, Simon Walker, Davide Bristot, Nathan Esparza, Ernesto Ramirez Jr, Sang Ho Baek, Joshua Johnson, Dave Mears, Leah Taylor, Shawn Kuhn, Red Gendron, Aurélie Hans, Antonio López, Michaël Englebert, Carlos Mario Brummich, Ezequiel Martínez Canosa, Ömer Türkes, Leo Forstenlechner, Kimera Bartee, Marin Čačić, Kévin Gourdon, Unnamed Setanta hurling payer, Kota Ibushi, Damien Zemmouri, Spartak Elmazi, Michal Rokicki, Kawa Leauma, Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, Ian Matos, Mateusz Jack, Karol “Seta” Setniewski, Adrien Sandjo, Krystian Kozek.
    • Update 15 Dec – 19 Dec: Added Marco Rossi, Murtaza Lodhgar, Todd Richards, Brad Wendland, Richard Harward, Sergio Aguero (an update), Keaton Parks, Arik Alfasi, Michaël Perrier, Bobby Dixon, Taniela Moa, Jedd Hoffman, Andres Melendez, Daire Ni Heldhin, Branson King, Brian Gassaway, Kane van Dierman, Alex Evans, Hamish Bell, Dale Best, Ferran Duran, Lara Gut-Behrami, Jack Gallagher, Jony López, Anna Kruglova, Victor Plakhuta. Raphael Dwamena moved to “unlikely vaccine-related.” Pyotr Shatokhin added to “May not be vaccine related.”
    • Update 10 Dec – 15 Dec: Added CJ McCollum, Adam Bounds, Stephanie Gard, Drake Geiger, chart updated, Demaryius Thomas, Brock Vogel, Keanu Breurs, Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall, Pavel Karpf, Lise Vidal, Eric Turner, Michele De Vecchi. Thanks to readers checking, thankfully, Sage Canaday did not die – he was in bed due to pneumonia and blood clots, and then overnight stay in hospital which he says is not vax related, but which started to happen a short time after his second Pfizer vaccine. His entry remains below, but with the red death marker removed. Ivan Douglas, former Buckeyes football player changed from affected by vax to May or may not, and Dead, because no proof yet he was vaxed, but apparently caught COVID. Updated Roider Cabrera status. Corrected Lemaitre name spelling.
    • Update 5 Dec – 9 Dec: Added Adham El-Selhadar, Pompeo Tretola, Ben Madgen, Marvin Morgan, Ugur Tezel, Stevan Jelovac, Jake Lever, CJ McCollum, Adam Bounds. Note: 10/10/21 Unnamed Italian soccer player was Pompeo Tretola.
    • Update 30 Nov – 4 Dec: Added Sabrina Soravilla, Valentin Rodionov, Sean Wainui, Shelby Grace Allen, Carly Stevenson, Fatimah Shabazz, Laura Henderson, Adans João Santos Alencar, Tremaine Stewart, Jow Bradshaw, Haitem Fathallah. Headline edited to reflect issues other than cardiac arrest.
    • Update 27 Nov: 60 new listings discovered, almost all died.
    • Update Nov 26: Unnamed player from 8/10/21 identified as Benoit Sabard
    • Update: Nov 23: 14 additions, and 10 deaths
    • Update: Nov 22: Bodybuilder additions, and date additions
    • Update: Nov 16, 2021: 30 added, 23 more deaths, dates checks in progress.
    • Update: Nov 9, 2021: Five added, two more deaths.
    • Update: Oct 28: Rugby player Tevita Bryce, listed as dead, was actually revived after his heart stopped for 28 minutes

    Severe Reactions And Deaths Continue

    That is the current list … most, if not all of these athletes have suffered heart problems after COVID vaccines. At the time of initial writing, 28 died. That was not normal, but then, 10 days later, 56 deaths were listed, and the numbers are climbing. Any other real vaccine would have been pulled off the market long before now. The media would be asking questions. They would be pressuring governments. But they are not. And governments continue running TV and radio and newspaper ads encouraging people to get their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th covid19 injection.  Perhaps that is why the mainstream media are saying little, because they are collecting government money for ads?

    The deaths and severe reactions will continue until so many people die that it becomes obvious the vaccine is 10x to 100x worse than the virus it is supposed to treat.

    These athletes are the canaries in the mine that warn us of imminent danger. They are being hidden so the people who are not paying attention do not see the warning.

    We only see the athletes because they are in the spotlight. The nobodies – i.e. most citizens – do not make the news.

    More Information.

    Why are athletes collapsing?

    Reverse Sorting by Date

    With so many athletes dying in 2021 and 2022, the list grew so large that many people asked for a reverse sorted list, because they keep coming back to see see new additions. We are working on a database that might allow various sorting criteria, but for now, it is managed manually. Please be aware that each week, mainly thanks to readers, we discover new entries and additional information in previous months.