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Sports Teams Announce Vaccination Status

    The Vaccination Status of sports teams and sports people was being regularly reported until athletes started collapsing and dieing. Then their teams started hiding their vaccination status or telling lies about it. Fortunately, many of the stories remain published.

    This page attempts to collect as much information about those reports as possible, so the truth can be known and coverups can be shown.

    US Leagues

    ABC News reported on 21 October 2021, that leagues such as the NBA, NFL and MLS have player vaccination rates greater than 90%, with the NHL and WNBA at over 99%.


    23/03/21 – 13 USA Portland Trail Blazers players first dose – Moderna – News Story

    08/04/21 – Chicago Bulls first dose – News Story

    28/09/21 – LA Lakers LeBron James confirms his vaccination, manager predicts 100% vaccinated by October 19 2021.  News Story

    01/09/21 – About 97% of NBA players were believed to be vaccinated by September 2021.

    27/09/21 – Portland Trail Blazers reported 100% vaccinated.

    08/11/21 – NBA rules for booster shots as at 8 November 2021.

    The University of Ottawa launched its mandatory vaccination policy, “anyone who intends on coming to campus for any reason must be vaccinated.”

    Football (NFL)

    14/12/21 NFL requiring coaches, team staff to get COVID-19 boosters by Dec. 27 (players not included due to negotiations)
    Last month, NFL required players and staff to wear masks inside team facilities regardless of vaccination status for a week, ordered they be tested twice for COVID-19 after Thanksgiving holiday. Protocols were updated as a result of increasing rates of COVID-19 across the country. At the time, nearly 95% of NFL players were vaccinated, and almost 100% of NFL personnel were vaccinated.

    22/04/21 Denver Broncos announced their voluntary COVID vaccinations for all members of their organization and all their families.

    17/09/21 The Raiders allowed only vaccinated fans to attend their first game after lockdowns.

    ICe Hockey (NHL)

    NHL’s Nashville Predators require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test at least through Nov. 15 for anyone in their arena.  News Story

    UK Premier League

    19/10/21 – Premier League: 68 per cent of players fully vaccinated, 81 per cent received first dose

    Sky news reported that Premier League released vaccination rates among players; 81 per cent have had first jab and 68 per cent are fully vaccinated; PL said it “continues to work with clubs to encourage vaccination among players and club staff”

    News Story:

    Morecambe’s players had two shots: Stephen Robinson Nov 2021
    Wolves publicly confirmed all players and coaching staff fully vaccinated Nov 2021
    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp: Anfield club’s vaccination rate ‘99%’ October 2021.
    West Bromwich Albion striker Callum Robinson had Covid-19 twice, would not be vaccinated.

    Ireland team “A number of players have had vaccines some haven’t,” Stephen Kenny  News Story

    Europe Soccer

    18/05/21 Inter Milan team doctor: all players vaccinated another report says Erikkson got his 2nd shot 31/05/21

    19/05/21 Belgian government says all their players will get COVID-19 vaccine before Euro 2020 begins. (Associated Press)

    11/06/21 Spain Euro 2020 squad receives COVID-19 vaccines – “most getting a single dose of the Janssen jab.”


    15/11/21 – The Australian Open pressured world tennis players to accept the vaccinations.

    Australian Rules Football

    By State

    22/10/21 – Australian AFL mandates

    Victoria – All players and football program staff must have had their first dose by October 22 and be fully vaccinated by November 26 in order to attend their clubs to start or continue their pre-seasons

    New South Wales – All AFLW players and football staff as well as all Sydney Swans and GWS players and football program staff must have received their first dose by November 19 and be fully vaccinated by December 17.

    Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia – All players and football staff must have received a first dose by January 21 and be fully vaccinated by February 18.

    By Club

    See this story November 10, 2021, for details by club, in case of reports.

    AFLW teams.

    Adelaide Crows, Australian rules football team (South Australia)
    Crows director Nick Takos quit over the AFL’s “coercive and forceful” vaccination policy  News Story  News Story2


    West Indies T20 Women’s team

    01/07/21 West Indies women’s cricket team announces they are fully vaccinated and ready to play Pakistan in the T20I


    Spain to vaccinate children 5-11  News Story

    08/September/2021 Brazil: Marcelo Toscano (36), América-MG striker, takes covid-19 vaccine in Belo Horizonte, and posted on social networks. Goalkeeper Mateus Cavichioli also was vaccinated. Cavichioli now needs heart surgery due to blocked arteries.

    Athlete Deaths

    Hundreds of athletes have been reported collapsing from cardiac arrest in 2021, since the vaccines were introduced, and now FDA data shows the vaccine death rate is almost 15 times the disease death rate..