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Doctor Dead After COVID Booster Shot

    Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial taunted people who made their own decision not to accept the new technology vaccinations or boosters. He said, “For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons – whatever – I won’t cry at their funeral.” This was not his first foray into preaching evil things about other people, but it was one of his last.

    Two weeks after accepting a COVID booster shot, the young doctor is dead. The booster, as recorded on twitter, was October 24th. On 8th November, he was dead.

    Dr Lutchmedial was a Canadian cardiologist, and after incessantly bashing “the unvaccinated” on social media throughout 2021, the so-called “safe vaccine” that needs never-ending booster shots claimed his life, per AxcessNews.

    The doctor was previously fit and well, and a hockey coach. He was also a young wiseguy who failed to use his intellect or critical thinking to work through the ramifications of what he was subjecting his body to, and pushing on others, with an untested experimental product.

    This should be a lesson for us all. When you say or do nasty things to other people, just be aware that karma will come around knocking on your door. That may be especially true if you mess around with the dreaded COVID booster shot. Cardiac arrest after a COVID vaccine shot is serious business, and it is a lot more common than pro-vax people want to admit.

    doctor lutchmedial dead after booster shot
    Doctor Lutchmedial dead after booster shot. image from twetter screenshot.

    The snarky offending tweet, delivered well before his booster shot, has been removed from his twitter timeline, but the screenshots remain.

    lutchmedial tweet - doctor dead
    Dead Doctor Lutchmedial tweet. Twitter screenshot.