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Vaccination Adverse Event Death Rate 2.905% Discovered in FDA Data

    The outcome of at least 3% of adverse reactions is death. The US FDA’s own data shows the vaccination adverse events and deaths from the COVID vaccines is not rare.

    The number of people who took part in the vaccine trials is unknown. That data has been withheld by the vaccine companies and the FDA. What is known is that 42,086 of the participants in the vaccine trials had adverse event reports written up. There may have been more adverse events than 42,086, but that number may never be known. 1223 people in the 42,086 died. That fatality rate is 2.9059%.

    Sequelae are pathological conditions resulting from a disease, injury, therapy, or other trauma. It means a complication or condition following a prior illness or disease.

    Note that the outcome of just over 22% of cases is unknown. That could mean there are more deaths than the data indicates.

    Athletes around the world who have been tricked into taking the vaccines may want to know this. And Cienna Knowles may have wanted her doctor to warn her about blood clots before they destroyed her life and her equestrian career.

    Vaccination Death Rate FDA Chart

    FDA vaccination death rate adverse event data
    FDA vaccination adverse event data, deaths and unknown outcomes.