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Neil Oliver Notices World Leaders Reading From The Same Script

    Neil Oliver, the Scottish television documentary presenter, known for Coast, A History of Scotland, Vikings, is an investigator whose brain runs on ancient “hunter” software. This means Neil Oliver sees patterns in the world around him, patterns that indicate threats great and small ahead. This is good brain software to have.

    Neil Oliver’s eloquent speech, delivered in just under nine minutes points out that a “choir” of world leaders, including Emanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Jacinda Ardern, Tony Blair, talked about “build back better”  and “a window of opportunity.” Their waffle was parrotted by Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Gretta Timberg, Prince Charles, Sadiq Khan and others, including the media.

    This is a warning for those who can see these patterns, delivered out in the open, but they are deadly for those who do not see them. The people who do not see these patterns are walking straight into a trap. They may not see the pattern or the trap even after it smacks them in the face.

    Sadly, the people who do not see the patterns have been trained to do what the German public was trained to do in the 1930s – fight against the people who see the patterns and provide warnings. They have been trained to belittle and even hate the people who do not believe the false “leaders.”

    Now it is time to listen to Neil Oliver’s words, and after that, read the final paragraphs of this note, because it is addressed to you if you still believe that world leaders have your best interests at heart.

    WATCH The bumbling and mumbling world ‘leaders,’ skating on thin ice over very deep dark water, mumbo-jumbo on cue:

    Our “leaders” have been corrupted. It could be they are being blackmailed, but they are willingly leading their people (you and I) into a trap that will be difficult, maybe impossible, to get out of.

    I hope you can now stop attacking the people who seem to have strange ideas that are different to yours. Attacking them is what these corrupt “leaders” want you to do.

    Instead, go to the other posts on this site, where you will learn that the “very rare” devastating side effects of the new mRNA vaccines are not rare at all. You will learn about real doctors, like Dr. Robert Malone, who are not frightened by the government, who tell you to beware and to protect your children. And you will learn that your country’s leaders are not acting in your best interests.

    A big problem for you is that you will have to admit that you’ve been tricked into going along with their subterfuge, and admitting you’ve been tricked is hard to do. But don’t let that stop you, just switch sides and question everything, because your life and your way of life are both at stake.

    Also, look for more words of truth from Neil Oliver.