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Eyes Wide Open – The Covid Scam

    Eyes Wide Open – The Covid Scam is a list of 18 videos, structured to explain the dire situation in which the world finds itself. The videos cover various aspects of the real agenda hidden behind the covid-19 scam.

    To people who have not worked this out on their own, Eyes Wide Open – The Covid Scam may seem like a crazy conspiracy theory. It is not a theory, but yes, it is a conspiracy, the creators of the series say. Watch the series, understand how this world works, and see if it explains some of the strange things you saw but could not explain.

    Governments and their institutions, across the world, have been taken over by the global elite who have long ruled the world, in order to carry through their agenda which has been in the planning for decades.

    This agenda is not good news for the masses, because the elite want most of them gone … and the remaining masses totally controlled slaves.

    (These videos all reside on the Eyes Wide Open channel … but are tidier here, separate from other mixed in videos, and in the correct sequence, so easier to step through)

    They are designed to be watched in sequence, from 1 to 18. Neither the videos nor the list were put together by the Good Sciencing team.

    Watch Eyes Wide Open – The Covid Scam

    Eyes Wide Open – The Covid Scam is on Bitchute, a free-speech video portal. Many other platforms heavily censor material like this, but allow communist manifestos and family-destroying material. Click the image to visit the video series.

    eyes wide open - the covid scam
    Eyes wide open – the covid scam

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