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Global Warming “Science” Is Not Science

    Anyone who has listened to the overblown “Climate Science” with a critical viewpoint has realized that very little the warmists say makes sense.

    The Warmists assume that the only thing that heats the atmosphere is greenhouse gases. They ignore the long-known fact that the atmosphere is heated by wind blowing over the surface, picking up heat through conduction and convection.

    Missing this simple fact not only shows they are scientifically incompetent, it also shows willful negligence pushed on by a preset ideology that has been drummed into everyone around the world, creating generations of people tricked into believing the false global warming hype.

    So-called greenhouse gases cannot absorb the sun’s radiation, which is too high frequency; they can only absorb the low frequency radiation emitted by cold substances such as the surface of the earth. Such radiation emitted by cold substances is almost nonexistent.

    Real scientists determined more than a century ago that a small amount of carbon dioxide absorbs all radiation available to it. Once it is saturated, more carbon dioxide cannot absorb more radiation.