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Are COVID Vaccines Safe And Effective?

    Safe and Effective, They Say

    Safe and Effective, the government says. The world’s governments have blanketed the airwaves with ads for almost two years.

    Government’s aim is to push the people to get vaccinated if they have resisted so far. They also tell those who have not had their first or second booster they are “not fully vaccinated” until they do.

    The ads tell everyone the vaccines are not only safe, they are also effective. The video below is proof.

    Of something.

    The video ends with cartoons made for children, to gently coerce them into asking their parents for a vaccination. That may have been the case with this five-year-old-girl in Canberra, Australia.

    This is one of many examples of safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

    Politicians tell stories about masks and the use of ivermectin. Only a few tell the truth. The rest prefer fiction.

    safe and effective
    Safe and Effective. Image by