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Australian Medics See COVID Vaxx Kills People

    In this video, 11 nurses, paramedic ambulance officers and other hospital workers in the Eastern Australian state of Queensland report they have seen people’s lives destroyed by the COVID vaxx shots and deaths.

    Strokes, heart attacks, chest pains, seizures in 20-year olds. Some say they are seeing an average of five severe injuries or deaths every day.

    They say they are being coerced by their hospitals and organisations to keep quiet or risk being deregistered.

    Hospitals are not reporting these injuries to the TGA. Hospital doctors are not reporting these injuries to the TGA. The nurses are not reporting these to the TGA.

    The system is totally broken

    The following message is displayed at the end of the video.

    Any Australian health professional reading this message, who has witnesses COVID-19 vaxx reactions and wishes to discuss them can contact: AMPS (Australian Medical Professionals’ Society) at [email protected] or (07) 3251 2495